Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 4 Part 1 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 4 Part 1

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Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 4 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 4 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 4 Part 1 English Subtitle

Ik Jun tells his patient that all the results of his medical records are normal so he just needs to control his weight. The grandfather admitted However, strangely, after liver transplant surgery, so often flu, even last winter, felt miserable because of the flu.

"Oh, I see? Have you been vaccinated against influenza?” Ik Jun asked. Grandpa admits no

"After the transplant, just looking at the syringe gave me a fright." Obviously the grandfather.

“Even so, you should be vaccinated. I just got vaccinated. When the time comes, I'll call. You have to vaccinate." Obviously Ik Jun

“However, after the liver transplant surgery, my skin turned black easily. Before the surgery, people said my skin was like that of a 60-year-old kid.” Obviously Grandpa

“Do you wear sunscreen when you go out?” asked Ik Jun, the grandfather thought. Why do men wear things like that so they don't wear them?

“ Gosh... That's why your skin is burning. Besides, your skin was dark from the start." Obviously, Ik Jun seems to be holding back emotions

“By the way, after the liver transplant surgery, my legs hurt even though I had only walked for an hour. I just walked a little, my legs are tingling, my waist hurts too." Complained the grandfather

“Sir, how old are you this year?” Ik Jun asked. The grandfather timidly admitted to being Eighty-four years old. Ik Jun couldn't help but smile because he couldn't do anything.

Doctor Jang tells Ik Jun that Park Jong-jin who is being treated for liver cancer wants to see you after finding out that the tumor is bigger than expected. Ik Jun thought about explaining it before going home after seeing his sister.

"You rest." Ik Jun said. Doctor Jang nodded in understanding.

They wait for the elevator together, Ik Jun looks over and tells Doctor Jang to take the next elevator and rush in. Doctor Jang is confused. Ik Jun also pointed towards the back like a code. Doctor Jang is still confused.

At that time Jung Won suddenly came to take the elevator. Doctor Jang is nervous about meeting the man she likes and greets him first. Jung Won replied as if nothing had happened.

Ik Sun sits eating voraciously on his bed. Ik Jun complains that his sister is like a wild animal and tells him to eat cooked food because humans have used fire since ancient times. Ik Sun complains that everything is cooked, except for the kimchi.

"Did Mom call you?" Ik Jun asked. Ik Sun confirmed that he thought their mother had a hunch.

"He called yesterday and today." Ik Sun said. Ik Jun made sure that his sister didn't tell him about his condition.

"Of course not. Why say? Mom must be worried... By the way, it looks like Jun-wan is skilled. I feel good. Even though my head is just a little dizzy," said Ik Sun

“Gosh, the way you talk… You're almost 40 years old. Don't talk like a kid." Ik Jun mocked

"We haven't seen each other for a long time, Jun-wan looks old now." Ik Sun said. Ik Jun thinks it must be because Jun Wan is also 40 years old soon.

"Will he not marry?" asked Ik Sun. Ik Jun thinks his sister should get married.

“Has Jun-wan been here today?” Ik Jun asked. Ik Sun replies that Jun Wan has come four times and even goes to his room.

"I think he thought I was in middle school." Said Ik Sun happy. Ik Jun complained about it. At that time Jun Wan came, Ik Sun was happy because he came for the fifth time.

"Introducing, Doctor. He's my brother." Ik Sun said it was like making a drama. Ik Jun pretends to be new and asks for his help.

“I am Lee Ik-jun, Major Lee Ik-sun's older brother. Thank you so much for treating my sister. Good grief. Like he said, you're old and unmarried." Ik Jun said

"Yes, that is so. Excuse me. From your behavior, it looks like you can go home. I have prepared a doctor's letter and an outpatient letter. You can come home tomorrow." Said, Jun Wan. Ik Su nodded in understanding.

Ik Jun was confused by what his sister said.

Ik Jun was confused by what his sister said.

"You didn't go straight to headquarters, did you?" asked Jun Wan. Ik Jun tells his sister that she is taking two weeks off so she will rest at her house.

"You didn't go to Changwon? Live with your mother." Jun Wan asked. Ik Jun tells that their mother still doesn't know and asks his sister for tissue.

"By the way, it looks like this hospital is environmentally friendly. There are birds here." Ik Sun said. Jun Wan is surprised if a bird enters?

