Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 2 Part 2 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 2 Part 2

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Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 2 Part 2

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 2 Part 2

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 2 Part 2 English Subtitle

In front of the EMERGENCY INSTALLATION, Officers come to tell Boy, seven years old, in a traffic accident, the patient went with his mother and tried to pick up a toy on the road when he was hit by a speeding truck. It tells blood pressure 60/40.

An unconscious child came in with the Doctor on duty who gave CPR. The nurse told me that the pelvis and sternum were broken. The mother could only cry when she saw her child being brought into the ER.

“There was bleeding in the abdominal cavity and a thoracic injury. From the X-rays, he has a cervical spine injury, and it looks like his pelvis is fractured." Said the female doctor confused to see it.

"What do you mean? We have to save him. Quickly do a CT scan! Call Doctor Chae because there might be a brain injury.” Said the male doctor. The female doctor nodded in understanding.

“Where is Doctor Ahn Jeong-won?” asked the doctor at the nurse's desk. The nurse informs Doctor Ahn is out on duty and will arrive soon.

“It's difficult to even with Jeong-won. Oh, my God... His consciousness is weak. His pulse and breathing were weak. We just saw the results of the sonography and X-ray tests. There was bleeding in the abdominal cavity, cervical spine injuries, and a broken pelvis." Said the Male Doctor. Doctor Jang was silent.

“Looks like we have to do ahead CT scan. Most likely brain swelling. Although it can be operated on, recovery of consciousness is difficult,” said the male doctor. Doctor Jang just stood there looking confused.

"What do you see? Go, hurry! His guardian must be waiting. Talk to him." Male Doctor's Order. Doctor Jang nodded in understanding.

Doctor Heo invites into the conference room by explaining When a patient has surgery, surgeons don't decide for themselves, but specialists will gather, discuss, and share opinions about the best procedure.

"Is this room open?" said Doctor Heo seeing the door open, When finally gathered in the room.

Song Hwa massages her legs like she's exhausted, and comments that they still look cute because they used to be like that too. Doctor Ahn gave a warning glance. Song Hwa also apologized

"Since we have valuable guests, let's hear why they entered medicine." Doctor said. Song Hw complains telling them to just leave.

“Right, right? You hate that kind of thing too, right?” sneered the senior Doctor. Song Hwa finally could only apologize to his seniors. And will stop talking.

"Both my parents are doctors. So, I had to…” said Doctor Heo and was immediately interrupted by Senior Doctor.

“Heo Seon-bin, we didn't ask you. We start with the first student. What is your reason for choosing medicine?” said the senior doctor.

“My mother had surgery ten years ago. I was impressed by the dedicated doctors who took care of my mother. So I decided to study medicine.” Hong Do said. The senior doctor also praised him.

 “My mother was operated on ten years ago… I was impressed by the dedicated doctor…” Yun Dong said. The doctor complains that that was Hong Do's excuse.

"Your friend already used that excuse." Doctor said. Doctor Heo finally apologizes and is about to rush off.

Doctor Yong nervously sends unanswered messages [YOU ON THE OPERATION, DOCTOR] Song Hwa leaves the meeting room because he has to take a call. It turns out that Song Hwa was called by Jun Hwa who felt that the time was right to call. Song Hwa confirmed.

“Please say you will.” Said Doctor Yong entered the room. Song Hwa complained about her junior's attitude.

“Do you think operations are like hotel reservations? We can't just change doctors." Say Song Hwa

"You're just going to be silent watching a patient die?" Doctor Yong commented. Song Hwa shouted annoyed to hear that.

“Doctor Min Gi-jun said he wouldn't do a craniotomy, but TSA. What's the problem?" Song Hwa said surprised

“He said Doctor Min had only done TSA surgery once. And his fellow doctor operated, while he just stood there. Gong Hyeong-u has supracellular extension. It was a tough TSA operation." Doctor Yong said

“Doctor Min can definitely do well.” Song Hwa said sure

“At the hospital earlier, his doctor colleagues did a TSA for him. As for us?” complained Doctor Yong

"There you are, right? You can help him well." Song Hwa said. Doctor Yong complains that he can't do anything in a high-pitched voice and tells him to lower his voice.

