Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 7 Part 1 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 7 Part 1

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Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 7 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 7 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 7 Part 1 English Subtitle

Jung Won is nervous in front of the operating room, Doctor Jang finally calls. Jung Won wants to know how the condition of the liver is, and whether it has departed. Doctor Jang looks nervous about being done. Jung Won is confused about whether there is a problem.

“Donor lever is too thick. It seems to be more than 500 grams. Anterior and posterior were about 8 cm. How is it, Doctor?” said Doctor Jang. Jung Won looks weak.

“ Lever too big. It looks difficult. Is it better to give up?” asked Doctor Jang.

"No. We're still going... We're continuing with the operation." Jung Won said sure of his choice.

Ik Jun entered the operating room, Yun Bok immediately greeted him. Ik Jun is surprised that Yun Bok hasn't come home yet. Yun Bok nodded. Ik Jun asks if the "painter" Jang Hong-do has returned. Yun Bok confirmed.

"Until a moment ago he... I mean he was here, but just got home." Yun Bok said

"Okay. You should go home too.” Ik Jun said. Yun Bok understands and asks if Ik Jun would like to see a liver transplant?

"Let's go!" said Ik Jun knowing his juniors wanted to come to see him. Yun Bok also with a big smile thanked him.

Jung Won finally gets ready to wash his hands. Ik Jun explained that size is the most important thing in a baby's liver transplant. The outcome of surgery can be fatal if the liver is too large. Because of this, donors' livers are usually cut in half for babies.

“However, this time, the donor's liver is still too big even though it has been cut in half. Now Ji-a is only six months old.” Ik Jun said

"Then, can't Ji-a have surgery? Does he have to have surgery some other time?” Yun Bok asked.

“There is no "another time". Bile does not come out so cirrhosis progresses quickly. He vomited blood and there was blood in his feces. He won't last a week,” explained Ik Jun.

Yun Bok panicked about what to do. Ik Jun was confused by Yun Bok's reaction as if he was overreacting to seniors. Yun Bok apologizes and speaks politely knowing that they can't have surgery, but won't survive if they let him. Ik Jun insists that he has to have surgery.

“You say the liver is still too big?” Yun Bok said. Ik Jun replied Just cut it again.

"Are you crazy?" said Yun Bok hastily. Ik Ju couldn't believe what Yun Bok said. Yun Bok apologized again.

"What do you mean, the liver was cut twice, Doctor?" Yun Bok said politely. Ik Jun confirmed.

“We cut the liver in half again. That happens sometimes, even though the surgery will be difficult. However, it must be done. Even though it is difficult, this is the last and only way to save the baby,” explained Ik Jun.

In the operating room, Jung Won performs the operation with great confidence. While in the waiting room, Ji A's parents looked very nervous waiting while crying. Ik Jun and Yun Bok also looked from the side of the room.

"Lever out." Jung Won said Ik Jun felt bad he thought Ji-a must be suffering.

"How can he survive? But Jia-a is really great,” said Ik Jun. Finally, the nurse announced that Lever had arrived. Doctor Jang walks in with the icebox gasping for air.

"Thank you. Good job, Doctor Jang Gyeo-ul. I hear you're still at the red light ahead. Why so fast? Are you running?” Jung Won asked.

"Fortunately the road is not jammed. However, it turns out that this building's elevator is broken. So I ran here... I mean, not running... I walked... fast. Just walking… I arrived carefully and safely.” Say, Doctor Jang

“Great, Jang Gyeo-ul… Great job.” praised Ik Jun with a sad face. Doctor Jang smiled happily.

On the other hand, the other doctor thought it seemed enough, Jung Won confirmed then saw the result of the liver cut for the baby.

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Song Hwa relaxed her back and was still in the surgical gown. Doctor Ahn enters the room and tells that everything is ready, Song Hwa understands and asks If there is another ventriculostomy, will Doctor Ahn wants to try it. Doctor Ahn is confused.

"This is your third year. It's time, So Get Ready." Song Hwa said. Doctor Ahn smiled and immediately thanked him.

Jung Won tells that a lot of bleeding due to liver surgery and asked to suck it up. He then sighed because he felt it took a long time and called Ik-jun. Ik Jun understands that he will talk to the guardian. Meanwhile, Yun Bok was fast asleep.

Jung Won nodded that the operation went smoothly and both of them immediately burst into tears.

Jung Won nodded that the operation went smoothly and both of them immediately burst into tears.

