Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 6 Part 3 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 6 Part 3

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Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 6 Part 3

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 6 Part 3

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 6 Part 3 English Subtitle

Ik Jun spoke on the phone when he got out of the car telling him that he had gone home but had to go back to the hospital. Ah, Ra asks There is an emergency patient. Ik Jun confirmed that the patient was in a car accident, so it seems that he needs liver and bowel surgery.

“Gosh, you must have stayed up all night.” Say Ah Ra. Ik Jun thought that it had just finished early in the morning and that was the fastest.

“In that case, pay a visit to the filming location after the operation. The location is close. Tomorrow I also have to be ready in the morning Let me buy coffee. There are many convenience stores here.” Say Ah Ra

“I have to buy coffee. You've already treated that time. If it's done early in the morning, I'll try to get there. However, no promises." said Ik Jun.

"Well. Happy surgery. Hopefully, we'll see you tomorrow!" said Ah Ra.

Ik Jun finally entered the operating room and finished in the morning, he then went out to the convenience store to buy a few cans of coffee and left by taxi.


Song Hwa was already parked early, his face looking nervous. He tried to calmly polish his face with lipstick but his hands were shaking. He finally went to the total health check section and complained that his friend had come.

"What now? Of course, out of concern." Said Ik Jun who sat down and yawned widely because he hadn't slept.

“Your mouth is almost tearing from yawning. You should just sleep at home. What did you come for?” said Song Hwa.

"How can I sleep?" said Ik Jun and one of the nurses came. Ik Jun immediately apologized for bothering him so early in the morning.

"That's okay. This happens a lot.” Said the nurse. Ik Jun immediately handed over a can of coffee. The nurse refused.

"Please. It's cheap. Don't worry... I bought a lot. Therefore, give. Please take this. Help." Said Ik Jun whining.

They all gather and eat together.

They all gather and eat together.

"Thank you. Just wait ten minutes." said the nurse. Ik Jun understands.

The two of them sat staring at the doctor's room in front of him. Song Hwa then asked what if he got cancer. Ik Jun replied Just to be treated and will definitely cure it. Song Hwa thought it was okay too. Ik Jun was confused about what he meant.

“The doctor's words are full of confidence. Now I realize why doctors are forbidden to say that. But I'm glad to hear that. Any disease can be cured. I can no longer say that to patients. If something happens… If the outcome isn't good… I think I'll be desperate.” Song Hwa said.

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At that time, Suk Hyung called, Song Hwa told him that he would come in soon and will tell him soon. Ik Jun can't believe that Suk Hyung can call too. Song Hwa confirmed. Ik Jun thinks he can only send messages. Song Hwa admitted that Suk Hyung often called him.

“In the past… Suk-Hyung really liked you.” Said Ik Jun teasingly. Song Hwa complains that it's in the past.

“The day Suk-Hyung confessed his feelings to you… Did you know he was sleeping on the side of the road?” said Ik Jun. Song Hwa is shocked to hear that.

"At night we drank together. He said himself that you rejected his love. We drank and then parted ways, but suddenly I got a call from the police. They asked me to take it. The police called me because the last time he called me." Ik Jun's story

"I was surprised and left. However, unexpectedly, the police took him because he was afraid that he would freeze to death on the side of the road. What a memory." Ik Jun said

“A memory… So you already know? Why pretend you don't know?" Song Hwa said

“I just know Suk-Hyung likes you. I don't know the details." Kaat Ik Jun. At that time Song Hwa's name was called to enter. The two of them entered the room.


Song Hwa smiled happily as she cleaned her desk and confirmed that there was still ten minutes, Doctor Ahn confirmed and thought about buying coffee. Song Hwa refused because he was just making sure.

“However, since you said so, I want to.” Song Hwa said. Just then the door opened.

"What did he say?" asked Suk Hyung. Song Hwa replied with a smile. It's okay. Just a cyst. Suk Hyung left

"What was the result?" Jung Won asked opening the door. Song Hwa answered Fibroadenoma. Tested again six months later. Jung Won admitted that he had expected it and then left.

Just then Jun Wan opened the door violently and quickly, the first Song Hwa immediately shouted “Kista! Just a cyst! Enough?" Jun Wan understood and immediately closed the door again. Song Hwa asked if everyone had arrived. Doctor Ahn replied There was still one person left.

“Did you call the others? I saw them come out one after another. Don't forget to practice the band tonight. See you later." said Ik Jun bringing coffee and then greeting Doctor Ahn as his sister-in-law.

They all gather, Ik Jun sees Suk Hyung drinking cola and wants it. Song Hwa thought they could get addicted to cola after a while. Jung Won knows they can't drink wine for fear of a call. Suk Hyung asked Jun-wan for cola or Sprite

"He's busy... His mother wants a hinoki wooden bathtub," said Ik Jun

"What? Do you want to replace it with pyeonbaek wood? Mother, pyeonbaek wood is hinoki. Just the same! Like heopa and lungs. Kong at and kidney. Jijimi and fries. Jeonguji and Chico." Said Jun Wan with a Busan accent.

“Is Jeonguji a chive?” asked Suk Hyung hearing that. Ik Jun confirmed.

“I'm with friends... Fine. We'll talk again. I understand." Jun Wan said then hung up the phone.

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Jun Wan joins the group asking if Today is Zoo's song and if Ik Jun brought a guitar. Song Hwa praised Jun Wan for being amazing because he could immediately use the Seoul accent. Jun Wan denied that he didn't use a regional accent.

"Friends, eat with jeonguji" Ik Jun mocked with a Busan accent. Song Hwa think the two of them have changed a lot?

“What are the two of us? What do you mean? They were both worse. Especially you!” said Ik Jun. Suk Hyung complains why with him.

