Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 3 Part 1 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 3 Part 1

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Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 3 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 3 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 3 Part 1 English Subtitle

Jung Won was confused about choosing the plaster picture on the table, at that time a mother came to greet Jung Won, telling him that Sang-u had come. Jung Won also greeted the little boy who still looked good, the mother asked her son to say hello to the doctor.

“Sang-u, today you came with the shark? Let's see what's in the shark's mouth?”Jung Won said, but Sang U instead had a crying expression

“Sang-u, why are you crying? The doctor will relieve the pain in your stomach. He wants to treat you. Why are you crying? Do not Cry. If you keep crying, the Doctor will give you a big shot and say, "Bad boy!" Right, Doctor?" said the mother. Jong Won is confused.

"Brat! Where's the injection, huh? Sister, where is the huge injection for Sang-u?" asked Jung Won trying to act. Sang U had stopped but finally started crying again.

“Sang-u, calm down… If you keep crying, the doctor will bring you an injection. Come on, stop crying." Said a mother trying to calm her child who is currently crying.

"A moment. I have a snack for Sang-u here,” said Jung Won looking from his room drawer.

"Good grief. Who made you cry? Who scared my sweet child, Sang-u? That's the Doctor, huh? Let me hit you." The mother said and at that time the mother hit Jung Won. Jung Won could only stare.

“Doctor, why did you scare Sang-u? Mother has punished a bad person. Sang-u is a good boy… Doctor, you won't scare Sang-u anymore, will you?” said the mother.

“I'm sorry, Sang-u… I'll give you a snack, not an injection. Eat after you've recovered," said Jung Won. The nurse who saw it couldn't help but smile.

“Doctor… Looks like you have to change Ji-su's PEG first.” The nurse called him. Jung Won also asked Sang U to wait.

Jun Wan enters the room to meet the patient and tells him that he has seen the sonography results and thinks that it is difficult to treat with antibiotics. The son who accompanied his father wanted to know what the name of the disease was? Jun Wan replied Infective Endocarditis,

"This is an infection in the heart. If I wait with antibiotics, I'm afraid of an embolism, a blockage of a blood vessel due to a bacterial clot. You need surgery right away. There's room, right?" Jun Wan asked the nurse

"Yes, patients can come in after 18.00." said the nurse after looking at the computer screen.

"You should be hospitalized today, and operated on as soon as possible." Obviously Jun Wan. The child wants to know if the illness is serious?

“Yes… If the clumps of bacteria are small, they can melt and disappear with antibiotics. Judging from the sonography results, the bacteria are large and hanging. We don't know when it fell. If it goes to the brain, it can cause a stroke. If it goes to the heart, it can cause heart disease. You need surgery immediately." Obviously Jun Wan.

"Is there any free time in two or three days?" Jun Won asked the nurse

"There is not any. Your surgery schedule this week is full." said the nurse. Jun Won thought that early in the morning was not a problem.

"You should call the anesthesiologist, have them help me with the surgery in two or three days." Jun Won said. Nurse understands.

“Doctor, my daughter is getting married in three days. Can't the operation be postponed to next week?" said the father. Jun Won immediately rejected it.

"It's only a few days back. It is okay, right?" said the father, please.

"No... If you want to die, go ahead." Jun Won said firmly. The son complained to his father.

"What do you mean dad? Don't talk weirdly. My marriage doesn't matter now." Say the child

“You can see the wedding photos. Ask him to take lots of pictures. Then, see you tomorrow at the infirmary." Jun Won said coldly.

The three doctors just came out of the ward.

The three doctors just came out of the ward.

The two of them left the room. The nurse thought she would give the information first. He told me that First, you have to go to the left for blood to be drawn. The child immediately complained that the doctor was very rude.

"Excuse me. We also know that... Second, do an Electrocardiogram examination next to the blood collection room... Third..." the nurse continued to explain everything before being treated.

Doctor Ahn told a patient named I'm Gi-Yeong, 78 years old. Last month he was given a coiling procedure due to SAH and was then re-treated three days ago due to leg tremors and symptoms of dementia. He also told From the CT scan results, it looks like hydrocephalus.

“I think the IVH that happened at the same time as SAH has melted away. So, EVD... Ah, that's not it. Sorry…. I mean, a VP shunt can be installed.” Said Doctor Ahn, reopening his notes.

“You should have memorized it, right?” quipped Song Hwa. Doctor Ahn could only nod.

“Are you sure VP shunt?” Song Hwa asked Doctor Do. Doctor Do said no.

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"Is he wrong?" Song Hwa asked. Doctor Do thinks that Doctor Ahn is wrong. Song Hwa seemed to be testing him, he thought Doctor Ahn was right.

