Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 4 Part 2 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 4 Part 2

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Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 4 Part 2

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 4 Part 2

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 4 Part 2 English Subtitle

The nurses all gathered to invite them to eat because the supplies had just arrived and were still warm. Senior nurse handing out lunch box telling Today patient is full so eat while you can.

“Patient room 6103, Jo Je-Yeong, did TACE in 2016?” said the female nurse.

“Yes, but there are still some lesions. So he continued to do RFA and TACE." Obviously a senior nurse.

“What is TACE?” the male nurse asked. The senior nurse answers Transcatheter arterial chemoembolization, Chemoembolization in the hepatic artery. The man still looks confused

At that time the phone rang, the patient's family informed in room 6110 that he suddenly vomited. Please come here soon. The nurse said that she would be there soon. The male nurse ran to Room 6110.

“Nurse. My husband is having a hard time breathing… He seems breathless since earlier. Please go to the room immediately!” said the patient's family. The female nurse ended up running without eating.

Finally, there were only senior nurses and they were ready to eat, but a patient's voice was heard “Nurse, the mattress is broken! I've pressed the controller, but it doesn't go up. I have to have dinner. Help us! So we can't eat."

“Don't me, ask... Okay, just a second. We're going to our room together." The nurse said and was confused because there was no one at the receptionist's desk and looking for the patient in which room from the computer screen.

“Nurse Su-bin! Sim Yeong-ho, Mr. Sim's son... Is he in VIP Room Two or Three?” asked Ik Jun out of the infirmary.

"Room Two, but you won't be able to find him." Sun Bin said. Ik Jun wants to know the reason.

"He's a bit sensitive. Only one nurse can enter. Doctor Gwon Sun-Jeong also only met once. The donor doesn't need a lot of tests, but he's very grumpy." Sun Bin said. Ik Jun looks confused.

"I don't think so." Obviously Ik Jun. Sun Bin told that his son was said to not want to donate a liver, but was forced to look like a good son.

"It is said that a personal guard is also watching inside for fear of his son running away," explained Sun Bin, still busy looking for something on the computer screen.

"What have you been looking for earlier?" Ik Jun asked. Sun Bin looks confused and admits that a guardian came and said the mattress was broken.

"I don't know what room he is in." Sun Bin said. Ik Jun tells that he has fixed it.

"When?" asked Sun Bin surprised. Ik Jun confessed earlier that the cable was loose and then found out that Sun Bin had not had dinner.

"Good grief. Hurry up and eat first. Let me sit here. Small problems can definitely be handled.” Ik Jun said

"You go home, Doctor. Your son must be waiting." Sun Bin said uncomfortably.

“ Tomorrow weekend. I can play all day with him.” Ik Jun said sitting in a chair which he thought was very comfortable!

"What are you watching? You really look like a single father.” Says Sun Bin looking at Ik Jun

“That's right… In the past, I lived like a single father, now it's officially. Doubt without a doubt." Say Ik Jun proud

“Take care of children is hard, right? Even though you were busy working at the hospital.” Sun Bin said

"Certain. However, I… I really love my son.” Ik Jun said he was happy even though he only lived with his son.

Ik Jun chatted with U Ju.

Ik Jun chatted with U Ju.

Ik Jun takes U Ju out, U Ju asks him to carry him so he can choose food. Ik Jun thought about which one to eat, U Ju immediately chose Ham and cheese for his father. Ik Jun asked what his son would order.

“I'm an Avocado Fan.” U Ju said. Ik Jun commented that his son is an Avocado Fan but he is a U-ju fan. U Ju can only smile

“U-ju, you're a genius? Did you give birth to a genius? Come on, kiss daddy." Ik Jun said. U Ju also gave his father a kiss.

U Ju eats the sandwich of his choice. Ik Jun asks if his son has ever been here. Ik Jun nodded. Ik Jun wants to know with whom. U Ju proudly goes with Jang Mone, his girlfriend. Ik Jun can't believe his son has a girlfriend named Mo Ne.

