Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 3 Part 2 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 3 Part 2

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Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 3 Part 2

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 3 Part 2

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 3 Part 2 English Subtitle

Suk Hyung went to the cafe to order coffee and then sat while watching a variety show. At that time several female doctors came to greet Suk Hyung. Suk Hyung looks nervous and immediately closes the tab. The doctor couldn't believe that Suk Hyung was in the cafe too.

"You said you weren't going to eat?" said the female doctor. Suk Hyung confessed. Suddenly there was time.

"By the way, why didn't you tell me?" said the female doctor. Suk Hyung was confused when he asked what he meant.

“You said you were in the comedy club in college? This is totally unexpected. I thought you were a loner, you're pretty cool." The female doctor commented.

"No. Who said that?" Suk Hyung thought. The Doctor replied that Doctor Jang said.

“He's the resident general surgeon, Jang Gyeo-ul. That's right, Doctor Gyeo-ul. You said the 1980s comedy club members were the triumvirate.” Say the female doctor is sure

"I also heard from other people," said Doctor Jang casually. The female doctor wants to know who. Doctor Jang answered Doctor Lee Ik-jun of Hepatopancreatic Surgery.

Suk Hyung immediately panicked and drank his coffee quickly, another doctor offered Suk Hyung some bread too. The female doctor in front of him asked to treat them because he said general surgery treated meat every day.

"You guys eat. I'll treat meat next time. Good grief! I have to leave immediately. I got a message that the MRI results are out. I'll go first." Suk Hyung said walking away.

“Doctor Tae-in, is there an MRI from obstetrics-gynecology today?” ask a female doctor

"No. I checked before I came here." Said Doctor Tae In. The female doctor is confused by Suk Hyung's attitude and leaves.

"How does he live socially?" complained the doctor surprised. Other doctors began to comment.

“However, Doctor Yang Suk-Hyun's work is good. He is not authoritarian and good at his job. I like it." Another doctor said.

“Is he following the Western-style? You said he studied in America, right? Beautiful individualist?” said Doctor Tae In

“Beautiful from where? He's an annoying and stupid bear. I hope we can at least have a chat. I don't know what he's thinking." Said the female doctor looking annoyed.

“Hey. Doctor Gyeo-ul, who is that? Your boyfriend? Are you happy just looking at the picture?” The doctor taunts seeing Doctor Jang smiling looking at his cell phone. Doctor Jang confirms and is also happy and rushes to say goodbye.

Ik Jun entered the emergency room in his casual clothes and washed his hands first. Doctor Bae informed that the patient was taken by ambulance because of severe abdominal pain and According to X-ray results, it may be ileus. So contacted Ik Ju because he had a liver transplant.

"Earlier, the patient passed out and had diarrhea once," said Doctor Bae. Ik Jun asks the patient to bend his legs.

"Sorry, Doctor. It's the weekend though." said the patient. Ik Jun thinks that he is always ready for Kyu Bin.

"You had diarrhea and pee, right?" said Ik Jun. Gyu Bin confirmed. However, now it doesn't hurt at all.

“I felt almost dead when I got on the ambulance, but the pain went away after seeing the Doctor. Forgive me." Gyu Bin said with a happy smile.

"It does not matter. You're getting better. However, my wound was huge. How about this?" Ik Jun said

"It does not matter. I'm already grateful to be able to go back to school." Gyu Bin said. Ik Jun can only smile seeing his very positive patient.

"Can I take a photo of your wound?" Ik Jun asked. Gyu Bin also invited him.

Ik Jun entered the room and commented that he expected Jun Wan to be in the room while mocking that this is a golf course. Jun Wan was lying down claiming that he didn't have time because there was a revision surgery and his team was closing it, so he had to come down again.

“Just a second... He's a teenage liver transplant patient. Although not visible after using steroids, but hypertrophy in the vertical wound is quite visible. Can it be checked at the wound clinic?” Ik Jun asked. Jun Wan confirmed.

“Just transfer it to my share. Let me check." Jun Wan said looking at the photo on his theme phone. Ik Jun also understands.

