Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 7 Part 2 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 7 Part 2

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Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 7 Part 2

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 7 Part 2 

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 7 Part 2 English Subtitle

Doctor Chae admits that his sister owns a golf arena so it's natural that she often goes there and wants to know who reported it. Doctor Ju thinks Doctor Chae doesn't need to know about the problem and hears that he's playing with XG&YU company credit card.

“The employee there misplaced the card. He was a bit confused because we often played together. He also texted me sorry more than ten times today.” Said Doctor Chae.

“Sir, you make me look pathetic. The price of golf there is not much.” Say Doctor Chae relaxed

“You said "Not much"? I heard the golf membership costs 200 million?” said Doctor Ju

“The owner of the golf course is my sister, and I am a member there. I really didn't do it. Doctor Kim Jun-wan likes to complain. He always overdoes it. Now he's making it up. Hard to believe." Complained, Doctor Chae.


Doctor Ahn continued to sigh. Doctor Yong comes in complaining to stop complaining because it can make holes in the floor. Doctor Ahn admits he's really embarrassed. Doctor Yong tells When Seon-bin first became a primary doctor

"He put his hands up first and said, "I can't. I can kill this patient." Let's get out! We drink together." Say, Doctor Yong

"I picket tonight. Can't... Gosh. I also really want to drink, but what can I do? Today is night picket." Said Doctor Ahn sadly.

Jung Won enters the room to see Jun Wan Not home yet. Jun Wan wants to know how the baby is. Jung Wan admits he's fine now but in the morning I'll check again and get ready for bed while making sure of something on his theme.

"You didn't go to the golf course with Doctor Cheon?" Jung Won asked. Jun Wan admits to going once. Jung Woo gapes in surprise to hear that.

“The golf course there is very good. The ball can go in on its own." Jun Wan said casually

"Good grief. Things can get complicated.” Jung Won complained. Jun Wan admits it won't be complicated because he pays himself.

"How could that be? You guys play with credit cards and XG&YU memberships, right?” Jung Won said.

"While playing I felt a strange thing. It is said that Cheon Myeong-talk is rich. So, I thought we used the membership. However, I find it odd when I pay after playing." Jun Wan's story.

“Then I came back again and asked the officer if we used the company's credit card. Then the clerk said yes so I paid my bill and left." Jun Wan explained. Jung Won wants to know How much

“The most expensive membership there is 200 million won. Usually valid for 20 years, 20 times 365 so 7,300. Two hundred million divided by 7,300, which means 27,397 won a day. Rounded up to 28,000 won. Add the field rental fee of 150,000 won.” Obviously Jun Wan

“The car costs 20,000 won per person. Then the caddy costs 30,000 won per person. In total, I paid 228,000 won.” Jun Wan said quickly. Jung Won could only stare at him.

"Why? Even so, I won second place in science at school.” Jun Wan said that he was grateful

"I'm afraid you're crazy about golf and hang out with them without a second thought." Jung Won said

“Jung-won… Right now… I don't care about golf at all. I go." said Jun Wan smiling happily and then left the room.

Outside, Doctor Do is waiting. Jun Wan was shocked to see him. Doctor Do immediately confirmed that Jun Wan was also there and last week Jun Wan joined the golf course. Jung Won is annoyed that it's his personal life and Doctor Do is very fussy about asking.

“Wow. So annoying... Hey! Lately, you've been so presumptuous. Enough. Mind your own business." Jun Wan said angrily

“So, what did you do last week? What did you do last week?” asked Doctor Do curious

"I ate jajangmyeon." Confess Jun Wan. Doctor Do gapes at that.

"I ate jjajangmyeon. Is that enough?" Jun Wan said. Doctor Do thinks it's good.


Jun wan and Ik Sun eat together.

Jun wan and Ik Sun eat together.

On the front door of the restaurant is written [BEST MENU: BULJAJANGMYEON - NEW MENU: NUCLEAR BULJAJANGMYEON] Jun wan and Ik Sun stand in front of them looking at the restaurant's food menu

"The name of this shop always seems ambitious every time I see it. Don't your friends protest?" asked Jun Wan.

