Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 2 Part 3 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 2 Part 3

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Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 2 Part 3

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 2 Part 3

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 2 Part 3 English Subtitle

Song Hwa had entered the operating room and told him that the adhesions were severe. So, it took a long time to separate the tumor and enlist the help of the nurse and her team. He also asked how his vital signs. The nurse tells the blood pressure is 120, and the heart rate is stable from 70 to 80.

Ass Song Hwa informs the doctor that there is a new student. Song Hwa told them to take a closer look.

"Take a closer look." Ass Song Hwa said. Doctor Heo also said thank you.

“You are forbidden to cross this line. And be careful, don't hit the equipment,” explained Doctor Heo Both nodded in understanding.

"Take a good look... If you have any questions, please ask." Song Hwa's message. They both nodded in understanding.

"With that, many opt for neurosurgery." Song Hwa said confidently.

"Today is a skull base tumor, right?" said Doctor Heo asked the anesthesiologist. Doctor confirmed.

"Approximate how many hours?" asked Doctor Heo. The doctor thought. Because Doctor Chae Song-hwa was the expert, it took about 13 hours.

"Extraordinary. High speed?" Doctor Heo comments. As seen on the screen the operation has been running for 1 hour.

Ik Jun enters the room greeting all his team while wearing surgical gowns commenting that today is alone, but some competent doctors help him. Doctor Jong glanced at him. Ik Jun scoffs at the term? "Dear".

“I'm honored... Thank you very much, Doctor Jong. Only you help me. Then eat expensive bread with your own money, okay? So let's save precious lives." Ik Jun teased.

They were ready. Ik Jun will start the operation by asking for a scalpel.

In Doctor Kim Jun Wan's room, the Nurse called patient No Jin-hyuk. Jun Wan sees this patient's surgery in 2015 and wonders why he came back and remembers the student who had an atrial septal defect operated on by him four years ago.

“Yes, the one you treated at Kingwood Medical Center. He's like everyone else because he's wearing a suit." said the nurse. A man will enter the room.

"What is it? I got worried. Let him in said Jun Wan curiously.

Jun Wan couldn't help but stare at [CREDIT CARD APPLICATION LETTER] Mr. No remembered that Jung Won had closed the hole in his heart so begged to close the hole one more time. Jun Wan was finally forced to give autographs.

Suk Hyung saw the results of the CT Scan, A patient thought because he wanted to immediately prepare baby clothes so he wanted to know If his child is big, will he become BTS or Blackpink. The two doctors behind him were confused. Suk Hyung could only stare.

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"Sharps." Suk Hyung said. The patient is confused about who it is. Suk Hyun with a face came to ask the child to be Sharp.

"Who is Sharp?" said the confused patient. Suk Hyung thinks the patient doesn't know Sharp.

"Then... ZAM?" Suk Hyung said. The patient is getting confused. Finally, Ass, the doctor told him that his son could become an Akdong Musician, AKMU. The mother finally nodded in understanding.


Jung Won and Jun Wan walk home. Jung Won thinks they should buy something on the way. Jun Wan refuses because he's lazy so it's better to just order delivery. While the operation time has been running for 8 hours, Son Hwa seems to be still operating.

While two students fell asleep in a sleeping position. Ass doctor was replaced. Song Hwa's eyes watered and kept on operating without blinking. At the coffee shop, Suk Hyun orders a glass of ice-cold Americano. Jung Won joined in ordering a warm glass of hot caffe latte.

Jun Wan also came to take the cake asking Suk Hyung to pay for it.

Finally, the OPERATION TIME was exactly 13 hours, Song Hwa let go of his back because it was finally finished and then made sure that the results were good, the nurse praised Song Hwa for working hard, Song Hwa replied that they had all worked hard.

"Are you guys still not home?" Song Hwa said while looking at some of the children. Both nodded.

“I told you they could go home earlier. Awesome.” Doctor Heo commented.

"What is your name?" Song Hwa asked. The two answered Jang Yun-bok and Jang Hong-do.

"What's your relationship?" Song Hwa asked. Yun Bok admits that they are twins but twins are not identical.

"By the way, Doctor. Are you... worshiping at the Sanggye-dong Church?” Yun Bok asked. Song Hwa confirmed.

“Primadonna of the choir team! Right?" Yun Bok said. Song Hwa is confused that he is considered a prima donna. Yun Bok confirmed.

Song Hwa is confused that he is considered a prima donna.

Song Hwa is confused that he is considered a prima donna.

“We played a band at the church. Doctor, you are very famous." Hong Do said excitedly. Doctor Heo hears it wants to know Why is he famous

“He sings the Gita puja really loud and the dance is great. It is said that it was because he was stressed in the hospital.” Hong Do said innocently. Doctor Heo's uneasy feeling finally pushes the two of them to hurry home. Song Hwa could only stare in confusion.