"A lot of bleeding, Doctor." Jung Won said. Doctor Bong answered but still nothing.

"Focus. The suction must be thorough... it's invisible. "said Jung Won, ass understand. Jung Won was also asked to give gauze.

Jung Won finally came out of the operating room. Ji A's parents immediately asked if Ji-a was fine. Did the operation go smoothly? Jung Won nodded that the operation went well. They both burst into tears as if their burden had been lifted.

“The operation was successful. Why are you crying? Ji-a is holding up well. Do not Cry. One could think the operation wasn't smooth." Jung Won said. They both said thank you.

Doctor Chu asked the nurse to send along with the picture and then rushed off. On the other side of the table, an old woman said she was still worried. Doctor Myung reassures that there is no need to worry because the contractions are under control, and the baby's condition is good.

"He'll be fine." Doctor Myun is reassuring. The patient asks Should I continue to take the medicine?

"As already explained, the medicine is safe. Let me explain one more time." Said Doctor Myung.

“That patient, Park Mi-Jeong. How long is the cervix?” the nurse asked her friend. Doctor Chu who heard it immediately answered 1.5 cm long.

“Doctor Chu Min-ha… The cesarean patient was bleeding profusely because the contractions were bad. Check the pads and watch the contractions." Suk Hyung said seeing Doctor Chu walking down the hall. Doctor Chu nodded in understanding.

"Doctor, he said my wife is very sick. What should I do?” said a husband out of the hospital room.

"I checked five minutes ago. No cervical changes at all. I'll check again. If necessary, I'll give you painkillers." Say Doctor Chu

"Could you please check now?" said the husband worriedly. Doctor Chu also agreed.

“Doctor Chu Min-ha… Sin Hyo-Jeong was given 12 gtt of ritodrine, but has tachycardia.” Nurse said calling

"Reduce it to eight gtt, and check his vitals in an hour." Doctor Chu said looking very busy finally entered the nurse's room.

 Meanwhile, Doctor Myung very attentively tells the use of the drug to make the baby stay longer in the mother's stomach, depending on the baby's condition. The patient also wants to know if the baby can be weaker than other children, or his life will not last long.

"That won't happen. My mother suffered a lot when she was pregnant with me.” Doctor Myung said. Other doctors heard it too. The patient could not believe it.

"Here's the story. My mother is diabetic, but suddenly became pregnant.” Doctor Myung

“I saw that Seo Jeong-won's episiotomy section was good. Right?" said the nurse. Doctor Chu confirmed that he had checked it this morning and there was no hematoma.

“Doctor, please check this NST. Jeong Min-gyeong's fetus is showing a slowdown." Nurse said

"Give an additional infusion, and three liters of oxygen via a nasal cannula in a side-lying position," said Doctor Chu. The nurse understood then left.

“My little sister gave birth prematurely, but she is very optimistic and relaxed. Even though I'm an obstetrician, I still feel anxious, but he's happy to see the baby sooner." Doctor Chu's story. The patient looks a little calmer and can't believe it.

“Doctor... I'm so hungry. Can I eat?" asked a patient.

"Let's check the fetal movement first. Please wait a moment." Said Doctor Cha who met with other patients.

“The baby can be born and grow up healthy until now. My nephew is now two years old. Do you want to see the picture?” Doctor Myung said. The patient welcomes.

“Doctor Myung Eun-won... Sin Ha-Yun has to check for fetal movements, and Jeong Min-gyeong has to be checked for delays. We also have to prepare for two c-sections later. We're busy." Doctor Chu said in a sarcastic tone.

Doctor Myung nodded in understanding then walked away. The patient also commented that it seemed that Doctor Chu couldn't make small talk and then said goodbye. Doctor Chu could only remain silent and tell him that he would check the dressings for the cesarean section patient.

"Good grief. The battle of the bear and the fox." Doctor's Comment. The nurse wants to know Who is the fox. Another Doctor thought that it was obvious.

“Doctor, Jeong Min-gyeong's fetus is showing a slowdown. I'll check. Give him three liters of oxygen by nasal cannula, right?” said Doctor Myung calling from the room.

Doctor Jang, Hong Do, and Yun Bok looked nervous in the room. Hong Do is confused that he hasn't come yet and thought that he should just come down. Doctor Jang is sure It's Doctor Lee's little happiness and must be chatting with the courier.

the doctors are having lunch.

the doctors are having lunch.

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"Come early, Doctor. We're starving to death." Doctor Jang complains when he sees Ik Jun finally coming with food.