“Doctor Chae… Are you going to let Gong Hyeong-u be operated on by Doctor Min? No, right? We can't do that to patients. Talk to the Head of the Hospital. Said you would." Said Doctor Yong pleading.

“The operation is the day after tomorrow, right? Tomorrow afternoon I have surgery for a skull base tumor. So there won't be time… I can't.” Strictly Song Hwa

“We can ask the anesthesiologist to buy time. I will prepare everything.” Said Doctor Yong continued to force.

Jun Wan Discussing Song Hwa confirms that it will disappear soon.

Jun Wan Discussing Song Hwa confirms that it will disappear soon.

"Who knows! My head hurts… Jun-wan, do you have any headache medicine?” Song Hwa complained

“The neurosurgeon doesn't have a headache medicine? Let's go to my room." Said, Jun Wan. Doctor Yong keeps begging Song Hwa to operate.

In the room, Jun Wan looked confused then asked what was said earlier. Song Hwa says Jun Wan saw Doctor Jang with his juniors so he must have known about it. Jun Wan confessed by accident. Song Hwa immediately shouted angrily

"It was one, two days before he said. I meant to tell you." Jun Wan said

"You should have said that right away." Song Hwa complained. Jun Wan admits he doesn't know their situation

"You're just telling the truth! What is the significance of our situation?” kelh Song Hwa.

"Not that easy. Can you just say it?" Jun Wan asked. Song Hwa confirmed that he would say so soon.

“As soon as I saw it I would say, "Your boyfriend is cheating on me with another man." Song Hwa said.

Just then another doctor came, Jun Wan asked what was wrong. The doctor tells the Time of outpatient treatment. Jun Wan complains What, outpatient. The doctor said that it was Doctor Chae Song-hwa. Song Hwa remembers and warns that they haven't finished talking.

“Doctor Ahn Chi-hong has been standing in front the whole time.” Said Doctor Do. Jun Wan understand

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"Good! It's the best thing you've ever done.” Jun Wan said praising Doctor Do


Doctor Jang tells the patient's mother that she is most likely traumatized by the bleeding. The mother panicked about what to do. Doctor Jang tells him that his pulse is weak so he's undergoing a CT scan because he suspects a chest or even brain injury.

"I don't know if the patient will survive. The chances of the patient surviving are small. It's hopeless." Said Doctor Jang. Jung Won stares from a distance.

“Doctor, I beg you to save Ju-hwan. I can't live without Yu-hwan." Said the mother crying.

“Are you doing CPR? Chest compressions?” asked Doctor Jang. The mother said no.

"He can survive if given CPR," said Doctor Jang coldly. The mother was confused at that time Jung Won immediately called Doctor Jang

“I am a pediatric surgeon, Ahn Jung-won. The conditions are not good, but we will try our best. We'll let you know once the CT scan results come out." Jung Won said reassuringly. The mother looked a little calm.

"Mom, it's too early to believe anything." Jung Won asserted, Doctor Jang watched from a distance but was silent.

Jung Won finally pulls Doctor Jang into an empty room, asking how long has been a resident. Doctor Jang answered three know. Jung Won can't believe the way he talks to a patient like that by saying the patient can survive if he gives CPR?

"How can you talk like that? The mother of the child will feel guilty for the rest of her life. And how can you be sure that his son is hopeless?” Jung Won said angrily

"I've been monitoring him since he came. I'm just stating the facts after looking at the medical records and the patient's condition. However, I was right, right?” said Doctor Jang still cold

“The patient is indeed difficult to save, and I think the patient's family should know the real condition. However, I was guilty of saying... he should have given CPR. Forgive me." Said Doctor Jang. Suddenly the curtain opened.

"Hey, what are you doing here? Go quickly. We need this bed." Said the male emergency room doctor.

"How's that kid? Has Song-hwa been summoned?” Jung Won asked. The doctor says No need.

"From the CT scan, there was no brain injury. We just have to deal with the bleeding,” said the doctor. Jung Won can breathe a sigh of relief.

“Oh my gosh, I almost did… I have to examine the patient with abdominal pain with Doctor Bae Jun-hui. So, Doctor Jang, please tell the guardian." The emergency room doctor said and left.

