Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 3 Part 3 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 3 Part 3

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Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 3 Part 2

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 3 Part 3

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 3 Part 3 English Subtitle


Mr. Jung's son looks nervous in front of the room, his mother comes to call Ho-jun telling him to change clothes first because he has brought his shirt and pants. Ho Jun thought that it would be visiting time soon, so just change clothes later.

“There are still 20 and 30 minutes. There was an empty seat. Let's sit down first." Said Mr. Jung's wife. Ho Jun also agreed.

“He must have gone mad! Good grief! Didn't he go on his honeymoon?" said Mrs. Jung seeing her son who came. Ho Jun also called Eun Bin to come closer. Eun Bin and her husband were seen holding back their tears. Ho Jun complained to his brother who was crying even though the operation was smooth.

Eun Bin gave photos of the wedding to her sister and mother. The mother saw that Jin-hui was good at taking photos. Eun Bin thinks the camera is good. So asked him for a photo with his cellphone because he was lazy to download it later.

“Is your Uncle also coming? Even though he said he wouldn't come." Eun Bin's mother complained.

" Wait a moment. Who's this? Wasn't he the doctor who operated on your father?" said Ho Jun looking at Jun Wan's photo.

“Eun-bin, did he come to your wedding?” asked Ho Jun. Eun Bin confirmed. Ho Jun asked When

"He was the first to greet me in the bridal room." Eun Bin said. Ho Jun was surprised to see Jun Won's face.

"We didn't take a photo together. He just ate and left. But just come is good. He asks what is the menu. I said galbitang then he ran happily to the dining area. He came to my wedding just to eat.” Eun Bin said

Ik Jun sat in the room holding only a baseball.

Ik Jun sat in the room holding only a baseball.

"Come on. Galbitang alone is not enough. If possible, I'd like to treat Galbi." Mrs. Jung said.

“Even if it is given he will not accept it. they are forbidden to accept such a thing. I didn't think he could make people flutter." Eun Bin said

At that time, the nurse informed that the Intensive Care Unit had been opened so they could enter quickly. They also thanked you. Mrs. Jung walked in first. Eun Bin couldn't hold back her tears because she was about to meet her father.

“Don't cry, Eun-bin... Are you going to cry in front of Daddy? Come on.. Don't cry." Ho Jun said calming him down. Eun Bin is still crying.

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"Why are you crying? The operation went smoothly... Dad can be sad. Do not Cry. Dad is sadder. You understand, right?” said Ho Jun asked Eun Bin to smile. Eun Bin nodded in understanding.

Jun Wan was still busy in his room. Song Hwa came to ask if he didn't come home. Jun Wan informs that tomorrow there is an outpatient schedule and surgery is busy. Song Hwa told him to change his surgery schedule. Jun Wan thought It wasn't that easy.

"How many outpatients?" Song Hwa asked. Jun Wan replied Twenty people.

“A lot of medical records have to look at. Why aren't you home yet?" said Jun Wan

"I was about to stop by the office because my team had been working hard on the operation earlier." Song Hwa said.

"Just look at Ik-jun." Said, Jun Wan. Song Hwa wants to know why Jun Wan seems to be in trouble but doesn't say anything.

"I dare not ask because it seems like a family matter. I don't think he's that kind of person." Said, Jun Wan.

"That's enough. He can definitely finish it.” Song Hwa said then said goodbye.

Ik Jun sat in the room holding only a baseball.


Ik Jun met his wife, Doctor Yun as if shocked to confirm what was said. Mrs. Yun asked for a divorce because she thought that now they don't live like husband and wife, so she invites them to be friends like before.

“We live like this according to your wishes, right? When I moved to Germany, I was planning to take a break from work and come with you, but you told me not to. You want me to keep working and you want U-ju to grow up in Korea too.” Ik Jun said.

"That's why we live like this. So, are we... Are we separated? Isn't that right? I like your work. I can also take care of U-ju. We do live apart but we agreed on that, right? However, why... What's wrong? What is the real reason?” said Ik Jun

"There's no real reason. Suddenly I thought why to maintain a husband and wife relationship like this. Are you suspicious of me?” said Mrs. Yun. Ik Jun admits no

“Tomorrow I will have lunch with U-ju... Just the two of us. Tomorrow is a special day, right? You just work. Tomorrow I will accompany U-ju. Then I hope you take my words seriously.” said Mrs. Jun. Ik Jun could only silently hear it.

Song Hwa calls Doctor Ahn for coffee together. Doctor Ahn nodded in agreement, they sat in the hallway drinking coffee. Song Hwa asked how many times today asked him. Doctor Ahn said he didn't know.

