Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 10 Part 3 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 10 Part 3

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Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 10 Part 3

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 10 Part 3

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 10 Part 3 English Subtitle

Jinho himself is being rehabilitated. Still drawing with the others. Uh so funny. He called his doctor. I can't be here. I'm Han Jinho from Hyowon Group. My company is in crisis. My sister is making trouble now. You know me, don't you? Hasn't anyone seen the news?

The one sitting next to Jinho told him that he was Scofield and he asked how to get out of there. The doctor approaches. They are all chronically addicted to drinking. They don't care about the news. Please just shut up.

Jinho is already really stressed. I could die if I stayed here. The doctor approaches. Someone has died from drinking poisoning, but no one has died from being treated in these ten years.

I may be the first victim here. Jinho said. The doctor denied."if you intend to live." You will not die. I am not going to.

Ji Young reads Hyejin's lawyer file. Seohyun called and told her dad just called her. You must come here immediately. Ji Young agrees.

After calling Ji Young, Seohyun then called Choi's lawyer and asked him to meet.

Ji Young is going to the hospital. Before getting in the car, his secretary called. Suhyuk will officially notify the board of directors that he is refusing to serve. Looks like Director Han has heard of this. Ji Young agrees and leaves.

At the hospital, Seohyun talks to lawyer Choi. Dad called Han Ji Young. Director Han canceled the will that was read yesterday. Choi's lawyer said. Father seems to have chosen Han Ji Young. Seohyun thought. This is unexpected. Why did he suddenly decide that? We have to run a backup plan. Lawyer Choi nodded. I'll be ready.

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Dad is still in his wheelchair. Remembering the past when he was with Seolhwa. The two of them walk together. Orabeoni, do you like Mija? Father confirmed. Can you introduce me to him?

Ji Young kneels in front of her father.

Ji Young kneels in front of her father.

Seolhwa was confused. How about this? Mija is already engaged to someone. In addition, Mija is also pregnant with her fiance's baby.

Dad sadly remembers that. Ji Young comes in. He saluted then knelt before his father with a sad face. Abuja. Thank goodness Aboeji has woken up. Abuja. I never once looked at you as my stepfather. I don't have anyone. My biological mother left me like that. If you just leave, I'll live alone. Abuja. Please…live for me as long as possible.

Dad strokes Ji Young's hair. Forgive me. Ji Young cries on daddy's lap.

After talking to Dad, Ji Young goes out and walks normally like nothing happened.

Meanwhile inside dad remembered what Seolhwa had told him. You have to take care of him to the end. He is a poor child.

And what Ji Young said when dad wasn't sick. I know. Dad would never choose me… under any circumstances. No matter how good I work, I won't be able to inherit Hyowon because I don't have your blood. I have no ambition.

Is he really your son? Ask dad. Ji Young confirmed. Do I just need to accept your child in this family? Ask dad again. Ji Young agrees.

I…will accept your child like family. Raise him well. Don't raise him like I raised you. Ask dad. Ji Young agreed. I won't do that. He is my biological son. You are also my son. Strictly father. I know…I'm not your son.

Mom was surprised to know Jinho was sent to the drinking rehabilitation center with Seohyun. Mr. Jinho slapped me yesterday. Chief Joo told him. Mother was even more shocked. What? For the sake of punishing him for slapping you, Seohyun sent him there? Asked the mother did not understand.

Mr. Jinho was drinking a lot in Director Han's basement. As per Mrs. Jung's orders, we dumped the drinks there and tidied them up as before. Mother is getting annoyed by that. What did you say? You mean all the walls have Kim Mija's pictures back on, right? Seriously. I'm going crazy because of this! Why is my life like this?

Shall I call Jinhee so we can have a cream bread war together? Offer Joo's head. Mom snapped at him. Shut up!

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Seohyun sat with Hiso in the dining room. There's something I haven't said, His.

Han Ji Young…not my father's biological son. Ji Young's late biological mother, as well as her caregiver, started dating Dad when she was pregnant with Ji Young. Sorry I didn't tell you.

Do you know too? Hiso asked. Seohyun denied. Only my father and I know. Hiso was sad to hear that. It turned out that because of that… he couldn't be the heir.

Han Ji Young and Father…have a complicated relationship. Even though I love that woman, I still can't love the child that the woman gave birth to from another man. Seohyun continued.

A half-hearted romantic. Hiso said. Han Ji Young's fate turned out to be sad. Unfortunately, I can't sympathize. That's why you have to win… in this trial. You can do anything. I will support you. Hiso thanks. I'm not afraid because you're on my side.

The reporters stormed the lawyers after attending the trial. Krtrka asks when Hiso attends the trial?

Ji Young is on the way. His secretary called. There seems to be nothing bad about your reputation and that of the company. Hearing that makes Ji Young feel relieved.

The lawyers stated that both Hyejin and Hiso would appear in the next trial.

In their respective places, both of them were preparing. In front of the court door, the two met and glared at each other.

The trial begins as soon as the judge is present. Plaintiff, we'd like to hear your reasons for filing this lawsuit. said the judge. Lawyer Hyejin got up. This is not really a complicated case. My client gave birth to a son and took care of him for 18 months, but Mr. Han Ji Young took him by force. My client just wants his son back.

