Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 6 Part 1 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 6 Part 1

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Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 6 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 6 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 6 Part 1 English Subtitle

Song Hwa just got out of the car, Ik Jun ran up and yelled "Hey, Parking Lot Queen!" Song Hwa looked up immediately. Ik Jun approached him and asked him to park his bike. Song Hwa suddenly yelled confused "Parking queen" 

 "Then why did you turn around? Please hurry up! .. And buy me some coffee!" Ik Jun said as if he was hiding something and hurried away. 

 "I`m waiting in the lobby!" Song Hwa said then smelled something from his friend`s bicycle seat. 

 Song Hwa saw that his two juniors were also sitting there sleeping. Doctor Heo wakes up immediately apologizing. Song Hwa thinks why to apologize because he was the one who apologized had woken Doctor Heo up. 

 "There`s still time before it starts... You can sleep again, ”Song Hwa said. Dr. Heo didn't think it was necessary and immediately finished his expression. 

 “Fun! Hello everyone! He said that Ik Jun came and showed them his happy face. 

 "When did you change?" Song Hwa asked. Ik Jun admitted that it was impossible to enter the lobby in this outfit. 

 "I want to see the patient. So pee and change in no time." Ik Jun said. Song Hwa shot him a mocking look. 

 “That's not what you think ... My anal sphincter is still strong. Don't think it's strange! "Ik Jun said and then looked at Doctor Yong, who was sleeping. 

" What's wrong with him? He slept very well. Waking up in the morning is difficult, "said Ik Jun. At that moment, Doctor Yong woke up looking confused. 

 “Now you have to go beyond. Drop everything you have in the real world and come with me. Ik Jun said, holding his hand like an angel. 

 "Now? But I still have a lot to do." Dr. Yong said, confused. 

 "Hey, wake up! Doctor, he's still alive ... let's stop this!" Song Hwa said and woke them up. Doctor Yong couldn't believe it when he heard this. 

 "Doctor Yong looks so tired! Has he taken time off? It's definitely better after a break." Ik Jun said 

 "Not yet, but I'll go next month." Dr. Yong said. Ik Jun nodded in understanding 

 “Dr. Chae said we should have at least one summer week off. So doctors in private practice are taking alternative leave. "Dr. Yong said 

," I would also like to take a week off. "Song Hwa said. Dr. Heo asks what he will do if he takes a year off and does not work. 

 “He must want to study.” Sela Ik Jun. Song Hwa admits that she doesn't, but she would like to live in Gangneung, Sokcho, or Tongyeong. 

 “I just want to go to a place like this for a year. I just want to live for a year in a place that is neither too big nor too small like a doctor there. "Say Song Hwa 

" The question is, "What would you do if you didn't work?" said Ik Jun, who made fun of the song Hwa and thought that Main was getting more boring every day. "

Jun Wan reads Ik Sun's message with a happy smile.

" Absolutely not! It's a lot of fun in this world, "Ik Jun said. Song Hwa also ordered him to play Ik Jun. 

" I want to work in a small hospital and not a large one. I want to dedicate myself to every patient. "Song Hwa said, wishing 

," MBC used to have a documentary show called Success Tale. "Ik Jun sneered. Song Hwa asked to stop him. 

 "If the series still exists,  the story could be three episodes." Ik Jun said, holding back a laugh. 

 "I will go to the mountains and the beach in my spare time," Song Hwa said with a happy smile. 

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 “The village clinic is more crowded. "Leisure"? Do not dream! "Ik Jun said. Doctor Heo also wants to know what Ik Jun will do. 

" I ... never thought about that ... I guess I have children, "said Ik Jun. Doctor Yong says one hundred percent single 

" Club! I have to go to the club. " I would go to a nightclub and dance the night away. The soles of my feet won't touch the ground for more than a second. "Ik Jun said while performing the dance. 

" So during the day? Song Hwa asked. Ik Jun replied that Aran shopping really likes the city and he likes it. Seoul 

 "Compared to the starlight and moonlight in the village, I prefer ..." Ik June said with a happy face. 

 "Haven't you photographed flowers lately?"  Song Hwa said mockingly. Ik Jun confirms that there are flowers in the mall. 

 “Flowers are blooming in the apartment area. I photographed flowers at the florist next to the food court and on the first floor of the mall. "Ik Jun said 

" Come on! It's time to see the patient. "Song Hwa said he didn't want to talk about it anymore. 