"Before the next examination, collect similar scientific papers and surgery cases." Song Hwa's orders. Doctor Do nodded in understanding

The three of them finally came out of the hospital room. Doctor Do asks if Song Hwa isn't eating because there's a new delivery restaurant. Song Hwa asked what the menu was. Doctor Do replies it's Haemul-tang. Song Hwa complained that it was too much.

“The harmful pajeon there is also delicious. Come along. I'll prepare it in the room." Doctor said Do

"Just you guys. I eat with my friends." Said Song Hwa looking at his cellphone. Doctor Do is confused about who Song Hwa's friends are.

The group name “GONGNYONG BUKIT BACK” Song Hwa asked if they would have lunch together. Suk Hyun immediately agreed. Ik Jun immediately replied [ WAIT for A MINIMUM. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT TIME OF MY LIFE]

Ik Jung gathers with other doctors looking tense, Doctor Jang sits in front of several proposals to become an assistant. The senior doctor was excited to say that mesocephalic shunts were difficult to find during the residency period. All the doctors immediately complained.

“Play fair! What are you doing? Can I talk too?” shouted the doctor and Ik Jun annoyed

- So, I... My choice..." Doctor Jang said then Jun Won walked in to tell him that they chose Haemul-tang but were allergic and were silent because there were many doctors.

“Song-hwa choose Haemul-tang... We are waiting for Jang Gyeo-ul. So come here and be quiet. So what about Gyeo-ul? It does not matter. You don't need to feel pressured… Anything is fine.” Ik Jun said.

“Then, I… choose HPD surgery.” Said Doctor Jang. Everyone immediately complained about hearing that.

“Even though hemicolectomy is also good... The guardian must also be here. Why are you again?” said another doctor. Ik Jun admits he doesn't know with a happy face-hugging his friend.

"Come on! Song-hwa ordered sardines too. Then where is Jun-wan?” Ask Jung Won

"He's in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit so Definitely can't eat." Ik Jun said.


Jun Wan comes in earlier to wash his hands and asks the nurse Heavy Hui-dong what day it is. The nurse replied Three kilograms. Jun Wan checks the size of the baby's head and says Now it can be closed so they have to be prepared.

“Do Jae-hak where to?” Jun Wan asked. The nurse said he was out with the medical students.

"Okay. Maybe it's more appropriate for him… Let's get started!” said Jun Wan.

Doctor Do walks in with two students telling thoracoplasty surgery has many emergency cases and the most dramatic so if the patient can be fine when he comes to work, but in the afternoon he can die.

“Do you know who the greatest doctor in thoracoplasty surgery is?” asked Doctor Do.

"Jisung." Hong Do replied. Doctor Do is confused as to who it is. Hong Do answered Ji Sung from New Heart.

“I watched medical dramas for ten years.” Hong Do said. Doctor Do tells that it's not him.

“Is Teacher Kim from Dr. Romance?" Yun Bok said. Doctor Do complains to Cheol and Mi-ae

“We are Hong-do and Yun-bok.” Yun Bok said. Doctor Do nodded in understanding.

"Listen carefully. Great doctors like them don't exist in this hospital. There's only Thanos here. You will meet soon.” Said Doctor Do.

At that time Jun Wan called asking where he was. Doctor Do immediately rushed to get there.

In the children's ICU room, Yun Bok wrote a note on his cell phone “PENDED BREAST CLOSURE” from a distance. Hong Do asks Is the operation done here. Yun Bok nodded because They said it was more dangerous to transfer patients with that many infusions.

panic situation.

panic situation.

“Are you Gyeon-u and Jik-nyeo?” Jun Wan asked. Yun Bok tells that their names are Hong-do and Yun-bok.

“Third-level medical student?” Jun Wan asked. Both confirmed. Jun Won asked them to have a good look.

“Doctor, is this a difficult operation? The baby will survive, right?” Hong Do asked pitifully.

“Four days ago, he had surgery for a congenital heart defect. His heart was too swollen, I couldn't close it. Now I'm going to close it because it looks like I can." Jun Wan said

"He survived, right?" Hong Do asked to confirm. Jun Wan tells that he closed it because he is getting better.

“Jae-hak, send them here.” Said, Jun Wan. Doctor Do is confused and finally orders the two students to come closer.

"Why here? You will contaminate it. Do you want to die?” shouted Jun Wan angrily. Another nurse finally said that it was the patient's guardian.

“Doctor, Chan-Yeong has a slight fever.” Said the nurse when Jun Wan just came out of the room to wash his hands.

