Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 5 Part 1 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 5 Part 1

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Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 5 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 5 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 5 Part 1 English Subtitle

Jung Won saw the bruises on the patient's body and then cursed angrily at his father. He also asks Doctor Jang to report to the police. Doctor Jang is confused. Doctor Bong thinks it's child abuse. Jung Won confirmed.

"Yes. A traffic accident couldn't have bruised like this. In addition, some bruises are of different colors. The old bruises are lighter in color, while the new ones are more obvious.” Obviously Jung Won

“The bruises spread to the back. His father must have beaten him." Said Jung Won then saw Doctor Jang just silent.

"Why are you silent? Quickly report to the police!” shouted Jung Won. At that time the father saw from a distance and chose to run away.

Doctor Jang who saw him immediately chased after taking off his sandals. Doctor Bong and Jung Won can only stare at Doctor Jang who is chasing the patient's father.

"He needs surgery immediately." Jung Won said. Doctor Bong understands then discusses Doctor Jang is okay to go barefoot.

"I have reported to the police. They arrived in five minutes. They will come with social workers. Someone has to help Doctor Jang Gyeo-ul." Doctor Bae said come.

"You've contacted Security, haven't you?" asked Jung Won. Doctor Bae nodded in understanding.

"He's very brave. What if the man was carrying a knife? By the way, Jae-Yong's older brother also came yesterday." Doctor Bae said.

"Is he all right?" Jung Won asked. Doctor Bae explained the boy's father said the arm was broken.

“X-rays showed his ribs too. I feel a little strange.” Obviously Doctor Bae. Jung Won said he wanted to see the X-ray.

Doctor Jang continues to chase relentlessly until his father kicks him when he is arrested. The patient's father curses Doctor Jang as a crazy woman, but just then a gallon bottle is pointed at him. He immediately fell down.

Doctor Jang couldn't help but stare at Song Hwa who kicked the empty gallon bottle at the patient's father. Finally, security came and immediately arrested him. Song Hwa confirms that Doctor Jang is okay. Doctor Jang nods and thanks to him.

“Do you have any evidence? Where is the proof?" said the father could not accept. The police also asked to speak at the police station.

"Hey, Doctor! Do you have proof that I beat my son? Is there any evidence?” shouted the father

"According to the doctor, your two children are suspected of being abused." Obviously Police

"Are they God? The doctor is God or what? They are my children! They are my children. So, I know better. They had only met for ten minutes. What do you know?" cried the father.

“If you don't feel guilty, you can talk to the police station. Let's go!" said the police

“About Jae-hun… Yesterday he broke his arm from falling off the dining table. According to the X-ray, his right rib is also broken.” Obviously, Jung Won finally spoke.

"It is true. So what? That's because he fell to the right. What is the problem?" cried the father.

“Broken arms and ribs when falling from the dining table are very rare. And I also found a fracture in the lower right rib. Likewise, the bottom left. Are you a recidivist because of the persecution?” said Jung Won. The police immediately checked from his cellphone.

“You were arrested for violating child welfare. You have the right to choose a lawyer, testify freely, and seek compensation for wrongful detention in court.” Say Police

“I already remember your face clearly. I'll kill you if we meet again! Alert! Understand?" said the father threateningly before leaving. Jung Won doesn't care.

Jung Won sees a woman who's from the social worker, telling her. The operation can take two to three hours so Jae-yong might be restless when he wakes up. He asked for help to take care of it. The woman understood.

“Besides, at home is Jae-Yong's older brother, Jae-hun. He's probably waiting and hasn't eaten since morning." Jung Won said

“Our team must have been there. Do not worry." The social worker said. Jung Won says thank you.

Doctor Jang looks at Jung Won like he wants to get his praise. But Jung Won praises Doctor Bae for a good job because he just didn't think to look at his brother's X-ray and say thank you. Doctor Jang is sad to see Jung Won go.

Ik Jun chats with Jung Won.

Ik Jun chats with Jung Won.