“Oh my… Ik-sun also suffered from biliary atresia when he was little, so there is a big wound from Kasai's surgery on his stomach.” Ik Jun complains

“Is Ik-sun still alive?” asked Jun Wan. Ik Jun complains about it because he thinks his sister is dead.

Ik Jun takes a picture of Gyu Bin's wound.

Ik Jun takes a picture of Gyu Bin's wound.

"Isn't that your dog?" said Jun Wan. Ik Jun says his dog is Micky. Jun Wan is sure that Micky is his sister

"My sister Ik-sun." Ik Jun said. Jun Wan thinks that Ik-sun is the dog. Ik Jun is annoyed that he ends up saying that Ik Jun is his dog.

“Oh… No. My dog   Micky... Micky is Ik-sun... Gosh, because of you! Anyway, my sister's name is Ik-sun." Ik Sun said.

He then saw something on the computer screen, JOGANG CATHOLIC CHURCH, Jun Wan thought it looked like a priest's recommendation letter. Ik Jun thought so. Jun Wan thinks that this time he is serious, Ik Jun thinks the same and feels that Jung Won's mother must be sad.

Just then Ik Jun's phone rang, Jun Wan thought it was Jung Won who called. Ik Jun with a smile tells not but his wife. Jun Wan can't believe that Ik Jun has a wife. Ik Jun complains that he must have a wife

“Yuk Hye-Jeong Ambitious? He's so busy. I almost forgot his face.” Jun Wan mocked. Ik Jun asks to stop talking about it.

Ik Jun picked up his wife's phone saying hello for a long time and wanted to know what time it was there. Just then Jung Won came. Jun Wan scoffs that Jung Won is running a marathon in the hospital. Jung Won scoffed at how many holes were in this room.

Jung Won sees Ik Jun talking on the phone and asks who is calling. Jun Wan tells that it's Ik Jun's wife. Ik Jun talks on the phone with a happy face see you tomorrow then tells that his wife is coming home tomorrow.

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"He came here right away because he missed me." Said Ik Jun happy. Jun wan tells It's because the day after tomorrow is Children's Day.

“You haven't seen each other in a year, have you?” said Jung Won. Ik Jun tells me One and a half years.

"At least he should go home on the anniversary of his mother's death. Oh, forget it! It's someone else's family business." Jun Wan said

"Oh my, Yuk Hye-Jeong... She was indeed my friend and I introduced you guys, but it's the first time I've seen someone as ambitious as her." Say Jung Won

“I also just saw you calling someone else… Stop it. She's my wife and U-Ju's mother. You guys are old virgins and single just keep quiet.” Ik Jun said annoyed

"It's been a long time I haven't heard the word "single"..." said Jun Wan when Ik Jun discussed the letter from the church and thought that if he really wanted to quit and become a priest

"Did you reply?" Jung Won asked. Ik Jun gets annoyed that it's not important and stops for a while because Doctor Jang suddenly calls

"Certain. I've collected a lot." Ik Jun said. Jun Wan also wants to know when and if Jung Won has told the Head of the Hospital?

“I was planning to say next week. I won't stop right away. I plan to work until the end of the year.” Jung Won said

Ik Jun said goodbye because he was going to meet Jang Gyeo-ul first and then suddenly asked them to take a photo together. Jun Wan was surprised. Ik Jun thought they were going to part with Jung Won so had to immortalize it a lot. Jung Won complains about it.

"He's not cheating on Jang Gyeo-ul, is he?" said Jun Wan suspiciously because suddenly Ik Jun immediately rushed off.

Ik Jun and Doctor Jang meet in the park, the two of them staring at each other and close together like they are tight. But it turns out that Ik Jun shows photos of Jung Wan when they take photos together and look small. Doctor Jang complains that there is no photo of Jung Won himself

"Be patient. I'm looking for the right time. Do you know? Ahn Jung-won is very sensitive." Ik Jun said

"Have you asked what he thinks of me?" asked Doctor Jang? Ik Ju admits not yet. Doctor Jang wants to know the reason.

