Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 10 Part 2 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 10 Part 2

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Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 10 Part 2

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 10 Part 2

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 10 Part 2 English Subtitle

Seohyun was silent. Remember his conversation with Suzy Choi. When I had my first solo exhibition in Havana, a collector bought my paintings at a high price when I wasn't famous. That's my starting point is known to many people. Do you think I don't know who are you?

That person is Seohyun. That's all I can do for you. And the easiest thing I can do…with something I have. Suzy Choi smiled. Instead of running away, you chose to slowly change the situation here. That is cool. It really reflects you. I just want you to be happy. Seohyun said. Suzy Choi held Seohyun's hand who was about to leave. What's that?

Let's paint each other…just like before. Bring Suzy Choi. You… are my painting. Suzy Choi started painting while Seohyun was silent. The canvas is blank. Missing you has become my daily life. Thank you. As long as I live, I will always cherish those memories.

Mr. Kim saw Seohyun sitting alone and approached him. Shall I prepare some tea, ma'am? Offer it. Does Suhyuk…look happy with Yuyeon? Seohyun asked. Yes, he looks happy. Kim answered with a smile.

Seohyun smiled. He seems happy. The important thing is that he is happy. Go. I'll be in in a moment. Don't let anyone in here. Mr. Kim said yes and left.

Seohyun cried after that. pain. She tried to keep herself from making a sound but in the end, she burst into tears.

Secretary Ji Young reports. Kwak Hyeondong is being treated at a nursing home in the Gayang-dong area. How is it? Ji Young asked. He's in a coma, sir. Answer the secretary.

Ji Young confesses that she wants to save tax money to help the needy like them. Why doesn't anyone like it? I feel sorry for them. The brothers were in debt. Because they have been recorded as stealing, it must be difficult for them to find work. That's why I help them.

How do you know them? asked the secretary. Why would you want to help like this? Ji Young doesn't like him. Why do you want to know? He then apologized. Ji Young tells him to leave.

Hiso called. Tomorrow the trial will begin. Maybe you want to know. Even though you know I hired Lawyer Hwang Bo-in, but why don't you ask why?

Ji Young on the phone with Hiro

Ji Young on the phone with Hiro

Ji Young admits to waiting for Hiso to tell him. Hiso continued. Insider whistleblowers are always terrible. This can be one of the best ways to catch a thief. Just recruit a former thief as a guard. The lawyer who knows the Hyowon Group's weaknesses best should be our defender. So that we can stop scandalous leaks from unexpected sources because we don't know where they will leak from. Trust me.

Ji Young agrees. I believe.

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Hiso turned out to be in the park. Hajun was eating ice cream and sitting on a park bench. Hiso approached him. Nice? Hiso asked. Hajun answered with a nod then continued eating.

Someone came. Hiso greeted him and the man also greeted back. Hiso then asked Hajun to greet the man. He is a journalist who has written many articles in newspapers. Hajun did and introduced himself.

No wonder Hiso tried hard to protect you well. You are really handsome. Praise the reporter. Hiso confirmed. Of course. He is my son.

In the office, Ji Young remembers what Hiso said. It's a war between the birth mother and the raising mother. Hiso said. I'll take care of it. You don't interfere. The woman started a game she couldn't win. Why would he want to take Hajun now?

In fact, I'm Hajun's real father, and he left Hajun here. Ji Young said. Hiso asked another fact. All we have to do is deny what the woman said. Like you said, he has no proof. I pretty much deny everything.

If he said our family recruited him as a tutor, what would you say? Ji Young asked. Hiso answered calmly. I will deny it. Will custody go to an immoral father? Moreover, I am his stepmother. As the son-in-law in your family, I can turn lies into truth. I will not let that woman take my child.

Hiso finished his interview. I'll be going to court soon. Please emphasize that I am trying my best to be Hajun's mother. Don't write another scandal. You have to protect Hajun. Hiso asked.

The journalist agreed. I promise you. Hiso continued. Besides…I'll be back in the movies. I will also return to drama. Really? asked the reporter. Also, release the news that I'm back.

The news of demand is greater so that your news can be forgotten. The reporter thought. Hiso thought differently. The two news will create synergy. The world will be busy… discussing Hyowon Group and Seo Hiso's return. It's bound to happen.

Hiso then got up and walked over to Hajun who had two ice creams in his hand and one in his mouth. Did mom give you a hard time? He asked while taking 2 ice creams in Hajun's hands.

Jinhee came to Sister Emma's place and knocked on the door. Sister Emma opened it. Who are you? she asked. I've called you three times. Jinhee complained. I'm Han Jin Hee.

I told you I don't have time. Bring up, Sister Emma. Can not. I have to consult. My father is awake. He will definitely check on my condition. If you don't have time at all, you can sign a letter that says I'm here. Force Jinhee.

Why are you here? asked Sister Emma. You should see a psychiatrist. Jinhee can't. That will create problems later. My business skills have to be recognized by the board of directors, and I have a lot to do.

People like you can't lead in a company. Press Sister Emma. Good grief. Jinhee complained. You're too late to talk. You don't know me.

I can judge everything about you. Sister Emma said. You are rude, arrogant, and unsympathetic. You are stubborn! You also look down on people. How can a company be successful when led by someone like you? Even if the company is successful, the employees will surely die of misery! b Try to look at yourself objectively and introspect. This job of mine… prioritizes weak people who are treated unfairly and don't get anything even if they work hard. Arrogant and rude people like you who get rich without putting in the slightest effort just simply continue on the path you choose. I don't care if you go to hell!

