Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 1 Part 1 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 1 Part 1

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Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 1 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 1 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 1 Part 1 English Subtitle

In a house it was raining heavily with thunder, the lights went out. Two men and women together, but there was no panic. A woman named Cha Sung Hwa made sure the lights were turned on soon. a man was standing at the counter for some reason.

"Sukhyung, he had coffee in hand." Sung Hwa said.  Suk Hyung apologized, then the light finally came on. 

 “How long has this place been empty?  Sung Hwa said when the light finally came on. 

 "Three or four years?" Suk Hyung said. Sung Hwa started to complain 

 “This place is like a nightclub. The lights will surely go out soon."Sung Hwa said as he noticed the lights were flashing several times.

" Mother, the lights are off again. Please call a technician ... Oh ... I see. That means he'll be here soon ... Okay. Suk Hyung said and then hung up. 

"You should also ask your mother if it's okay to have coffee." Taunt Sung Hwa. 

 "She said a cup a day was fine."  Suk Hyung said. Sung Hwa was also a witness that Suk Hyung didn't throw him away.

 "Why should it be discarded? By the way,  you really don't want that?" Suk Hyung said, Sung Hwa admitted no. 

 "Then why did you come?"  Suk Hyung asked. Sung Hwa replied for her to meet him with concern. 

 "Then you can ..." Suk Hyung said. Sung Hwa finds Ik Jun sarcastic enough that they don't need him. 

 "But we need you,"  Suk Hyung said. Sung Hwa joked if they really needed him. 

 “No… I don't have time anyway. I need to guide my resident doctor's thesis. "Sung Hwa said in 

," Please help me too. "Suk Hyung said. Sung Hwa pondered, who then asked if it was Suk Hyung who met Jieun. Suk Hyung confirmed. 

"Did you buy him something he likes too?"  Sung Hwa asked. Suk Hyung admitted to treating him and buying a Bluetooth speaker so that he could listen to music frequently. 

 "I would like you to be nice to your friends too." insinuate Sung Hwa. 

 At that moment the officer arrived and complained that the lights were off again. Suk Hyung said that he blinked and then died again. The officer saw and complained that a new cable needed to be installed to fix it temporarily, but had to find someone with more experience to repeat it. 

 "Okay ... my room is ready tomorrow. You don't have to work late at night," Suk Hyung said. The officer thanked him. 

 "Be careful, sir ... First remove the fuse box, you may get an electric shock if you don't wear gloves, "said Sung Hwa when he saw the officer walking up the stairs with wet hands. 

 At this point, the officer immediately fainted. Sung Hwa I tried to wake him up immediately and tell him to call 119 immediately. 

 "Hello ... My address is 

 Guangdong 331 ... someone passed out from an electric shock ... Please come here now. "Said Suk Hyung called the ambulance.

 "Does he feel tight and have trouble breathing?"  asked Suk Hwayang casually. when the officers were panicking.

 Finally, the ambulance arrived on a stretcher. The man seemed to have regained consciousness. Suk Hwa asks the man if he knows where he is now. The officer was able to nod weakly. The ambulance worker asked the patient to lie down. Suk Hwa got a call saying that he would be back soon. 

 “He was electrocuted seven minutes ago,  his right hand was slightly burned and he was given cardiopulmonary resuscitation for two minutes. His heart has returned, but it is still unstable. " Say to Suk Hwa 

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: “Are you a doctor? The officer asked. Suk Hwa confirmed. The officer said the patient's vital signs were still unstable. 

 "Can you come with us?"  the officer said. Suk Hwa replied that there was a 911 call and that another doctor would come and then point to the officer's back. 

 Suk Hyung sat nervously in the ambulance. The officer asked about the condition of his friend and his friend nodded with a breathing apparatus. The officer believed that his friend was very lucky because the doctor lived in the house. The man immediately took Suk Hyung's hand. 

 “You can hear me, right? His blood pressure and heart rate have improved, ”Suk Hyung said nervously. His friend nodded in understanding. 

 “But why is he shaking like this? Are you okay? "Asked his friend confused. 

" He's cold ... I'm sorry. Turn on the heater ... could you tell him? Ask them to turn on the heat, "Suk Hyung said. The man could only look and knock on the driver's door.

 At 7 am, Ahn Jung Won talked to his friend when he got a message from Suk-Hyung and wanted it. Kim Jun Wan complained otherwise. Jung Won asked if his friend had got the message. Jun Wan admits no

“I'd say that if I could… What a waste of time. My free time is better for girlfriends. Why did I meet you guys?” Jun Wan said.