"Since when?" asked Jun Won. Nurse replied. When measuring at 08.00, the temperature is 36 degrees.

“I measured again just now, the temperature was 38.3 degrees. His nose is a bit runny too. Can he operate today?” asked the nurse. Jun Wa thought he would see it first.

Jun Wan sees the baby and checks him that his lung sounds are also bad so surgery is not possible. He thought to take five minutes and get rid of the membrane. Hong Do sees the baby asking permission to touch this baby

"My hands are sterile." Hong Do said. Jun Won is also welcome. Hon Do asks what's wrong with this baby

“Jae-hak, call Chan-hyeong's guardian.” Said, Jun Wan. Doctor Do rushed off.

“A congenital heart disease called Tetralogy of Fallot. He had a ventricular septal defect, pulmonary valve stenosis, right ventricular hypertrophy, and overriding aorta all at once. He was originally scheduled for surgery this afternoon, but upon inspection, his oxygen saturation is indeed low.” Obviously Jun Wan

"It's a symptom of pneumonia. However, he must be operated on immediately.” Jun Won said. Doctor Do informs that the guardian's parents are coming. The three of them could only stare at the baby's parents who were still young and seemed indifferent.

The two finally stood closer. Jun Wan tells that there is bad news because Chan-hyeong's surgery had to be postponed for a day or two and also his son has a fever and his lungs are bad so he will reschedule the operation after seeing the X-ray results.

"Right now he's having a hard time breathing. I'm worried that Chan-hyeong will be in pain if the operation is forced." Said, Jun Wan. His mother understood without looking frustrated.

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"If the pneumonia is mild, it will get better in two or three days. So, let's watch first. Is there any question?" Jun Wan said. They both shook their heads like they didn't care.

"You'll explain after rescheduling surgery, right?" Jung Wan asked Doctor Do

“We know because of your earlier explanation.” Said Chan Hyung's mother. Jung Wan finally said goodbye.

Doctor Do comments that their mentality is extraordinary, even though his child is on the verge of death. He thinks that means they are still childish and Jun Won must not see his mother's age. He informed that the woman was born in 2000.

"That's good they're calm." Jun Wan's comment relaxed. Doctor Do thinks maybe they are running away from reality because they are tired and scared

"They are young. Maybe they are afraid and have a hard time understanding the situation…” Doctor Do said excitedly.

“Jae-hak… Why are you talking so much? Do not interfere." Jun Won said firmly. Doctor Do nodded in understanding.

Yun Bok takes his twin out, the loving Hong Do calls the little baby to not get sick, suddenly the baby's hand grips Hong Do's hand tightly as if he doesn't want to be separated. Hong Do smiled.

Everyone gathered in the room while listening to Aloha's song, Jung Won while cleaning the food scraps commented that it was Ik-jun's favorite song. Song Hwa and Suk Hyung confessed that it was their favorite song. Ik Jun sees Suk Hyung lying down to warn him.

"Hey, your stomach acid can rise if you lie down after eating... Hey. Song-hwa, your minus is increasing? It used to be the same as me, but it's blurry.” said Ik Jun trying on Son Hwa's glasses.

"Take off your contact lenses. Why hasn't Jun-wan come yet? Song Hwa said while making coffee.

"I'm just saying now, but I'm great at singing this song. All this time I didn't say because you guys were always noisy." Jung Won said proudly

“Are you guys making such a fuss because you want to go to karaoke? How about we go there tonight? Good grief." Ik Jun said

Just then Jun Wan came to ask about the food. Jung Won gave the food that had been ordered and commented that the theme was fast too. Jun Wan tells that the breastbone closure is delayed and is happy because there is sauce in the food.

“Hey… Stop wiping. You should see a psychiatrist." Song Hwa complained seeing Jung Won continuing to wipe the table. Jung Won thought there would be a lot of flies.

"You also stopped before I hit." Song Hwa said seeing Ik Jun who was busy massaging his head with his tool.

"Hey! Did you guys know?” said Jun Wan suddenly speaking. Everyone wants to know what it is.

"I'm great at singing this song. It's "Aloha" from Cool, right? I made a lot of women cry because of this song.” Jun Wan said proudly.

"Yes, in Hawaii." Jung Won taunts. Jun Wan tries not to talk about it pretending to be busy eating. Song Hwa wants to know about Hawaii but doesn't pay attention to it. Jung Wan didn't want to talk about it either.

"Something must have happened in Hawaii, didn't it?" Suk Hyung said. Ik Jun. remember Jun Wan was in Hawaii for a month after the specialist exam.

"Please be quiet! I'm dizzy looking at you." Song Hwa lamented finally seeing Ik Jun move to a seat.