" I have to see the patient too. Is it just you? "Ik Jun replied and then hurried. Song Hwa complains that there is a lot of noise. 


, Jun Wan  Ik Sun's message says with a happy smile" I will reply in 72 hours. "Are you planning a strategy War? Just relax. " Ik Sun replied, "Then I'll ask you for a week." 

 "Okay. Don't forget to eat," Jun Wan wrote with a happy face. Ik Jun also admitted that he always eats two plates of rice. 

 Jung Won is on the phone with his mother when she enters the room, apologizing that her baby's condition has suddenly deteriorated and she had to rush to the pediatric intensive care unit. 

 “Can't you perform the medical check-up alone? Ma'am, the gastroscopy has to be last.  Say Jung won

"Of course you can. Is it the child's mother? However, sedation endoscopy in this hospital must be accompanied by a guardian. Damn, what a pain! Does that mean people without husbands, children, friends, girlfriends, are prohibited from endoscopy for sedation?” Mrs. Jung said angrily

"Mom knows too. So my mother took a taxi so as not to drive. After all..." said Mrs. Jung then saw a doctor was in front of her

"Excuse me... Where's the medical check-up center?" asked Mrs. Jung.

“In the next building, basement one. You can go out first and into that building, or down to basement one straight from here." Doctor said. Mrs. Jung also praised the doctor was very friendly.

"Forget it! Mom doesn't need you. Let me take care of this endoscope myself. You just work! Already!" said Mrs. Jung angry and hung up her son.

In the room

Jung Won sees Jun Wan asking if he has a girlfriend. Jun Wan could only stare in disbelief. Jung Won thinks it's true and can talk later. Jun Wan can't believe that Jung Won is a fortune teller because he can guess it.

Ik Jun examines the patient, the nurse tells the patient that he has a fever of 37.8 degrees in the morning and is given fever medicine. But now it's getting better. Ik Jun claimed to have seen the X-ray this morning so he felt the patient had a fever because his lungs had not been opened.

"Even though it's difficult, you have to be diligent in blowing the spirometer." Obviously Ik Jun.

“I have no energy because I only eat porridge every day.” Patient Ik Jun complains that starting tomorrow, he will prepare rice.

"Starting tomorrow give him the usual menu." Ik Jun orders the nurse. The nurse nodded in understanding.

"Can I eat meat? I really want to eat bulgogi. Even now… I smell like bulgogi.” Said the patient.

“Bulgogi Seoul. Yes, right? The seasoning is sweet and given a lot of scallions. Plus two tablespoons minced garlic, a little starch syrup, and lots of enoki and shitake mushrooms. Yes, right?" said Ik Jun then felt that it was very smelly...

"Grandma! Should not. He must fast... No. Gosh... Tomorrow you have surgery, Grandpa... You can't eat this." Nurse said when Ik Jun opened the curtain to see the ward beside him.

“Doctor... He's going to have major surgery. His stomach was torn apart. He can't be operated on when he's hungry. For the operation to go smoothly, he must at least eat one big meal. Isn't that right, Doctor?" said the grandmother could not bear to see her husband.

“Not really, Grandpa… Grandpa, you can eat as much weight as possible later after the operation. If you eat now, you can't operate and have to fast again. If you hold on now, I'll let you eat well until you're 100 years old. Yes?" said Ik Jun closing the lunch box again.

The grandfather understands, Ik Jun will also store it in the refrigerator. The three of them went out together. The nurse feels lucky that Ik Jun can find out because otherwise, it would be dangerous even though the surgery is tomorrow.

“Doctor, wait! Doctor!.. Drink this... My grandson bought it. It tastes sweet and delicious. Very delicious." said the grandmother gave to Ik Jun.

"Sorry, Nick. We cannot accept this kind of thing. It's dangerous if we accept it." Said the nurse.

"Good grief. Can't even a can of coffee? It's nothing. I feel guilty for making such a fuss today.” Grandma said

"You are so kind. We accept your sincerity.” Said the nurse. Ik Jun continued to stare at the grandmother.

“Give it to me… Thank you. It looks delicious. This time I accept, Grandma. However, don't give it again next time." Ik Jun said

Ah Ra eats jajangmyun with a huge mouthful.

Ah Ra eats jajangmyun with a huge mouthful.

"Well. There won't be another time... Enjoy the coffee.” Grandma said. Ik Jun also said thank you.