Ik Sun immediately made a tissue into a bird and then made his hands rush too. Jun Wan just smiled at the behavior of his friend's sister. Ik Jun complains that it's tiring, i.e. being his older brother is tiring. Ik Sun also asked the bird to stop.

Ik Jun was confused by what his sister said. Ik Su tells Buljajangmyeon It's delicious. Jun Wan wanted to know if it was spicy. Ik Su replied that he thought it was the best jajangmyeon he's ever eaten.

“I've tried all the jajangmyeon near headquarters and this shop is number one. Very delicious! You have to try." Say Ik Jun proud

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"As good as it is, why go all the way there just for Jajangmyeon?" Ik Jun mocked

"How come you never visit your sister in Inje?" Ik Sun complained. Ik Jun claims to come when you're in Cheorwon!

"That was three years ago!" replied Ik Sun. Ik Jun confessed

"That was three years ago!" replied Ik Sun. Ik Jun admits that he is busy with work! Even have to take care of children and patients.

“I'm busy too! There are only 300 of my subordinates. Don't you feel sorry for your sister who is trapped in Inje and only eats jjajangmyeon?” Ik Sun complained.

"What are you saying? Since becoming an officer you've been on vacation a lot! The army major isn't protecting the country, he's taking a walk!” Ik Jun mocked.

"When do I go out? I can't cross the border. I'm stuck in Inje! I ate all the trout and salmon!” said Ik Sn

“You have always liked sashimi! Why say that when you eat because you like it? Then good buljajangmyeon? If you eat well every day, you are happy every day. Why do I feel pity?” Ik Jun mocked.

The two of them were arguing with each other like they were rapping. Jun Wan, who saw it commented that both of them are amazing because they are like rap singers? So should be a rap singer. Ik Sun confessed that they used to practice rap together.

“We entered a comedy contest when I was in the second grade of middle school and he was in the same high school. We became rappers, but failed.” Say Ik Sun

“Comedy contest?” Jun Wan said confused. Ik Jun thinks it's the past, then discusses Jun Won who wants to meet here/

"Aren't you?" said Jung Wan. Ik Jun is sure that his sister is not seeing him for what.

"He must want to meet a friend." Ik Jun said. Ik Su admitted that he had intended to meet his brother and his friends.

“He's a close friend of mine, and always works on weekends. So, I came to surprise you.” Said Ik Sun getting ready to dress up.

"Gosh. Is your friend a man?" Ik Jun asked. Ik Sun is confirmed. Ik Jun thought it was his girlfriend. Ik Sun admits no.

"He's my best friend in the military." Ik Sun said. Ik Jun teases that it's definitely not like that. Ik Sun insists that they are just friends

“Just like you and Song-hwa.” Obviously Ik Sun. Just then Doctor Ahn came gawking at the door and immediately said "Sincerely!"

“Long time no see, Major Lee! Are you okay? Sorry I didn't come yesterday." Said Doctor Ahn.

“Hey, Civilians! You look great." Ik Sun said. Doctor Ahn is surprised to see Ik Jun and Jun Wan in the room and immediately greets him.

"What's this? Neurosurgeon Ahn Chi-hong? You guys are friends? Correct! You graduated from the Military Academy, huh? Why didn't you think of that?" said Ik Jun proudly. Meanwhile, Jun Wan pretends to be busy.

“I didn't expect it either… Now that I think about it, your names are very similar.” Said Doctor Ahn. Ik Jun confirms that the two know each other. Doctor Ahn confirmed.

“Besides, I agree… I like Ahn Chi-hong… Amazing. As for Ahn Chi-hong... Hey, I agree." Said Ik Jun giving the code so that his sister can get married

“Stop it!.. Hey, stop your bullshit.” Ik Sun complained. Doctor Ahn looks confused.

“Hey…Song-hwa has bought your favorite gimbap. Come on!" said Jun Wan pulling Ik Jun out of the room, his face holding back jealousy.

"Wait a moment. Please take care of my sister. He may be a bit crude, but he's very humorous… Got it?” said Ik Jun giving his sister support before leaving. Ik Sun complains and invites Doctor Ahn to sit with him.

Doctor Jang ordered a large iced latte while carrying a fan because the air was very hot, then asked his assistant what he wanted to drink. Ass said he wanted tomato juice. Doctor Chu came to greet Doctor Jang and asked who the man beside him was.