"You're a doctor, but it's so easy to say the word 'dead'. Hong-do, Yun-bok, eat a lot. You have to Eat, then join General Surgery.” Ik Jun said. The two of them couldn't help but smile.

"This. If you don't join, it's the same as eating and running." Ik Jun said giving bread. They both nodded in understanding.

“Can I eat Double Bacon? It's my favorite sandwich." Doctor Jang said. Ik Jun was also invited.

“There will definitely be a lot left," said Hong Do saw a lot of leftover bread

"I'm calling one person to come to eat... Jung-won..." said Ik Jun and made Doctor Jang's face look up at the door.

“What sandwich? Good!" said Jun Wan entering the room. Doctor Jang complains about seeing Jun Wan coming.

"What else? You're unlucky. Hence, listen to what people have to say to the end.” Ik Jun said. Finally, Doctor Jang stood up and immediately saluted.

“Am I unlucky? Why?" Jun Wan asked in surprise. Ik Jun replied that there was no reason.

"Eat fast or Jang Gyeoul will eat it all," Ik Jun said. Jun Wan also greeted the two trainees he hadn't seen in a long time. 

 "Gone and Jiknyeo?" Jun Wan said confidently. Yun Bok complained that Jun Wan called at that time and they said no. 

 "Right. I remember that your name is the name of the painter. Mane and moons? Jun Wan said. Yun Bok mentioned his names again. 

 "Correct! Sorry. Although we have already greeted Wakanda, ”Jun Wan said. Yun Bok confessed that he had no problem. 

 "Mane and Mone are the names of our cousins," Yun Bok said. Ik Jun couldn't believe it. 

 "Won't you tell me that Mane and Mone are twins?" Ik Jun asked. Hong Do replied in the affirmative. 

 “Are the twins identical? 

 Ik Jun said that she was safe. Hong Do confirms it again. When Jun Wan heard this, he couldn't believe that the two of them were like a chorus. 

 Doctor Bong will eat alone, at this time Doctor Yong, Doctor Do, and Doctor Ahn come to give him a drink and a napkin. Dr. Bong knows that 

  was an emergency patient and asks how the three got close. 

“We are very close friends, while Ahn Chihong is Dr. Sukmin's favorite child." Say Doctor Do 

 "What? When did I say that?" Dr. Ahn complained. Doctor Do says that he thinks he likes Doctor Ahn. 

 “He talks a lot about you. I feel like I know you. By the way, Captain Ahn, why did you leave the army? It must be a women's problem. tell me quickly "The doctor said Do 

." It is not a big problem. I'll tell you next time, "Dr. Ahn said. Dr. Yong thinks it has to be to make it look so mysterious. 

 Doctor Chu comes to greet Doctor Bong,  admits he buys all kinds of American Hot and Cold and Latte because he does not know what he likes, Doctor Jang sat down to greet everyone. Dr. Bong also asked what topic we discussed today. 

 “Doctor Chu Minha, what's wrong with his face? Your face is gray, is there a problem? "Comment from Doctor Do. 

" I  used Foundation number 25. It is a 

 bit dark, "Dr. Chu said proudly at 

." But it is still too dark. The color of his face and neck is very different. "Tell Doctor Jang 

," This is black pearl makeup. It has a bronzing effect that makes the face appear very small. "Doctor Chu. said 

 "You're like someone who can sunbathe in the living room because you don't have time for vacations." Dr. Jang said mockingly. 

 “By the way, how did you get close? His departments and ages are different, as is his skin color. "Doctor said Do 

" We are both ARMIES ". Doctor Jang said. Doctor Do cannot believe they are in the same army and that means Ahn Chihong Junior! 

" It is not an "army", but ... Did you start using the internet yesterday? Yong complained. 

 "Yes. Yesterday I started installing ADSL Mega pass, Korea's fastest Internet service. I sold all the cyber money and used Bigi's KTF quota." Said Doctor Do excitedly. Dr. Jang is confused when he hears this. 

 "So ... it turns out you're a BTS fan. My sister is crazy about you too," Dr. Yong said and cut him off. 

 "Yes, we met in the fan club," Dr. Jang said happily. Dr. Bong says that practicing physicians really have a lot of time today. 

 “You have time to chat in the fan club and in the cafeteria. My old days ... "Dr. Bong said and 

 they were suddenly rushed. 

" We really don't have time to eat in the canteen. "Doctor Do said. 