"He's been famous like that since high school. He befriends everyone from all ten classes. Noisy, sloppy, and can't be silent. I don't understand how he got first place." Jun Wan said

“Kids these days call him "cool"... While he's "not cool" Ik Jun taunts pointing at Suk Hyung who is sleeping.

"I'm trying to enjoy the song... You bastard." Suk Hyung said.

At that time in the room, the nurse discussed Doctor Jang who chose Doctor Lee Ik-jun's surgery again. Doctor Jang confirmed. The doctor also wants to know if Doctor Jang likes Doctor Lee Ik-jun. Doctor Jang immediately confirmed.

“I like Doctor Lee Ik-jun.” Doctor Jang said. They are surprised because Ik Jun already has a child. Doctor Jang thinks he's okay with that and eats two packs of ramyun straight away.

Song Hwa asked if they ever performed the song "Aloha". Jung Won thought Of course not and when did they ever appear. Jun Wan thought they still had a conscience. Jung Won thinks they must remember it.

"We practiced this song until we stayed up late to perform, but it turns out that from the start he signed us up for the comedy club." Said Jung Won pointing at Ik Jun who was busy writing on Suk Hyung's clothes.

"That's what he told right on the day of the campus festival. He says we are secret guests. So, it's not on the poster. He's lucky to be a doctor! Otherwise, he's a swindler." Jun Wan complains

“Our level at that time was a comedy, not band. If it weren't for me, you would have been beaten to death on stage." Ik Jun said. Suk Hyun complains to Ik Jun to stop.

“Even so, we developed in three, four years. That's good for our size." Jung Won said.

“Besides, you are cowards too. Your hands have been shaking since a week before the show. I thought he had tremors. I was worried he couldn't apprentice with those hands." Ik Jun said. Suk Hyung complains not to make this up!

“Are we that bad? We're good at playing alone, right?” Song Hwa said

“You think the same when playing alone and performing on stage?” Jung Won said. Jun Wan calls it Like a comedian!

“Ik-jun got angry when he taught you to play the bass.” Jun Wan said. Ik Jun admitted that he was still upset.

"Hey! I'm not that bad! Besides… he's smart, but he can't teach other people.” Song Hwa complained. Suk Hyun defends

“Even so, I like Ik-jun's vocals.” Suk Hyung said. Ik Jun also thanked him.

“I will sing for you today. Let's go-to karaoke after work." Ik Jun said

"How can we eat harmful tang like this when we go to karaoke?" Song Hwa complained.

"I have VSD surgery." Jun Wan said. Jung Won mentions a pediatrics conference tonight.

“I went to the convenience store with mom.” Suk Hyung said. Ik Jun also invites the weekend?

“I played golf with the Head of the Hospital and the President.” Jun Wan said. Jung Wan mentions going to the marathon. After such a long time.

Ik Jun goes out with his son

Ik Jun goes out with his son

"I'm camping." Song Hwa said. Suk Hyung mentioned going to the nail salon with his mother.

"Okay, no need!.. You guys are ridiculous. Do you think I have a lot of time, then invite you to karaoke? I'm busy too. I have to watch movies, learn to color, and eat cheating with U-ju. It's just you... I'm not going either! Irritating!" shouted Ik Jun annoyed.

Jun Wan sees Ik Jun leaving thinking that Ik Jun will definitely come. Jung Won is also sure that Ik Jun will leave.

In front of the SU KARAOKE building, Ik Jun stood with his son and asked U Ju if he could guess where they were. U Ju thought that they were in a nightclub. Ik Jun was surprised that his son knew that and asked who it was from. Ik Jun answered from his aunt.

“Aunt Terminator said Dad used to live in a nightclub. Nightclub people." Say, U Ju

"Right. My dad used to live in an apartment called "Night Club." However, this is not the apartment. You know dad plays in bands, right? Dad sings and dances on stage like Super Wings." Say Ik Jun proud

“Dad did it too, and this is where he performed for the first time. This is where I dedicated my youth… U-ju… Dad suddenly… felt touched.” Ik Jun said

“Dad, please buy me one more corn dog!” U Ju said as if he didn't care. Ik Jun can't believe his son has finished it

"In that case, okay. Let's go! Is the Corn Dog good?” Ik Jun asked. U Ju nodded.

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"By the way, Lee U-ju... You speak politely to father when you ask for something." Ik Ju said. U Ju refuses because this is new to him.

"Who did you learn that word from?" Ik Jun asked. U Ju replied that it was from Mother. Ik Jun complained about it.