"A lot... I'm sorry." Song Hwa said. Doctor Ahn thought it was okay.

“Chi-hong, roughly how many surgeries do I do in a week?... Gosh. I asked again. This is really a disease... Sorry." Son Hwa said

preparation for removal of organs.

preparation for removal of organs.

“I think you average five surgeries a week. Then in a year, it can reach about 250 operations.” Said Doctor Ahn. S Song Hwa confirmed.

“Be careful... When dealing with patients or during surgery. I did that to you and Seok-min so you guys stay alert.” Obviously Song Hwa. Doctor Ahn nodded in understanding.

“This job is tiring, but you get used to it quickly. The problem is, we can't get used to doing this. That's the reason." Obviously Song Hwa. Doctor Ahn understands.

"Don't get me wrong because I don't hate you. Don't give up halfway." Song Wha's suggestion. Doctor Ahn nodded in understanding.

“Believe and follow me… Understood, Captain Ahn?” said Song Hwa. Doctor Ahn nodded in understanding.

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Jun Wan is about to enter the room, the nurse comes out telling him that Chan-hyeong's condition is good and has checked earlier. Jun Wan understands that there is no need to look at it and asks how the PaO2 and arterial blood gas are good. The nurse replied that all was well.

"Come on, just go home. Fast!" said the nurse pushing Jun Wan away. Jun Wan nodded in understanding and looked at Chan Hyung's mother who was sitting alone.

“You've heard the explanation of the operation from Doctor Do, right? Chan-hyeong's condition is good. So, tomorrow's surgery..." said Jun Wan suddenly Chan Hyung's mother burst into tears.

“Oh my… Doctor, please help Chan-hyeong.” Han Hyung's mother said. Jun Wan couldn't believe that his mother had endured so well all this time.

“Doctor, please save Chan-Hyung. I hope I'm the one who gets sick in place of Chan-hyeong." Said, Jun Wan.

"Don't cry... You've been holding up well so far." Jun Wan's comment.

"I'm struggling to survive, Doctor. My mother and in-laws always saw us as little children. People also say we are immature. That's why I pretended to be strong. I held back tears for fear that they would tell me I was young, tell me to go home, and not let me see Chan-Hyung.” Her mother's story.

"That's why I had to pretend to be strong. However, now I can no longer. Doctor, Chan-hyeong can live, right?” Chan Hyung's mother confirmed.

"We have done this operation many times... We will save Chan-hyeong." Jun Wan's words finally differed from his belief.

“Then the operation must have been a success, right?” said Chan Hyung's mother. Jun Wan was sure that they would try their best. Chan Hyun's mother also said thank you.

"However, why did you suddenly come home this morning?" asked Jun Wan. Chan Hyung's mother told him that Hui-dong's mother was a shaman. Jun Wan understood.

“He said if I turned the lid on the barrel at home and collected the water, Chan-hyeong would be fine… I'm sorry. They say doctors don't believe in superstitions like this." Chan Hyung's mother said

“It's fine… If that calms you down, then do it. Please." Jun Wan said can only stare

"Then... This... I'm sorry." Chan Hyung's mother said giving him a talisman and putting it in Jun Wan's pocket. Jun Wan couldn't help but stare, finally forced to accept it, feeling fine.

Finally, Doctor Do brings Chan Hyung into the operating room with a happy face telling Uncle, Aunt that Chan-hyeong has come. Jun Wan started to wash his hands then asked if his C-reactive Protein had gone up a bit.

"Yes, but the hematology level and the chest X-ray this morning looked good." Obviously Doctor Do. Jun Wan understood.

"Wakanda." Jun Wan said to the two students. They both looked confused.

“Don't you guys know Wakanda? Black Panthers. Don't say "Forever." You have to be quiet like that.” Jun Wan said crossing his arms. The two of them immediately crossed their arms.

In front of the operating room, Grandma Chan Hyung looks nervous. In front of him, the name [LEE CHAN-HYEONG] Jun Wan asked to start pumping. On the wall can be seen how long the operation is. Chan Hyung's mother could only cry. Her husband could only hug his wife.

Ik Jun talking on the phone asking The color of the blood that comes out is good, the circumference of his stomach. He also asked to be able to check the quantity of urine per hour, then contacted him again. At that time the nurse came with a panicked face complaining that Ik Jun didn't pick up the phone.

"I was on the phone. What is it?" Ik Jun asked. The nurses said they came because they said you couldn't be reached. It...