"Are you two here alone?" Ik Jun asked. U Ju says no, they came with Mone's mother. Ik Jun understands.

“U-ju… If you want to see Mom, tell dad anytime. If U-ju says, dad will immediately take you to Mom... Ahh No. I'm going to ask Mom to come here. Understand?" said Ik Jun.

"If you don't want to see U-ju, then U-ju doesn't want to see you either." Say, U Ju

“Why don't you want to meet U-ju? No. Mom also really wants to meet U-ju. Even yesterday, Mother also called, asking how U-ju was. Mom calls dad every day." Ik Ju said soothingly.

"U-ju just need Daddy... Dad, the person I love the most in the whole universe." U Ju said.

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Ik Jun seemed touched to hear his son's words. U Ju saw that his father was silent and asked if he didn't eat the bread. Ik Jun admits he wants to eat it. U Ju then with a happy smile asked his father to buy another sandwich. Ik Jun could only laugh at his son's behavior.

Jung Won's brother is watering the plants at the church. His junior came to tell him that there was a guest. Jung Won's brother knows that it's his sister because he promised to come today. Junior thought it wasn't because the man was handsome.

Jung Won's brother understood and immediately directed the water at his junior for daring to mock him. The junior just stood there drenched in sweat and left immediately. Jung Won met his brother while eating ice cream. Jung Won's brother asked if his sister had played baseball.

"No. I'm from home." Jung Won said. His sister asked if Jung Won didn't have an appointment on the weekend

"I'll see Mom later." Jung Won said. His brother asks if Jung Won doesn't have a date.

"You're wasting your youth." Tease his sister. Jung Won complains that he doesn't care about dating.

“I'm not interested… By the way, why hasn't there been a reply, huh? It's been two months since I sent the recommendation letter." Jung Won said.

"Definitely an immediate response. You just wait... You... Have you told Mother?" said Brother Jung Won?

"I will tell him today," said Jung Won. Her sister was sure her mother must have fainted. Jung Won is sure that his mother will understand.

“Mom supports you when you get God's call, right? I believe Mom. Our mother is different from other mothers.” Jung Won said.

But at home, Jung Won loosened the door calling for his mother. Like the mother is angry that she doesn't want to open the door. Jung Won kept banging on the door but his mother didn't budge. While at the temple, Suk Hyung drops his mother off and wants to hold her. Suk Hyung's mother refused.

"The stairs are going down, ma'am. So let me carry you." Suk Hyung said. The mother climbed onto her son's back. Suk Hyung asked his mother to hold him tight.

“Mom, how about we make bibim guksu tonight?” Suk Hyung said. Her mother asks to call Song-hwa and take her to dinner.

“I really like Song-hwa. He is quiet and gentle,” said his mother. Suk Hyung complains why did Song-hwa come home

“I told you we were just friends. Besides, Song-hwa isn't quiet. She's very passionate." Suk Hyung said.

At a church, Song Hwa danced on the podium excitedly to the song “REJOICE IN THE LORD” Yun Bok and Hong-Bo watched him from their seats and could only stare. Hong-Bo asked if "Rejoice In The Lord" was this afternoon,

“Then he managed to bring it to life… Hey, it's about to peak.” Yun Bok said and finally saw Song Hwa very excitedly ending the dance.

U Ju is getting ready to go to school, her aunt praises U Ju's handsome while teasingly asking the whole child. U Ju answered Lee Ik-jun. The aunt praises U Ju as a smart boy. Ik Jun spoke on the phone confirming that today's air pollution is high so there are no classes outside.

"Yes. If you go out later in the day, please wear the mask that is in the front pocket of the U-jus bag, and if there is sunscreen, please apply it to U-Ju's face." Ik Ju's message then said goodbye to his son. U Ju looked at his father with a smile.

Ik Jun parked his car, at that time Song Hwa's car came with just one back and could immediately park. Ik Jun gets out of the car praising Song Hwa that she is indeed the queen of parking. Song Hwa mocks that he will become a driver if he stops being a doctor.

