Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 1 Part 2 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 1 Part 2

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Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 1 Part 2

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 1 Part 2

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 1 Part 2 English Subtitle

In the ICU room, there was a patient who had lost his heartbeat and two doctors wanted to know how much norepinephrine was given. While in the ICU next to him, Song Hwa calmly examines his patient, then leaves the room and sees a mother who can only stare at her child from outside the room without being able to enter.

"My son is waiting for a liver transplant." Said the patient's mother met Song Hwa in the elevator.

"Oh, I see. No wonder I feel like I see you often." Song Hwa said.

“He went back and forth in the hospital for six months as if he had lived here. Three days ago, his condition began to deteriorate. My son… Maybe I should let it go.” The patient's mother said as if she had given up.

"Don't be like that... Mom, she can recover." Song Hwa said. The patient's mother admitted that she was so focused on her son that she didn't know her mother was sick and felt that everything was her fault.

"Your son's condition is like that. What mother wouldn't focus on her? No one can blame you." Song Hwa said.

At that time a message came into the patient's mother's cell phone [YOU ALREADY BRAKED MY MOTHER DINNER? HURRY HOME!] He sighed and asked Song Hwa Is there another woman as unfortunate as her in this world.

“I've been married for 40 years, and my husband is draining the money left at home on business. I live because my only son is very good. I feel like my mother and son are sick because I'm a piece of bad luck." Said the patient's mother.

“I...are really unlucky in life. I really don't want to live at all. I just want to die." Screams the patient's mother cried in the elevator, pouring out her complaints. Sang Hwa could only calm him down.

Two doctors are about to enter the elevator, but Song Hwa tells them to take the elevator later so the mother doesn't disturb her. The two of them could only nod in understanding.

Song Hwa queued long enough to buy coffee. The message came into his cellphone “COLD AMERICANO FOR ME” Song Hwa looked for someone and saw a doctor waving his hand across. Finally, the two of them sat in the patient waiting room.

“I operated on your mother's nerves. You should have bought me coffee. Not the other way around." Sang Hwa complained.

“When your father entered the ER in the middle of the night with a broken leg, I came even though it was not my picket schedule. So what? Just cold Americano?” reply to the theme.

"That's enough. Friends are forbidden to give more because it can be uncomfortable." Song Hwa said. Her friend complains that Song Hwa is very good at talking.

“It seems the ER is relaxing until you can shop at the convenience store.” Song Hwa mocks.

"Be careful when you talk! Never say that." Complained about the theme and then saw the news on TV

“There was a series of accidents between a truck and four cars near the Bupyeong Interchange on the Gyeongin Expressway. This accident left six people seriously injured, including the 52-year-old truck driver. They are being rushed… Two of them are in critical condition.”

“They will arrive soon. I go!" said the friend then went to the ER.

The patient came in first to tell the patient lost consciousness when found blood pressure 30/60, and oxygen saturation dropped to 70. Even the laceration bleeding was severe. The doctor also asked to put in an IV and give a saline solution.

Everyone looks very busy with patients coming and a family comes with a man wearing a hat.

The mother who had been crying earlier came to see Song Hwa and told her that finally her son could be operated on and felt like a dream. He admitted that he almost gave up because his son was third so he couldn't believe it.

"He said the previous patient was inoperable... Oh my God, thank you." Say the mother

"Thank you, ma'am. That's good news." Song Hwa said. The mother pleaded guilty to the deceased donor.

"I don't know if I can be happy. The human heart is very evil." said the mother

"Who is the doctor in charge of your child?" Song Hwa asked. The actor admitted that he is very famous and has also appeared on the show... Good Doctors.

panic situation.

panic situation.

"Doctor Kwon Sun Jung?" Song Hwa said. The mother confirmed. Sang Hwa claims to be close to him.

"He's also someone I respect. But as far as I know, Doctor Kwon left today." Song Hwa said

“As soon as he heard the news, he said he would be back here soon after the operation in Milyang, and the operation would be carried out as soon as Doctor Kwon arrived. Is it okay, isn't he tired?" said the mother. Song Hwa could only nod.

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The doctor entered the hospital, a mother immediately stopped him telling him that there were also patients there because the child applied super glue on the helmet, and then his father didn't know and wore the helmet. So, the helmet could not be separated from his father's head.