"General surgeon intern," said Doctor Jang. Doctor Chu greeted him and asked for a tomato juice too.

"Introduce. He's the resident obstetrician-gynecologist, Chu Min-ha.” Doctor Jang said. The doctor greeted back.

"Yes. Is it just one person? Is the general surgeon intern himself?” asked Doctor Chu.

“There is one more, but there is a liver metastases conference for breast cancer patients. He joined the conference… Then you said there was a lunch date?” said Doctor Jang

"What date? We only ate for a while because he asked for a treat.” Obviously Doctor Chu.

"Her boyfriend is eight years her junior... She's great." Said Doctor Jang. Doctor Chu admitted Seven years.

"Would you like to talk about that?" said Doctor Chu. Doctor Jang thinks he should go. Just then Doctor Bong came asking to buy him a drink.

Young man distributing boxed rice at the table,

Young man distributing boxed rice at the table,

“Ice latte with lots of ice.” Said Doctor Bong. Doctor Chu finally placed an order for his senior.

"You guys are so close," said Doctor Jang. Doctor Chu admitted Lately, it often bothered him.

"I asked for private lessons on the nature of Doctor Yang Seok-hyeong because it was very difficult to understand." Admit Doctor Chu.

“I can accurately tell about the five comedy club buddies from the side of my classmates. Starting from the problem of love, family, to the true nature. Just buy me coffee." Doctor Bong said.

Doctor Chu sees Doctor Jang's drink is ready so he can leave immediately but Doctor Jang looks at Doctor Bong like he wants to know about the five friends.

Doctor Ahn examines the patient as if he is not from Korea and then asks when it happened. The man admitted it had been an hour and his friend fainted while taking a shower. Doctor Ah asks the patient to move his legs first.

"He's not Korean, is he?" said Doctor Ahn. The man confirmed.

“He had an intracerebral hemorrhage. If blood pressure continues to be high, the bleeding can get worse and lead to death. We have prepared a place in the Intensive Care Unit. He must be operated on this afternoon or evening. Please sign this." Obviously Doctor Ahn. The man looked confused.

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A mother admitted that her child suddenly bleeds. Suk Hyung wants to know Since when. The mother replied It had been two or three days. Suk Hyung asked if the volume is high and it hurts like menstruation. His mother thought. Apparently not.

"Tell the doctor everything." Said his mother to the child who kept looking down.

“He's so shy… It's said that young people these days are wild, but he's so innocent. Good grief." Said his mother.

"Well. Let's try a sonography test... Please wait outside for a moment. We'll call when we're done." Suk Hyung said. The mother asked her son to calm down and walked out.

“Doctor, this isn't implantation bleeding, is it? I had sex with my boyfriend about two weeks ago. Damn, I'm screwed. I'm not pregnant, right? Mom can kill me. Bastard! I told you to use a condom!” said the child, not looking like an innocent child

Suk Hyung and the nurse could only stare in confusion. Suk Hyun then admitted that they still don't know and according to him, not all vaginal bleeding means implantation in the uterus. The child also asked whether it is still allowed to have sex. Suk Hyung could only stare in confusion.

The young man distributed the boxed rice at the table, the senior asked the intern how old he was. The man claimed to be 26 years old. Everyone laughed thinking it was still a baby and very jealous to hear it. Just then the senior doctor came in

"Gosh, so hungry. We'll meet over dinner, okay?" said Senior Doctor and took the box.

“Sorry, Everyone! My outpatient schedule just finished.” Said Ik Jun entered the room and saw the intern just standing

“I'm Chang-min... 26 years old, from Cheongju, his girlfriend is a junior in college. Your favorite drink, Tesla? Do you know Tesla? Not a car company! Mixed drinks... Ahh... I haven't eaten yet. Very hungry." said Ik Jun finished his speech.

“Oh my God, what is this? Do we have to pay for food like this? This is really a scam. Is not it?" said Senior complained. Ik Jun stares at Samil eating his box of rice, Doctor I'm looks confused.

Meanwhile, Doctor Ahn was shocked after hearing something. The nurse said that the patient wanted to go home. Doctor Ahn thought the patient could die if he came home. The nurse tells that he said the patient has no money.

“Isn't there a Social Services Section? Foreigners can also get help.” Said Doctor Ahn.