“Doctor Jang Gyeo-ul. Why are you silent? Quickly prepare for surgery! I've already called an anesthesiologist. When you get permission, immediately take the patient to the operating room.” Jung Won said. Doctor Jang could only nod in understanding with a sullen face.


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Ik Jun entered the room complaining because he was so hungry. Jung Won also invites to eat meat and has contacted the others. He then asked if the problem was solved. Ik Jun confessed Almost then sat on his bench.

"Good grief. To think I could experience such a thing. I need sweets. Is it available?" said Ik Jun. Jung Won pointed to the desk drawer.

"So the patient that Doctor Kwon Sun-Jeong saw was fake?" Jung Won asked.

"Yes. They only showed me his real son. Doctor Kwon Sun-Jeong only saw a fake son. Incredible. You little child!” said Ik Jun in disbelief.

“They have passed two tests, mental treatment, fingerprint registration. All inspections are stringent. Why do they think this will work?” Jung Won said in disbelief

“Gosh. Mr. Sim desperately needs a transplant, but his son doesn't want it, and they make a bet. Hard to believe. I see their preparation is quite mature. Almost all the tests were done by his real son.” Obviously Ik Jun

“The fake one hides in the room, and appears in front of Doctor Kwon and only selected nurses. Doctor Kwon operated on the donor. So, he must know the face of the fake son. It turns out that they also chose a fake son with various tests at another hospital since a year ago.” Ik Jun said.

"Though most likely will be found out on the day of surgery." Jung Won said then asked for chocolate too

“They know the donor and recipient doctors may be different and take advantage of that. They know I'm working with Mr. Sim, and Doctor Kwon working on his son. They thought maybe we were just taking care of our individual patients.” Ik Jun said

" Good grief! Do they think hospitals are stupid? Then, me? Do they think I just operated on? My routine is to look at all the rooms!” said Ik Jun annoyed.

Jung Won warns Ik Jun not to eat it all because Jun-wan has already counted it and it's his favorite chocolate. Ik Jun complains about his strange friend then wonders where Jun Wan is even though their schedule is full today.

“I don't know… Today he's off and went out dressed neatly. He said he would follow him to the shop.” Jung Won said.

"Must have met a woman." Ik Jun said. Jung Won thought so and had expected it because his friend had been single for a long time.

"This time, it's only three months. I don't know why he can't date for more than three months, even though his face is pretty good." Said Ik Jun surprised.

"Hey, Ik-jun. Have you seen this? Mr. Sim's fake son is an employee of Suk-hyung's father's company. Jung Won said looking at his cell phone.

"Where's Suk-Hyung?" asked Ik Jun panicked. Jung Won thought Maybe in the Operating Room.

Suk Hyung came out of the operating room after helping deliver him, then opened his cellphone and saw the news "SIM BOARD MEMBER knew CHANGING HER LEVER DONOR." He couldn't help but sigh.

They gathered at the restaurant. Song Hwa just found out about the interior renovation and asked when will they start, then where will they live. Jun Wan replied Starting tomorrow. Jung Won complains not to be left alone and thinks his friend wants to get married so suddenly renovates his house.

“Can you take a shower in that bathroom? I was just renovating an old bathroom.” Said, Jun Wan.

"They are temporarily staying at my house." Ik Jun said. Song Hwa also wants to know U-ju rice is cute

“He went to Changwon with Aunt Wang. Suk-Hyung, didn't you drink too much? Stop drinking cola. This is already the third can." Ik Jun said

"It's better to just drink beer. There will be no calls… Natives!” complained Jun wan annoyed

“Oh, Peanut Powder. ..You're like my family… This powder crumbles like my family, huh?” said Suk Hyung dipping the meat into the peanut powder.

“That's right…Just like your family. Yes, right? Your family is doomed. ..Your father really... What's wrong with your father?” said Ik Jun surprised.

“He cheated, and incited employees for organ deals.” Song Hwa said.

“Last year was sued for tax evasion, paid a restitution fee of ten billion won.” Jun Wan said

"Hey, don't you have something?" Jun Wan asked Jung Won. Suk Hyung also invited his friend to just talk.

