Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 4 Part 3 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 4 Part 3

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Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 4 Part 3

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 4 Part 3

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 4 Part 3 English Subtitle

Suk Hyung walked down the hall looking around then smiled at his mother and approached her. The mother also smiled with a limp leg. Suk Hyung asked if his mother had seen a doctor so he asked her to pay more attention.

"I've met and everything is fine. It's just that my legs feel weak... I want to go to the toilet first." Suk Hyung's mother said. Suk Hyung nodded in understanding.

“He said he didn't want to let a patient who had gone through a difficult time experience the trauma. The patient understands the situation and prepares the heart, but it can traumatize the patient forever.” Said the Senior Doctor. Eun Woo thought it was awesome.

"I think he's not observant because he seems quiet. This was unexpected. Do you know? It's hard to pay attention like that." Doctor Senior said.

“He should have just told me the reason.” Doctor Chu complained. Senior Doctor thought It didn't have to be said Doctor Chu should have understood.

In the room, Song Hwa couldn't believe to see Jun Wan eating scallion kimchi even though she didn't before and suddenly it looks delicious even lately she likes kongguksu even though she didn't like it at first. Song Hwa thought Tastes change as they age.

"It's not slow either. Suddenly. In an instant." Ik Jun said

“I had a cat allergy in an instant. I've never had allergies though." Song Hwa said.

“I suddenly had old eyes on Christmas last year. My boyfriend asked if I liked something on his phone but I couldn't see it. So I'll just say good." Jung Wan's story

“Not long ago, I went to the park with U-ju and took lots of flower photos. There are 6,000 photos of flowers... It's Real! Unknowingly I took a photo of the flower.” Ik Jun's story. Song Hwa also laughed hearing that.

“And U-ju… Someone's selling konguksu over there. So, U-ju eats it, and I'm suddenly attracted to flowers. Let me show you." Ik Jun said. They both said no.

“However, we are not as bad as Suk-Hyung.” Said, Jun Wan. Both of them were convinced that their friend was the most extraordinary.

"He never spoke to his mother before, but now he is a mother's son. He used to be very cold to his mother. She often complains to us, her mother is loud and terrible. No one knows the future." Jun Wan said.

“Anyone must be like that when facing problems at once. His closest sister suddenly fell and died. His father had an affair with a young woman. Then his mother passed out from a stroke. However, Suk-Hyung managed to survive… If I…” said Song Hwa, unable to imagine.

"How is his mother's condition now?" Jun Wan asked. Song Hwa confessed. Reportedly today he came and asked if he didn't meet

“Today he went to Neurology. He's very much better. Can go out alone. He said he would meet his mother if he had time after delivery.” Song Hwa story.

"They've met yet, haven't they?" Jun Wan asked curiously.

Suk Hyung came home when it was raining heavily.

Suk Hyung came home when it was raining heavily.

Suk Hyung escorted his mother to the toilet but looked very worried. His mother assured him that there was no problem and then entered himself. A nurse will come in. Suk Hyung called him to tell him that the person who had just entered was his mother by showing his ID card as a doctor.

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“He's a little difficult to walk after surgery… Sorry, but I'm afraid he's passed out inside. Can I have a look at my mother, please? Just pay attention once or twice to see if he's okay. Thank you. Forgive me." Suk Hyung said worriedly.

"It does not matter. I'll take a look inside." said the nurse.

Suk Hyung waits outside with a worried face. Jun Wan admits that Seok-hyeong's father is really unexpected. Ik Jun complains that he doesn't think he's a father because Suk-Hyung doesn't even call him "Daddy". Then make sure that they are still not divorced.

"Yes. He said Suk-Hyung's mother would never divorce him." Jun Wan said.

Suk Hyun took his mother to the hospital. His mother told his son to come in because he must be busy. Suk Hyung replied Later after the taxi came. Her mother made sure she could take a taxi herself. Suk Hyun admits that he will call him so he will enter after his mother goes up.

“Song-hwa where? Is he busy? Try the phone. Take him downstairs for coffee for a bit.” Said Sung Hyung's mother looking happy.

