Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 6 Part 2 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 6 Part 2

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Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 6 Part 2

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 6 Part 2

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 6 Part 2 English Subtitle

Doctor Bong sees Doctor Do coming and asks what's the matter here. Doctor Do makes sure that this is Doctor Bong's Salon, a place where you can find out about specialist doctors, from first love to illness. Doctor Cha confirms and Doctor Do must be curious about Doctor Kim Jun-wan.

“Yes, that's right… I really love Doctor Kim Jun-wan and want to know more. Can? I'm very curious. Doctor Ahn Chi-hong must be happy. Doctor Chae Song-hwa is like Mother Teresa, right?” Doctor Do finally sits down to join everyone.

"Yes, I'm happy." Admit Doctor Ahn. Doctor Bong notices that Doctor Ahn doesn't look like a soldier.

“Are you really a graduate of the Military Academy?” said Doctor Bong curiously.

"Yes, I did well in the military." Doctor Ahn said. Doctor Cha also wants to know the reason for stopping.

“You worked so hard to get into the Military Academy to become a captain, but why did you quit?” said Doctor Cha.

“There are rumors because of women's problems.” Doctor Do said. Doctor Cah hears Doctor Do who doesn't feel comfortable and stops.

“It is said that he quit due to trauma after a terrible accident at the base.” Doctor Jang . said

"Women's problem." Doctor Do said confidently. But Dr. Cha is sure it must be because it doesn't match, that is, it doesn't match based on the MBTI.

"No, traumatized. Post-traumatic stress disorder. It suffered a lot.” Said Doctor Jang sure

"Wouldn't you guys be better off talking about it in my absence?" said Doctor Ahn hearing people discussing in front of his eyes.

"No. We don't talk behind our backs. We always speak upfront. "Said, Doctor Cha. Doctor Ahn understands.

"You're definitely not going to tell me, are you? Forget it! We don't even want to know." ' said Doctor Bong

“After all, what is the importance of the past? The most important thing is the future. Doctor Bong. What did Doctor Kim Jun-wan like the most? I've been watching him for six months… He likes everyone, except me.” Said Doctor Do surprised.

“Jun-wan doesn't care about the people around him. He doesn't care about other people. So selfish! Ah... That's right! Golf. Jun-wan really likes golf. I'm sure he'll come along even if his parents' enemies invite him." Obviously Doctor Bong.

In the room, Jun wan has a place to play golf and looks happy to get the ball into the hole.

“While Jung-won is a conglomerate child. So, he tried many things since childhood. His hobbies are different every season. Spring..." said Doctor Bong and Doctor Jang knew that Jung Won was going to the Marathon.

"Right. He's running a marathon in the spring. Summer, surfing. Autumn, hiking, and winter, skiing. But now he's busy and can't do it." Obviously, Doctor Bong could tell from the photos that Jung Won had.

"Then Doctor Yang? Suk-Hyung? Does he have a hobby?” said Doctor Cha curiously.

"I think he's always at home. The TV in his house is said to be 300 inches.” Said Doctor Bong. Everyone couldn't believe it.

"While Song-hwa's only hobby is camping," said Doctor Bong.

Inside the room, Song Hwa received the face pack and was very happy to see there was a food box and it was all camping equipment. He also opened the cooking utensil for the camper, his face looked very happy to have it all.

“As for Ik-jun… He… has a lot of hobbies. He enjoys cycling, golf, and video games. He can also play guitar and bass. He's even good at making baseball team yells and cooking. Anyway, many and all proficient.” Say, Doctor Bong

"He can cook too?" asked Doctor Jang. Doctor Bong confirms.

“Unknowingly Ik-jun became a single father for years. U-ju is only fed organic, homemade food. She always cooks by herself and eats with her children every weekend.” Said Doctor Bong.

At home, the kitchen looks very messy with peeled tomatoes. Ik Jun made his own tomato sauce for his son, then started to taste it and felt that the vinegar wasn't enough and then tried to add it like it didn't taste right and added sugar.