"We are also in desperate need. Please check us out first." Say the woman

“There is currently an emergency situation… So, please wait a moment.” The doctor said.

“We are also in an emergency! He almost died of shame!” shouted the mother annoyed and finally seen the patient bleeding into the hospital.

"Sir, are we going to another hospital?" said the mother. But the son and grandson were admitted to the hospital.

"Where are you going? We haven't been called. U-ju, stop your father!” Shouted the mother.

"Father is angry, Mrs. He said he would destroy everything." U Ju said.

In the emergency room, another doctor came looking panicked to meet Doctor Kwon and asked what happened. Doctor Kwon said it's not a shoulder dislocation so there's no need to worry and it's just that his fingers are difficult to move.

"I think it's a fracture of the distal radius. Get an X-ray and call an orthopedic surgeon. How about neurosurgery?” said the emergency room doctor. Song Hwa also came wearing his gloves.

"This is bad." Said Doctor Kwon with Song Hwa's eyes examined.

“Doctor Kwon, how was the operation?” Song Hwa asked. Doctor Kwon is surprised that Song Hwa could find out.

"Immediately call another doctor, the patient must be operated on immediately." Say Song Hwa

“If anything, do you think I'd want to drive here after staying up all night? There is no other doctor." Say, Doctor Kwon

"Just transfer to another hospital." Said the ER Doctor. Song Hwa thinks that if they can't have surgery, they will only take the liver and this is the last chance.

"This operation is not easy. Must use a long midline incision procedure.” Doctor Kwon said. Song Hwa complains that the current situation is really precarious.

While the mother looks nervous waiting because Kwon's doctor hasn't come yet. When the nurse came to tell, the mother immediately fell limp. Song Hwa looked thoughtful and then found a way. The emergency room doctor wants to know-how.

"There he is." Song Hwa said pointing to the front. The emergency room doctor when Song Hwa shows himself.

"No kidding! I do have a double degree, but I haven't had surgery for five years. Transplant surgery is serious stuff!” complained the ER Doctor.

"Not you." Song Hwa said then asked to move, at that time a man with a hat stuck to his head was seen.

Lee Ik Jun called his son telling him to greet his friend. U Ju immediately bowed. Ik Ju endured the embarrassment of the clever boy's praise.

Ik Jun finally washes his hands and has changed into surgical clothes and is worried that the Head of the Hospital finds out, Are we, okay, the nurse says Doctor Chae has taken care of it.

“I also have to ask for the family's approval and explain. Doctor Chae knows them and gets approval in just five minutes.” Nurse said

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"Is the doctor in charge not angry? If I did, I'd be angry." Said Ik Jun surprised.

"Doctor Chae has already discussed everything." Nurse said. Ik Jun complained about it.

"He'd better help me take this thing off." Ik Jun complained that he finally entered the operating room

"Please help! Let's save this patient," said Ik Jun, and several teams stared blankly.

At the top of the room, you can see [ OPERATION IN progress] The patient's parents were waiting with worried faces.

Song Hwa sleeps with U Ju on the sofa, at that time the Chief calls him asking if he is still in the hospital. Song Hwa confirmed. The chief informs him that he is dead. Song Hwa is shocked to confirm that Kim Dong-hyeok's Operation failed.

"What do you mean? The president who died." Chief said. Song Hwa nodded in understanding.

“He's a funeral home number 201. Go there first. I'll be home for a while to change clothes and soon follow." The head of the house said he was sick. Song Hwa nodded in understanding.

Song Hwa also saw the news on the internet [ PRESIDENT AHN BYEONG-UTE DIED AT 78 YEARS OLD] The funeral home was full of mourners and wreaths of flowers, a man came in to pay his last respects.

"Please accept my condolences." Said the man. Mrs. Jung thought that her husband liked the man the most.

emotional state from a mother to a child.

emotional state from a mother to a child.

"That's why... now I'm... so sad." Said the man crying. Mrs. Jung thought that there were still tears left at their age and greeted Mr. Ahn's four children.

"Recently, we see each other a lot." The man said then patted the shoulder of Mr. Ahn's last child. It turned out that Jung Won was standing up to welcome guests who came to mourn as the son of Mr. Ahn.