“Doctor Jang Gyeo-ul, do you know why doctors say things like, "It's not certain, we don't know yet," and "We have to take another look"? The doctor must take responsibility for his words. So you have to be careful when you speak.” Jung Won firmly

“Only one thing is certain a doctor can say. "We will try our best." Only that. So hurry go. The child's mother must be very happy." Jung Won said. Doctor Jang understood and said goodbye.

Nurse Hwang checks Song Hwa's computer, Song Hwa comes back and looks at her computer that This morning saw the patient's medical record, It turns out that she had breast cancer surgery here last year. Three centimeters of metastases were seen in the parietal lobe.

“From the medical record, after breast cancer surgery, she also received treatment for depression. Was that the reason he didn't have chemotherapy? Come on. Let him in. What's his name?" said Song Hwa.

“Ba-ram… His name is Ba-ram.” Nurse Hwang said. Son Hwa admits that there is also a high school friend named Ba-ram.

"We're pretty close... I still remember the number." Song Hwa said smiling. Nurse Hwang tells Song Hwa's age too.

“He has a rare surname… His surname is Gal.” Nurse said. Song Hwa gaped at that.

Song Hwa couldn't believe it when she saw that it was her friend who had come. Bo Ram admitted that he knew Song Hwa who was famous because his profile was on the internet. Song Hwa asked to stop making small talk and wanted to know the reason for not undergoing chemotherapy

"You can stop this from spreading," said Song Hwa. Ba Ram thought it would spread even if he did.

"I'm still going to die. So why bother?” The operation was very difficult?” said Ba Ram

"No. Its position is in the membrane that protects the head. It's not difficult. You don't have to worry." Song Hwa said

“I'm not worried… My friend is a doctor. Should I be hospitalized immediately?” said Ba Ram

“The operation doesn't have to be immediate, but the sooner the better. This weekend my schedule is empty. We do this week. You check-in today and do all the tests.” Song Hwa said. Ba Ram immediately thanked him.

"Thank you at the reunion after you get home." Song Hwa said. Bo Ram asked if he could still live until then. Song Hwa complains when she hears her friend's words like she has no hope in life.

Song Hwa finally got out of the hospital complaining. Today was very tiring. The officer asked if he didn't bring a car, Song Hwa admitted that he did but today he couldn't drive and said he was hungry until his stomach made a sound.

"Doctor Chae! I am hungry. Want to eat kalguksu?” shouted Ik Jun carrying his car. Song Hwa immediately agreed.

"Should I call another one?" Song Hwa asked. At that time three of his friends were already in the car. Ik Jun complains that his three male friends are very noisy.

"We're here. Hurry up!” call Sun Hyung. Jun Wan complains to move his chair forward so he can sit

At the 24-HOUR MAMA MADE KALGUKSU shop, Song Hwa looks very tired. Jung Won thinks Song Hwa needs to be patched. Jun Wan scoffs that Jung Won's bag contains various things and calls his aunt. Suk Hyung remembers his mother also likes kalguksu so thought about wrapping it.

“Jung-won, the glass please.” Ik Jun asked. Jung Won nodded who was busy arranging chopsticks

"You know what your nickname is?" asked Ik Jun. Jung Won thinks Angel or something?

"Buddha," said Ik Jun. Jung Won laughed. Ik Jun thought it was absurd. There are two priests and two nuns in his family.

"I love Buddha too." Jung Won said. Ik Jun also praised Jung Won as his ideal type.

"If I had a younger sister, I would definitely match you up." Ik Jun said. Jun Wan thinks Ik Jun does have a younger sister. Ik Jun seemed to remember it.

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Song Hwa chats with Bo Ram.

Song Hwa chats with Bo Ram.

At that time, Suk Hyung was busy calling his mother wanting to know if he wanted to wrap the kalguksu noodles. Ik Jung complains that her friends ask because they can just buy them. The obedient Suk Hyung admits that he will go home soon after eating.

"Are you having a problem?" Jung Won asked seeing Song Hwa silent. Song hwa admits there is none.

“It must be Gong Hyeong-u's problem.” Jun Wan said. Jung Won knows that Metro Hero is.