After adding a few ingredients the taste was still not right, Ik Jun finally gave up by adding bottled tomato sauce to make it taste the same. U Ju has just finished taking a shower, Ik Jun changes clothes and carefully cuts the label on the back of his son's shirt.

"Tonight only Ma-ne and her father will come?" Ik Jun asked. U Ju tells them her name is Mo-ne.

"Yes, Mo-ne... Mo-ne doesn't have a brother or sister?" Ik Jun said

Ik Jun makes his own tomato sauce for his son.

Ik Jun makes his own tomato sauce for his son.

"I'm sure he has. Her name is Ma-ne. He has a twin brother, Jang Ma-ne.” U Ju said. Ik Jun couldn't believe it.

“Ma-ne and Mo-ne are always together. Isn't Ma-ne coming?" Ik Jun asked.

"Who knows. I like Mo-ne." U Ju said then Ik Jun told his son to stand up while commenting that love is unpredictable.

"Father has made donggeurangttaeng. There's sauce too." Ik Jun said excitedly going to the kitchen.

“I want to eat jajangmyeon.” U Ju said with his innocent face. Ik Jun immediately fell limp to hear his son's request like it was a waste of cooking.

In the garden, Mr. Ju sees a lot of flowers blooming then takes a picture curiously What's his name. He saw on the screen the name "Brachyscome Angustifolia." And it means Blooming all year round. He also commented that the life of flowers is also very tiring.

"Geraniums"? I've heard of "plutonium" and "uranium," but never heard of Geranium. Pleased to meet you!" said Mr. Ju to the other flowers.

"You have to go to the hospital." Mrs. Jung said seeing Mr. Ju who was chatting with flowers

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"I'm fed up with hospitals. When I'm sick, I will only go to the temple secretly... This flower is also the first I've seen. Wait a minute. What's your name?" said Mr. Ju

“Jong-su, take a photo of me.” Said Mrs. Jung was ready to style. Mr. Ju followed him.

"How? The results are out?” asked Mrs. Jung curiously. Mr. Ju was confused and then commented that Amazing! And Search was successful. Mrs. Jung couldn't believe it.

"The name of the flower... "Youth is over". Said your youth was over." Mr. Ju said. Mrs. Jung can't believe she wants to see her but Mr. Ju forbids her to come in because it's cold.

"How cold? It's summer... Come show me!” Mrs. Jung said annoyed


Doctor Jang puts his hair in a ponytail in front of the elevator, Doctor Cha comments that Doctor Jang is already beautiful and wears anything beautiful because he's still young. He then saw Doctor Jang's face which was a bit pale today. Doctor Jang admitted that he was on his period so it was normal.

“I want to ask… Doctor Jang Gyeo-ul, you only have one shirt on?” Doctor Cha . said

"Yes. My summer clothes are just this.” Doctor Jang said then looked at Doctor Cha. Doctor Cha is confused.

"My face is reflected in yours." Said Doctor Jang. Doctor Jang admits this is natural moist makeup. Doctor Jang comments that it's a bit of an exaggeration.

"My mother said the fashion that other people don't know is not the real fashion," said Doctor Cha, taking out his mirror.

“My mother said we should alert a close friend who went the wrong way.” Doctor Jang replied. Doctor Cha complains about it.

“We started the surgery to close Jeong Jin-ho's atrial septal defect. Do Jae-hawk's main doctor, Kim Jun-wan's assistant. Please begin, Doctor Do Jae-hak.” Said, Jun Wan. Doctor Do started the operation.

“Don't tear that part. Others can get hurt if the opening isn't right." Jun Wan orders his juniors. Doctor Do understands.

“Sew it right up to the endocardium. If it is sewn on the outside only, bleeding can occur there. That part should not be too deep. Don't be fooled by your own eyes. Pay attention before sewing." Jun Wan's message.

conditions in the operating room.

conditions in the operating room.