“I've asked, but the patient doesn't have a passport and it's difficult to get proof of income. The hospital couldn't help him. How about this?" said the nurse. Doctor Ahn thought of something.

Doctor Bong sits down with Doctor Jang and Doctor Chu and the intern says they will summarize the five of them so they should listen carefully. He told them they could be called Minus Five and called it that.

"Shouldn't you go?" said Doctor Chu. Doctor Jang doesn't care wants to know what it means Each one has flaws

"Right! Each one has nothing... First, Chae Song-hwa. She's the only woman and pillar of their emotions. Basically, Song-hwa has no flaws." Obviously Doctor Bong

“He is not only good at doing his own work, but he also likes to help other people's work. When I have time, I intend to write a biography,” said Doctor Bong. Doctor Jang admits to hearing the rumors.

"He is more than a rumor. Song-hwa is the perfect nerd type but also likes to have fun. He likes office banquets, is good at drinking, and sometimes does crazy things. He's very innocent." Doctor Bong said

“Could it be at his age?” said Doctor Jang. Doctor Bong complains. That's why they are old.

Doctor Ahn goes to see Song Hwa and tells him that the Social Services Department said they will work on it, but it will take time so he thinks this patient can't go home and he's at a loss as to what to do. Finally, Song Hwa took her cell phone.

"Wasn't there a Helper Angel in your previous hospital or something?" Song Hwa said

“Jung-won knows the matter best. No. In the Social Services Section of Kingwood Medical Center, there was a person named Hyun Jung-mi. Only he has direct contact with the sponsor.” Jun Wan said

"Okay. I asked for the number. Do you have the phone number?” said Song Hwa.

“Give me the number. I'll call.?" Doctor Hwa said, but Song Hwa chose to call him himself.

"He's a patient with intracerebral hemorrhage. The bleeding was caused by high blood pressure. So, he had to operate immediately before it got worse. Can he get some help?” said Song Hwa called

"Where is he from?" Song Hwa asked. Doctor Ahn replied that he was from Indonesia and thought he would call him.

“He's from Indonesia... There's no time. This is my cell phone number. If you have any questions, please call this number immediately. Can the Help Angel be contacted immediately? We're in a hurry. Currently, the patient's condition is bad. Please notify me immediately. Alright." Song Hwa said.

“Usually he replies right away. So, let's wait a moment. In that case, the matter of hospital fees has been settled. So where is he now?” Song Hwa said.

"He's still in the ER." Said Doctor Ahn. Song Hwa asked for a quick CT scan and prepared for surgery.

“I called the Anesthesiologist for an Operating Room order.” Doctor Ahn said. Song Hwa admits that he is in contact with Doctor Ahn to hurry up and prepare for surgery.

"It's me. I will premedication. Please prepare a room.” Song Hwa said on the phone. Doctor Ahn looked at Song Hwa as if he couldn't believe that Song Hwa was so alert.

Doctor Bong will talk about Jun Wan. he thinks Jun-wan is very competent as a surgeon, but he is not polite.”

In the operating room, Jun Wan asks if Sonography is good. His ass answered well closed. Jun Wan asked No bleeding. Ass said no. Jun Wan calls Do Jae-ha and asks why he should be so careful with the AV node. But there is an answer.

“I asked, why should I be careful? Hey!" shouted Jun Wan and saw Doctor Do who was sleeping during the operation. Doctor Do woke up.

"Was my operation boring?" said Jun Wan. Doctor Do reflexively answers a little then changes to admit that it's very interesting and finally apologizes.

"How can you sleep in the moment of life and death?" said Jun Wan.

“I am also in the midst of a life and death decision. So... Gosh! Forgive me." Said Doctor Do.

“Doctor, the operation went smoothly without bleeding. We will work it out.” Ass said. Finally, Jun Wan would take off his robes and try to control his emotions.

“We have a video of Fallot's tetralogy surgery, right? Give him the video for self-introspection.” Said, Jun Wan.

Doctor Chu saw Doctor Jang Gyeo-ul hear the story until the lyrics flowed. Doctor Jang scoffs that Doctor Chu's cheeks are drooling? too red. Doctor Chu thought that her blush was too much. Doctor Jang confirmed.