"Why him? I heard the surgery was handled by the new Chief of Neurology. Something to do with him?” Jung Won said

“It seems that Doctor Min rarely performs TSA surgery. And when considering the position of the tumor and the patient's side effects, TSA is much better than craniotomy. I'm considering whether I should operate because he was my patient at first." Obviously Song Hwa.

"However, that's not good either. Now a patient of Doctor Min." Say Jung Won

At that time, Suk Hyung gave his cellphone to Ik Jun because his mother wanted to talk. Ik Jun proudly admits that he is his adopted son who is cheerful and cheerful, different from his biological son, and looks surprised. Song Hwa also talked about Jung Won who thought that way.

"So what should I tell him?" said Song Hwa confused. Jun Wan thought he would just say it. Jung Won knows that Jun Wan must be like that.

“If it's better for the patient, I'd say. "I can operate better than you, it's best for the patient." I will say so." Jun Wan said

"I can't do that. Every doctor must have their their own way and situation. It violates authority." Jung Won said

“What authority? We have to talk facts." Jun Wan said firmly. Song Hwa mocks Why people who care about facts don't tell me that my ex-girlfriend cheated on me.

The order finally arrived, Ik Jun talked to Suk Hyung's mother saying thank you for going to the hospital tomorrow and having a doctor acquaintance. After hanging up the phone immediately complained to Suk Hyung. If you don't want to share his prostate problem with Suk Hyung's mother.

"I told mom that you've been going to the restroom a lot lately because of frequent urination and urinary retention." Suk Hyung said. Ik Jun is about to speak but Jun Wan's voice is louder.

"Hey! Is the case of Doctor Min and your boyfriend the same? He has nothing to do with me. It's a work thing. Your boyfriend is your relationship. I have no right to command you." Jun Wan said firmly.

"Who told you to do that? You just need to tell the visible facts.” Song Hwa said. Jun Wan wants to know if Song Hwa can do that.

"Yes," said Song Hwa. Jun Wan was sure it was a lie. Jung Won tells them to stop because the noodles are ready.

"You will fight later. Eat first." Jung Won said.

"If I see your boyfriend with another man, I'll call you in a second." Song Hwa said.

"Good grief. Talking is easy. I didn't like Doctor Jang from the start." Jun Wan said then asked Song Hwa to get chili powder. Song Hwa picked it up and at that moment the spoon fell.

Jung Won immediately asked aunt to bring a new spoon. At that time Jun Won and Song Hwa ate at high speed. Ik Jun receives a call from his son, cutely admits that he will be home soon, and asks if he hasn't slept yet.

Jung Won comments on U Ju who hasn't slept yet and taunts Ik JU for buying a really big TV. Ik Jun hangs up commenting that Suk-hyung is dating TV. Suk Hyung said it was quite expensive. Ik Jun thought he wanted to see the band practice later.

“Ahh. That's right… When is the next band training? This weekend?" said Suk Hyung.

"I have surgery this weekend. Then how many servings of fried rice do you want? What Two?” said Son Hwa. Jun Won said One.

“Two is too much, right?” said Song Hwa. Jun Won claimed to be full and finally, Song Hwa asked for one.

"Five! Make five portions!” shouted Jung Won angrily. Ik Jun already knows that Jung Won will be angry. Song Hwa couldn't believe that Jung Won wasn't full.

"He doesn't eat much. We also just started eating. Why are you eating so fast? It's not that fast on the battlefield either." Ik Jun complained seeing the two eating quickly.

"Okay. Why should you be angry? Please order five servings.” Said, Jun Wan. Jung Won complains that his friend is really selfish!

“This is the first time I've been called selfish for eating kalguksu. You should eat sooner." Jun Wan said.

“Why don't you slow down and adjust to us?” Jung Won complained. Suk Hyung doesn't care because his mother calls to order Geotjeori.

“I eat with my money. Why do you have to adjust the speed?” Jun Wan said

"Your money? We eat with the company card! If you think about it, it's my father's hospital. So, that's my money!” shouted Jung Won

"You're so calculating! Okay. I just pay! How many?" shouted Jun Wan. Jung Won told him to just pay for it.