“Doctor Do Jae-hak, I couldn't finish because of the Intensive Care Unit call. Can I go, Doctor?" said Jun Wan taking off his surgical robe as he took out his cell phone.

"Go. Good work." Doctor Do said like a master doctor. Jun Wan also thanked him in return.

"Doctor... Thank you for this opportunity... Next time I will try to do better." The doctor said Do act like a junior

"Okay. Next time should be better. However, today you are better than I thought. Isn't this normal?" Jun Wan said. Doctor Do couldn't help but smile.

Yun Bok and Hong Do wait in the operating room. One of the senior doctors came in asking to give him his cell phone. Hong Do also gave it. The doctor saw the two Medical students and asked where his house was

“Far from the hospital... By metro 50 minutes.” Yun Bok replied. The doctor commented that he must be very tired.

"Okay. Enjoy your work!" said the doctor and left. They bowed politely.

"Doctor Jang Gyeo-ul... He's in surgery." Yun Bok said seeing another senior doctor coming.

"Oooh, I see? Thank you... Medical student, huh? What does your father do?" asked the senior doctor.

"My father is a farmer." Hong Do said. Senior Doctor understood then left the room as if he didn't care.

Jung Won is washing his hands and getting ready for surgery. The nurse comes to tell Ji-a's urine quantity per hour is not up to three ccs. Jung Won wants to know how his vital signs are. The nurse said the blood pressure was safe, but the heart rate was 150 and there was tachycardia.

"Doctor, everything is ready." Said the nurse out of the operating room. Jung Won looks confused and says get there soon.

“The operation for atresia ani must be completed in about two hours. Add infusion and keep me posted. Call Doctor Lee Ji-Yeong if it gets worse. I'll let him know." Jung Won's orders. The nurse nodded in understanding.

Another doctor came into the room and immediately asked who they were. Yon Bok answered Medical student. The doctor looked at the file on the race while commenting "Why are you struggling to get into Medicine" and asked There are members of the doctor's family. Yun Bok replied No.

"What's your father's job?" asked the doctor. Hong Do answered Farmer. The Doctor told the Farmer was great.

Doctor Do talked to his wife saying it wasn't a difficult operation, just an ASD operation. An atrial septal defect and has been done so many times. He is proud that it's finished. The wife thought her husband was being scolded by her seniors.

“Why am I being scolded? Doctor Kim Jun-wan doesn't always get angry all the time." Doctor Do said then hurriedly hung up the phone when he saw Jun Wan walking down the hall.

"Doctor, where are you going?" Doctor Do said hello. Jun Wan answered the secret and asked what his wife was.

"Yes. I'm showing off being the first primary doctor." Doctor Do said proudly. Jun Won admits that Doctor Do is very happy to have a wife.

“Doctor, I rent a house based on the deposit. Finally no monthly rent! Deposit 200 million. I will invite you to the celebration.” Said Doctor Do happy.

“You checked well, right? Now a lot of scams." Jun Wan warned.

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"It's me. CSAT four times, professional examination six times. Now it's hard to find a deposit-based house. While considering extending the monthly contract, there is a house that is held by a property agent. I immediately signed the contract. The process was fast and smooth because the house belongs to the agent.” Obviously, Doctor Do is excited.

"Really real estate agents don't cheat?" said Jun Wan. Doctor Do claimed to have checked the official copy of the registration and identification.

"You have to be careful." Said Doctor Do. Jun Wan asked warily what he meant.

“Doctor Cheon Myeong-take. I heard bad rumors about him. Don't deal with him." Obviously, Doctor Do

“"Bad rumors"? What?" said Jun Wan. Doctor Do says the rumors are a bit dirty.

"Forget it! I don't want to hear. I don't care if he cheats, gambles, or blackmails. You go now! Don't follow me." Said, Jun Wan.