Sister Emma came in and closed the door. Everyone in this world is equal in the eyes of God. People like you have to fall to the bottom of the abyss to learn what humility is! Think about how many people you have hurt and hurt because of your actions. You have to think about how you can atone for all your sins.

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Jinhee really can't do anything. What Sister Emma said really touched me. She was crying at the door. pain. Sister Emma came out and approached him.

Jung Do brings in a veterinarian, not an ornithologist.

Jung Do brings in a veterinarian, not an ornithologist.

Jinho was locked in the basement. He screamed for it to be opened. Nobody listens to him.

Jinhee had calmed down already. Sister Emma took him into the living room. Jinhee sat down first. He even felt uncomfortable and got up again when he saw Sister Emma just standing.

Sister Emma told him to sit down. Actually, it's my time to pray. You can stay here, and calm down, then go home. Jinhee agreed and thanked him. Sister Emma then left him. Jinhee looked around and found a photo of Sister Emma when she was young.

The doctor who brought Jungdo observed Nook. We can't know his age because he's already an adult. I'm a veterinarian, not an ornithologist. The doctor said.

You're a dog and cat expert, right? Ask Jungdo. Mom scolded Jungdo. Didn't I tell you to call an ornithologist? I'm a dog expert. The doctor said. Mother again scolded Jungdo. I asked an ornithologist. How could you be wrong? Bird. Dog. Why can't you tell the difference? Are you deaf?

Mom said "dog" yesterday. Jungdo said reminded. Good grief. You really are bird brain. Maki mom. I don't have dogs. Why should I call a dog vet?

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I think you need it for something else. Jungdo said. He felt bad for the doctor and said he would call him later. Doctor goodbye. After the doctor left, Jungdo spoke again to their mother. Besides, Ms. Where a veterinarian is specializing in birds in this world.

Oh, my mother is upset. No wonder you keep fighting with Jinhee. Jungdo is just as upset with his mother. Jinhee turned out to be exactly the same as you. Unable to empathize and arrogant. Mom is angry. What? You dare say that to your mother-in-law? Jungdo doesn't want to lose. Can you insult your bird-brained daughter-in-law? It's because I'm frustrated. Mom insisted. Do I always say random things? Let's see how he develops his tail. Nook, grow your tail.

Mom claims that it won't work. It shows the real way but Nodeok still doesn't want to spread its tail.

Come ambulance. They both stared at him in silence.

Suhyuk came to see Seohyun. Why do you want to see me? Suhyuk asked. I heard your birth mother really liked this garden. I will never feel the feeling of being a mother. However… behavior has never asked what makes you happy and what you want with your life. Even though I'm late, I want to know now. How can you be happy?

Why do you care? Suhyuk asked nonchalantly. Tell me. Seohyun insisted. need preparation if I want to ask. Just give me…a chance to be your mother just once. Are you really not interested in being the heir to the Hyowon Group?

Eobseo. Suhyuk replied. Seohyun asked the reason. As a child, I went on an excursion with my mother to the Aegean Sea. When I came back, Mom left me. That's how I realized… when I gain something, I have to lose something else. And I…had to pay more than anyone else. I will hurt a lot of people and pay more. I don't want to do it. Getting Hyowon Group…means I have to pay even more. I would even hurt the person I love and never see him again. What's the use of all that wealth?

Are you sure you won't regret it? Seohyun asked. Suhyuk answered firmly. Yes. Seohyun agreed.

Hajun is with Hiso. Both of them lay down. Mom bought this place with the money from her debut as the main character. Hiso said. This is Querencia. Every time she has difficulty, she finds comfort here. I come here every time I want to cry.

The two of them looked at each other. When do you want to cry? Asked Hajun. When something hurts your heart…suddenly? Hajun confirmed. I also want to cry when I experience that.

Have you ever cried silently? Hiso asked. I don't want to tell. Hajun said. Why? Hiso asked. If you heard my answer, Mother would definitely come here and cry again. Did you think of anything that could hurt your mother's heart? Hajun agreed.

Hajun, you can tell mom anything. I can cry a little. Mom is an adult, so, after crying, she can smile again. I don't want anything to be covered up here.

Hajun agreed. I won't keep it a secret. The two of them promised each other by intertwining their little fingers. However, for now, I will keep it a secret.

Hiso agreed. You still have to tell me later. To celebrate our pact today, I'm going to tell you a plan that no one knows about. Mom is going back to being an actress. Do you agree?

Hajun agreed. He was very happy. That's so cool! Mom will appear on TV? Hiso agreed. In my opinion, mothers are people who have beauty above other mothers.

Hiso caressed Hajun's face. I want to be a proud mother for you. Besides…you have to be brave to face anything in the future. Even though mom will always protect you, you can't be afraid if someone… pulls your hand until we're far apart, right? You are the coolest and bravest mother in the world.

Hajun agreed. I won't be afraid. Hiso then hugged Hajun.

The first trial is over. Reporters interview Hyejin's lawyer. He confirmed that the plaintiff was his biological mother. We've given the DNA test results today.

His lawyer Hiso looked at him sarcastically.

The conscious father sat in a wheelchair. Seohyun came to see him. I'm sorry, Dad. Don't read and watch the news for a while. Dad should be healthy again. Other than that…. About Suhyuk…. He doesn't want to follow your decision. He had also canceled the engagement with Yeongwon's daughter. He had another woman he loved. Father. I want to respect Suhyuk's decision.

Dad asked to call Ji Young. Seohyun asked dad not to do it. It's not a matter of biological or stepchildren. People like him shouldn't take your place.

Dad still asks for Ji Young to be called. Only he is left. Seohyun thought differently. Better give Jinho a chance. Seohyun even begged but their father's decision did not change. Seohyun also left from there.

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