"That's too obvious. Is it okay?” Ik Jun asked. Doctor Jang admits that it doesn't matter if Jung Won finds out.

"Ask what he thinks of me." Said Doctor Jang. Ik Jun thinks Doctor Jang just said it himself if you like him.

"That's too... I'm embarrassed." Admit Doctor Jang. Ik Jun complains that Doctor Jang doesn't like him.

"Okay. I'll be asking what he thinks about you soon. I helped you out of pride in your bravery.” Ik Jun said.

“This is Yukon from Gwangju.” Said Doctor Jang. Ik Jun is happy to be able to eat Yukon.

"Then what do you like about Jung-won?" Ik Jun asked while eating. Doctor Jang brought it all. Ik Jun immediately choked. Doctor Jang immediately offers a drink. Ik Jun immediately rejected it.

“Gyeo-ul… You seem to have fantasies about Jung-won. Jung-won's nature at the hospital and when he was with us was very different." Ik Jun said

"How different? I want to hear everything." Doctor Jang asked curiously.

"He's so sensitive! He doesn't sleep for a month if something happens to the patient,” said Ik Jun. Doctor Jang thinks this is very human.

“He is also very stubborn and also determined. Besides, he's not rich, but poor! He even hitches a ride on Kim Jun-wan." Ik Jun said.

“Responsibility behind wealth?” Doctor Jang commented. Ik Jun thinks Doctor Jang is playing with antonyms

"Then what again? Please tell me everything!” said Doctor Jang curiously. Ik Jun tells about Jung Won's romance.

"I mean, he's not interested in women. I've never seen him dating at all in all this time. This is a secret. Jung-won wants to be something else.” Obviously Ik Jun.

"Is he a sexual minority group?" asked Doctor Jang surprised. Ik Jun tells it's not like that.

"I mean he wants to be a servant of God... Not a bride, but a priest." Obviously Ik Jun. Doctor Jang thinks it's impossible. Ik Jun hopes so too.

“I know Doctor Ahn Jung-won is a devout Catholic. I heard all her sisters are priests and nuns. However, he still hasn't, right? He just wants to be a priest, right? That means there's still a chance." Doctor Jang said he was sure.

Just then Jung Wan comes screaming asking Ik Jun to give him a cigarette. Doctor Jang immediately rushed away in shame. Jung Wan immediately sits down forbidding Ik Jun if he can't with Doctor Jang. Ik Jun could only stare at him.

just before starting the operation.

just before starting the operation.

“Hey... Realize before I finish you off! You are married." Jun Won said angrily. Ik Jun was confused.

“What do you think Jang Gyeo-ul is?” Ik Jun asked. Jung Won is confused. Ik Jun repeats again wanting to know Jung Won's opinion of Jang Gyeo-ul. Jung Won looks confused.


Children who are about to get married just cry in front of the operating room. Seen on the screen [OPERATING STATUS, WAITING] his sister also called her brother when his father had come down. Mr. Jung is already in bed with his wife.

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“I'll check a few things before entering the Operating Room. What's your name?" asked the nurse. Mr. Jung answered Jung Su-below.

“Let me check your ID bracelet. Are you going to be operated on by Doctor Kim Jun-wan from Thoracoplastic Surgery?” Nurse said. Mr. Jung confirmed.

"Happy surgery, Dad. The operation must have worked. Don't worry." said Mr. Jung's son crying. Mr. Jung looked at his son with a sad face.

“My daughter… I feel very sorry for you. I'm sick so I can't attend your wedding. I'm sorry father." said Mr. Jung

"Why are you apologizing? I should be the one apologizing. How can I get married when Dad is sick? I'm sorry, Father." Said Mr. Jung's son crying.

In front of the OPERATING ROOM

Doctor Do comes already wearing a surgical gown and tells that the patient will come in now. Jun Wan made sure that there was no problem then asked about the patient's feelings. He will also explain the operation.

“To remove the bacteria and reconstruct with the remaining cells, it took about five hours. If conditions worsen, it could be more than that.” Jun Wan said

“Doctor, you do this operation often, don't you?” asked Mr. Jung's wife. Jun Wan confirmed

“Then we don't have to worry, right? This isn't a life-threatening operation, is it?” said Mr. Jung's son.