Doctor Do is about to leave but calls Jun Wan back. Jun Wan complained about what else. Doctor Do is sure that Jun Wan has a boyfriend because he looks at his cellphone too often. Jun Wan couldn't help but be silent because two people had already guessed it.

"Besides, if he doesn't call at all, you're rejected." Doctor Do said then walked away.

Ik Jun enters the room and instantly recognizes the famous Hong-do and Yun-bok. The two introduced themselves politely. Ik Jun thought they had met, that time gave a lot of sausages. Hong Do remembers the chatty cafeteria guy

"Hey. Shut up." Yun Bok whispered to his sister. Ik Jun then asked what songs are popular among children today.

"I mean music. What songs are popular among college students?” said Ik Jun. Hong Do immediately answered IU.

“I like… Zoo.” Yun Bok said. Ik Jun can't believe it when he hears it confirms that it's the Zoo he likes too.

"How did you know Zoo?" Ik Jun asked. Hong Do tells Yun Bok that he always listens to old songs and thinks he has bad taste.

"No. Why do old songs suck? Your taste is worse." Ik Jun said. Yun Bok comments that Hong Do doesn't understand romance.

"Right. Don't be friends with him... Romantic..." said Ik Jun then stopped because he had to receive a call and said he'd be there immediately.

“I have to go see a patient. Next time I'll treat you to a good meal. Besides, you guys don't stay here. Better Silence in the lobby cafe. If it's here, everyone who comes here will give advice and interfere." Said Ik Jun because he must be tired and then rushed off.

"Is he a comedian?" Hong Do asked. Yun Bok looked impressed and answered no but Ik Jun, Romantic Doctor.

Nurse Song stands in front of the drink machine looking at Doctor Jang's face to make sure he's fine. Doctor Jang feels nothing is wrong and just wants cola. Nurse Song told me that his face was very swollen.

"I'm on my period. I've been taking medicine." Said Doctor Jang. The nurse thought it was because of the medicine.

At that time Ik Jun who was passing by heard him and approached. Doctor Jang also greets Ik Jun. Ik Jun sees Doctor Jang and orders him to go to the ER immediately. Doctor Jang with a swollen face feels no need. Only the condition is not good.

“You're not doing well… It looks like you're allergic. What did you eat today?” Ik Jun said

"I just eat normally." Doctor Jang said and suddenly fell limp. Ik Jun and the nurse took him.

In the obstetrician's room

“You've had a blood test, and you've been diagnosed with antiphospholipid syndrome. Blood must flow properly for the uterus to survive, but antiphospholipid syndrome causes poor blood circulation. Your body has a hard time forming a placenta and maintaining a pregnancy.” It's obvious Suk Hyung

“Then… some kind of normal abortion?” asked the woman. Suk Hyung confirmed.

"It's already the third pregnancy, huh? The two previous pregnancies were miscarriages. This is the seventh week of pregnancy. Right?” Suk Hyung said. The woman confirmed with her face down while crying. Suk Hyung also gave a tissue.

"You'd better take some medicine. You have to inject heparin to reduce the blood's tendency to coagulate. The injection is not too difficult. Just like a diabetic patient who injects insulin. The syringe is also very thin. It won't hurt as much as you think." It's obvious Suk Hyung

“The nurse will explain the injection method and the instructions for taking the drug in detail. Then we will meet in two weeks for outpatient treatment,” said Suk Hyung casually. Doctor Cha who saw it felt pity.

“Doctors… must have seen this kind of illness many times. This isn't a serious illness for you, is it?” said the patient who was still crying.

“Why is miscarriage called a disease? Miscarriage is not a disease. You're not wrong at all. Patients often ask, "What did I do wrong to experience this? What should I watch out for?" There is not any. Anyone can experience it." It's obvious Suk Hyung

“Besides, now you know the cause. Take preventive measures and treatment, then there will be good results. So, take the injection, and rest for a while." It's obvious Suk Hyung

In the gynecologist's office.