Suk Hyung was in the car with the taxi driver.

Suk Hyung was in the car with the taxi driver.

"Do you really want to get engaged today? Why is it so neat just to meet your boyfriend?” Jung Won taunts

“I booked a great spot on the coast of Busan.” Jun Wan said. Jung Won quipped must be happy.

“I went to work, while you went on a date. Then How did you go to Busan?” Jung Won said

“With my boyfriend's car…Ah. There he is. Pullover.” Jun Wan said. Jung Won saw his friend's girlfriend was still a bit drunk.

“It was because he stayed up late yesterday and we left immediately.” Jun Wan said. Jung Won asks to make sure his friend is driving. Jun Won understood then said goodbye.

"Work hard." Jun Won mocked. Jung Wan cursed angrily.

Jung Won met a female patient, the patient confessed. After finding out, at Daeseong Hospital the intussusception can be cured with a non-surgical procedure. Jung Won explained As said before.

"In the case of Bit-na, it is very likely that the necrosis process has occurred so there is no other way but surgery." Jung Won said.

"You're sure, right? Can he operate?” said the patient. Jung Won insists Not "may," but must.

"But I saw on the internet, surgery can stunt a child's growth." Obviously the patient's mother.

"Don't believe in that kind of thing. You'd better go take care of the administration." Jung Won said. The patient's mother nodded in understanding.

"In that case, please help Bit-na..." said the patient's mother then panicked because the recording sound was heard from her cellphone. Jung Won also tried not to ignore it.

“Is there room for Bit-na already? Please ask again." Jung Wan said to the nurse. The nurse nodded in understanding. The patient pup's mother asks Jung Hwa to help her.

Jung Won faces a new patient. The nurse asks Dong-min to take off his clothes for a bit but Dong-Min refuses. Jung Won was silent then finally turned to the doll that was brought by Dong Min's mother.

"Teddy Bear, you came with a stomach ache?... Let me check." Jung Won said. Her mother pretends to be a doll when her stomach hurts so bad.

“Let's see… After I checked you were instantly healed. It doesn't hurt anymore, right?" Jung Won said. The doll also claimed to have recovered.

"Then, now let's check if your stomach hurts too." Jung Won said.

"Doctor, I'm fine... It doesn't hurt at all." Dong Min's mother said

"Then whose turn is it now? Dong-min want to try?” Jung Won said. Dong-Min immediately lifted his shirt so he could be checked. Jung Won also praised the very smart pediatric patient.

Jung Won is in the elevator seeing his friend enter with a listless face, Jun Wan enters the elevator with a sad face. Jung Won mocks that the hospital is Busan. Jun Wan admitted that he arrived here earlier than his friend.

"Let's have dinner together." Jung Won said. Jun Wan agreed that after examining one patient.

“Who is in charge of room 513?” asked Jun Wan. The chubby junior raised his hand.

"Who was picket last night? You? Who gave Kim Suk-hui fever reducer in 513? It must be you." Jun Wan said. The junior answered not him.

"Then you?" asked Jun Wan. The fat man admitted that he had never even seen his face.

"Yeah, you never saw him. You are so busy sleeping that you give fever medicine without knowing the patient's face. How dare you give medicine without consideration? Do you want to be famous? Tell me you don't want to be a doctor. Don't waste my time. Got it?” said Jun Wan scolding his juniors.

The two of them could only bow their heads in apology. At that time Jun Wan's phone rang and complained because it was sudden and said to go there immediately and ordered to come with him.

Jun Wan entered the ward. Another doctor told me that the patient was taking ECMO, but there was pulmonary edema so we did intubation and now the patient's heart rate seems very weak. Jun Wan thought Yesterday Eun-a was fine.

“Even though he was ready to let go of ECMO and be transferred to the ward. Did his family know?" asked Jun Wan. The doctor nodded.

Jun Wan sees the pediatric patient in front of him and invites the patient's mother to talk and then tells that Eun-a's heart function is deteriorating, causing pulmonary edema. And ECMO is not helpful enough.

“In my opinion, an artificial heart is more appropriate to reduce the pressure on his left ventricle. Eun-a has to have surgery today or tomorrow.” Obviously Jun Wan.

"How about this? Doctor, I currently have no money for surgery. Operation costs are not cheap. How to? Please give me one week. I'll try to find the cost of the operation at all costs. Please… Eun-a… Save Eun-a.” The patient's mother pleaded with a confused face.

"There's no time... Eun-a needs surgery right away... Otherwise, Eun-a won't survive." Jun Wan said. His mother was even more confused.