Doctor Yong enters the room with an apologetic smile. Sorry that Song Hwa had to have consecutive surgeries because of him. Song Hwa is breaking away while drinking coffee confessing it's okay so there's still time.

“Operation preparations have started, Doctor Min, will come down when preparations are complete. I'll call you when you enter the sphenoid sinus. Please sleep first." Doctor Yong said excitedly.

“Seok-min. Before starting the operation... you have to apologize first. Apologize to him." Song Hwa said. Doctor Yong was shocked and nodded in understanding.

“I will go up immediately and apologize to Doctor Min.” Doctor Yong said.

"Not Doctor Min. Apologize to the patient, or I won't allow you to enter the operating room." Song Hwa said threateningly. Doctor Yong immediately panicked and nodded in understanding.

In front of the operating room, the patient looks tense holding his mother's hand. Doctor Yong, gathering all his courage, finally bowed and apologized profusely. Song Hwa studied the patient's condition and finally entered the operating room.

Doctor Min came out of the operating room praising everyone who had helped him. Doctor Yong with a smile tells him the tumor is well gone, and the trunk of the pituitary gland looks safe.

"Seok-min... Come closer." Song Hwa said. Doctor Yong walked over to him.

“Doctor Yong Seok-min… Keep your mouth shut… You did it because of the thesis, right? Why do you use excuses for the sake of patients? Once again you talk like that to a patient, then I won't forgive you. Understand?" said Song Hwa holding back emotions.

"Yes, I understand. I am sorry." Doctor Yong said frantically nodded in understanding.

Ik Jun enters the room asking why Suk Hyung can't be contacted and Song-hwa too. Jung Won is lying down telling Suk Hyung to treat patients until this afternoon. And Song-hwa is having surgery and can't believe the amazing Chae Song-hwa.

"Certain. It's different from a rogue doctor like you." Jun Won's comment. Jung Won doesn't accept being considered on the same level as Ik-jun

"Of course. The conglomerate can't be trusted. Always lying!” Jun Wan complained.

"He's not a tycoon? He's poor. He's still staying at your house." Ik Jun said

"You promised a private workspace." Jun Wan said then cursed alternately with Ik Jun.

“I have a room with a professional gamer. Doctor Ban plays FreeCell all day... No. Forget it... Seok-Hyeon suffered the most. Have you seen the room? Ik Jun said sadly.

Suk Hyung entered the room and saw a lot of files piled up and the table was arranged haphazardly, even some files fell because they couldn't support them. Jung Won defends himself that Doctor Ban only plays FreeCell all-day

"He's an invisible human. How is that different from a private room? Say Jung Won

“People think he is a 'Buddha'. Ik Jun complained. Jun Wan also asked about his fate.

"You and I are one package." Jung Won said proudly. Jun Wan complains that he is considered a package by shouting angrily and then receiving a call.

"What's your systolic pressure? Have you been given norepinephrine? Give vasopressin. Call me if the pressure doesn't go up. I'll be right there." Said, Jun Wan.

"It's good to have a resident doctor." Ik Jun complained while eating chocolate. Jun Wan thought they must exist too.

"There is. Long Winter Doctor. When can I work with Doctor Jang Gyeo-ul?” said Ik Jun complaining

“You never worked with Doctor Jang Gyeo-ul, right?” Jung Won said. Ik Jun can't believe that Jung Won has been.

"Certain. I met several times because recently there were many emergency room patients. I don't fit in with him." Jung Won said complaining annoyed.

"I think he's diligent even though he seems cold." Ik Jun's comments.

The emergency room doctor was called by Doctor Bae Jun-hui.

The emergency room doctor was called by Doctor Bae Jun-hui.

The emergency room doctor ran into the room asking the officer about the patient's condition. The officer informed the patient was homeless and found at a construction site and had frostbite with his leg rotting.

“I will check body temperature. Excuse me." The ER Doctor said checking the patient's temperature and wanted to open his pants. The patient appeared to be in pain. The ER doctor calls Nurse Hui-su to help her.

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In the room, Jung Won complains that he thinks there are indeed those who are not diligent because all resident doctors must be diligent. The emergency room doctor came in to call Jung Won and saw two other men in the room. Jung Won also asked what's wrong with calling him.

“Do you know the Help Angel?” asked the emergency room doctor. Jung Won looks nervous then pretends he doesn't know.

"Don't know? He was famous in the hospital before.” The ER Doctor said. Jung Won pretends not to know and wants to know the reason for discussing it.

"A producer I know wants to interview him," said the emergency room doctor. Jung Won immediately answered No.

"Don't want what? Who are you?" said the emergency room doctor suspiciously. Jung Won thought that he would not want to.

"You said you didn't know?" said the emergency room doctor. Jung Won claims to know him but admits he can't and doesn't want to. The emergency room doctor understands.