"The commander is also a loyal customer of this shop." Ik Sun said. The two of them entered the restaurant.

A bowl of colored jajangmyung was brought by the waiter. Ik Sun said that the Spicy was one level below last week. Jun Wan looks at his noodles and asks what level is this. Ik Sun answered Four and Last week level five.

"Were you okay last week?" asked Ik Sun. Jun Wan admits that he almost entered the ER.

"I can eat spicy food, but last week wasn't easy. It also looks spicy. This Buljajangmyeon should be used as a secret weapon of the Korean army.” Jun Wan said.

"Speak carefully. We're in front of headquarters." Ik Sun said panicked. Jun wan thought not to worry because his girlfriend is a major.

"There must not be many people above you." Jun Wan said confidently. Ik Sun admits that there are a lot of bosses scattered all over the place.

“Lieutenant General, General, something like that?” said Jun Wan. Ik Sun can't help but stare at the thought that Jun Wan can be dispensed from military service

"How can there be three stars in our base? You deserve a title before my brother. "Ik Sun said 

" Correct. I can be dispensed with. Do you want to hear the story of my long past? Jun Wan said, then handed him the scrambled bowl of Jajangmyun. 

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 "It is not necessary. You must have a reason. By the way, did you wake up the jajangmyeon for me? Ik Sun said. Jun Wan nodded. 

 "I am really moved." Ik Sun said. Jun Wan thinks that this is just a minor matter. 

 "Did you do it for my brother or Jungwon too?" Ik Sun said. Jun Wan thinks Ik Sun has gone crazy when he thinks about it. 

 "I'm busy eating. There is no point in moving for her. But not for her mother. I ... I did it just for you. Jung Wan said immediately, embarrassed. Ik Sun also blushed, they both bowed while eating and Ik Sun gave his girlfriend radishes. 


 The doctor sees that Dr. Jang is in a hurry because he thinks he has received an emergency call. Dr. Jang says no, but it is too late. Another doctor says there is still a lot of time to see the patient. Dr. Jang admits that he is late for breakfast because he always eats breakfast in the canteen. 

 "Doctor Jang Gyeoul ... What? Is it fall again? Extraordinary! So it's fall already?" Doctor Do said hello 

 "Yes, right? I took off my coat after seeing Dr. Jang Gyeoul, "said another doctor. Dr. Jang doesn't understand what they mean. 

" When Dr. Jang Gyeoul wears a denim jacket, it means autumn. If he wears a white cotton shirt, it means summer, thanks to you, all the hospital staff will know how time passes. Say to Doctor 

 “So I am an ordinary calendar? ”Said, Doctor Jang. The doctor nodded understandingly. 

 “Come on, Doctor Jang Gyeoul! I'm taking care of you because you told me that autumn is coming, "Dr. Do said. Dr. Jang can't believe Dr. Dok is going to buy him breakfast. 

" Yes. Dr. Kim Junwan gave me his credit card. He gave it to me yesterday, I still haven't returned it. He always seemed so happy lately. She doesn't have to have realized that her credit card is missing. " Dr. Do said. Dr. Jang rushes to take them all away. 

 Dr. Ahn said male patient, 29 years old. Based on the MRI results, he was suspected of having an astrocytoma in the dominant hemisphere with a tumor size of about seven cm. In the afternoon, a CT scan and a transfemoral brain catheterization are on the agenda. 

 “Doctor, the operation is not difficult,  is it? Having an operation in a conscious state is said to be a difficult operation. Everyone is worried, ”said the patient's mother. 

 “No brain operation is easy. Operation in the conscious state is difficult. As explained above, in Kim Hyeonsu's case, the tumor was reabsorbed into normal brain tissue and its boundaries were unclear. Deliberate surgery could help. " Obviously Song Hwa. 

 “Experience has shown that the parts of your brain that have important functions are most likely to be affected by the tumor. We will wake the patient for a moment and remove the tumor while we look for neurological symptoms. "Say Song Hwa 

:" I think the most important thing is to reduce neurological side effects because the patient is young. "Obviously, Song Hwa. 

 "So how long does the operation take?" asked the patient's mother. Song Hwa thought that the duration of the operation would vary from case to case, but it was estimated to be between seven and eight hours. 