“You don't need to worry… A lot of help from the hospital. Eun-a can definitely be operated on. Even soon. And you. Get the information." Said Jun Wan told his juniors. The fat doctor was silent.

"Why are you silent? Call quickly!” Jun Wan said annoyed. The man finally came out of the room with a confused face.

Jung Won enters the room asking Jun Wan.

Jung Won enters the room asking Jun Wan.

Finally, she got into the “THRACOPLLASTIC SURGERY TALK GROUP” Then told [FIVE YEAR GIRL, DCMP WHERE SHOULD I CALL? “DCMP: Dilated cardiomyopathy]

“If I have to operate and find out about this, what are you here for?” Jun Wan complained coming out of the room

"Hello. I'm a thoracoplasty doctor, Kim Jun-wan. Can I receive the help of a Help Angel? Wait a moment." Jun Wan said giving his cellphone to the junior.

His junior saw the name “SOCIAL SERVICES SECTION” and said that it was Lee Suk-Hyun. thoracoplasty resident doctor and asked whether one of their patients could receive the grant because the patient had to undergo surgery immediately so there was no time.

“Yes, we would like to request a grant from the Helping Angel. The patient is five years old, requiring surgery to install a ventricular assist device.” Said Doctor Lee.

Jung Won enters the room asking Jun Wan what message and guesses that it must be Toppoki again. Jun Wan is busy on the phone asking when can he receive an answer and tells Jung Won to eat first. Jung Won finally opened the bowl on the table.

"You should have ordered a hamburger." Jung Won complained seeing toppoki. Jun Wan admits that it's level one so it's not spicy and just eats it.

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"You still haven't sent a message?" asked Jung Won talking on the phone. Across the street told them so just finished verification now will call.

"Usually if there are no obstacles it will be transferred in two or three days." Obviously across the phone.

"Well. Please let me know when there's news. Thank you." Jun Wan said then hung up the phone

Jun Wan also talked to Jung Won that the toppoki must not be spicy. Jung Won complains that he doesn't feel good because he has to check himself. Jun Wan complains that he doesn't want to because he thinks it's a waste of money.

“Looks like there will be a call soon. Good thing I ordered tteokbokki, right?” Jun Wan said hearing the ambulance.

“Just pick up your phone!” Jung Won said. Jun Wan complains that it's been a busy day and then picks up the phone.

"Yes? I'm still in the hospital. I'll be home soon. Where are you? I didn't eat anything." Said Jun Wan.

Jung Won calls Song Hwa who asks where he is. Song Hwa complains that Jung Won must already know where. Jung Won also wanted to know where this weekend. Song Hwa admits to being on a date because Doctor Jang said there was time.

"Why is everyone dating?" Jung Won complained. Song Hwa is surprised that Jun-wan still hasn't broken up?

"This time it lasts too. Why call? Must be because of Suk Hyung? I told you I didn't want to." Song Hwa complains

"No. He just left it alone. I want to seriously ask for your help.” Jung Won said.

"Are you having a problem?" Song Hwa asked. Jung Won admits he didn't but planned something for a long time...

"No. I'll tell you later when we meet. Go home. Today I came home early after such a long time.” Jung Won said.

At that time another doctor came with a panicked face chasing Jung Won, Jung Won asked what was wrong. The doctor notices that Min-Jeong's vital signs keep dropping. Jung Won also hung up the phone. The doctor said that he gave 100 ml of the saline solution because his blood pressure kept dropping, but he didn't react.

"Have you been given norepinephrine?" Jung Won asked. The doctor said he had but was still not stable.

Song Hwa hangs up the phone knowing that Jung Won won't be able to go home today either and then looks at the online news on his computer [Bleeding in the brain, PRESIDENT YULJE IS UNCONSCIOUS]


At that time a call from the Chief, Song Hwa admitted that he had seen the news. The chief tells him that he has to be beside the president. So asks Song Hwa to perform a craniotomy tonight on an emergency patient with subdural hemorrhage, and install a VP shunt tomorrow. Song Hwa understands.

"But are you okay?" Song Hwa asked. The head admitted no because all seemed to have prepared themselves and were tired.

Just then two doctors walked down the hall and into the VIP room, met a woman, and greeted her. The woman admitted that she was in a hurry in a cold tone. The two doctors apologized. Mrs. Jung So Ra confessed that there is no need to apologize for just telling the truth.