"We can't guarantee that. But often changes occur during operation. So it can be bad. However, we will try our best.” Said, Jun Wan. Doctor Do complains that he heard it. Jun Wan finally chose to leave.

“You should have said, 'Everything's going to be all right.' Jung Su-beom's daughter got married today. His family already felt guilty for each other. At least you can talk sweeter. Even if it's just in the mouth, "The surgery will definitely work. Don't worry." Can't you talk like that?" complained Doctor Do.

"It's not a difficult operation for you, after all, is it?" Doctor Do said seeing Jun Wan immediately wash his hands.

“What if Jung Su-beom has a perianal abscess? What if there is an embolism and then a brain injury?” Jun Wan said

“The chances are slim, right? You have no feelings." Complains Doctor Do

“Feelings can help in surgery? When I help I do. The fact is not. It doesn't help at all." Jun Wan said. Doctor Do apologized.

"Never say that to a patient. "The operation was easy. You will be safe. The operation will be successful. Don't worry." Never say that. Understand?" Jun Wan said. Doctor Do nodded in understanding.

Jun Wan went to buy an Iced Americano coffee with three shots. Just then Yun Bok and Hong Do came to greet Jun Wan. Jun Wan greeted the two who came quickly and asked the waiter for a chocolate cake as well. Yun Bok admitted that he had come since 08.00.

“You guys are amazing and Pay with this.” Jun Wan said giving the card. They both said thank you.

The two finally sit down together, Jun Wan confirms that Doctor Do Jae-hak is good, Yun Bok admits that he is very good. Jun Wan thought it was lucky. Yun Bok wants to know why the doctor chose thoracoplastic surgery because he got an interview assignment.

"Other doctors are ready." Yun Bok said. Jun Wan wanted to know who.

"We're just getting started. So, only one person. Doctor Chae Song-hwa of Neurosurgery.” Yun Bok said. Jun Wan wanted to know what Song Hwa said.

“He chose neurosurgery because he wanted to study. There is still a lot to learn in that area.” Yun Bok said. Jun Wan knows and understands very well.

"How about you, Doctor?" Yun Bok asked. Jung Wan admitted that he was invited by a senior who sat beside him at an internet cafe.

Yun Bok thought that Jun Wan was joking. Jun Wa confirmed that it was serious if the person asked if he wanted to make money or teach then he said it was better to teach and he told him to choose thoracoplastic surgery.

"That's why I'm here." Jun Wan said with a serious face. Both of them believed it.

"Can I eat the chocolate cake?" Hong Do asked, Jun Wan, refused and gave him a card so that Hong Do would just buy it. Hong Do smiled happily.

At that time Doctor Ahn and Song Hwa were performing surgery. Song hwa thinks Doctor Ahn understands why cleaning is important, Doctor Ahn admits he knows. Song Hwa wanted to know why it was important. Doctor Ahn looks confused. Doctor Yong looks nervous to see him.

"Judging from the microscope, it's close to the optic nerve. So, bipolar cauterization can lead to burning injuries, leading to vision loss after surgery.” Said Doctor Ahn.

Jun Won entered the ICU room to check on his patient and then told nurse Nam Ji-min that Chan-hyeong could be operated on tomorrow. Nurse Nam understands that his breath sounds have improved, the X-ray results are also good.

"Yes. He's in more pain if we back off again. The guardian is here, right?” Jun Wan said The nurse understood that she would call him.

“Jae-hak, do you have a suit?” Jun Wan asked the sitting Doctor Do.

“I always keep one set at the office.” Said Doctor Do. Jun Wan said he wanted to borrow.

Nurse Nam comes back in and tells them they're home. Both were shocked to hear that. Doctor Do can't believe that his son's condition is like that, but his parents come home. Another mother tells Chan-hyeong's mother to come home for a while.

“However, her two grandmothers are here. They're probably in the lobby." Said another mother. The nurse thought to call him. Jun Wan nodded.