 “The patient's waking time can vary, but is generally from 30 minutes to an hour. I try to quickly understand how the brain works around the tumor and reduce the time to a consciousness of the patient as much as possible because sometimes patients experience trauma ”. Obviously Song Hwa. The mother nodded in understanding. “The operation is still a day away. Just let me know if you are scared or worried. His condition is the most important. "Song Hwa told the patient. 

" I don't care ... I will obey his orders, "Hyun Sun said as if he was looking out the window with resignation. 

Doctor Jang examines a patient.

Doctor Jang examines a patient.

 “Hyunsu, you should be able to go back to work after the operation. Don't be so lazy, ”her mother said. 

 “How can I get back to work? Don't talk nonsense, ma'am ”. Hyun Su said as if she had lost hope. 

 “Why not? You can definitely start over. Heard you're a cop. Being a police officer is not easy. It has successfully passed the test. Don't be so lazy. Hyunsu, you can handle it. Song Hwa said. Doctor Ahn was silent when he heard this. 

 “Doctor, I don't care if you can go back to being a cop or not. Please save my son, ”Hyun Su's mother said. Song Hwa nodded that she would do her best. 

 Ik Jun looks at the patient's report and asks: Why is Sin Mijin's liver test result? With an ALT value of more than 300, the bilirubin is even higher than ten and the rejection reaction is so strange that she suddenly shot up. 

 "We meet in the hallway. I'll tell you later."  said the nervous nurse. Finally, a mother arrived with an indifferent face. 

 “My condition ... is not so bad. It's okay ". The mother said her face had turned yellow.

"Impossible. After the test results, you need to get treatment and start testing and medication. It is dangerous. Do you take the medication carefully? I think you rarely eat it. Apparently, he hasn't taken his medicine in a long time. " Said Ik Jun. 

 “Is there a problem? If you do not take medications regularly, your liver can be destroyed and you will have to undergo another transplant. Your liver is not working, so you need treatment. " Obviously Ik Jun. 

 “No… I don't want treatment. I just want to die, doctor, ”said Ms. Sin. 

 “Don't say that! I worked so hard to operate on you ... that's not how you talk. Should be admitted today, CT scan and biopsy while watching ultrasound and treating rejection reactions. "Ik Jun said suspected appendicitis. Now he has a fever and severe swelling. Jung Won reviews Since when does it hurt? The old man answered last night. 

 "God. Let me take a look." Jung Won said and then the boy screamed in pain 

 “Let me talk to the guardian. Dr. Jang Gyeoul, please call the anesthetist, ”Jung Won said after speaking outside the receptionist's room. 

 "Good afternoon,  Doctor ... Doctor Ahn ... next time, invite me to see a movie." Dr. Bae said. The nurse and Dr. Jang are surprised to hear this. 

 "Good. We'll take care of it when we have time." Jung Won said and then said goodbye. 

 "Did you say" next time "? They first met? The nurse asked when Dr. Bae approached. 

 "Yes. We had dinner together last week," Dr. Bae said proudly. Dr. Jang covered his ear. 

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 "Just the two of you? Outside?" asked the nurse. Dr. Bae confirmed that only the two of you were outside in casual clothing, not a doctor's gown. 

 "Did Dr. Ahn Jungwon invite first?" asked the nurse. Dr. Bae replied that he had invited him. 

 "I want to take you to dinner." Dr. Bae said. The nurse knows that Dr. Ahn usually treats Jungwon. 

 “The sisters usually eat with him. I think it's different. "Said the nurse. Dr. Bae confirms that it's just the two of them. 

 “Two or twenty, he will definitely treat us if we ask him. Doctor Bae Junhui, I even saw a movie with Doctor Ahn Jungwon. Seriously ... God. I was almost wrong! "Said the nurse. Dr. Jung could only be silent to hear it. 


, Jun Wan wrote to Ik Sun with a happy face: "I miss you too." Ik Sun responds: “I have your photo. Just take a look at this. "Jun Wan complains that he doesn't have one and asks me to send him one of his best photos. 