“Hey, please… Stop it! You guys really are on the same level as U-ju. You are 40 years old. Have to fight over fried rice?” complained Ik Jun.

"You know nothing. When we eat cheonggukjang, I only eat tofu. They both finished the meat!” Jung Won said

Song Hwa asked about Ba Ram's condition.

Song Hwa asked about Ba Ram's condition.

"Okay! Gosh, you remember that kind of thing too?” said Ik Jun. Auntie also asked how much the portion of fried rice was. Jun Wan shouted two Jung Won answered five. Suk Hyung ended up ordering Three and a half.

In the car, Song Hwa came home by taxi. Jung Won texted [ DO I HURT YOUR FEELINGS?] Sung Hwa replied [NO. I UNDERSTAND. I JUST WANT TO BE ANGRY.] Song Hwa finally calls Doctor Yong.

“Are you still not giving up?” Song Hwa asked. Doctor Yong admits it's important for the patient so Mana might give up.

“Doctor, please one last time. Please do the operation.” Doctor Yong said

"I can not. It violates authority. Unless the patient says it himself." Song Hwa said. Doctor Yong thought it was certain.

"It's getting late. It's an exaggeration to speak now. Try talking to the patient tomorrow morning. Explain well." Obviously Song Hwa.

Song Hwa asked Ba Ram's condition, Ba Ram just confessed. Song Hwa asked where her husband was. Ba Ram thinks nurses are enough. After all, it's even more stressful if you have a husband, so it's better not to have one.

"I understand, but we still need his approval for your operation. Have you sent an email yet?" said Song Hwa?

"Already... He's read it, but no reply yet." Ba Ram said. Song Hwa thought He should come soon, not reply.

“It took two days to get out of that place. He's in Indonesia. What's the name of the place, eh? I often hear but forget. He must be busy chopping trees.” Say, Ba Ram

"Was he there when you had breast cancer surgery?" Song Hwa asked. Ba Ra admits that he didn't say so his husband didn't know. Song Hwa looked in disbelief.

"If he finds out will everything change? I don't want to think about my husband and everything. I'm sick alone, and will die alone." Say, Ba Ram

“Don't talk nonsense!! Then why did you close the curtain? Don't you feel cramped?" Song Hwa said

“All the patients here are grandmothers. They are very interested in me. They are amazed to see breast cancer patients and curious whether one breast is fake or not. They kept glancing at me. That's why I closed it." Ba Ram said.

At that time, the neighbor's grandmother, who came to offer Ba Ram rice cakes, refused. The grandmother thought Ba Ram could not eat because he was fasting. Ba Ram still refused. The grandmother saw Song Hwa and then offered the rice cake as well.

"Well. I'll just try one... Grandma, you pee smoothly, right?" said Song Hwa inviting him out of the curtain.

"Certain. It went so smoothly… That's because you've treated me, now I feel very healthy… Previously my head used to turn to itself, and my lips often rose like a fish caught in a fishing line.” Grandma's story. Song Hwa understands.

"However, don't push yourself just yet, and eat regularly... I'll excuse myself first." Song Hwa said goodbye.

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"Chi-hong... Get ready for surgery... Just prepare Wilson's skeleton, I'll set the position. Call me when you're ready." Song Hwa said seeing Doctor Yong walking with his patient.

Song Hwa wanted to take Doctor Yong but had already entered the room. Doctor Yong complains that the patient does not understand and then explains that the tumor is behind the nose, in the middle of the brain, and the position is not very good.

“Opening the skull to reach the cranial base is very dangerous. So, there is an operation called TSA, a procedure to remove a tumor by inserting an endoscope through the nose. Doctor Min Gi-jun is not a specialist in that operation.” Obviously Doctor Yong

“Doctor Min said it wasn't a dangerous operation. He asked me to believe. I like Doctor Min. I don't want to change doctors." Say, Patient. Song Hwa secretly heard it.

"This is your problem. Can I suggest something bad for you? I've explained at length, but you don't understand either. So just follow my advice. If you don't know, just obey." Doctor Yong said in a high tone

"You don't understand either, do you? I've explained it very easily. Complained, Doctor Yong. Sung Hwa chose to leave.