Jun Wan meets with Chan Hyung's grandmother that the operation was postponed due to pneumonia, but now the fever and infection rate has decreased so now is the right time. Chan Hyung's grandmother asked if the surgery was dangerous.

“Is this Grandma Chan-Hyung?” asked Jun Wan. The grandmother told her that she was a maternal grandmother and the one beside her was from her father's side.

"In the meantime, I'll tell you that tomorrow afternoon he will be able to operate. I'll give you detailed information when Chan-Yeong's parents come." Jun Wan said

"You can just tell us. My son-in-law is only 20 years old. He doesn't know anything. My son is the same.” Said Grandma Chan Hyung from the father's side.

"Right. You just have to talk to us." Says the grandmother of Chan Hyung's mother

"Both parties I'll tell you. However, Chan-hyeong's guardian is his mother." Jun Wan said

"Excuse me... You just tell the two grandmothers, Doctor. I'll let her mother know at a glance when I ask for approval for the operation." Doctor said Do

two friends chatting with each other.

two friends chatting with each other.

“In detail, not at a glance. Then is your Jas in the office?" asked Jun Wan. Doctor Do confirmed.

Jun Wan asked What color. Doctor Do is confused. Jun Wan confirms what color his suit is. Doctor Jo confirms that Jun Waon will be worried if it's silver

Jun Wan saw that the suit he was wearing was quite large. With silver color and also without pockets but sewn with cloth sticking out, he could only sigh at the silver tie too. Jung Won came in to ask Jun Wan then fell silent.

"Don't say anything." Jun Wan said firmly. Jung Won nodded understandingly trying to hold back laughter.

"Aren't you eating? I am hungry. How about slug fish? I just suddenly wanted to eat squid." Say Jung Won

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"I have an appointment. I'll be out in a bit." Jun Wan said. Jun Won kept asking what he wanted to eat. Jun Wan replied that he wanted to eat steak.

"And I hate steaks." Jun Wan said then left the room. Jung Wan thinks that eating out too. Just then his phone rang and said he'd be there soon.

In the operating room

Song Hwa also told Ahn Chi-hong to finish it. Doctor Ahn shifted. Song Hwa stands at the back with Doctor Yong watching. He then commented that Doctor Ahn had to install Hemovac first. Doctor Ahn understands.

“Are you going to decide? Control your power. Gently." said Song Hwa warned. Doctor Ahn understands then apologizes

“I'll stop talking… You focus. Sorry." Song Hwa said. Doctor Ahn said it was okay.

In front of the receptionist's room. The nurse congratulates Mr. Yuk Hui-gwan on his return. Mr. Yuk thank you. The nurse told him that his surgical wound had been sterilized and given a waterproof cloth so he could take a shower.

“You can eat as usual, but avoid overeating.” Said the nurse. Mr. Yuk understands.

“Mother, please change this.” asked the child. His mother asks Won-jun to wait a bit.

“A week later you have to start an outpatient, then a biopsy. If you need a doctor's certificate for insurance, you can just say it." Said the nurse. Mr. Yuk understands.

“Mother, quickly turn this into a robot.” Won Jun complained impatiently. His mother tried not to ignore him.

“Doctor Lee Ik-jun, aren't you here today? I haven't had time to say thank you... He's great...” said Master Yun.

Just then Ik Jun came to call Won-jun, took the toy, and greeted Mr. Yun and his wife. He also greeted Mr. Yun, praising him that he was not like a patient without an IV in his hand for being handsome. Master Yun was embarrassed to feel that way.

"Do you remember my husband's name? You have a lot of patients through," said Mr. Yun's wife.

"My wife's clan is also Yuk. I just met the Yuk clan other than my wife... Ahh No. There are father-in-law, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, nephew.” Ik Jun said. Master Yun thought It turned out to be a lot.

"You came home today, right?" said Ik Jun. Master Yun said he was happy to be home before Children's Day tomorrow. Ik Jun realized it too.

"We can't go far. We are planning to go to a Chinese restaurant near the house. My son loves jajangmyeon,” said Mr. Yun.