The emergency room doctor received a call and said to go there immediately and asked to be on guard, also called Doctor Jang Gyeo-ul. Jung Won who heard it asked what was wrong. The emergency room doctor told me it was a call from Doctor Bae Jun-hui.

“A homeless man entered the ER with a rotting leg from frostbite. I think his leg was left for a few months. His legs were rotting with edema from frostbite. And his legs..." said the emergency room doctor.

"What's wrong with the leg?" Jung Won asked frantically. The ER doctor told me that it was full of maggots.

Doctor Bae and the nurse were terrified at the sight of the maggot-infested legs and the patient seemed to be in constant pain. Doctor bae is confused as to how they disposed of him. Just then Doctor Jang came to see the patient's condition.

“He was injured at the construction site. His skin was rotting from frostbite. Now full of maggots. I've never seen so many maggots. We have to get rid of those maggots to sterilize the wound. Where's the suction cup?" asked Doctor Bae. The nurse thought she would look for him.

“Doctor Bae Jun-hui! Use tweezers to..." said the ER Doctor silently watching Doctor Jang take maggots with gloves.

The nurse who saw him couldn't help but help her with slightly closed eyes. The emergency room doctor sees Doctor Jang as a unique person. Jung Won who saw it could only be silent.


Jun Wan enters the room asking if he's not home. Song Hwa said that his high school friend had surgery for a metastatic tumor tomorrow so he studied the material and told Jung Won to just go. Jung Wan said goodbye.

Doctor Yong talks to the nurse Are it better morning or night shift?. The nurse replies Night is better. Song Hwa calls Doctor Yong to ask if he has received approval for surgery for Gal Ba-ram. Doctor Yong knows that he is referring to his high school friend.

"Not yet. Her husband still hasn't come. The operation is tomorrow. How about this?" said Doctor Yong confused. Song Hwa exhaled.

The grandmother sitting beside Ba Ram kept looking at him. Ba Ram called him and asked if Amazed was just looking at him. The grandmother woke up and was confused. Ba Ram quipped whether it was astonishing to see women with fake breasts.

"Not really... Why are you talking like that?" the grandmother complained. BO Ram knew that Grandma was always glancing at him every day.

“Do you think it's a zoo animal? Are you happy?” said Ba Ram sarcastically. The grandmother replied that it was because Ba Ram was beautiful.

"In my eyes, you look very beautiful." Said the grandmother. Ba Ram tells that one breast is missing.

"I'm not pretty." Ba Ram said. The grandmother still feels that Ba Ram is still beautiful, that is, beautiful as a flower.

"Even though you don't have one breast, you are beautiful because you are young," commented the grandmother. Another grandmother also agreed.

“Old people like us, even though we have surgery, are treated, then recovered, our faces will not be beautiful. Right? I don't mind even if I don't have breasts, I'm very happy if I can come back 20 years young like you ..." another grandmother commented.

 " Ah no. I'm not young." Ba Ram said. The grandmother saw that Ba Ram was still young.

“If I were your age, I would divorce my husband, travel the world, do whatever I want, and live life to the fullest. However, now it is not possible. My feet hurt and my eyesight isn't good. Even the Head hurts too.” Said the grandmother. Ba Ram smiled hearing that.

"Geez. You're prettier when you smile. All the young ones look beautiful. At your age, you look naturally beautiful.” Grandma's comment.

Just then the door opened, Ba Ram's husband came crying for his wife. The two hugged each other, Ba Ram was crying in fear when he died even though he didn't want to die. Ba Ram's husband insists his wife will not die and will save him.

3 friends talking to each other.

3 friends talking to each other.

"I'm sorry, my wife... I'm sorry... I'm sorry, my wife." Said the husband hugged his wife by continuing to cry. At that time Song Hwa and Doctor Yong smiled looking from the front door of the infirmary.

Doctor Yong thinks Song Hwa must be jealous and orders him to find a girlfriend. Song Hwa is annoyed that she refuses because she prefers to be alone and tells her that her husband has come so they just have to ask for his approval. Doctor Yong nodded in understanding.

Song Hwa holds Doctor Yong who wants to rush in telling him to come later. Doctor Yong understands and enters the room. Song Hwa received the message [SORRY NEWS FOR THE DEATH OF JU JONG-SU'S WIFE]

Everyone gathers at the funeral home, Song Hwa thinks this sort of thing happens a lot these days. Jun Wan thought it meant that their age had come. Son Hwa thinks Director Ju must be very sad because They love each other,

"Yes, very... Since two or three weeks before he died, he was always by his wife's side." Jung Won's story.

At that time Doctor Ju and Jung Won's mother came, both of them stood up to say hello. Doctor Ju thinks they are busy so better go. Jung Won admits it doesn't matter and asks if Doctor Ju is asleep.