“Hey... Please park anywhere!” said Jung Won suddenly came and immediately parked in front of the second car. Ik Jun and Song Hwa could only stare at Jung Wan who was running fast.

the doctors were chatting.

the doctors were chatting.


Doctor Chu saw a doctor in the room and immediately greeted him and asked if he had fully returned. The doctor can only smile, then Tae In's doctor tells him that he has started work again today. He has even treated one patient.

"Do you know who he is?" said Doctor Chu. They know that the Doctor is the Goddess of Childbirth.

"Certain! She has 15 years of experience as a maternity nurse. She may have just returned after giving birth, but as long as she's around, we're not needed. We can go home." said Doctor Chu.

“Chu Min-ha, you are still the same. It hasn't changed at all." the doctor commented.

"Humans cannot change. During your leave, there are many new specialists, right?” said Doctor Chu

"Only one person. A quiet-looking young doctor.” Said the senior doctor who claimed to have just seen him. Doctor Tae In replied that it was Doctor Yang Suk-Hyung.

"Yeah, I guess he's just the new one. The other doctors are still the same. I saw today there was anencephalic delivery. Who's on duty?" said the Senior Doctor.

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"I. I'm his assistant." Doctor Eun-won said. Senior Doctor asks Doctor Tae In to be nimble.

"What is anencephaly?" whispered the theme. Doctor Eun-won replies Brainless baby.

“The baby was suspected of having anencephaly at 13 weeks of gestation. Induction abortion is prohibited, and the patient wants to give birth naturally. Now, week 32. The amniotic fluid has ruptured and is already experiencing contractions. It was estimated that the baby would be born around this afternoon, but he could only last a few hours. A few days at most." Says Doctor Eun-won

"Enough. Let it be our secret. We're just getting ready. Doctor Yang Suk-hyung who treated that patient? He really wanted to meet me." Said the senior doctor.

“Who is my anencephaly case officer today?” asked Suk Hyung entering the room. Doctor Eun-won raises his hand.

“Chu Min-ha. Can you talk for a minute?” Suk Hyung said. Doctor Chu was confused but eventually came out of the room.

"What?? You want me to shut his mouth?” said Doctor Chu in shock. Suk Hyung asked not to cover his nose.

"Just cover his mouth so we don't hear his cries. Eun-won can't because she's an assistant. You go in and shut up baby. As soon as it was born... Got it?” said Suk Hyung. Doctor Chu was shocked and confused.

Doctor Jang sees that the X-ray results are also good. The fever didn't go away. Shouldn't have called Doctor Bae even last night. Doctor Bae thinks the patient is nervous because it hasn't been a long operation so there's nothing to do.

"Jin-yong why? What is it?" Jung Won asked coming breathlessly.

"He's fine now, Doctor. Sorry. He's been in the ER for throwing up all the food since the early hours of the morning, but he's getting better.” Doctor Jang said.

"Is there no problem now? Is there no fever and abdominal distension?” Jung Won asked.

“The fever has gone down after being given the medicine. He got better after throwing up once.” Doctor Jang said.

Jin-yong is getting better, and we explained it, but his mother still wants to see you.” Doctor Bae said then apologized.

Jung Won admitted that it was okay, at that time the nurse called Doctor Bae if there was a fracture patient so he had to come here immediately.

Jung Won also examined the patient and then told Jin Yong's mother not to worry because it was not a bowel problem and asked if he could eat something because he was getting thinner. While Doctor Bae is examining a new patient, a child is whimpering in pain.

"What happened?" asked Doctor Bae. His father claimed the child fell from the dining table while playing.

“After that, his arm could not be moved. He fell hard to the right. I think his hand is broken. I beg you to do something immediately.” Said the father panicked

“How about I press here and here? Does it taste the same? Can you take a deep breath? Does it hurt when you breathe?” said Doctor Bae the child continued to feel sick.