U Ju is eating voraciously, while Song Hwa, Jun Wan, and Suk Hyung can't believe that Jung Won is the son of Mr. Ahn, the owner of the hospital. Jun Wan thinks Suk Hyun and Jung Won are friends since childhood.

"I thought you knew his family too... You did, didn't you?" Jun Wan said. Suk Hyung confirmed.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Song Hwa complained. Suk Hyung confessed that they never asked but knew Jung-won was rich.

"But I didn't know this rich. I even thought the family business had gone bankrupt. He's been staying at my house for years. Rich people are crueler. How could he keep it a secret for 20 years? Are we really going to ask for a job or borrow money if we find out?” Jun Wan complained in annoyance.

Both of them immediately replied that it could happen. Jun Wan understands that that's the reason he didn't say so and asks if Ik-jun hasn't come yet. Song Hwa replied that Ik Jun was still operating and it would be over soon.

"The operation is very difficult. So, it takes time.” Song Hwa said. Jun Won where could he have surgery?

"He performed urgent surgery at our hospital." Song Hwa said. Jun Won thought he would know. Song Hwa admits no.

"Hey. The head of the hospital is coming." Song Hwa said and they immediately stood up to greet him.

"Why are you here?" said the head of the hospital to Jun Wan then introduced to his wife.

"Introduce. He was my student." Said the head of the hospital. Jun Wan immediately saluted.

"Do you know Doctor Ahn, the son of the President?" asked the head of the hospital. Jun Wan admits that he knows and Jung Won is his closest friend. Song Hwa couldn't help but sigh at his friend's behavior.

Jung Won finally sat down with his three friends saying thank you for coming. Song Hwa complains that they should have come because a friend's father died.

"Are you really the President's son? Why didn't you say anything? Are you afraid we'll ask for money?” said Jun Wan annoyed.

"No chance to tell. Sorry... I didn't mean to keep it a secret. But this is really. I'm not lying. I have no money. Oath." Jung Won said. Song Hwa complained that it was more annoying.

"Then is the hospital yours now?" Jun Wan asked curiously.

Jung Won thought about the hospital then suddenly heard the sound of an ambulance siren, all immediately looked tense. Jun Wan admits that he almost miscarried. Suk Hyung confessed that his heart almost fell out. Jun Wan complains that Jung Won wants to show off that he is a doctor with the sound of his ringtone.

“The dislodged heart was terrible. Do not talk nonsense!" Jun Wan complained to Suk Hyung.

“You also don't talk nonsense because miscarriage is so sad! You don't have a father's love." Say Suk Hyung

"Please stop it. My head almost exploded." Jung Wan complained. Song Hwa complains that if his head broke it would have died.

Jung Won's older brother calls out that Uncle is coming. Jung Won woke up to greet his uncle. Jung Won's brother saw his sister's friend said hello and asked to help his sister too. Jung Won went with his brother.

"Why didn't you take the call?" complained the sister. Jung Won apologized for using vibrate mode.

Junior enters Song Hwa's room and tells him that the results are out. Ik Jun called with the child who had fallen asleep on Song Hwa's lap. Song Hwa then told him that he would be there soon. Suk Hyung also asked if the operation was successful. Song Hwa nodded.

"Then tell him to come here immediately." Jun Won said. SongHwa confessed that I had something to do so I left for a while.

Both nodded in understanding, then took off their coats to become pillows and blankets for U Ju.

Song Hwa was already in front of the dressing room talking to Ik Jun that he was the one who operated on it so he just said it. Ik Jun complains. With an appearance like this, he thinks it's No because if you look at her appearance, being a patient's mother, it's impossible to believe.

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“I wanted to ask the resident doctor to talk to me, but I think you should talk. Hurry up and go. He must have waited a long time.” Ik Ju said. Song Hwa finally agreed by holding back laughter just looking at the shadow of Ik Jun who was still wearing a hat attached to his head.

Song Hwa finally goes to the patient's mother and tells her that the operation went well. He told me the operation was quite difficult, but now the bleeding has reduced a lot, and the condition of the liver he received is very good. So Now he's transferred to the Intensive Care Unit.

"Thank you... Thank you, Doctor." Said the mother with a sad face and hugged her husband because their child could recover.