"You imitate Leslie Cheung, hair parted, permed." Ik Jun said. Suk Hyung complains. Don't make it up.

"You guys are worse." Suk Hyung said. Ik Jun wants to know why.

playing music to fill their spare time.

playing music to fill their spare time.

Suk Hyung also showed the tissue that was torn and then shaped into a round and then fell and was trampled on. Jung Won who saw it immediately laughed. Ik Jun immediately cursed then he thought it was Jun-wan. Jun Wan complains that he thinks it's not that bad. Ik Jun thought Just a little like this.


Ik Jun and Jun Wan just arrived with a thick Busan accent. Ik Jun confirms that this station is true but where is the school? Why is it invisible? Ik Jun tells Take bus number 289-1 from here. Jun Wan thinks It's the school gate so why take the bus

“If you knew, how could I carry paper like this like an idiot? It's cold like this." Said Ik Jun who brought the note.

"Haven't you been to Seoul? Forgot?" said Jun Wan. Ik Jun thinks his friend has also been to Seoul.

"We went to the DPR building during a field trip," said Ik Jun. Jun Wan just remembered it.

“You have a small 1,000 won note?” Ik Jun asked. Jun Wan took out the money in his pants pocket and only had 10,000 won notes.

"How much does the bus cost? What? 340 won? Extraordinary! The prices in Seoul are very expensive! We can't live here!” said Jun Wan gawking

“However, I will be staying in Seoul. Wait. I'll exchange money first." Ik Jun said. Jun Wan asked

"Let me buy something at the sidewalk over there." Ik Jun said walking away.

Jun Wan waits and Ik Jun sees a hair clip seller and tries to use a Seoul accent asking how much it costs. But the uncle could tell and then asked “Where are you from? Busan? Masan?" Ik Jun couldn't lie because it still sounded clear.

"That's 700 won," Uncle said looking at the clothespin Ik Jun chose. Ik Jun ended up looking for a hair tie and it cost 3,000 won and then took it back.

"Happy interview!" said the uncle. Ik Jun also said thank you. Happy selling.


Ik Jun walked down the hall and sat beside Jun Wan and it turned out that Song Hwa was sitting beside him. Jun Wan nervously thought that he seemed to have failed the essay test. Ik Jun thinks Jun Wan should cut his hair first. Jun Wan didn't understand what he meant.

“I went to the toilet because I wanted to pee, but it was full. So, I went to the employee restroom downstairs. Then I heard something there. Do you know the key to this year's interview?” said Ik Jun. at that time Song Hwa secretly heard it.

"Jeonggal." Ik Jun said. Jun Wan thought it was a Scorpion. Ik Jun complains that's not it

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“Jeonggam? "Warmth"? Gosh, that's my weakness." Jun Won said. Ik Jun complains that he can just pick his ears first.

"Neatness! They see neatness, Fool! Hurry up and cut your hair!” said Ik Jun.

Jun Wan rushed away, at that time Song Hwa frantically tried to tie her hair but couldn't find a rubber band. Ik Jun suddenly gave him a hair tie and immediately gave it to him. Song Hwa immediately thanked him with neat hair.

They finally practiced the song Zoo reminiscing about their college days.


During the orientation period, a man sings on the stage. Song Hwa sat alone in the front, then there was Jung Won who sat next to Suk Hyung and in the back, there was Ik Jun with Jun Wan sleeping. Song Hwa sees Ik Jun going out first with Jun Wan.

Song Hwa apologizes for not being able to accept Suk Hyung's love. Suk Hyung admits that it's okay and apologizes for saying something weird. But in the end that night, Ik Jun accompanied him to drink because he was heartbroken.

Ik Jun's cell phone rings a message from Song Hwa “Do you want to meet? All right, where do you want to meet?” Finally, Ik Jun replied "Sorry... I have urgent business. We'll meet next time."

Ik Jun is going to take Suk Hyung home but Suk Hyung refuses and walks alone. Suk Hyung felt like he had arrived home and immediately took off his clothes and shoes and lay down on the road. The police finally transported him to the police station.

"I do not expect. Ik-sun..." said Ik Jun and at that time Jun Wan received the incoming message, his face immediately became happy, and said goodbye.

“Yes,” wrote Ik Sun. Jun Wan smiled then pretended to be stupid asking What is “yes”?

"We're dating starting today." Ik Sun wrote. Jun Wan immediately jumped for joy like he had fallen in love for the first time.

He finally wakes up and calls Ik Sun asking what he's doing and admits there's no surgery today. His face looks very in love like a high school boy who has just fallen in love.

"When are you off again? No need. Just let me pick it up." Said, Jun Wan.

Jung Won spoke in the hallway as if he couldn't believe it. The doctor tells Ji-a the recipient is a 22-year-old female donor, 49 kg., her LFT is good. Under 40 and hospitalized for seven days at Kingwood Medical Center.

"Then, we will also prepare for surgery," said Jung Won with a happy smile.

Finally Jung Wan told Ji A's parents. Her mother and father burst into tears and said thank you, over and over. Jung Won tells that there is still a brain death termination meeting procedure.

“The condition of the donor's liver has to be checked first, but I don't think there will be a big problem. If it goes well, tonight I can operate." Jung Won said sure

“Then, Ji-a… can survive. Right, Doctor?” said the Yah. Jung Won nodded. They both hugged each other while crying.

Jung Won was nervous in front of the operating room, the doctor called Jung Won wanting to know how the condition of his liver was and whether he had left. Doctor Jang seemed confused. Jung Won asked if there was a problem.

“Donor lever is too thick. It seems to be more than 500 grams. Anterior and posterior were about 8 cm. How is it, Doctor? The lever is too big. It looks difficult.” Said Doctor Jang. Jung Won's hand fell limp to hear it.

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