“Song-hwa and I are just friends. We don't have any relationship. Stop it!” complained Suk Hyung.

"What did mom say? I just wanted to see you briefly while I was here. Why are you angry? Is there something between you two?" said Mrs. Suk Hyung. At that time Suk Hyung saw that the taxi was coming and told his mother to just leave.

[Flash back ]

December 2018

Suk Hyung gets on a plane after his aunt calls to ask him to come home soon because Ji-eun died. Suk Hyung was shocked to hear that. The aunt tells that Ji Eun fell and died so asked to hurry home!

“You must hurry home on the earliest plane! Your mother passed out and was taken by ambulance. Your father is hiking with the new hires. He can only come home tomorrow night. You must hurry home." Said the aunt.

Suk Hyung could only cry alone and then went to the toilet when he saw his father. He wanted to come closer but a woman came and grabbed his father's hand. Suk Hyung was silent when he saw that his father had an affair in front of his eyes.


The aunt who heard Suk Hyung's story couldn't believe it, she thought that Suk Hyun's father was not human and asked if he had told his mother. Suk Hyun admits that he plans to say now. His aunt confirms whether Suk Hyun is sure.

"He's not human. Am I the only one talking?” said the aunt. Suk Hyun thought that he was alone.

"It's Drizzle. Soon it will be pouring. Come on up. We're talking above." Shouted Suk Hyung's mother.

Suk Hyung meets his mother, the mother admits that she already knows that her father is cheating on her. Suk Hyung was surprised that his mother just kept quiet. Suk Hyung's mother admitted that she was not silent but had cursed her father and grabbed her hair.

“However, your father asked for a divorce instead. If we divorced, he said he would give us the house that my mother lived in, the shop, and the building. So he begged Mom for a divorce. That's why my mother refused. He must die with me, and live forever with me." Said Suk Hyung's mother.

"I'm not going to divorce her. For who? Going on a hike with the new hires? You know that too. They go abroad together at the end of every year. On the day Ji-eun died, they must have been together. Mother knows too." Said Suk Hyung's mother. Suk Hyun just fell silent hearing his voice.

"However, the mother will not divorce him. It will only make him happy. So that your father can live happily with that woman?” said Mrs. Suk Hyung.

"Just divorce, Mom... You can live happily with me." Suk Hyung said.

“Mother can be happy… However, your father cannot be happy. Even on the day of Ji-Eun's funeral, your father slept with that woman. Mom is okay. Mother will bear all by herself. You just do your job. To mother, your happiness is the most important." Said Suk Hyung's mother.

Suk Hyung came home when it was raining heavily when he saw his mother crying loudly calling her mother to take her away. At that time, Suk Hyung could only stare sadly at his mother.


Doctor Chu asked who was next to Doctor Jang. Doctor Jang tells that he is Neurosurgeon Ahn Chi-hong and also a graduate. Doctor Ahn is also a third-year resident, just like him.

"Welcome to Doctor Bong's Salon!" said Doctor Chu happily. Doctor Ahn smiles

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“This association is popular with residents. They scrambled to come because they knew we could hear the stories of the specialist doctors here. Doctor Ahn Chi-hong was selected out of ten candidates today because he treats pizza a lot.” Obviously Doctor Jang

“By the way, Doctor Bong Gwang-Hyeon hasn't come yet?” said Doctor Jang. Doctor Bong hears him claiming to have come.

"Hey, it's better for you to use this free time to go home or sleep." Dr. Jang complained.

Doctor Chu also offered a drink first. Doctor Bong thinks it's better to drink cold or warm drinks. Doctor Chu thought to drink both then rushed to order both. Doctor Bong also asked who the man in front of him was.

"Good night. I am the resident neurosurgeon, Ahn Chi-hong.” Said Doctor Ahn.

“The neurosurgeon, Ahn Chi-hong. Oh OK. You came to me out of curiosity about who?” said Doctor Bong

"Doctor Chae Song-hwa." Answer Doctor Ahn. Doctor Bong asks what he wants to know about Song-hwa, what is her hobby.