Song Hwa sings a song with her flash voice, suddenly the song stops, and screams in anger. Jun Wan apologized for pressing the wrong button. Song Hwa knows it must be a lie. Jun Wan confirmed that it was a lie and then complained to Suk Hyung who kept sleeping.

"Why him?" Jun Wan asked. Jung Wan told Suk Hyung this morning that he ate three sedatives.

"Is it because of our show?" said Jun Wan in disbelief. Jung Won told that Suk Hyung was a homebody, social phobia, isolated himself,

"And... Another one, huh?" Jung Won said confused. Suk Hyung calls Coward.

"Right. He has those four diseases.” Jun Won said. At that time Jun Won took the songbook from Jung Won's hands.

"Hey, it's my turn!" shouted Jung Won annoyed. Jun Won asked to wait.

"Hear. It should be me, Suk Hyung, Ik-jun, Jun-wan, Song-hwa. Next, I'm back!" Jung Won said annoyed

“Oh my gosh, you counted it? Are you a pervert or something?” Jun Wan sneered. Song Hwa also asked Lee Ik-jun where

“We gathered here because of him.” Song Hwa said annoyed. At that time, Suk Hyung saw the song that Jun Wan chose. "ALOHA" BY COOL

"Did you choose this song?" asked Song hwa happily. Jun Wan admits it's not him. Song Hwa also wants to know who

Just then Ik Jun came from the door with a mic while singing in a sweet voice. In only one stanza, Song Hwa was singing. And three other men became backing vocals singing the lyrics of "I Believe" Ik Jun complained asking them to sit down.

Ik Jun sings again sweetly, but right up to the chorus, everyone sings loudly. They seem to like it very much. At that time, Suk Hyung started to talk like he was just reading.

"From now on, the most important thing in my life, not me, but you. Although words cannot describe it, only you  I love. Sometimes as a friend, sometimes as a man. I love you until I close my eyes." said suk Hyung

"You said he was shy?" whispered Jun Wan in surprise. Jung Won thought about the effects of excessive drug consumption.

They started singing again, Ik Jun complained that they could keep up with the tempo and go slower... They still kept on singing.

Song Hwa left the house with a backpack at 7 am listening to Lee Soo-geun and Eun Ji-won's radio broadcast! Soo Geum confesses today looking at the May calendar, and there are a lot of celebrations and there is a day for Ji-won, which is… Ji Won replies that it's Children's Day!

"So true! Children's Day. There's also Father's Day, Teacher's Day, and more!” Soo Geum says like a merchant. Ji Won taunts So Geum is selling

"However, unfortunately, there are no days for myself." Soo Geum complains.

"Come on, Soo-geun. You always enjoy your own day. Every day." Ji Won said

“What if we could do whatever we wanted for one day? How about we do it today? May is the perfect month for that. The first song from Cool. Turns out the title is in English. Please Eun Ji-won." Su Geum said

Ji Won tells Aloha "One Summer Drive". Song Hwa was driving happily listening to a memorable song from his college days. He then greeted the guard who was sweeping. The father tells Song Hwa that he can park at B-104 because it is empty. Meanwhile, Jung Won is getting ready to run a marathon.

When the bullets are fired everyone starts running but Jung Won runs in the opposite direction. The officer who saw him. The man should have been taken to a mental hospital. Jung Won received the message [HYEON-HO HAS SURGERY Bleeding. ENHANCED LACTIC ACID, NO URINE]

Song Hwa happily pitched his own tent, opened a chair, and sat down to enjoy the view. But just then his cell phone rang from “RESIDENT DOCTOR, YONG SEOK-MIN” he finally went back to tidying up all the camping equipment and walked down from YEONIN B-104 MOUNTAIN CAMP.

Jun Wan was busy playing golf. Mister Ju complimented the great Jun Wan with a good Strike. Jun Wan looked relaxed. Mr. Ju asks if he is not tired of having to take care of the VIP Ward too. Jun Wan felt it was okay because he wasn't alone either.

"You're still young. Very delighted. I also envy your friends.” Say, Mr. Ju

"Jong-su, hole ten is too far. Let's just take the car." said the head of the hospital.

"He's my cousin." Mr. Ju said. The head of the hospital complains that it's a secret.

"Everyone knows... Even all the hospital employees know." Mr. Ju said. But the head of the hospital was sure they didn't know.

“Hey, did you know? People even know things you think they don't." Say, Mr. Ju

"I'm tired too. We'll just take the car." said the head of the hospital. Mr. Ju thought they should just walk away. The head of the hospital still wants to ride a car. The two of them argued with each other. Until finally Jun Won who got into the car looked very tense.

"How much medicine did he give him? What are the Consumption and Excretion?” said Jun Won then said immediately there.

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