In the gynecologist's office.

The patient understands and says thank you. Suk Hyung thought it was over. The nurse confirmed that it was finished. Suk Hyung thought they could have lunch. Doctor Cha thought he would treat everything.

Jun Wan went to the cafe to order two chocolate cakes, wrapped in one fork because he was going to eat alone. Suddenly a voice came from the speaker “Thoracoplastic Surgery, code blue. Front hallway Room 6210.” Jun Wan immediately ran away from the cake.

“Doctor Park Jin-u's patient?” said Jun Wan entered to see the patient who was being given CPR

“It seems that the patient had an aortic valve change due to endocarditis. I'll check the heart rate." Said the doctor and saw that the heartbeat returned.

"Mr. Lee Jong-hyeon... are you okay?" said the nurse and Mr. Lee seemed to be able to breathe again.

Jun Wan also gave thanks and said goodbye. and asks to check if the flow is correct.

Jun Wan came out of the TREATMENT ROOM, Someone greeted him. Ju Wan doesn't seem to know who the doctor in front of him is. The doctor reached out and said his name was Cheon Myeong-take. Jun Wan introduced himself.

“You are superior in thoracoplastic surgery and also you are superior for handling the VIP Ward. Doctors are judged by talent. Yes, right? Do you have an appointment this weekend? Do you like golf?” said doctor Cheon. Jun Wan as if he didn't care to hear the golf immediately shone.

The hospital canteen is full of nurses seeing there are two empty chairs there and telling Doctor Cha and Suk Hyung to sit down first. Doctor Cha ordered the nurse to sit down first and saw the empty seat in front of him and asked Suk Hyung to sit together.

"I want to ask. Is it okay?" said Doctor Cha with a nervous face. Suk Hyung agreed while busy with his chopsticks.

“Who is the woman in the dark blue dress you met in the outdoor garden last week? I see... you guys are chatting intimately face to face. Who's he?" said Doctor Cha curiously

"She... The mistress of the President of Taegun Apparel, Yang Tae-yang." Suk Hyung said casually. Doctor Cha is shocked to hear that.

“President Yang Tae-yang's mistress… You saw the news, right? I think all the hospital employees know. I'm ok. I've gotten used to it since I was in school." Suk Hyung said.

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Doctor Cha seems to have hope that he will finally help Suk Hyung, who is having a hard time picking up perila leaves. At that time Ik Jun came to see an empty seat beside Suk Hyung and invited Jun Won to sit there. Ik Ju reminds that tomorrow they have band practice

"Don't make any promises tomorrow night. Got it, Ahn Jung-won?” said Ik Jun. Jung Won understand

"You've eaten. Are you not being picky?" Ik Jun's comment. Suk Hyung admitted that he was never picky about food.

"Don't be picky friends." Ik Jun mocked. Suk Hyung complained that his juniors were here.

"You're Doctor Jang's best friend, right?" said Ik Jun. Doctor Cha confirms and is surprised that Ik Jun can find out.

“You guys are often together… I forgot. Gyeo-ul is in the ER right now.” Ik Jun said. Doctor Cha is shocked and asks why

"Now it's getting better after the injection. I think she had anaphylaxis from NSAIDs. “SEVERE ALLERGY REACTION” Her face was swollen 30 minutes after taking her menstrual medication, then short of breath. He fainted slowly like in a movie.” Ik Jun's story

Doctor Cha panicked and immediately rushed to say goodbye. Ik Jun says that Doctor Jang has gotten much better and maybe he is sleeping. Jung Won was watching from a distance.


Doctor Jang wakes up from his sleep, Doctor Cha makes sure that Doctor Jang is fine, someone is sick, and what needs to be called a nurse. Doctor Jang feels no need because it doesn't hurt at all.

“Are you sleeping here? Is it dawn now?” said Doctor Jang. Doctor Cha replied It was still night.