“When I was in first grade, I went to the basement to practice band. I came first. then practice drums alone, and Suk-hyung's dad comes down. He asked me to buy a pack of cigarettes.” Jung Won's story. Everyone waited curiously.

“He didn't give him the money… He still hasn't paid. The price is 1,100 won. Brand 88 Light. It's really no play." Jung Won said.

Everyone can only complain about it, Ik Jung finally chooses to add two more servings of samgyeopsal and a bowl of miso soup. Song Hwa looks at her cell phone and tells her father is not under arrest. Suk Hyung doesn't believe it and doesn't understand his father who didn't go to prison but he thinks it must be an excuse using his heart disease.

The five friends are eating together.

The five friends are eating together.

"Then how's your mother?" Song Hwa asked. Suk Hyung replied Not caring at all.

"Perhaps even my mother wished she was in prison." Suk Hyung said. Just then aunt came to bring additional orders.

"Better divorce like me!" said Ik Jun proudly. Song Hwa thought. These days, they're very relaxed being able to talk about these kinds of things and they seem to be mature.

"Is divorce wrong? Is Divorce a Sin? Hey. Suk-Hyung, is divorce a sin?” said Ik Jun asking for a defense. But Suk Hyung nodded that it was a sin. Ik Jun complained about it.

“I still feel sorry for my ex-wife. She must be tired and hurt because of me and my family.

Your decision to divorce is very right!” Suk Hyung explained.

"Our schedule is tight. Hurry up and eat! We have to practice and do something. We're busy." Song Hwa said. Jun Wan saw that it was already 21.00.

Finally, they started practicing and it seemed very smooth without any mistakes. Suk Hyung saw there was a call but didn't pick up. They continued to sing loudly and sweetly. Ik Jun also saw his phone vibrating but didn't pick up.

“Sorry, the patient was looking for me. I go!" said Suk Hyung finally rushed off.

"Do not! I need you!" said Song Hwa. Jung Won cursed angrily.

"Hey, suddenly my patient doesn't want a transplant... I'm leaving!" said Ik Jun finally rushing away.

Finally, the three of them sang with the lyrics “Don't go. Don't leave until it's finished.

Finally, Suk Hyung arrived at the hospital talking on the phone that the patient was okay when he was examined this afternoon. Doctor Chu told but suddenly the fetal heart rate dropped to 70 and did not recover so he asked to go straight to the Treatment Room.

While in another room, a father was crying complaining “How can a father do this to his child. He felt inoperable. The nurse tells Bin that he has made a difficult decision.

"He didn't come to your room on purpose to make the operation smooth if you're in good condition. You always cry every time you see it. Bin is sadder when you are like this, sir. I will operate without pain.” Obviously, Ik Jun was trying to calm him down.

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“Not for you, but for Bin. I will operate without the slightest pain. So take it easy... It's said you're a former detective. However, you turned out to be a crybaby.” Said Ik Jun jokingly.

Suk Hyung finally entered the “TREATMENT ROOM” with a panicked face, but what happened was that all his team gave a surprise and wished him a happy birthday. Suk Hyung couldn't help but stare at him like he was resigned.

While at home, Jung Won was holding the cake and Song Hwa a bottle of wine, but Suk Hyung didn't come. Jun Wan couldn't help but want to go home, but just then Suk Hyung's mother came. Jung Won immediately approached him to tell that Suk-Hyung to the hospital because of a call.

“We already talked on the phone…Thank you… You guys. Try eating this. I bought it myself.” Said Suk Hyung's mother brought fruit. They also say thank you.

“Song-hwa, want to stay the night?” said Mrs. Suk Hyung. Song Hwa could only stare in confusion.

"It's late at night. You stay. Suk-hyung's room I've tidied up. So you just stay." Suk Hyung's mother said as if she wanted to match her son. Song Hwa could only be silent.

“If something happens to the donor, I will be in trouble. I will try my best to operate on Bin. Meanwhile, Doctor Jong Se-hyeok will remove your husband's liver. The operations will be carried out almost simultaneously.” Obviously Ik Jun.