"I just want to look three or four years younger." Doctor Chu said. Doctor Jang thought that Doctor Chu looked 34 years younger. Doctor Chu groaned in annoyance.

"Next... Doctor Yang Suk Hyung," said Doctor Chu curiously. Doctor Bong thought Doctor Chu already knew.

Suk Hyung watches variety shows on his cell phone then laughs to himself. One of the nurses greeted him from inside the elevator. The anti-social Suk Hyung pretended to be picking up the phone and rushed off, but unfortunately, his phone rang just then.

Doctor Bong and Doctor Chu know that Suk Hyung is not good at socializing. Suk Hyung also continued to watch variety shows and laughed alone in the elevator without caring that two officers came.

Doctor Bong asked who was left, Doctor Chu answered Lee Ik Jun and Doctor Jang answered Ahn Jung-won as if he was very curious about the man's figure. Doctor Bong curses Lee Ik Jun, the bastard...

"He ranked first when he entered the Medical School, as well as when he graduated." Said Doctor Bong. Everyone couldn't believe it.

“He ranks one KMLE in our batch.” Doctor Bong said. Doctor Ahn confirms that it's not a rank one comedy. Doctor Jang admits that he heard the same.

“In college, he basically lived in the club, but still won first. Either he's smart or he's a silent learner. Anyway, Ik-jun always came first in practice or exams. So you know what it's lacking?" said Doctor Bong

"Modesty?" said Doctor Chu. Doctor Bong knows it's true. but somehow because he thought he was the best,

“Ik Jun has no inferiority, no prejudice, and is always confident.” Doctor Bong said.

"Her life has never been bad luck." Obviously Doctor Chu. Doctor Bong confirms.

At that time the senior doctor looked very angry because he had to pay for food like this which he thought was really a scam. Ik Jun finally talks to the senior doctor who always eats the food provided, but always complains.

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"You just eat. It's delicious." Ik Jun said. The senior doctor was confused.

“From now on, you have to pay 10,000 won each time you talk. Agree?" said Ik Jun threateningly.

"Hey! Why 10,000 won? It's too expensive! This meal alone won't cost 10,000 won." Complained the senior doctor.

Jun Wan has a conversation with Jun Won.

Jun Wan has a conversation with Jun Won.

Ik Jun continued to count them on his fingers. The senior doctor finally stopped nagging. Ik Jun commented that the Senior Doctor stopped at 40,000 won and they ate. The doctor I'm can also smile defended by Ik Jun.

Doctor Bong thinks now that Ahn Jung-won is left, Doctor Jang is curious to know. Doctor Bong explains that Jung-won is not materialistic. Doctor Chu complains that it must be like that. Because Jung Won is a conglomerate.

"If I were him, I wouldn't be materialistic either." Doctor Chu said.

Jung Won spoke on the phone in front of the atm machine saying that he had transferred earlier so I will transfer it again when the total operating costs are out. He also asked to please tell him not to worry and go through the surgery and treatment well.

After that Jung Won wanted to see the balance. - WITHDRAWAL: 100,000 WON, BALANCE: 305,000 WON- At that time Jun Wan came to comment that the theme had another life. Jun Won was surprised to see his friend who came suddenly

"We've been paid. Where's your money?" said Jun Wan. Jung Won is annoyed that his friend is even looking at other people's accounts

So where's all your money going? Fuck." Up Jun Wan was annoyed. Jung Won convinced that going to a very good place.

"By the way, no VIP patients lately." Said Jung Wan began to discuss it.

"Why? Are you starting to pay attention to hospital management?” Jun Wan sneered. Jung Won confessed Not the management, but the money.

"Didn't you see the news? Councilman Sim Yeong-su will undergo a liver transplant. He's in the VIP Ward this afternoon, even if the operation is just around the corner.” Obviously Jun Wan. Jung Won thought he was happy to hear that.

“It is said that he will use the four expensive VIP rooms. Two rooms should be enough, him and his son, but he rents all the rooms because he has lots of eyes and ears and is afraid of rumors.” Obviously Jun Wan.

"Serious? He's a real VIP... I have to get some juice and see him. By the way, what's his son's name?" Jung Won said. Jun Wan replied. Sim Yeong-ho.

"Right! Sim Yeong-ho... He's the one who often goes to the club with Ik-jun, right?” said Jung Won excitedly. Jun Wan confirmed.