Hiso's lawyer also got up. For six years, Miss Lee Hye Jin did not come looking for her son again. After all that time, why did he show up and want his son back by suing? This is really incomprehensible. The child grew up normally. We must pay attention to the confusion that will arise due to the changing environment of this eight-year-old child.

atmosphere in court.

the atmosphere in court.

Lawyer Hyejin interrupted. His biological mother, Miss Lee, gave birth to his soul, body, and roots for a year and a half. He showed a book and handed it to the judge. This is a baby book that Miss Lee wrote a year and a half after her birth. He wrote down all the processes he went through since the child was born, crawling, prone, and eating for the first time.

The judge opened it and skimmed it. For my little baby, ultrasound photo at 16 weeks. The judge called Hyejin and asked if she had anything to say?

Hyejin got up. After I… gave birth to my child, I raised him myself for a year and a half. During that time, I could not contact the father of my child. Suddenly my child became seriously ill… so I was very scared. So, I rushed on my feet and knocked on the iron gate of the mighty Waste Hyowon. However, the door didn't open, and they sent us to another place. In the end, I had to leave my son there.

Have there been any special events recently that made you want your child back? Ask the judge. Hyejin continued her story. Hyowon's gate opened again for me. My son's father, Han Ji Young, let me go back there.

The father of the child gave you direct permission to enter? asked the lawyer. Hyejin confirmed. I was accepted there as a tutor for the child. Not only that. He made me who was still alive considered dead. He made my son believe that I, his birth mother, was dead. How can I let my child be raised by such a man? Han Ji Young has no right to be her father!

Why did he recruit you as a tutor six years later after making you presumed dead? Ask a lawyer.

Hyejin remembers her conversation with Ji Young at that time. You gave birth to Hajun. Hiso who was raised. I want you to raise Hajun together. That way, my son can be perfect.

Hyejin also revealed what Ji Young said. He said my son could be perfect if my wife and I raised him together.

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Hiso's eyes filled with tears. Don't sympathize with him. We will do as planned. Whispered Lawyer Hiso.

Is it true what Miss Lee Hye-jin, Ms. Seo Hiso said? Ask the Judge. Ji Young relaxes. Just as he and Hiso had expected. If he said our family recruited him as a tutor, what would you say? Ji Young asked. I will deny it. Hiso replied. Like you said, he has no proof. All we have to do is deny what the woman said. I pretty much deny everything.

The judge called Hiso again and interrupted his thoughts. Unlike the plan, Hiso even confirmed it. Ms. Seo Hiso. Do you want to take care of the child? Ask the Judge. Hiso again agreed. Let's hear Mrs. Seo's feelings about this.

Hiso got up. I met my son, Hajun, sharing neither flesh nor blood at all. Han Hajun has the blood of Han Ji Young and Lee Hyejin. Everyone said that he is not my son. My blood type is O. Han Ji Young is blood type A. Meanwhile, Hajun is blood type B. However, the one who raised the child was not Han Ji Young and Lee Hyejin, but me, the mother. I am his mother. People won't understand this. How can a person be ambitious with a child that is not born? My son is now eight years old. An important period that will shape his character and requires emotional nutrition to teach him how to live life as an adult. He requires love and touches from me. For the past six years, I gave my all to Hajun, and it will continue.

Hyejin cut in anger. I don't want Han Ji Young to raise my child and turn him into a monster! Hiso disagrees. I won't let that happen! I will not allow my child to be hurt by a woman who can only give birth to him or by an unscrupulous father. While raising Hajun, I have shed my blood, sweat, and tears for him. I cry more because I didn't give birth to her. I have to give myself completely to show my sincerity. Han Ji Young… Even though the time we spent together was full of lies, all the time I spent with Hajun was full of sincerity. There is only one reason for me to be so sincere to Hajun. Because I am…the mother of Hajun.

And the judge's decision was delivered. I will read out the verdict on the claim for custody made by the plaintiff. It was confirmed that the plaintiff was the biological mother of Han Hajun, the child raised by the defendant. According to the plaintiff's statement, the court has acknowledged that the child cannot receive care from his biological father. However, the plaintiff also did not look for his biological child for a long time. And because his wife, Ms. Seo, devoted herself to raising the child, we questioned whether allowing the child to be cared for by the plaintiff would help her growth. We decided that the plaintiff's request for custody…was rejected.

The trial finally ended. Everyone started to leave the courtroom. Seohyun got a call. He then told Hiso what he heard. Han Ji Young…is now the next director. All the board of directors filled with people who sided with him. It can't be changed instantly, but stick to the plan. I'll try to reverse this.

Hiso thought otherwise. This might be better. The taller he is, the more broken he will be. The two then looked at Hyejin who actually smiled after her defeat. Seohyun nodded slightly and Hyejin did the same. Woah they became allies apparently😅😅😅

Hiso goes out and meets Ji Young. Hyejin came out not long after with a cynical glare at the two. Congratulations, Director Han Ji-yong. Hiso said more like sarcastic. What is your real intention? Ji Young asked. Han Ji Young. Everything has ended. As you can see, I will take care of Hajun. This marriage… we're done. I will take Hajun out of that house.

Ji Young is silent looking at the file Hiso handed to him.

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