“When your husband's liver is removed, and all other preparations are done, I will transplant your husband. The duration… is roughly ten to 12 hours from anesthesia to surgery.” Ik Jun said.

“You can worry if I come out in the middle of surgery. However, if not, and even if it takes a long time, let's just say the operation is going well." Ik Jun said calmly.

"Was my daughter's surgery very difficult, Doctor?" asked Mrs. Bin. Ik Jun thinks all surgeries must be difficult.

“However, Bin is young and healthy. Moreover, his determination is very strong. Bin will definitely recover soon. However… your husband's cirrhosis is so severe that the blood vessels are enlarged and his hemostasis is poor, allowing a lot of bleeding.” Ik Jun said

"They must have explained when you signed the consent letter... Why haven't you slept yet?" said Ik Jun seeing Bin out of the room.

"Don't worry, ma'am! I heard he always does this operation.” Bin said reassuringly.

“Not "always"... Ahh.. That's right. I "always" do it... You are stronger than your father." Ik Jun's Comments

“My daughter is better than me… Bin, we sleep together tonight, okay?” said the mother. Bin complained to his mother. His mother also said goodbye to Ik Jun.

Ik Jun entered the operating room first. The nurse finally brought Bin's father into the operating room. Another doctor who accompanied his wife commented that he said his husband was tough but apparently not.

“What kind of father takes his daughter's liver to live? I'm such a bad father." Said Father Bin who was still crying.

"Everything will be fine, sir. Think of it as just sleeping soundly. You need to be calm so that you are in good condition and the operation goes smoothly.” Obviously doctor.

A husband and wife came to Suk Hyung's room, the husband guided his wife to enter carefully and then told her to lean on his back. The wife was embarrassed to ask her husband to stop it. Doctor Chu who saw it couldn't help but laugh.

“Doctor, why hasn't my baby come out yet? I don't think he wants to see us." Said the mother worried.

“No way… We'll wait a few days. Soon." It's clear Suk Hyung.

"He's fine, right?" said the husband. Suk Hyung saw that everything was fine. The wife also said thank you.

“All this is the result of good care from his mother. The rest just leave it to me and calm down. Eat and sleep a lot too. That's enough." It's clear Suk Hyung.

“I want to ask… Is the Doctor married?” asked the wife. Suk Hyung quickly answered Yes and then realized the question.

"Every time I meet you, I feel you are a good man and want to match you." Said the wife.

"No need. I… don't have to.” Suk Hyung said panicked. The wife thinks Suk Hyung must have a girlfriend.

"No. Don't have it, but don't have to... Starting the 37th week is the period of late pregnancy. So, when you feel sick to your stomach, you should immediately go to the hospital.” Suk Hyung said he wanted to hurry up and finish the consultation.

“I also want to ask. When my wife gives birth, can I sing to her?" said the husband.

"I told you, don't! Goodbye." Said the wife pulled her husband to leave immediately.

“I always sang songs while she was pregnant. My baby will love it. I really want... Honey, I..." said the husband and finally left the room. Suk Hyung could only be silent.


Jun Wan is having surgery asking Doctor Do Slowly then commenting that he is too strong and asking for just enough because if it is too strong it can be cut. Doctor Do understands and apologizes

"Haven't you gotten enough sleep yet?" asked Jun Wan. Doctor Do immediately answered yes and changed it to no.

"Why? Yesterday you had the day off, right?” asked Jun Wan. Doctor Do didn't answer but another nurse answered

“Doctor Cheon Myeong-the asked him to check 200 people for his thesis data today. So, he stayed up all night.” Nurse said

"Doctor Cheon Myeong-the who?" asked Jun Wan. Doctor Do tells that he is the new Doctor since last week and asks if Jun Wan doesn't know.

"No. Is he famous?” asked Jun Wan. Doctor Do confirms that Doctor Cheon is known to be strict with patients.

Doctor Cheon looks very serious about examining his patient. The child commented when he saw some scientific works. It is said that in other countries, aortic valve replacement is done with a non-surgical procedure.