" Today I will tell you when I was an established doctor. Yes? ”Dr. Bong said they wanted to leave. 

 “I was like that, but I think it would be better if we discussed the love issue of the Gongnyong Ridge gang. First love and old love, ”said Dr.  

 “Jun and Junwan always had girlfriends. They used to be quite popular. I don't think they ever had a boyfriend. "The Story of Doctor Bong. 

" Really? Extraordinary. Follow, continue. What about Dr. Yang Sukhyung? Asked Dr. Chu is curious. 

 “Sukhyung rarely has a girlfriend. He also married a woman chosen by his parents. They were divorced less than a year ago. She then went to America. I heard she only studied there. "The story of Doctor Bong. Dr. Chu nodded in horror. 

Doctor Yong enters and sees Doctor Ahn who is still studying.

Doctor Yong enters and sees Doctor Ahn who is still studying.

 "Sukhyung now has a girlfriend!" Dr. Bong said. Dr. Chu wanted to know who. 

 "The TV. No woman can beat her TV." Dr. Bong said. Doctor Chu couldn't help but sigh when he heard this. 

 "Doctor Chae, huh? Is that your friend from the same campus?" asked Dr. Ahn curious. 

 "Yes, his friend is studying," Dr. Bong said. Dr. Ahn thought it was Dr. Lee Ikjun. 

 “Jun? No. They never came out. From level one or two of winter, right? The relationship is quite long. I think he was with an older person for a couple of years. The Story of Doctor Bong 

 "They were together for three or four years. Then they were together several times. You just don't want to get married. "The Story of Doctor Bong 

" Doctor Ahn Jungwon, how are you? "asks Dr. Jang excitedly.

"If there is a woman who likes Jung-won. must defeat God first.” Doctor Bong said

“It is impossible to defeat God! If anyone likes him, she'd better give up. How dare he compete against God?” said Doctor Do. Doctor Jang can only look down sadly.

“Doctor Jang Gyeo-ul... Your religion is Buddhist, right? You must feel uncomfortable. Let's change the topic." Said Doctor Yong. Doctor Do agrees that they just stop. Doctor Jang still looks down sadly.

Doctor Ahn is busy reading his book, Doctor Yong enters surprised to see his friend who hasn't slept yet. Doctor Ahn answered Learn ventriculostomy. Doctor Yong thinks that ventriculostomy has often been done, Doctor Ahn tells that he will be the main doctor when there are IVH patients again.

"What? You've never been a primary doctor? Doctor Chae is so outrageous. I did it as a second-year resident. So Excited! You might get scolded badly. Even so, cheer up!” said Doctor Yong. Doctor Ahn nodded

“Doctor Chae Song-Hwa... forgives one mistake, but the second mistake... Even so, cheers!” said Doctor Yong. Doctor Ahn also said thank you.

"I'm excited too!" said Doctor Yong who was tired and went to bed. Meanwhile, Doctor Ahn lowers the lamp so Doctor Yong can sleep.

Doctor Do is seen nodding out of the operating room and immediately washing his face. At that time the doctor came quipped Why not take a shower. Doctor Do is shocked to see Doctor Cheon Myeong-take and immediately apologizes.

"Is there an operation?" asked Doctor Chae. Doctor Do confirmed that the ventricular septal defect was operated on by Doctor Kim Jun-wan.

“You guys are like a pair.” Said Doctor Chae. Doctor Do confirms that Jun Wan really loves him.

"He often compliments you." Doctor Chae said. Doctor Do feels it's impossible but finally says Thank you.

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Doctor Chae ordered him to leave. Doctor Do understands then mumbles like he can't believe it was Jun Won who didn't curse.

Jun Wan told the patient's family that First, they would plug the hole in the wall between the left and right chambers. Then if the mitral valve leak is still severe even though the ventricular septum is blocked, they will fix it.

“The estimated operating time is about five hours. So there's no need to worry." Jun Wan said.

"Okay, Doctor. Please help… Thank you.” The patient's family said. Jun Wan also said goodbye to go into the OPERATION ROOM

Doctor Ahn is performing an operation, two nurses outside commented that Captain Ahn must have been scolded a lot today because the effects of the corona were not visible, it would be difficult to find Kocher's point. His friend told the doctor to come in because he was a classmate.

"I couldn't because I was nervous. More thrilling than my first surgery.” Said the doctor.

"Is the coronavirus visible?" asked Song Hwa beside him. Doctor An replied that he would try again.