"Not yet. I brought him here because he greets guests all day. Jong-su, eat something." Said Jun Won's mother.

"No need. I have no appetite... If you need anything, just say so. Aren't you drinking?" said Doctor Ju

"No, thank you. Don't worry about us." Jung Won said. His mother thinks Doctor Jun knows Jung Won since childhood so he can talk casually.

"Right. I beg you to speak casually.” Jung Won said. Doctor Ju thinks eating might do it

"Those who provide for our hospital." Doctor Ju said. Sung Hwa thinks at the hospital it's okay,

“But here you are Jeong-won's mother's friend. Speak casually. We are also more comfortable.” Song Hwa said. Director Ju nodded in understanding.

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"So, the five of you are close friends?" asked Doctor Ju. Jung Won confirmed that they were one batch.

“Our classes are different, but we are close for one reason or another.” Jung Won said. Doctor Ju thought it was good.

"What's good about it? They make parents worry because they are not married yet.” Jung Won's mother said complaining

Suk Hyung claimed to have been married. Ik Jun admits that he is married. Jung Won's mother thought except the two of them. Doctor Ju thinks they are beautiful and handsome and wonders if nothing ever happened. Everyone looks confused.

"Why did you do that? Why disturb the calm lake?” Jung Won's mother complained. Mr. Ju didn't seem to notice.

"About love? What Ever?” Jun Wan asked looking at Jung Won, then Jung Won looked at Song Hwa and Song Hwa looked at Ik Jun. Ik Jun looked at Suk Hyung.

"I was once rejected by Song-hwa." Admit Suk Hyung. Everyone gawked and wanted to know when.

"I don't even remember yesterday." Admit Song Hwa. Suk Hyung confessed that A confessed love at first grade, on his birthday, only to be rejected.

"What did he say?" Ik Jun asked. Suk Hyung tells Song Hwa who likes other people.

"Extraordinary. You really haven't changed." Jun Wan's comment. Ik Jun thought it was a normal saying when he refused, "I like other people."

"No. That's just how it is." Song Hwa said. Jung Won's mother thought that when they were young it was the same.

"We can't just say, "I don't like you." Said Jung Won's mother. Everyone agreed. Suk Hyung nervously chooses to eat soup. Song Hwa could only be silent. They also asked to change the topic.



Song Hwa apologized with a nervous face and said that he wanted to remain good friends with Suk Hyung as usual. He did not want the atmosphere to be strange because of this problem. Suk Hyung just kept quiet. Son Hwa asks Suk Hyung not to be silent and say something.

"I'm fine... Song-hwa, sorry I said something weird." Suk Hyung said

"No. It's not strange... Never mind. Forget it! It's my birthday, right? Good! Let's go crazy today! Let's go! Fast!" said Song Hwa then took Suk Hyung's hand. The two of them walked together.

Ik Jun emphasized that only today is understandable because Song Hwa is on his birthday. Song Hwa et al also practice band with song lyrics

"If there is a good person Please introduce him to me Sometimes like water, sometimes like fire I hope he is someone who can love me sincerely. I want someone mature and honest. Even love needs practice<

Song Hwa sang the same song when he was in college in his car. His mother at that time called to say happy birthday, Song Hwa pu thanked his mother who gave birth to him.

“I should have given birth to one more daughter if I knew it was fun.” Said his mother.

"Not too late. I'm happy to have a sister who's 40 years younger." Song Hwa said.

“Your father ran away… Come on! Talk to your daughter." Call Ms. Song Hwa.

“Mom, I drive. I'll call you back when I get to the hospital." Song Hwa said. Her mother understood then turned off her cell phone. Song Hwa is still singing the same song as making memories from the past. When he entered the room, he saw a box and opened it, it was found that it contained new shoes of the same model.

He looked down at his shoes and wondered who had given them.


Jun Wan comes to Doctor Jang's room, Doctor Jang invites him to talk outside. Jung Won refuses to talk in the room alone. Finally, the two sat down opposite each other. Doctor Jang admits that this is the first time.

"I don't care if it's the first time or how many times. Talk to Song-hwa... I said tell Song-hwa. Whether you cheated briefly or seriously, Song-hwa still needs to know. It is not like that? Don't make him look like a fool. Call now." Jung Wan said

"Okay. Let me take care of myself.” Doctor Jang said. Jung Wan threatens if he just says it.

“I said… You're going too far. It's a matter of our relationship. Who are you to order me? Do you like Song-hwa? I know you guys are friends, but this is too much.” Complains Doctor Jang is angry

"You don't have any friends, do you?" Jun Wan quipped. Doctor Jang admits to having a high note.

“However, you are of the opposite sex.” Said Doctor Jang. Jun Wan thinks his attitude is not strange because Doctor Jang is so old-fashioned.

"You really aren't at Song-hwa's level." Jun Wan quipped then left the room.

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