"I think his chest should be x-rayed. Did his arm drop first when he fell? Didn't his chest hit something?” asked Doctor Bae. The father said he did not know

At that time Jung Won finally joined Doctor Bae. The father admitted that when he fell from the dining table, he heard a very loud sound and his son fell to the right. Doctor Bae thought. According to observations, his arm was broken.

"His chest also looked troubled, so he had to get an X-ray." Doctor Bae said.

"I heard that children are not recommended x-rays. Is it necessary?” said the father worried.

“Only a small amount of radiation. No problem." Said Doctor Bae. The father could understand and asked the doctor to immediately relieve the pain.

Doctor Bae asked not to worry then asked the local nurse to scan for an X-ray and give him painkillers.

At that time the nurse came to tell Jung Won that Kasai's surgery was ready so he had to go there. Jung Won understands.

Ik Jun checks with the president, Sim asks if he hasn't had an enema yet, his wife says it will be done tonight and confirms that it's the last preparation before surgery, Ik Jun nods. The wife also complained that the preparations were a lot.

"Just not having surgery is already tiring." said the wife. Ik Jun informed that the preparation of donor recipients was very large and the duration of the operation was longer.

"You said about ten hours, right?" said Mr. Sim's wife. Ik Jun thought he would only know after the operation started.

“But usually around nine to ten hours. Instead, your son's operating time was shorter by about four hours after deducting the anesthetic and closure time." Obviously Ik Jun

“There won't be any side effects after the surgery, right? My husband had a transplant to be healthier.” Said the wife.

Ik Jun sees VIP ROOM 2 and meets the nurse.

Ik Jun sees VIP ROOM 2 and meets the nurse.

“That... Not to be healthier, but he can't live without a liver transplant. This is a difficult decision for your son, and certainly, not all children or families can afford it. It is natural and understandable for them to refuse.” Obviously Ik Jun.

The wife nodded in understanding. Ik Jun saw that President Sim was coughing a bit. So going to do x-rays. And asked how it went. A nurse tells No problem. Ik Jun thinks everything is good so see you tomorrow.

"Well. You rest too, Doctor... Don't drink and go home." Said the wife. Ik Jung smiled and said goodbye.

Doctor Chu entered the room complaining because Suk Hyung asked him to shut the baby's mouth immediately, he thought it must be because Suk Hyung didn't want to hear the baby's cry and cursed Suk Hyung, who was really crazy and a psychopath!

"Did he really say that? Doctor Who said that?” said the Senior Doctor and Eun Woo were shocked.

"Really! He just said that to me," said Doctor Chu. Eun Woo thought. Tak thought he was like that and it was really unexpected.

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“What was unexpected? This is what it looks like! He has no concern or feeling for the patient. He's just a simple loner who is stupid and selfish! Just as it seems." Doctor Chu said annoyed

“Doctor Min-ha… How many years have you been a resident?” asked the Senior Doctor. Doctor Chu replied Two years so asked to listen carefully.

The nurse calls Suk Hyun that Jo Mi-Hyeon, a gastroschisis patient, is in the ER because he has contractions, so he asks to come immediately. Suk Hyung ran, Mrs. Jo's husband was anxiously waiting in front of the delivery room. Other doctors tell this too soon.

“The contraction interval is very short… Doctor Eun-won, Doctor Yang is coming.” Doctor said. Eun Woo also saw Suk Hyung coming

“Jo Mi-Hyeon, 37 weeks pregnant woman. We were planning to do induction labor next week, but now the contractions are painful. Her husband was very surprised." Obviously Eunwoo.

Suk Hyung came to see his husband first asking not to worry. Eun Woo tells that the aperture is about three cm, and a moment later he was given an epidural.

Ik Jun looks at VIP ROOM 2 [BLEET BREAK! VISITORS LIMITED. The nurse commented that she was very worried that Mr. Sim's child was mentally unstable and even refused to be visited. Ik Jun asked if he had a blood test and X-ray

“Of course… I only saw it once at that time. After that, he did not leave the room. Even though during the consultation, he was fine.” Nurse said.