“Nurse Song Su-bin! We're going to the VIP Ward. Mr. Song and I are going to Mr. Go Yeong-min's room in the VIP Ward.” Ik Jun said. His junior holds Ik Jun.

Ik Jun looked at him and knew what it meant to finally allow his juniors to come with him. A nurse tells about her son. Ik Jun can't believe that nurse Song's son wants to quit school. The nurse told her son who said he couldn't go to school.

"We can't stop him if he says he can't. What can we do about it?" Nurse Song said

"Second grade of middle school, right?" said Ik Jun. Nurse Song confirmed. Ik Jun recounted when he said, "You should at least graduate from middle school."

“He wants to take the Equality Test. He's going to work part-time to buy cameras and computers, and ask me not to interfere. He's an alien, not my son." Nurse Song said then knocked on the VIP room door.

Go Ah Ra immediately greeted the doctor who had just arrived, the nurse was surprised to see Ah Ra in the room and thought she would come after filming. Ah, Ra admits filming all night and has been here for quite a while. And just haven't removed the makeup.

"Your father is sleeping?" Ik Jun asked. Ah, Ra admitted that he had just fallen asleep. Si Junior is very impressed with the figure of Ah Ra.

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“Despite the simple operation, the next day is always the most difficult. He must be feeling better tomorrow. Please tell me to just hold on for one day.” Ik Jun said

“He was watching TV with me until he fell asleep. He says fine, no one is sick. I have to treat you some time.” AH Ra . said

"Sure... How about this afternoon?" said Ik Jun. Ah, Ra immediately agreed.

Jung Won examined the patient who was a baby and then asked what was the total bilirubin and LFT level. The nurse told the total bilirubin 26, LFT 700/400, and tended to rise steadily. Jung Won asked No news from KONOS yet. The nurse replied Not yet.

"I don't think he'll last more than a week." said the nurse. Jung Won can only be silent hearing it.

 “Ji-a's mother is outside, right?” Jung Won said. The nurse confirmed that the mother was very frustrated.

“I've often explained well. Not as outspoken as before.” Obviously Doctor Jang

"Thank you. Let me explain to Ji-a's mother. That Ji-a might have a hard time holding on.” Jung Won said

Finally, Jung Won came out of the PEDIATRIC INTENSIVE CARE UNIT. A mother sat alone crying. Jung Won stared from a distance and seemed to feel sad.

Ah, Ra eats jajangmyun with a huge mouthful. Ik Jun who saw it commented that Ah Ra is eating a lot now. Ah, Ra knew before that she only ate once every two days and she thought Ik Jun must be upset. Ik Jun admits honestly and then apologizes.

"Then you want to break up because of that?" Ah, Ra said. Ik Jun thought he would never ask for a break-up.

"Than me?" Ah, Ra said. Ik Jun confirmed that Ah Rabilang, "I'm tired, bored, and want to rest," then disappeared.

“After disappearing I contacted you again, but you ignored me. I think I called 30 times.” Ah Ra . said

"No, 29 times." Ik Jun said. Ah, Ra smiles admitting I'm glad Ik Jun can remember the little things. Ik Jun laughed admitting that he was just talking.

At that time, two juniors saw Ah Ra say hello and claimed to be a fan. Ah, Ra smiled to greet his fans. Ik Jun thinks Ah Ra is uncomfortable so it's better to eat at an outside restaurant. Ah, Ra thinks if you want to treat yourself to a good meal.

"Don't you know the Anti-Corruption and Bribery Law?" said Ik Jun.

At that time, Doctor Yong and Doctor Heo came to greet Ah Ra as if they didn't expect it. Ik Jun is annoyed to tell the two that Ah Ra is eating right now so asks him to get lost. Ah, Ra also with a smile said Happy eating.

"Would you like another order? This Kongguksu is delicious too.” Ik Jun said. Suddenly someone else came.

"Good grief! Who's this? I am your fan." said a man. Ik Jun angrily cursed.

"Can you let him eat..." said Ik Jun raising his head, it turned out that Mr. Ju who came immediately stood up to greet him.

"He's the director of our hospital." Ik Jun said. Mr. Ju thought Ik Jun There was no need to stand up.

“Your face is much prettier in real. We're so lucky! Are you a doll?” said Mrs. Jung. Ah, ra confessed not with his laughter.

"What are you doing here? Are you sick?” Ik Jun asked. Jung Won's mother answered only Check health.