"My son too. All children will like it. It's a simple laparoscopic cholecystectomy. So, there are no strict taboos but don't overdo it first. Even if it's uncomfortable, it's better if you walk a lot and exercise." Ik Jun said.

He then gave the toy to Won Jun. Won Jun couldn't believe it and then asked who it was. Ik Jun smiled and asked Won Jun who did he think. His mother asked Won Jun to be more polite.

“I am the One who healed your father's sick stomach. Goodbye. See you at outpatient." Ik Jun said. Both of them thanked him and told Won Jun to bow.

At that time, Doctor Yong and Doctor Ahn had just come out of the operating room to have surgery. Ik Jun looked at the two thinking that Chae Song-hwa had just scolded him again. Doctor Yong said Yes while Doctor Ahn said no.

“You were the one who got scolded, right?” said Ik Jun pointing at Doctor Yong. Doctor Yong admits not but Doctor Ahn Chi-hong.

"He said no." Said Ik Jun. Doctor Yong thought Doctor Ahn was a former soldier. So, mentally strong.

“He was angry because I couldn't answer the question properly. I feel like a fool too." Obviously Doctor Ahn.

“You graduated from the Korean Military Academy, right? I know someone at…” said Ik Jun then stopped because he had to receive a call.

He seemed happy to ask where the person was and was about to go there and then rushed off.

Doctor Yong received a call and then talked to Doctor Ahn who must have known the accident patient who entered the ER yesterday, Doctor Ahn nodded. Doctor Yong told the patient that he could not operate because his vitals were unstable and the bleeding was severe.

"However, Doctor Chae Song-hwa will operate on him tonight." Said Doctor Yong. Doctor Ahn understood.

"He invited us to a meeting later," said Doctor Yong. Doctor Ahn thought it was good. Doctor Yong can't believe it's considered good

"Even though you were scolded like that?" said Doctor Yong in disbelief. Doctor Ahn thought that Song Hwa wasn't angry, just asking.

“I really want to work on that case. I thought it would be nice to be Doctor Chae's assistant. That's great." said Doctor Ahn.

"Doctor Ahn Chi-hong. I think you should have a head CT scan." Doctor Yong said. Doctor Ahn thought he would do if there was an employee discount.

In the meeting room, Doctor Ahn could only bow his head in silence. At that time Song Hwa stared coldly at the uncomfortable atmosphere, finally Song Hwa decided to do it that way and told them to sleep first and see you later tonight.

"He was going to operate that way from the start, wasn't he?" the nurse whispered

"You know it doesn't matter to him. The important thing is that we know or not.” Doctor Yong replied.

They went out of the room, Doctor Yong saw that there were roses in the hospital garden that were starting to be planted and thought it was the rose season. The nurse praises Doctor Yong. His eyes are observant too, Doctor Yong admits that his family owns a flower shop.

"Everyone knows it's a rose." Doctor Yong said. Song Hwa said no because nowadays, many people don't know the names of flowers and plants.
"Have the flowers been fake all this time?" said the new nurse saw that it was a fake flower. Doctor Yong thinks with butterflies in the garden he thinks it's too much.
"Come to think of it, I haven't seen flowers in a long time." Said the nurse. Doctor Yong finds out that Song Hwa is camping this weekend too. Song Hwa confirmed.
"Can we come along? You can too, right? You're not picking up this week." Doctor Choi said. Doctor Ahn asks if they can come too.

"Can. However, do you really want to?” Song Hwa asked. Doctor Yong nodded.
"Even though you're a bit harsh, it doesn't make us awkward." Said Doctor Yong. The nurse praises Doctor Yong. Song Hwa pu saw that his junior was very cute.
"You're annoying too, but don't make me awkward. Let's go together. There are real roses and butterflies." Song Hwa said then walked over first.
Ik Jun came to see his wife with a happy smile, Mrs. Yun just sat quietly. Ik Jun also asked what he wanted to order because the coffee here was delicious and then offered cake too. Madam Yun thought Is there no quiet place. Ik Jun was confused.
"There's something I want to talk to you about." Madam Yun said with a serious face.

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