"He's the head of the hospital and he's the head of the neurology department." Mr. Ju Jong So said

"It doesn't matter at the moment. Anyway, nice to meet you guys. Won't he survive?" asked Mrs. Jung

"I don't think it will be easy. But we will try our best.” Doctor said.

Just then a man came. Mrs. Jung immediately greets Lawyer Pyun. Lawyer Pyun immediately asks what happened with a panicked face and asks permission to speak to Mrs. Jung.

“Mr. Ju, let's have coffee in my room. You don't have to worry." The doctor said.

Finally, they gathered in one room to drink coffee. Mr. Ju just sat behind the table with the two doctors chatting with each other and then commenting The view where he was sitting was very beautiful. The friend complains that he still has time to see the scenery

"Hospitals are in danger of falling into the hands of ignorant youths." The head of the hospital complained.

"Forty is not young." Mr. Ju said. The Head of the Nervous Section confirmed that their hospital will really be passed on to the President's last child who is a doctor

"There's no will, right?" said the head of surgery. Mr. Ju said that although there was a will from the President, the decision was still based on the voting of the directors.

"Mr. Ju might be chosen, right?" asked the head of the neurosurgery

Pyun's lawyer meets with Mrs. Jung if he has to contact the directors one by one and it's even better if Andrea does it. Mrs. Jung can only sigh, Lawyer Pyun is sure the President is fine, but they can't read the future.

"You should at least contact President Hwang tomorrow." Say Lawyer Pyun

"You're worried about Mr. Ju, right?" said Mrs. Jung.

The hospital chief believes that the directors are close to President Ahn and the other members tend to follow President Hwang, even though they have been friends for 30 years. And if President Director Ahn's wife contacts him, it's all over soon.

“Even though President Director Ahn is very great. Turns out he was greedy too.” Says the head of the neurosurgeon

“You can't call him greedy for this. He donated all his wealth. I wonder why you even asked the foundation for support? Positions in other subsidiaries are left to experts. Why do we… I thought I could benefit from my own cousin.” complained the hospital chief

"We still don't know. I also have to work hard.” Mr. Ju . said

Mrs. Jung complains that she has called them but has not arrived and feels that it is wrong to educate the child. Just then the door opened, the Lawyer informed them that his son had come. Meanwhile, the head of the nerve section entered the room.

"Mr. Ju where?" asked the head of the neurology department. The head of the hospital thinks Mr. Ju must have gone to his wife's room.

In the elevator, Lawyer Pyun asks if Mrs. Jung.

In the elevator, Lawyer Pyun asks if Mrs. Jung.

"He's been very lucky this year." The head of the hospital said while flexing his arm muscles.

“By the way, why did the President bequeath the hospital to his youngest son? Yet he has three sons. Are all her brothers making trouble?” said the chief of nerves in surprise.

“Next week is your last day of work? Are you going home?" asked the head of the hospital. The chief of nerves nodded with a happy smile.

“You really don't care about worldly matters. Kindergarten children know this problem. His eldest son is already quite busy with his work.” Said the head of the hospital.

At that time the door of the room was knocked on, Mr. Ahn's first son came in with a priest's clothes bowed to greet his mother, and asked how he was. The head of the neurology department wanted to know about his second son. The head of the hospital told him that he was serving a very important person.

A man came in in priestess clothes too, even the Head of the Nervous Department knew that Mr. An also had a daughter. The head of the hospital said his daughter was the same. A nun came in in black to greet her mother, who had not seen her for a long time.

The son immediately cried seeing his unconscious father. The head of the neurology department also suspected that his second daughter was too... A woman entered in the same clothes and ended up going with her older sister.

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“Is Jung Won definitely coming today? Maybe he came after his father's funeral." Say, Mrs. Jung

"Mom, she said Andrea was already in the elevator." First Brother said. Just then a man came into the room

"You came too. Your brothers are already here.” Said his mother. The child immediately hugged his mother while crying.

"Son, I want to talk for a moment." Said the mother to her last child.

In the elevator, Lawyer Pyun asks if Mrs. Jung has spoken to him. Mrs. Jung admitted that she had. Lawyer Pyun thinks it's better to call now since he's a businessman. So, definitely want to receive calls even though it's night.

"I told him to call. At least he's the most obedient kid. He is the sanest of my children." Say, Mrs. Jung.

While outside, it sounded like a sound when the phone was busy. Mr. Ahn's eldest son complains that it takes him a long time to call, then it's like talking to his younger brother who hasn't slept so he tells him to come in and sleep.

"Do you smoke? Since when? Can doctors smoke? Good grief." Mr. Ahn's first child complained to his younger brother. Just then Mrs. Jung came with a lawyer.