"Are you a doctor?" said Doctor Cheon sarcastically. The confused child confessed No...but only asked out of concern.

"There's nothing wrong with the operation. So please go,” said Doctor Cheon. Finally, the son asked his father to go.

Jun Wan finally comes out of the operating room asking Doctor Do Jae-hak, please finish. Doctor Do immediately calls him asking him not to throw it away because it can be moved to another place if you throw it away. Jun Wan was annoyed at telling his junior to focus.

Song Hwa asks Geon-hui whose part. Doctor Yong replies that it's Doctor Ahn Chi-hong and asks Ahn Chi-hong to start. Doctor Ahn told Hong Geon-hui, a five-year-old boy, to be in the ER because he fainted while blowing a balloon.

“According to CT angio results, Moyamoya Syndrome is suspected. I can do a brain catheterization this afternoon. Now he is being given oxygen and IV. The patient's condition is stable." Said Doctor Ahn.

“What is the cause of this disease? What are Descendants?” he asked. Song Hwa replied. Maybe their parents put him down.

"Moyamoya syndrome in children is indeed high, but not all children experience it. So, it's not always hereditary. Ahn Chi-hong, what is there to look out for from Geon-hui?” Song Hwa asked.

"He can't cry. Crying or sulking makes the blood vessels of the brain narrow and blood circulation to the brain is not smooth, resulting in muscle spasms and hemiplegia.” Answer Doctor Ahn.

"Right. Don't make Geon-hui cry." Song Hwa said. Doctor Yong complains that it's difficult.

“Of course it's difficult... Be careful when scanning the CT. Calm down before you start. If that doesn't work, you may need to take a sedative. It's the safest way to sleep." Obviously Song Hwa. Doctor Ahn nodded.

“Watch and make a decision. And the meeting is over." Song Hwa said then asked if Doctor Yong wanted to have lunch

“Doctor Do Jae-hak promised a treat because his deposit dropped today. ' said Doctor Yong. Doctor Heo thinks he can come too.

Doctor Cheon looks very serious about examining his patient.

Doctor Cheon looks very serious about examining his patient.

“Do Jae-hak the stingy doctor treats. I have to come along.” Doctor Heo said excitedly.

“Is Doctor Do Jae-hak stingy?” Song Hwa asked surprised. Doctor Heo says that Doctor Do is very stingy, even a legend in this hospital.

“The monthly allowance is 100,000 won. He deposited half his salary.” Said Doctor Heo.

“Excellent… Alright then. Enjoy your meal!" Song Hwa said. Doctor Ahn suddenly asked

"How am I? I can accompany… I can have lunch together.” Said Doctor Ahn. Song Hwa was confused.

"Aren't you coming? This is a historic moment,” said Song Hwa. Doctor Ahn says no and wants to eat with Doctor Chae.

"Ohh, I see? Come on! I'm an expensive treat at the specialist doctor's cafeteria." Song Hwa said.

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Doctor Yong and Doctor Heo complain about it. They should have said it from the start because they definitely wanted it. Song Hwa replied that it was too late and just treated Chi-hong. Doctor Ahn smiled happily to be able to eat with Song Hwa.

Ik Jun was able to remove the liver from Bin's body and then asked Doctor Kim Tae-hyeong if there was no bleeding so he asked for it to be checked and finished. Doctor Kim also asked him to rest because he had to continue with the donor recipient's surgery.

"They're still hepatectomies, right?" said Ik Jun. Doctor Kim confirmed.

“Good job, everyone! Gyeo-ul, good job!” said Ik Jun then left the room.

Ik Jun came out of the room, there was panic from the next room. Doctor Jong wants to know his vitals. The nurse said blood pressure was 90/60, heart rate was 100. Doctor Jong said he was invisible and asked for sterile gauze and give more blood!

“Is Bleeding a lot? That's okay?" asked Ik Jun finally gawking from the front door.

"Inferior vena cava is slightly exposed, difficult to reach." Said Doctor Jong. Ik Jun also asked the Anesthesiologist, vital signs are safe

"There is a little bleeding, but vital signs are improving." Obviously Doctor. Ik Jun says thank you.