 Ik Sun sent a photo, Jun Wan saw it and immediately laughed happily because Ik Sun sent a message With a blemished face, Ik Sun doesn't look pretty, but Jung Won looks happy. 

 At that moment, the light in his room went out, Jun Wan was shocked, and the light suddenly turned on and off. It turns out that Jung Won is playing the switch while he complains about wanting to know who she really is, who this woman is until Jun Wan doesn't focus. 

 “This is my mother… let's go home! I'm hungry, "Jun Wan said and immediately put on his cell phone. 

" I'll change my clothes first ... Wait a minute, "Jung Won said, opening his doctor's gown. 

 “Jungwon, you told them to go to the basement, right? We will drive together in my car ”. Jun Wan said 

 “Only you! Why does it always have to be me? Jung Won complained, annoyed. Jun Wa thought. Because Jung Won definitely did. 

 "Come on! He said you were downstairs." Jun Wan said. Jung Won did not refuse. 

 Song Hwa came out waiting in the parking lot, suddenly someone pushed her next to her. Ik Jung was already standing next to him. Song Hwa complains about her friend's behavior because she thinks she starred in the 1988 drama Reply. She thinks the joke is too old. 

 "You then? What is the  Seoul Claypot drama?" Ik Jun sneered and saw Song Hwa busy with his headphones. 

 "Do you want me to buy a wireless device?" Ik Jun asked. Song Hwa confessed. It is more convenient. 

 "Songs arrive as soon as I plug them in and they don't need a Bluetooth connection." Song Hwa said. Ik Jun can't believe the song comes out as soon as you plug it in. 

 “Hey, borrow it for a second. I also want to try it. Ik Jun said and suddenly someone pushed, but there was no one behind him. 

 Suk Hyung hid in a crouching position. Ik Jun wants to play a prank on him by sitting down. But Suk Hyung got up suddenly because he saw Junwan change cars, Ik Jun fell, and Song Hwa couldn't believe he wanted to see Jun Wan's new car. 

 Ik Jun can't believe it and wonders when Jun Wan will replace him. Jung Won sits across from him and invites her to get up. Song Hwa teases Jun Wan for showing a car now. Jung Woo complains that his friend is too old to show off. 

 "Songhwa, sit opposite," Jung Won said. Song Hwa also said thank you. 

 “I'm very hungry! You ordered, right? Ik Jun said. Jung Won nodded and went to the back 

 "Three pigs, three ducks? "Ik Jun said. Jung Won confirms with a happy face and asks him to leave

Song Hwa is busy with his cellphone, Jun Wan asks if Song Hwa wants to hear a song. Song Hwa confirmed that they should hear the song that will be played this week. Suk Hyung admitted that he smelled the good smell in this car, so the taste of women's perfume.

"You know he has a girlfriend. I'm one hundred percent sure it's the perfume. He never leaves his phone.” Jung Won said. Jun Wan denied.

"This is a mixture of perfume and natural fragrance, about 5.5 to 4.5. I guess this time his girlfriend doesn't live in town. He works outdoors, or his job sweats a lot.” Ik Jun said inhaling it. Jun Wan started to panic. Song Hwa couldn't believe it.

“Yes, in Gangwon Province, or the countryside.” Ik Jun said. Jun Wan panicked. Song Hwa thinks Ik Jun is a bloodhound

“I'm just talking nonsense, but did you see his expression? One of my guesses must be right.” Ik Jun said

“Song-Hwa, could you please turn on some music?” said Jun Wan trying to cover up his panic.

“I want that too, but the Bluetooth connection< always fails. Have you tried?” SongHwa said.

"What music? Hey! Kim Jun-wan! Who's he?" said Jung Won curiously.

"Certain. I often call and listen to music!” Jun Wan said ignoring him.

"Are you on a blind date?" asked Suk Hyung. Jun Wan admits he's not on a blind date!

“This Failed. Good grief! Looks like it failed because it's connected to your phone." Song Hwa complained

“Kim Jun-wan, do I know him? Hey! I asked if we knew him?" Ik Jun asked. Jun Wan just kept quiet.

"Hey. Guys! Is he a hospital employee or a classmate? Song-Hwa, turn down the volume.” Ik Jun asked.

the doctors are eating together in the restaurant.

the doctors are eating together in the restaurant.