"I.. Ahn Jung Won, I want to know his hobby." Doctor Jang said excitedly.

“You know they play a band, right? The five of them played in a band. When they were in college they were enrolled in a comedy club so they weren't active in bands, but they always practiced alone." Say, Doctor Bong

“Ahh. Right! Tonight to I heard they would gather." Said Doctor Bong.

Doctor Jang informs Patient of the accident.

Doctor Jang informs Patient of the accident.

At Suk Hyung's house.

Jung Won is happy to see the song that will be played because he really mastered this song and After the break, how about they play this long. Suk Hyung thought they were done fast then offered ramyun. Ik Jun refused.

“I have to take care of U-ju. Sit down quickly! Let's try it right once and then go home." Ik Jun said

"This is really my song." Suk Hyung said. Ik Jun confirmed that this is the song.

Doctor Chu gives two kinds of drinks in disbelief that Doctor Yang Suk-Hyung is too, Doctor Bong tells that Suk-Hyung is the keyboardist. Doctor Chu couldn't believe it. Doctor Bong tells Ik-jun and Jun-wan were band players in high school.

“They said they were famous in Changwon... Of course, that's according to Ik-jun. Anyway, Ik-jun is good at playing guitar and bass. Jun-wan plays guitar. When they were in college they were also members of the college band, but the atmosphere was too serious, so they left.” Doctor Bong's Story

“Then they started playing bands for fun, and luckily Suk-Hyung can play the piano. Meanwhile, Jung-won starts learning to play the drums, and Song-hwa is the vocalist.” Doctor Bong's story, they can't believe that Song Hwa is a vocalist.

"He's tone-deaf, right?" said Doctor Chu. Doctor Bong confirms that he thinks everyone knows.

“Song-hwa tricked them.” Said Doctor Bong. Everyone was shocked and confused. Doctor Bong tells Song-hwa that he's good at cheating.

“If he has a desire, he will try to achieve that desire at any cost. “Obviously Doctor Bong. Doctor Ahn is happy that Song Hwa has an unexpected charm.



Jun Wan couldn't believe that Song Hwa wanted to be a vocalist and asked if he was good at singing. Song Hwa confirmed and tried to sing but it didn't match the tone and admitted that now his throat is a bit hoarse, but he thinks his voice is very good.

“I can be a vocalist.” Song Hwa said. Jun wan thought Song Hwa was fine yesterday.

"This morning... suddenly this." Song Hwa said finally rushing off for coffee.

"Then Song-hwa is the vocalist. You said you were good at playing the piano?” said Ik Jun. Suk Hyung confirmed

"Can't you see here? Our family is a musician," said Suk Hyung. Ik Jun thought they could see it now.

Suk Hyung starts to play the piano very lively, but when Ik Jun sings Suk Hyung stops. Song Hwa et al immediately gave a round of applause like they didn't expect it. Ik Jun asked There is another song. Suk Hyung tried it and went back to playing the second song.

The three friends were very amazed to give applause. Suk Hyun played the third song. Jung Won in disbelief wonders when Suk Hyung learned the piano. Ik Jung is not satisfied because he wants to hear more. Suk Hyung played the song again and then stopped.

Ik Jun asks to repeat it but Suk Hyung refuses. Finally, Ik Jun gave a lesson. Suk Hyung could only bow his head in silence after being battered. Song Hwa et al are busy looking at Suk Hyung's cellphone and ask how much is this. Jun Wan replied Three hundred thousand won

"You are indeed rich! Can even write 32 syllables and five lines of Hangul!” Jung Won said. Son Hwa saw this lightly.

“Technology has really advanced! I hope there will be cameras here." Jung Won said. Jun Wan thinks it's impossible

“Or we can make a transaction and pay the bus fare with him.” Song Hwa said. Jun Wan complains Don't be silly.

"That's too much... Then, can you watch TV too?" Jung Won mocked. Jun Wan also can't believe it from his cellphone. He thinks it's impossible to top up the balance too!