Doctor Ahn calls Sung Hwa to tell him that he is ready. Sung Hwa leaves the room. Sung Hwa goes to Doctor Min's room, Doctor Min knows that today Sung Hwa has occipital lobe surgery. Sung Hwa confirms that he has to go down now.

"Geez. It must be finished tomorrow morning... By the way, what's wrong?” said Doctor Min.

"Gong Hyeong-u's problem, Doctor," said Song Hwa. Doctor Min complains to his really outrageous men

“Allow me to be your assistant. I still lack TSA surgery experience. If allowed, I will watch and learn.” Song Hwa said then uncle left because he was going down now.

“Doctor Chae Song-hwa has obtained the patient's consent. Who will he be when you meet him?" Doctor Hae said to Yun Bok outside the locker. Yun Bok understands

“Today was surgery for a skull base tumor. So, it will take ten to 13 hours. You'll see at first, and you can go home." Doctor Heo said. Yun Bok gapes in disbelief Thirteen hours

“Neurosurgical operations usually take a long time, especially skull base tumor operations. Positioning alone takes an hour.” Said Doctor Heo asking to go.

 Song Hwa said on the phone that the earliest finished at 06.00 so asked the anesthesiologist to postpone Gong Hyeong-u's operation to one hour. Then asked Doctor Yong to come in first for sterilization, and contact the ENT doctor.

“Doctor, I love…” Doctor Yong said, but Song Hwa immediately hung up the phone.

In front of the operating room, Hong-Bo and Yun Bo watched from the window. Doctor Hoe tells them they're still positioning so come in later and tell them to come with you.

 “Yun-bok, what is the real reason you entered medicine? Is it good value like me?” asked Doctor Heo curiously.

"Ten years ago my mother had major surgery, and the doctor who treated her at that time was really cool." Yun Bok said. Doctor Heo couldn't believe it.

"Yes. My mother was sickly when I was in the first grade of middle school. He was operated on for more than 10 hours and was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit for a week, but he didn't wake up. He died." Yun Bok's story. Doctor Heo apologizes to hear that

“No need… Now that I think about it, it looks like he's an intern or resident. I used to think everyone who wore a doctor's coat was a doctor. The doctor burst into tears and apologized for not being able to save my mother. I understand even though I'm only in the first grade of middle school." Say, Yun Bok

“I understand your mother is in pain, and have seen the doctors working hard in the Intensive Care Unit. In fact, I was calm at first. I was fine until the slightly aged doctor told me that my mother was dead. However, the doctor burst into tears as soon as he saw us… and apologized.” Yun Bok's story and at that time Hong-Bo also cried hearing it.

"Your mother will be watching you from heaven. You must grow up well." Then he promised to be a better doctor. She said that while crying to the middle school kids. That's when Hong-do and I started to notice it. "Now we don't have mothers that other people have." I was sobbing at that time.” Yun Bok said.

“However, what does “we” mean?” asked Doctor Heo confused. Yun Bok admits that the two of them are twins.

"Do not Cry. He still cries a lot when he talks about Mother.” Yun Bok said calming Hong-Bo.

 "You should have said. Why didn't you tell me?" said Doctor Heo. Yun Bok confessed Because it was fun.

“Since childhood, teachers and friends often ask questions, and we are lazy to answer. So, we decided to enjoy it... Don't tell anyone. Sorry." Yun Bok said and Hong-Bo apologized.

“I'll keep it a secret for a while. By the way, do you know the doctor's name? I think he'll be happy if you say hi to him. You can also say that you have become a doctor." Said Doctor Heo.

“I don't know his name.” Yun Bok said. Doctor Heo thinks they remember his face.

"I don't really remember his face either. Yun-bok and I only remember the shoes.” Hong-Bo said. Doctor Heo is confused as they remember the shoes.

“At that time we just looked down because we kept crying. It looks like he was wearing new shoes at the time.” Hong-Bo said

“Whether it's because he's busy, he forgot to take off the size sticker. We only remember the shoe size is 225mm.” Yun Bok said.

Doctor Heo thinks they can't find him and takes a call and tells him that the operation is starting and they leave.

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