“Maybe it's invisible because of the blood. Search while wiping with gauze." Song Hwa said. Doctor Ahn also asked for forceps, his legs look weak.

"Give me some bone wax." Song Hwa said then ordered Doctor Ahn to try to control the bleeding with bone wax

"Heavy bleeding can occur while widening the bone. So be careful." Song Hwa said. Doctor Ahn understands.

"Curette. Then Tilt a little... No. A little more upright." Song Hwa said. Doctor Ahn followed him.

“Good job… I think the left and right sides are wrong. It's just here for today. Try unplugging it again." Said Sang Hwa. Doctor Ahn understands.

“The catheter should be upright when it comes in. You should see the inner canthus, but you're not used to it yet." It was clear that Song Hwa and finally the blood came out. Doctor Ahn apologizes while nodding in understanding

"This is a common mistake. Next time should be better… Ask for bayonet forceps… then Ask for Knives 15.” Song Hwa said continuing Doctor Ahn's operation.

Meanwhile, Jun Wan seemed to be sewing complaining about being cut again and asking how many times has this been. Doctor Do thinks the valve is too thin. Jung Won also asked to give a smaller needle and then saw that it had been more than 7 hours of surgery.

"Honey, it's been over nine hours. He said five hours earlier, right? The operation… must have worked, right?” said the wife nervously in the waiting room with her husband.

"Okay. We go in together." Jun Wan said getting ready in front of the consultation room. Doctor Do agrees.

Jun Wan informs that the operation took longer. He even wants to cut off his hand. Both were shocked and confused. Jun was told After clogging the ventricular septal defect, the mitral valve leak was severe, then they tried to fix it.

"However, the bleeding got worse because the cells were too weak and kept tearing." Obviously Jun Wan.

"Right. However, in the end, the operation went smoothly.” Doctor Do interrupt. Both were immediately moved and said thank you.

“Chang-mo is okay, right?” ask the patient's parents. Doctor Do admits it was difficult at first due to a lot of bleeding but ended well.

“Then when can we meet Chang-mo?” asked Chang Mo's parents

“The leakage has reduced considerably, and the baby is now in a stable condition. Like I said before, he will be on complete rest for three days.” Jun Wan said.

“You can see him immediately at the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. There's no need to worry, ma'am." Doctor Do interrupt.

"Honey, we can meet him... Thank you very much." Old Man Chang Mo said happily. Jun Wan tried to contain his emotions.

In the dressing room, Doctor Do complains that Jun Wan's way of speaking is like prose because he should have told him the results of the surgery first. Successor not. Jun Wan emphasized that the doctor must tell all things that happen in the Operating Room to the guardian, from beginning to end calmly.

“If you keep talking like that, all the guardians could have a heart attack. Good grief! You really don't understand other people's feelings. I'm not asking you to be sweet. I mean, calm down the guardian first before speaking the facts.” Doctor Do said annoyed.

"Hey, when I was only five years old I wasn't scolded like that." Jun Wan complained annoyed at being scolded by his juniors.

"That's right, Kim Jun-wan... You should change your speech... Good, Doctor Do Jae-hak." Jung Won's comment entered the room. Doctor Do saw his senior immediately bowed to greet him.

"Talk casually, Doctor." Doctor Do said. Jun Wan was surprised to see that his friend didn't come home because he should hurry home after taking a shower

“This afternoon there was a baby who had an ileus operation and was bleeding a lot. It seems that tonight, I will have to keep an eye on his vital signs.” Said Jung Won wearing his socks.

"You do live up to your nickname, Buddha." Praise Doctor Do. Jun Wan thought It should have been a neat operation from the start.

“Good grief, as per the rumors… you are indeed Buddha's friend.” Doctor Do said. Jung Won tells that he is Catholic.

“This is to be expected! My wife is also a strong Catholic. Catholics are very kind, as well as handsome and beautiful.” Doctor's Comments Do. Jung Won immediately said thank you.

“Ahh… Almost forgot! In your department, is there a specialist named Cheon Myeong-take?” Jung Won asked.

"Yes. Why?" asked Jun Wan. Jung Won tells Ada an anonymous letter about drug factory bribery.

“He got a golf membership, and a free meal at a fancy restaurant after paying upfront. I heard almost all thermoplastic doctors do it. Hey, you're not coming, are you?” Jung Won asked.

Meanwhile, Jun Wan is busy with his cellphone looking very happy because Ik Sun sent a message. Doctor Do, who looks panicked, is afraid that Jun Wan will go with Doctor Chae.

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