"He couldn't have run away, could he?" said Ik Jun to make sure. The nurse felt it was impossible.

Suk Kyung leaves the room telling him that the aperture is still three cm. There is still time and then ask if you have contacted Pediatrics. Eun Woo admits he has. Suk Hyung wants to know if he called. pediatric surgeon.

“You haven't contacted Jung-won yet, have you? There is still time." Suk Kyung said. Eun Woo says I haven't contacted you yet.

“I've spoken to the Chief Resident. According to him, Doctor Ahn has just finished surgery since early this morning, and is probably eating because he hasn't eaten all day." Eunwoo said.

"Good. I'll be waiting in the room." Suk Hyung said then walked away.

Eun Woo finally returned to the room, the Senior Doctor discussed it when he heard it was still three cm. Eun Woo confirmed. The doctor thought it meant a long time and believed that if he hadn't contacted the pediatric surgeon,

"Of course not. I've been working for two years… I understand that.” Eun Woo said confidently.

At that time the phone rang, Eun Woo was shocked and immediately ran out quickly. The doctor wanted to know why. Eun Woo replied that the Opening is complete!

Suk Hyung came and immediately put on his surgical clothes when he saw Eun Woo coming and asked that it was okay so he just went in and relaxed. Eun Woo is confused because the pediatric surgeon is eating. The nurse tells Eun Woo that there is no need to call. Eun Woo looks confused.

"He's here... Doctor Ahn has been in the Delivery Room for ten minutes." Said the nurse.

"Has he finished eating?" Eun Woo said in shock. The nurse repeated Jung Won's words. "Is feeding important? The baby is coming soon."

"He said he had to be ready early because his friend was in charge." Nurse said.

In the operating room the atmosphere looks tense, Jung Won waits. Just then Jung Wan comes out with a brainless baby. Suk Hyung called Jung Won as if he wanted to give encouragement. Jung Won smiled.

Suk Hyung was in the room, Ass told him that he was ready.

In Song Hwa's room, Jun Wan asks where is Jung Won. Ik Jun tells that there has been surgery since morning. Jun Wan asks if Suk Hyung is too. Song Hwa confirmed that there was a sudden delivery, then there was a case of anencephaly.

"He can't eat." Jun Wan said and started eating. Ik Jun discusses Babies without brains. Song Hwa confirmed.


In the delivery room, Suk Kyun asked the patient to start straining to get the baby out. The mother tried her best to get the baby out to cry.

Until finally, Suk Hyung gave the code to the nurse to get ready, when the baby came out, Doctor Cha took it the same as Suk Hyung asked. The sound of songs with speakers was heard loudly in the delivery room.

"You've worked hard." Praise Suk Hyung. The mother calls Suk Hyun to admit that he feels guilty for his son while crying.

“Mom… You've fought for your son to the end. That alone is great... You did your best, ma'am. You've worked really hard.” Suk Hyung said to make sure.


Senior Doctor asked Doctor Chu asking how many years he had been a resident. Doctor Chu replied Two years. The senior Doctor asked to listen carefully and admitted that he had visited the patient because he was worried.

“I asked him if he wanted to see the baby at birth. We can show it if we want. He thought for a while then he said no need. She was afraid she would be devastated when she saw the baby." Senior Doctor's Story.

"Actually, she's already great at not having an abortion. However, when I left the room, Doctor Yang Suk-Hyung was standing outside. He said he wanted to ask for my help. She said, "When the baby comes, and if she cries, can you turn up the volume of the music?" Senior Doctor's story.

"I've asked other people, but I also ask you to help just in case." Senior Doctor said. Doctor Cha couldn't believe it.

Suk Hyung is seen rushing through the hospital hallways asking to come inside. Senior Doctor said that he immediately understood what he meant, even surprised a quiet person like Suk Hyung could do that. So he pretended to ask "Why do you have to turn on the music?"

She said, "A mother knows everything and has prepared her heart. However, if she hears her baby's cry at birth, the trauma will last forever." Obviously Senior Doctor. Doctor Chu was silent.

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