"No. Don't minimize it. Please tighten. Please." Jun Wan said. Meanwhile, Song Hwa is annoyed that the Bluetooth connection always fails

When the name [SAYANGKU BIDULGI] appears on the screen, Song Hwa casually tells Jun-wan that there was a call from Bidulgi. Jun Wan panicked to press him, but Song Hwa told Jun Wan to drive because he could kill him if he spoke on the phone.

“Honey… Jung-won, please get my cell phone in my bag. No. Take, then decline. ' said Jun Wan.

"So? Your cell phone is here?” Jung Won teased. Ik Jun asks to get the phone immediately. Jun Wan panicked more and asked not to take it.

Ik Jun is busy trying to practice so that his voice is the same as Jun Wan. Suk Hyung saw that they had arrived and the parking lot was empty today. Meanwhile, Jung Won is busy looking for Jun Wan's cellphone in his bag. Suk Hyung also picked up the phone from his mother.

“I was going to have dinner with friends, and it turned out that Jun-wan had a girlfriend. Her name is Bidulgi, like "dove." Bi is a unique surname, right? Bi like "Rain"?" Suk Hyung's story is very open to his theme.

 Jung Won finally managed to find Jun Won's phone. Ik Jun immediately picked it up. Jun Wan gets out of the car and loosens the door to let him go but Ik Jun is busy talking on the phone. Claimed that Kim Jun-wan's friends, Lee Ik-jun and Jun-wan were unable to receive calls.

“Excuse me, please state your name. I'll tell it later… I was like that, but he snatched the cell phone.” Ik Jun said because Jun Wan managed to open the door and took his cell phone.

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Jun Wan is busy calling Ik Sun in front of the restaurant, his face looks panicked. Song Hwa entered the restaurant claiming to be very hungry and then asked Jung Waon if there was Nurungji. Jung wan tells that now they are selling nurungji and sujebi perilla.

“Jun-wan, we go in first… Gosh, it's getting cold. It's cold every night now." Says Suk Hyung walking in

"It's autumn. The weather is getting cold. Why do I miss my sister so much? In fact, I've never been like that in my life." Ik Jun said.

Inside the restaurant. Jun Wan comments He thinks it's better to say. Suk Hyung looks unsure and admits he is very confused. Jun Wan is annoyed. Why must he be confused because Of course, he has to tell his mother and Don't lie to his mother.

"Tell people what they know, and let her get a divorce, then live comfortably." Jun Wan said

 “He was confused because his mother was sick. What if he fainted again from shock after hearing the story? However, it is also not good to lie to him.” Ik Jun said then saw Song Hwa and Jun Wan eating fast.

"Are you and Song-Hwa possessed by a nine-year hungry demon?" Ik Jun asked

“This is because of my three older brothers.” Song Hwa said. Meanwhile, Jun Wan admits that he is possessed and asks Jung Won to fetch water. Jung Won immediately took it.

“I want to tell him, get rid of the remaining feelings, even though I think they are gone. However, the woman is now pregnant. I think it's better to ask him for a divorce so that my mother can live in peace." Obviously, Suk Hyung was confused.

“However, on the other hand, they are no longer related. What if my mom gets sick after I tell you? I don't want that to happen." Suk Hyung said worriedly

"Even so, it's better to say." Ik Jun said. Jung Won agrees and wants to know Jun Wan's opinion. Jun Wan is annoyed that Of course, he has to say.

"So, what should I do?" said Suk Hyung confused. Jun Wan is getting more and more annoyed at asking Suk Hyung to tell his mother. 

 “Songhwa, what do you think?” Jung Won asked. Song Hwa thought it was also better to say. Suk Hyung seems to believe a little 

 "Yes. It is not good to lie to him. Try to speak kindly. Also, entertain him before and after, ”Song Hwa said. Suk Hyung immediately agreed to tell it. 

 “You bastard! You haven't heard us in ten minutes. If so, you'd better invite Songhwa over for tea together. We are just baited. "Jun Wan said angrily" The restaurant owner wants to give a  kudzu juice voucher that he can choose himself. asked the aunt. They all immediately pointed their hands in unison. The aunt asked to wait because she would accept it. 