"It's hard to believe. He used to live like trash. Why did he donate his heart to his father? The son who donated, right?” Jung Won said.

“According to Ik-jun, he is now an adult. They met during a compatibility test and consultation... He said he was being gentle. I have time. Would you like some tteokbokki?” said Jun Wan.

“I have to meet Suk-hyung. I have to meet with him about the gastroschisis patient," said Jung Won.

“Hey, don't talk about that in front of Suk-Hyung... Don't talk about Sim Yeong-su. He could go crazy again.” Jun Wan warned. Jung Won nodded in understanding.



At that time his mother called as if to confirm whether Suk Hyung had eaten. Suk Hyung admitted that he had and asked what his mother had eaten. He then told him that he had just been paid and wanted to know what to do.

Doctor Jang asks if Doctor Ahn Jung-won never dated in college. Doctor Bong wants to discuss Jung Won but realizes that they're having free time because they're the same age. Doctor Jang wakes up and rushes off.

The doctor asked the returnee if they had learned about the patient's illness. Hong Do admits that he has but can't say the name of his illness. Yun Bok replied that it was Gastroschisis, which is a birth defect in the abdominal wall.

"What disease is that?" asked the Doctor. Yun Bok replied that the fetal abdominal muscles could not develop, so the baby's intestines left the body.

"At what gestational age was the patient diagnosed?" asked the Doctor. Yun Bok replied that the patient was diagnosed with gastroschisis at 20 weeks of gestation, and now it is 36 weeks.

"You're better than me." Praise the Doctor. Hong Bong asks if the probability of the baby dying is high

"No. These cases are not many, but they happen sometimes. Most were operated upon at birth. Then they can be healthy again. We must consult a pediatric surgeon because the baby must be operated on immediately after birth. Today there will be a meeting with the pediatric surgeon.” Obviously Doctor

"Can we come along? If you look at the drama, the atmosphere of the meeting is usually terrible.” Hong-Bo said.

While in the meeting room, Jung Wan whines like a child complaining why can't he just have surgery so he begs for a cesarean section. Suk Hyung is annoyed that it can indeed be decided as Jung Wan wants because it is the patient's wish. Suk Hyung asked his men to explain. The two resident doctors couldn't believe it when they saw that the meeting seemed more relaxed.

"I've checked his mother. The hips are fine. The baby's head has also descended into the pelvis. We think vaginal delivery is easier,” explained the doctor.

"That means normal delivery." The doctor said to the two resident doctors. Doctor Jang also distributed food to his juniors.

"But thank goodness. Baby's size isn't too small, right?" Jung Won said. Suk Hyung confirmed Not too small.

“Actually, there is a concern that vaginal delivery can increase infection in red babies, but that doesn't mean that cesarean section can reduce the risk of infection. The most important thing is that the patient really wants a vaginal delivery.” It's clear Suk Hyung.

“Alright… However, we don't know when the baby will be born yet. What if I was born with surgery too?” said Jung Won.

"That's right... Therefore, I will monitor until week 38, then induction." Suk Hyung said.

"Unlucky! Why are you just saying that now? Do not laugh." Jung Won said looking at Suk Hyung who laughed. Doctor Jang continues to eat snacks like he wants to reduce his nervousness.

“Hey, the patient also wants his child to be operated on by a pediatric surgeon who watched him from the start. He doesn't want a cesarean, but is willing to have an induction." It's obvious Suk Hyung

"With induction, you can usually choose your child's date of birth." The doctor explained to the two resident doctors.

"I'm grateful. Then, do it when I don't have an outpatient schedule." Jung Won said.

“Alright… It's the 36th week of the second day. So, induction is done in two weeks.” Suk Hyung said than ended this meeting. Everyone agreed.

"Hey, you have an appointment tonight?" asked Suk Hyung. Jung Won admitted that he was not there and asked him to drink together.

Suk Hyung agreed, Jung Won without much to say immediately gave a lot of cakes to Doctor Jang who continued to eat. Doctor Jang can only stare as if getting attention. Suk Hyung asked what about the others if Ik-jun had an appointment.

“The Sim Board members started being treated today. She has to be with him.” Jung Won said.

"Is the child the donor?" asked Suk Hyung. Jung Won confirmed. Suk Hyung thought that it was just a play. Jung Won could only be silent and then hit his mouth because he had slipped.

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