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"That's supposed to happen in the future." Song Hw said confidently. Jun Wan thought it was after they died.

"There's one song I can play to the end." Admit Suk Hyung. Ik Jun guessed "Beyer" Suk Hyung answered "Canon". Ik Jun can't believe Suk Hyung can do it.

"Even though I'm not as good as George Washington, I can play until the end. I learned from my sister." Suk Hyung said

“George Winston… You… This is the last chance…” said Ik Jun. Suk Hyun finally started playing the piano. Ik Jun started strumming his guitar.

“That bastard is acting cool.” Jun Wan complained indignantly. Finally, they practice with their respective musical instruments.

Suk Hyung ate the ramyun and Jun Wan just stared at him. Finally, he cooked again this time Ik Jun came and ate with the lid on the pot. Jun Wan went back to eating ramyung, Suk Hyung approached. Jun wan immediately ran upstairs with his pot.

Ik Jun and friends finally play the same song again, the five of them seem to be more proficient than when they were in college

Doctor Jang tells the accident patient, X-rayed because the stomach is stiff and there is tenderness so he thinks it looks like peritonitis is due to intestinal perforation. He felt he needed surgery so he called Jung Won.

"Have you been given a pain reliever?" Jung Won asked. Doctor Jang nodded.

“Let me check it out for a second… Gosh. It hurts, doesn't it?" said Jung Wan then realized. Doctor Jang knows that they look alike.

“I was shocked too and wondered what happened.” Doctor Jang said then asked if Maybe they are twins.

"They're twins. Yesterday Jae-hun was injured, and today his sister… Jae-yong!” said the father crying trying to calm if it would be fine.

"Did you guys have an accident?" Jung Won asked. The father confirmed.

“Yeah, I fell asleep while driving, and hit a traffic light. My son is sitting in the back. How stupid I am!" said his father.

"There's something I need to check. Please wait outside for a moment.” Jung Won said. The father is confused Why the guardian has to leave

"I have something to take care of before starting the operation." Obviously Jung Won. Finally, the father left.

 "What patient?" asked Doctor Bong. Doctor Jang answers Peritonitis due to an accident while riding in his father's car.

"What kind of father is that?" said Doctor Bong. Doctor Jang thinks it might happen. Doctor Bong thinks his father looks fine.

Jung Won asks Jae Yong for permission to take off his clothes and sees that there are many bruises. Jae Yong kept wincing in pain. Jung Won asked to turn his body, looks more and more wounds. Jung Won immediately cursed angrily at his violent father.

Mrs. Sim admits there is still a lot of time before the operation starts but is already restless from now on. Ik Jun thinks it's natural and tells that Madame Sim's son will soon enter the operating room.

"If the surgery is successful, he can get back to playing golf, and go overseas, right?" asked Mrs. Sim. Ik Jun nodded because Definitely can and asked the nurse to talk for a while.

Ik Jun called from the VIP Ward on the tenth floor asking four people to come here right away. Nurse confused Why call Security? Ik Jun asks if the nurse doesn't feel strange every time she goes to Pak Sim's room because his wife is always there.

"So what?" said the nurse. Ik Jung is surprised that the nurse has never been to her son's room.

“It was her son who donated the liver, but her mother was always in her husband's room. Even if there is no maternal instinct, all mothers must be worried about their children.” Ik Jun said confidently.

Finally, Ik Jun opened the door to the room and saw another man who had just come out of the toilet, then asked who the man was. The man looked confused. Ik Jun angrily asked who the man was. Mr. Sim's son who was sleeping on the sofa woke up to see Ik Jun coming.

[Second Battalion DEFENSE CENTER]

Ik Sun runs outside complaining that the guy came to his place. Just then Jun Wan came in his car. Ik Sun doesn't think he wants to see him. Jun Wan confesses that he wants to eat jajangmyeon. Ik Sun is shocked and confused.

“I came to eat jajangmyeon.” Jun Wan's words seemed to convey his feelings of love. Ik Sun can only smile.

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