 Song Hwa gives tea and praises Suk Hyung for his good work and asks if Suk Hyung's mother is okay. Suk Hyung says that his mother's reaction was not as bad as she thought, even her mother was shocked and she was stunned for ten minutes. 

 "I was worried. But I comforted him later. Mom is getting divorced. She wanted to move abroad out of shame." Tell Suk Hyung 

 "No problem. You got through the hardest part, "Song Hwa said and patted his friend's shoulder. 

" I thought you were here ... Hey. At least dry your hair first. Good luck. Can't wait to tell Songhwa? You haven't seen it yet, have you? But I think he already said it. "Jun Wan said as he entered the room. 

" What do you mean? Sukhyung talked about the conversation with his mother yesterday that went smoothly. Why? Is there a problem? Song Hwa asked. 

 "Sukhyung's father was treated last night. In the triple VIP room of our hospital, "Jun Won said. Song Hwa asked if Suk Hyung's father was ill 

" No. Just pretend I think they treated him to avoid court. He is not my patient. It appears that she contacted the hospital director directly, ”Jun Wan said. Suk Hyung took a deep breath and stood up. 

 "Hey. Later… we'll go together later," Song Hwa said, pushing Suk Hyung away and holding her emotions back. 

 "It's time to see an outpatient. And  you never deal with the president who ... Got it?" Suk Hyung said. Jun Wan nodded in understanding. 

 Ik Jun goes to the nurse and tells her that he took his morning medicine after  Nurse Song Subin spoke to him, but I don't know if he wants this tonight, but he feels like he wins, don't take it. Ik Jun thinks that no matter how much the patient hates her husband if his health deteriorates, he can lose twice. 

 “Somehow I understand her feelings, even though my husband donated his liver. He is still cheating. She definitely didn't want to live with her husband's liver. She must hate her husband, Leber, everything. "The nurse says 

" He still has to take his medicine. "Ik Jun said and then entered the room. 

 Ik Jun greets one of his patients and asks if he is sleeping well. S The patient said that she slept well after a long period. Ik Jun likes to tell her patients that they should also exercise frequently and even walk down the hall. 

 "Yes.  I ran ten laps yesterday. I could go to the Olympics ... But doctor, are you married? "Asked the patient. Ik Jun was surprised to hear that. 

 "Why? Do you want to match it?" Sister Song asked what the patient confirmed with her younger sister. 

 "I want to make you an appointment with my sister." Said the patient. Ik Jn admitted that he was married and had a son. 

 “Of course. Women can't let go of a good man like you, ”said the patient. 

 "No. I'm late for marriage." Admit Ik Jun. The woman thinks that the woman who married Ik Jun is very lucky and is sad to hear this because Ik Jun is already married. 

 "Doctor, he really is my ideal type." said the patient. Ik Jun blushed and thanked him. 

 "Even if her husband is on the sidelines." Ik Jun said. The patient praised Ik Jun as handsome and he must be very smart. 

 "You are also friendly and funny ... Really my ideal type. Too much. My husband, on the other hand, is like a bear," said the patient. 

 "But he makes a good impression. His body is also strong," said Ik Jun, looking at the husband, who had his back turned to her. 

 “In this case, I agree. He has a gold shop in Ssangmundong called  Phonics Bird Shop, ”said the patient. Ik Jun couldn't believe it. 

 "I took this with me when I came here." The man said that in response, Taek's father gave Ik Jun gold in the shape of a tortoise in 1988. 

 "No. Excuse me, sir. I have to go. "Ik Jun said in a panic. Taek's father confessed. This is a test of his sincerity. 

" I am very grateful and want to give everything I have. My son got it from the competition. "Taek's father said 

," I can't take it. I could get in trouble. I am very sorry ". Ik Jun said desperate to flee. 

" That is my sincerity ... I am very grateful to have saved my wife. Please accept, doctor. ”Taek's father said. Ik Jun has escaped and will return later. 

 "Apparently, doctors are forbidden to accept this." Taek's mother said. Taek's father couldn't do anything.

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