"Mother, he smokes." Said Mr. Ahn's first son complained. Mrs. Jung admitted that she taught him 20 years ago while taking out a pack of cigarettes as well.

Pyun's lawyer also asks Mr. Ahn's other son if he has spoken to him. While in the car, Mr. Ju seemed to be receiving a call with a serious face and then asked the driver to drive his car to leave the parking lot.

Song Hwa came to the hospital with her boyfriend who drove her then entered the GASTROINTESTINAL ENDOSCOPIC CENTER, GASTROENTEROLOGY CENTER, and changed into a doctor's clothes. Many patients passed by as well as doctors and nurses discussing the patient's condition.

In front of the room was the name NEUROSURGERY, CHAE SONG-HWA. Song Hwa also asked the patient to grin and then asked now how it feels after holding the patient's two cheeks. The patient admits that when these two sides are compared, both are good.

“I was afraid your face would go numb. But it turned out fine... Very good... Your medicine is still the same as before. Then we'll see in three months. Thank you for coming." Say Song Hwa

“Thank you… By the way, I have something… It's nothing. Just a good book. I hope the Doctor reads it." The patient said he wanted to give the book.

“This book is good, isn't it? I also have it at home. You read this too, right?” Song Hwa said to the nurse who saw the envelope slip. The nurse claimed to have read it and it became her favorite book.

"Oh, I see. Have you read this book? My husband asked me to give it to you.” Patient said. Song Hwa doesn't care just asking the patient to see you in three months.

Another patient came looking quite old with the child. Song Hwa informed that the results were out and the CT results showed a lump, so an MRI test was done but unfortunately, there is a possibility of a malignant tumor.

“So, it must be examined through a biopsy. You're old, and the tumor isn't in a good position. So, it seems difficult to perform surgery. You must have had an excruciating headache for a long time. How did you manage to endure it?” Song Hwa said

"Will my mother be okay with surgery?" said his son panicked. Song Hwa told not surgery, but chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

“Before, we needed a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis. If my guess is correct, you have a glioma. In early-stage gliomas, the chances of survival are high. Despite being treated with radiotherapy.” Obviously Song Hwa

"However, once you reach the final stage you will have to undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy, with a high chance of relapse and a low chance of survival." Song Hwa said.

“Oh my… What should I do with this? Mother… What should I do for my poor mother?” said the child crying hugging his mother.

"It's okay ... Mother has lived long enough," said the mother. His son complained asking his mother not to say that.

“Your mother is still treatable... Don't cry. First of all, your mother must be treated and undergo a biopsy. I will explain the treatment process once the test results are out. You have to be strong for your mother." Song Hwa said calming the patient's family. The child apologized and the mother thanked her and left the room.

“My heart feels bad. But you don't feel familiar with his daughter? I feel like I've seen him often." Song Hwa's comment.


In a bed, a doctor seemed to want to release an IV. The mother complained that her child's skin was peeling again even though it had taken a long time to heal. He also talks to Min-Yeong because it must be painful so he will scold him.

“The skin is vulnerable, and it's stuck for a long time. My daughter can feel pain too.” Complained the mother

"Well. I'll be more careful." Say the doctor. The mother also wants to know when Doctor Ahn arrives

“I saw that yesterday's prescription was much different from last month's. Why not the usual vitamin K and micronutrients are given every Thursday? Besides, why did you... increase the blood draw from 30 ml to 70 ml? He's exhausted." Complained the mother

"I have explained before... Min-Yeong is gone..." said the doctor and then Jung Won came.

Jung Won immediately checks Min Yeong by greeting him first. The mother immediately complained about why the prescription had changed. Then last month's TPN infusion rate was 16 hours and why is it faster now. She is surprised that today Min-Yeong seems to have difficulty breathing.

"He's frowning a lot too... I think something's not right." Said the mother surprised. “Mom, Min-Yeong won't be able to last much longer. Maybe you've heard from Doctor Jo. We have to start letting go…” Jung Won said trying to stay calm.

"What is the problem? I've done everything. Yesterday he looked fine!” Min Yeong's mother said she didn't accept it

"Was his vitals good yesterday?" Jung Won asked. Doctor Jo replied Almost the same as today.

“I know better than the doctor who comes once or twice a day. I'm his mother!" Min Yeong's mother said

“In that case, Doctor Jo will continue to watch over him today. Call me if anything happens." Jung Won said. Doctor Jo nodded in understanding.

Min-Yeong's mother immediately greeted her son and apologized for having to suffer like this.

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