“By the way, a lot of messages have been on your phone since just now. There are a lot of doctors here too.” Said Doctor Cha. Doctor Jang immediately took his cell phone.

“I should have entered General Surgery too. You really are being treated like a princess, not a resident doctor.” Complained Doctor Cha.

Doctor Jang immediately woke up seeing the incoming message. “I heard you were sick. What's getting better now. Lots of rest. Get well soon." And it's from Jung Won. He also made sure that Jung Won sent a smile sign. Doctor Cha confirmed.

"It's a sign of a smile, not a wave, right?" said Doctor Jan again to confirm. Doctor Cha confirms and wants to know why asking that question.

"Does he like me?" said Doctor Jang. Doctor Cha could only stare in confusion.

“Doctor Ahn Jung Won likes me, right?” said Doctor Jang. Doctor Cha immediately said no. Doctor Jang is confused and wants to know the reason.

“If you like him, he'll be here… You like him, don't you? Doctor Jang Gyeo-ul, you like Doctor Ahn Jeong-won, don't you?” said Doctor Cha. Doctor Jang nods tearfully.

Jung Won was just about to leave the room, Song Hwa called and asked Jun Wan Song-hwa to invite him to dinner because he had something to say if he could come. Jun Wan nodded.

“Yes, he can… Alright. We are also preparing to go out… See you later.” said Jung Won then hung up the phone.

"There's something strange about him. Is there any problem?" asked Jung Won out of the room.

"Why? What's with the sound?" asked Jun Wan. Jung Won thinks Song Hwa is pretending to be strong, but I think something is wrong.

Inside the restaurant, Jun Wan looks angry at Song Hwa who just said now and wants to know when to get tested. Song Hwa confessed last week and had a biopsy test and the results came out tomorrow. Ik Jun knows it's a needle biopsy.

“Yeah, that... The shape isn't good. I was a little scared when the doctor said that.” Song Hwa said trying to relax.

"Hey, don't talk like that! Why go to Jae-an Medical Center? If it's me or Ik-jun, we'll definitely test and treat it immediately. So when are the results out? There's my cousin at Jae-an Medical Center. Let me ask." Jung Won said.

"Good grief. Do not! I didn't say that on purpose, I'm afraid you guys are making a fuss like this. I'm afraid to be the subject of gossip in the hospital if the results are bad. I do not like it." Say Song Hwa

"What's bad? Impossible. The results are definitely out. I called." Suk Hyung said.

"No need. Do not! I know the results tomorrow morning. What's the phone for? I do not want to. Do not even try! I went to another hospital because I was afraid of you guys like this. Please don't do anything." Song Hwa said.

"What time tomorrow?" asked Jun Wan. Song Hwa answered at 7 am. Jun Wan couldn't believe it was so early

"Yes. I said this week's schedule is tight, can't go. Then it was scheduled an hour earlier. Outpatient here starting at 08.00. I am very grateful." Obviously Song Hwa.

“You said you couldn't because of the patient's outpatient schedule? Extraordinary! You can ask the clerk to reschedule. Can't you be flexible?” lamented Jun Wan

"How could it be? Many patients from the village have arranged the schedule since last month. Do not worry. Let me do it myself. So fussy!” said Song Hwa annoyed

“Even so, he's a great doctor. He wants to come early for the sake of the patient.” Jung Won's Comment

"Yes, right? I couldn't possibly be that early. Let me know as soon as the results come out.” Ik Jun said. Song Hwa understands.

Jun Wan immediately offered to accompany him. Song Hwa warns not to come. Jung Won is sure that the results will be good and invites him to eat. At that time there was a telephone ringing. Jun Won and everyone tells if it's not a brand phone.

“Hello. Are his vital signs stable? Is there free air too? Yes, I'm near here. That's right, if there's liver laceration and bowel perforation, I'll need an exploratory laparotomy. I'll be right there." Ik Jun said then hung up the phone and said goodbye.

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