"Your mother's test results have also come out, and thankfully it only stages one. After radiotherapy, your mother will be healthy for the next ten years. This is good news. Why are you crying?” Song Hwa said.

The mother cried again in disbelief because the child and mother could recover too. The mother immediately said Thank you very much Song Hwa.

“I'm the luckiest woman in the world… No one is as lucky as me… I'm so lucky… I'm the happiest person. Because of that, I was able to meet a good doctor like you and my mother could be healthy again. I'm really lucky." Said the mother wept.

Mrs. Jung is about to come out of the funeral home and looks annoyed to see Mr. Ju come complaining Why is he here and thinks he must be crazy. But Mr. Ju still paid his respects and entered the funeral home.

Ju is talking to Lawyer Pyun.

Ju is talking to Lawyer Pyun.

The next day, Mrs. Jung cleaned her husband's room with the name “PRESDIR AHN BYEONG-U” Jung Won helped his mother and asked Paakha Family photos were also included in the box. Mrs. Jung told her to keep it in her bag.

"Wow. Why is the hospital fee so expensive?" Jung Won comments looking at the note in his mother's bag.

“This is a VIP ward… Your father is a VIP,” said Mrs. Jung. Jung Won asked if this includes funeral expenses

"No. Only the cost of the inpatient room.” Mrs. Jung said casually.

Jung Won screams in disbelief that this is so expensive!

“Less than a week, but the cost is more than 10 million won?” Jung Won said in disbelief.

"You're exaggerating. It was nothing compared to other hospital VIP rooms. Money is not important for VIP patients. They must be willing to pay three or four, even ten times, as long as they are healthy again.” said Mrs. Jung

"Do you really have money?" Jung Won asked innocently. Mrs. Jung was surprised by her son's attitude.

“Even so, my mother married for convenience. There is no love in our marriage, but a mother is quite happy." Admit Mrs. Jung

“Mother, too much information.” Jung Won said quickly. Mrs. Jung doesn't hear her wanting to know what Jung Won has to say.

"No. Do not ignore." Jung Won said. Pyun's lawyer comes to tell Mr. Ju has come.

Jung Won confessed to going there immediately. Mrs. Jung will go straight hit her son's head. Jung Won groaned in pain because he heard his son's words.

Mr. Ju meets Jung Won with a serious face. Jung Wo admits that his brother has agreed and has also persuaded his mother. Meanwhile, Mrs. Jung meets Pyun's lawyer in another room. Pyun's lawyer wants to make sure.

"Tomorrow you will also come to the board of directors meeting, right?" said Lawyer Pyun. Mrs. Jung replied No.

“Jung-won must be disappointed.” Lawyer Pyun's Comments. Mrs. Jung doesn't seem to care.

"I understand you've been working hard all this time. Forgive me. I beg your help." Jung Won said. Mr. Ju who had been sullen could only laugh.

"Your family is unique," Ju commented still laughing. Meanwhile, Lawyer Pyun thinks everything is in order. Mrs. Jung confirms that it's done and Done.

"Does President Hwang agree?" asked Lawyer Pyun in disbelief.

Jeong-won pleads with President Hwang to choose Mr. Ju, not him. I asked him to lure President Hwang. Gosh, I was wrong in educating children. All my efforts to raise a child were in vain.” Mrs. Jung said annoyed.

“Alright… But the board of directors meeting is tomorrow. How can I believe?" said Mr. Ju smiling happily.

"This is the board of directors' approval sheet requested by President Director Hwang, as well as a statement of resignation from me and my mother from the position of director." Jung Won said. Mr. Ju was ready to see it.

“But… I have one condition.” Jung Won said. Mr. Ju saw the letter


"Sorry for my impudence, but may I ask what the money is for?" asked Mr. Ju curiously.

“Just like any other conglomerate. Everyone has savings." Jung Won said

“The VIP ward concept is really cute, right? The amount of space is only four. It can be reproduced, but not necessary. Once reproduced, no one wants it." Say Mr. Ju

“That place is highly prized for high-class people to come. We only need the best doctors. However, it is difficult to find a good doctor. I heard that our hospital is currently short of doctors.” Say Mr. Ju

“I will deal with that problem. You just need to prepare a lot of salaries." Jung Won said.

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