"Is he your patient?" asked Mrs. Jung. Ik Jun confirmed that yesterday he operated on his father.

"May I have a photo taken?" said Mr. Ju. Ah, Ra allows Mr. Ju to think about taking a selfie. Ah, Ra thought to take a picture.

Mr. Ju refused to hold his cellphone, the three of them got ready. Mr. Ju realizes that if he presses the video, Ik Jun thinks he can help him. Mr. Ju refuses to admit that he can do it himself. But it's like using the wrong rear camera.

Finally, Mrs. Jung, who is annoyed, throws the cellphone at Ik Jun so that she can take their photo. The three of them took photos with the help of Ik Jun.


Mrs. Jung complains that Mr. Ju is stubborn for embarrassing himself in public. Mr. Ju admits it's hard to see so there's nothing he can do and asks Mrs. Jung to give her the car keys because they're taking them home.

"The older you get, the more stubborn you are. No wonder young people don't like you,” said Mrs. Jung, taking out her car keys.

“Come on… Even so, my heart is still young. What is the importance of age? A body that must be young. The heart doesn't matter at all." said Mr. Ju pressing the key to finding Mrs. Jung's car but something was on.

Mrs. Jung is annoyed that she finally takes the key so she can find it. Mr. Ju thought that the key might run out of battery and made sure that it was parked on this floor. Mrs. Jung confesses that she always parks on this floor... then suddenly bursts out laughing.

“Right, right? The heart doesn't matter at all," said Mr. Ju. Mrs. Jung was still laughing while crouching.

Jun Wan was on the phone with an annoyed expression.

Jun Wan was on the phone with an annoyed expression.

“Jong-su, let's go to the nursing home!” said Mrs. Jung. Mr. Ju asked if there is a good place

"Honestly, I don't mind. Now let's find the car first. Here!" said Mr. Ju

“Today I came here by taxi… I took a taxi! Hard to believe." Mrs. Jung said just keep laughing

“Can you laugh in this situation?” said Mr. Ju in surprise. Mrs. Jun thought she must be laughing because she was getting old so forgetful.

"As complicated as you think, it's still hard to believe. I took a taxi," said Mrs. Jung still laughing

Suk Hyung sat in the park with a nervous face, then tried to call his mother. The mother asked if her son had lunch. Suk Hyung admits that he hasn't and just wants to eat then hears his mother's different voice and thinks he has the flu.

“It is said that even dogs don't get the flu in the summer, but my mother catches the flu. Mom is fine. Already take medication. Why did you call?” said Mrs. Suk Hyung

"Yes. No... I'm going to Auntie's after work. Now I'm going to go eat... See you later." said Suk Hyung then hung up the phone.

Suk Hyung seemed to be very restless exhaling and was surprised that Jung Won was sitting beside him and asked when he was coming. Jung Won can only stare sadly and confused. Suk Hyung guessed that the patient's condition was bad.

“A six-month-old baby was operated on by Kasai three months ago due to biliary atresia. At first, he was improving, but now his liver cirrhosis is severe. There was no other way but a liver transplant, but the mother's blood type didn't match, and her father had hepatitis B." Obviously Jung Won.

"Have you registered it? Although it is difficult to find a donor because he is a baby.” Suk Hyung said

"Of course it is. However, there is no news yet. The braindead donor must be under 40 years old because he is still a baby. The size can't be too big. The situation is very difficult. The baby's parents looked very tired. They almost gave up. However, I can't give up." Said Jung Won trying to stay strong.

“We still have to try our best… Come on! We eat." Suk Hyung said. Jung Won admitted that he had no taste.

Jun Wan speaks in complaining to his mother that the Hinoki wooden bathtub and it turns out because his mother knows Seong-bom in the house next door made it for his parents. He couldn't believe it took Thirty million won

“Mother, I am not a rich person. I'm just an ordinary employee... Seriously!” said Ik Jun annoyed

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Song Hwa also spoke on the phone claiming that he had spoken to a friend of the ENT-KL doctor so he could come next week and accompany him. He admitted that hearing aids had to be fit and good, so they had to choose cheap ones.

“Jeong-Yeon change what? Change name? So what? Mom... If she's still an extra for 15 years in theater, then she's not talented. Tell him to stop and learn a skill or take a test. Let me call him." Jun Wan said annoyed then hung up the phone

“Jeong-Yeon changed the name?” Song Hwa asked. Jun Wan tells his name to Be Yeon-Jeong. Song Hwa thought it was good.