"Do you need my help?" Ik Jun asked. Doctor Jong admits that he needs help.

Finally, Ik Jun came in and helped Doctor Jong, Doctor Jong claimed to have overcome the massive bleeding, while the Lever wrapped the inferior vena cava, then opened when it was removed so it was very difficult.

“Do you know Doctor Kwon Sun-Jeong, a liver transplant specialist?” Ik Jun asked. Doctor Jong nodded.

“In the past, he was confused because the patient was bleeding since his chest was opened. He was replaced after dealing with the bleeding and didn't get to see his liver." Ik Jun said. They couldn't believe it either.

“Gosh… It's okay… This kind of thing happens a lot. If this happens again, you can do better. If you can't, call me." Ik Jun said. Doctor Jong says Thank you.

“We have to save him… I could be killed by Bin if something happens.” Ik Jun said. Doctor Jong nodded in understanding.

Doctor Do goes to the bank, Officer informs that Specimen is out. Doctor Do confirms that there are no arrears at all, the employee thinks that repayment of five years and 60 times is difficult and Doctor Do is never even late in paying and compliments him, it's really amazing.

"So, how much in total?" asked Doctor Do curiously. The employee knows Doctor Do will withdraw the deposit.

“After five years of principal and interest minus taxes, the total is 100,128,480 won. The funds are already in your account. Safe!" said the employee. Doctor Do sees his savings with quite a lot of nominal.

“This is a gift from our branch head.” Said the employee gave a bouquet of flowers and tissue.

“There is this kind of gift too?” Doctor Do said in disbelief. Employees confessed This was nothing to their five-year customer.

“The branch head also congratulates you.” Say the employee. Doctor Do thought It could be used for a year at his house.

"What? Now don't be too frugal anymore. Your wife must be tired too.” Said the employee.

"My wife doesn't even turn on the lights before 8 PM," admits Doctor Do then calls his wife if he has 100 million won with a happy smile

“I also feel bad because I've always been begging. So, I intend to treat the hospital staff.” Doctor Do said to his wife.

Doctor Yong and Doctor Heo just stared weakly at the food menu in front of them, only toppoki, sundaes, and other street food. Doctor Yong complains that Doctor Do treats them to food like this.

"Sorry. Next time I'll treat you to samgyeopsal." Said Doctor Do. Doctor Heo couldn't help but eat it.

"This is like beef to Doctor Do Jae-hak." Said Doctor Heo. Doctor Do finally apologizes to Doctor Yong.

“I immediately transferred it to my wife. My wife must also feel the 100 million money." Say Doctor Do

"One hundred million? How much is your deposit per month?” asked Doctor Yong. Doctor Do answered 1,600,000 won. They couldn't believe it was like that.

"Of course he can because he didn't use the money at all," said Doctor Do.

“Even so, there are bound to be basic expenses such as house maintenance and telecommunications costs.” Said Doctor Heo surprised.

"You know my wife works too. My wife never took any leave after marriage. What we have collected over the past 10 years is 100 million.” explained Doctor Do

"What's that money for?" asked Doctor Jang. Doctor Do admits that he will rent the house tomorrow. Doctor Heo immediately congratulated me!

"I'm really happy. Even though it's just a small apartment, it's deposit-based.” Say Doctor Do proud

"How much is the deposit?" asked Doctor Heo. Doctor Do replied Plus bank credit and deposits, about 200 million.

"Read the contract carefully. A few days ago there was news of a scam.” Doctor Yong warned.

“Hey, I took the CSAT four times, and the professional exam six times. Don't teach me." Doctor Do's words are belittled.

“Check the owner of the house too.” Doctor Yong said. Doctor Do complains not to interfere.

"Anyway, it's all taken care of by the agent now." Said Doctor Do. Doctor Heo complains. Should have left 500 thousand won.

"You can have a weekend with your wife." Said Doctor Heo. Doctor Do is confused. Holiday?

“ What is a vacation? What's the weekend?" Doctor Yong said he felt there was no time for vacation and even weekends because he kept working.

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