"Mr. Yuk Hui-gwan..." said the nurse panicked. Ik Jun wants to know Yuk Hui-gwan why because Yesterday he came home.

“They looked at the medical records and found that he was a brain-dead organ donor. Then He entered as a victim of an accident this morning. Chances of brain death are high on the Glasgow Coma Scale of five.” Obviously Nurse.

“His guardian has approved the donor and has finished electroencephalography. The brain-dead termination meeting is about to begin. Even though the report I got in the morning was just an accident. I was asked to contact you immediately because he is your patient.” Say, Nurse

“The organ will be given to another patient in our hospital. So, we must also remove the organ. Gosh… I feel really bad.” Said the nurse.

Song Hwa drives the car while singing with a happy face even though it's raining hard outside.

Song Hwa drives the car while singing with a happy face even though it's raining hard outside.

Jun Wan tells the tricuspid valve is small so it's hard to see and tells Doctor Do to pull it towards the patient's head. Doctor Do follow him. Jun Wan shouted in annoyance if it wasn't in that direction. Doctor Do understands.

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"Pull again. If not, the heart chamber will have to be cut again." Jun Wan said. Doctor Do apologizes.

“Did you see that monitor? The line is straight, right? Zero heart rate.” Yun Bok said sitting with his sister.

"Does that mean the patient died?" Hong Do asked. Yun Bok replied that it wasn't like that

“That is, Chan-hyeong's heart rate is actually zero right now. It's because Chan-hyeong's heart isn't beating right now. The operation can't work if the heartbeats." Obviously Yun Bok

"Therefore, during heart surgery, cardioplegia is given once every 30 minutes to stop the heart. Then as long as the heart stops, the device replaces the function of the heart and lungs. That way, even during surgery, blood can still flow throughout the body.” Obviously Yun Bok.

“Conclusion… Chan-hyeong's heart was actually stopped, then a replacement heart was lit. Then during that time, Chan-hyeong's heart was immediately repaired. After the repair, the tubes connected to the replacement heart were removed.” Say, Yun Bok

“You must be explaining to me while studying, right? You memorized while looking at me.” Hong Do said. Yun Bok confirmed and his sister would understand. Hong Do admits he really understands.


Ik Jun calls Gwang Hyun who is in front of the emergency room, asking the brain-dead accident patient, Yuk Hui-gwan, where is he. Gwang Hyun replied. They just finished the tests at the Intensive Care Unit so the brain death severance meeting must be starting soon.

“I heard that his organs are in good condition, even though he had an accident. I think they're working on a schedule with another hospital team. Why? You know him?” explained Gwang Hyun

"He's my patient. Even though yesterday he came home fine,” said Ik Jun. Gwang Hyun is unbelievable.

"It must have been a tough decision. Let him go." Obviously Gwang Hyun. Ik Jun nodded in understanding.

"Didn't you see his family?" Ik Jun asked. Gwang Hyun admits he didn't see it.

Ik Jun comes out to receive a call from his aunt asking whether to go there. Aunt said it was not necessary because the first aid medicine is very effective so the allergy has subsided and now U Ju is sleeping. Ik Jun looks sad

“If you come, U-ju will wake up and the problem will be big. I called just to let you know. No need to worry. By the way, how could her mother not know that U-ju has a peanut allergy?” complained Aunt U Ju who couldn't believe it.

“Do you know the name of the restaurant? I'll call them. I need to know what he eats." Ik Ju said. Aunt U Ju understood and told her his name. Ik Jun also thanked him.

Ik Jun saw that in the WAITING ROOM, Woo Jun was sitting next to his mother who looked very lethargic, and called his mother asking why Dad wasn't there. Mrs. Yuk could only be silent. Yuk Jun asked where Dad was again. Finally, Ik Jun approached.

“Sir, buy me some jajangmyeon!” Woo Jun shouted over to Ik Jun. Ik Jun immediately picked him up and hugged him. Mrs. Yuk immediately burst into tears.

"Okay, I'll buy you some jajangmyeon." Ik Jun said that he felt sad for Mr. Yuk's family.

Jun Wan requests that Stop the ventilator now. The nurse tells Ventilator has been stopped. Jun Won asked the Anesthesiologist, please lower the patient's head and put on an Ambu bag. Hong Do asks if it's over.

“What can be done with surgery is done. What is important now is whether the heart beats normally even if the device is turned off. If so, the operation was successful.” Say, Yun Bok

"Her heart isn't beating." Hong Do said. Yun Bok asked to wait a bit. Jun Won informs that Aortic dissection has begun.

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