"What's good about it? So silly. Like a Chinese restaurant... Gosh! Stupid brat!" Jung Wan said annoyed

“You ordered eggs, right? Here comes the Egg. Eggs are fresh and big. I knew you weren't eating right. It's from the cafeteria chef. Eat it." Ik Jun said come.

“Boiled eggs, right?” Jun Wan said. Ik Jun confirmed. At that time Doctor Ahn came to give USB.

"Younger brother. Hello!" Who is Ik Jun? Doctor Ahn is confused. Song Hwa told the younger sister's husband that the sister-in-law.

“Brother-in-law, please sit here… Are you busy? Sit down for a moment." Ik Jun said. Doctor Ahn admits there is work.

“Song-hwa! Is he busy? You are so authoritarian!” Ik Jun complained. Song Hwa finally told Doctor Ahn to Sit down and eat.

"Right. Sit down for a second... I have something to tell you... You know you're the first, right?” said Ik Jun. Doctor Ahn didn't understand what he meant.

“Ik-sun… He's actually quite popular. When we met him in person, he was far more humorous than expected.” Ik Jun said

"Right. Ik-sun is very humorous… I know that… Especially the dove…” said Doctor Ahn.

"Right. Pigeons. You see often? I taught him. I... my pigeon... can fly like this. Then come back again." Ik Jun said making his hands a bird

“I watched that for 20 years… I'm sick!” Song Hwa said. Jun wan admitted that he had seen both of them.

“Many men expressed their love for Ik-sun thanks to that. The men who chase and like Ik-sun are numerous. It's everywhere." Said Ik Jun proud of himself

"Yes, Ik-sun is also popular at the headquarters..." said Doctor Ahn. Ik Jun admits that he has just seen him, who is usually chased by men, likes someone openly.

"Me? I don't know. Our relationship isn't like that. We're just close friends." Dr. Ahn said. 

 "At first it was like this. Soon you will be called "Darling" or "Sweet". Ik Jun said excitedly. 

 "Doctor, our relationship really isn't like that." Dr. Ahn said. Jun Wan, who is next to him, tries to stay calm. 

 “My sister has only experienced love her entire life. She never liked him. Even if she likes her, she always keeps it under lock and key. But I think ... my sister likes you ... Dr. Ahn Chihong. Will you accept ... my sister's love? Ik Jun said. 

 It was then that  Jun Wan's hand hit Ik Jun's head with an egg. Song Hwa could only look at him and believe that he had to be sick. Ik Ju is angry that Jun Wan hit her and immediately rips her hair out. Jn Wan also didn't want to stop pulling Ik Jun's hair. They both pulled at their hair. 

 Doctor Ahn is confused when he tries to intervene, Song Hwa asks the two of them to stop. Ik Sun does not accept that Jun Wan broke the egg that he brought with him. 

 Jun Wan broke the egg on the table and that's why his hair was so messy. Song Hwa thought that they were seven years old and wanted to know why Jun Wan had cracked the egg on his head. Jun Wan explains that Ikjun is talking nonsense! 

 "What nonsense?"  Song Hwa said. Jung Wan confessed that this is the first time I've seen an older brother who knows so much about his sister. 

 "This isn't her sister's story, it's hers. It's been like this all her life, right? Have you seen Ikjun like you did before? Married even after Hyejeong chased him for months. They both drive me crazy. I'll go, ”Jun Wan said. 

 "Don't you want coffee?" Song Hwa said. Jun Wan admits that he has to comply with the master's instincts. 

 "I'll give you a gift ... I'm leaving," Jun Wan said. Song Hwa could only smile at the behavior of the two. 

 MEDICAL OFFICE 3 Neurosurgery 

 Jun Wan enters the room and asks Doctor Heo and Doctor Yong if they saw Master Instinct. Dr. Heo is confused, but Dr. Yong can see and says that Dr. Do Jaehak wanted to buy coffee for a while and considered calling him. 

 "It is not necessary ... He is not always  there when I want to be nice." Jung Wan said. Dr. Yong also wanted to know what was going on. 

 "I am going to operate on an atrial septal defect  next week." Jung Wan said. Dr. Yong considered calling him 

. “Only I… wanted to surprise you by speaking directly. I came here because they say it is here often. What can we do against it? You're just unlucky ... well done, "Jun Wan said.

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