Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 1 Part 3 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 1 Part 3

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Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 1 Part 3

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 1 Part 3

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 1 Part 3 English Subtitle

Jun Wan et al saw the letter in front of them "VIP ward SPECIAL MEDICAL TEAMWORK CONTRACT" Jung Won was sure the four friends would agree. Ik Jun complains that it's too long and asks him to explain.

"In short, we have to agree if the first party needs emergency surgery, even on weekends, and is obliged to carry out the operations determined by the first party." Obviously Sung Hwa

“Who is the first party?” Jun Wan asked. Sung Hwa pointed to Jung Won.

"How much are you going to pay us? You asked us to be your slaves.” Jun Wan complained irritably

“Twice the annual income.” Jung Won said. Ik Jun immediately shouted angrily.

“Next time write that kind of thing at the very top! He is the son of a conglomerate, he has a lot of money!” Ik Jun complained and immediately gave his signature.

"I can't resign. Well." Said Song Hwa who also signed.

“Is there red ink? I have to taste the thumbs,” asked Jun Wan who signed and stamped

"What about you?" Jung Won asked Suk Hyung. Suk Hyung said if you want some free time.

“Gosh, your life is so luxurious! You've been in Korea for two months after finishing the scholarship. Aren't you looking for a job?" Ik Jun mocked.

"I still want to hang out with mom." Suk Hyung said casually. Jung Won will give double the salary and special parking.

"Then, us?" shouted three doctors who could not accept. Jung Won told the other three to be quiet. Suk Hyung doesn't seem to care.

“Special parking and special laboratories. Plus a private workspace!” said Jung Won.

"Then we? Who do you think we are?” shouted Ik Jun annoyed. Jun Won is also angry because he is considered a fool who just agreed.

"I don't need that... I just ask for one condition." Suk Hyung said. Jung Won wants to know because he will grant anything.

"Bands." Said Suk Hyung, all gawked to hear it. Jun Wan complains that Suk Hyun can only send messages with his cellphone.

"I do not want! Anyway, no." Jung Wan said firmly. Ik Jun agrees because he likes it.

"I'm busy too. no time. I can not." Sung Hwa said. Jung Won also confirmed that Suk Hyung would agree if he agreed

"Certain. How do you manage a VIP ward without obstetricians and gynecologists? That can't be happening." Suk Hyung said

Jun Wan is annoyed that he finally chooses to leave and it's better to have a conversation today and thinks it's better to just work. Arriving at the door, he calls Song Hwa because he doesn't have access, so he asks to help him down.

“I have also confirmed. I don't have time for the band." Song Hwa said then left the room. Jung Won called him but Sung Hwa ignored him.

“The problem is Song-hwa.” Jung Won said with a sigh. Suk Hyung thinks Jun-wan is more troubled.

"Jun-wan? I just need to call him.” Jung Won said casually. Ik Jun and Suk Hyung looked at each other.

Jung Won talks on the phone with Jun Wan confirming that he still doesn't want to do it, Jun Won insists he doesn't want to because he's not young anymore. Jung Waon admitted yesterday that he opened his old Cyworld account and found a beautiful photo in the photo album.

"In Hawaii..." said Jung Won and Jun Wan immediately agreed. Jung waon immediately smiled after hanging up the phone.

it's time to bend.

it's time to bend.

“Jun-wan agrees.” Jung Won said. Ik Jun, who was aware of Suk Hyung's shoulder, was immediately surprised, as was Suk Hyung.

“Jun-wan committed what sin to agree right away?” said Ik Jun surprised. Jung Won thought. Now only Song-hwa is left.

“Song-hwa is always serious with her words. How about this? Don't you know Song-Hwa's weakness?" Jung Won said

“Good grief, is this your strategy? Why do you only think about negative things like someone's weakness? You just give him what he wants. Try it that way." Ik Jun said

"I know." Suk Hyung said. Both of them immediately stared at Suk Hyung telling Song Hwa if he wanted to be a vocalist.

"It's gone crazy. Vocalist? He still wants to be a vocalist?” Ik Jun complained in disbelief.

"I talked to him first, and he said he wanted to be a vocalist." Jung Won said

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"Seriously. Song-hwa is tone-deaf and out of tune! He even took five years to learn the bass.” Ik Jun complained

“Suk-Hyung, you want to get a Grammy from our band?” Jung Won asked. Suk Hyung looks confused

"Aren't you going to be at Wembley?" Jung Won asked. Suk Hyung admits he doesn't.

"Then... Song-hwa can be the vocalist!" Jung Won said casually. Ik Jun immediately shouted annoyed

"I have no problem. I just wanted to do something with my friends. I find Song-Hwa's voice interesting." Suk Hyung said casually.

"Oh my, you guys are so mean," complained Ik Jun annoyed. Suk Hyung still feels his voice is unique.

"Good grief! You guys are really crazy! You can't make fun of people like that! We must guide him to the right path. Don't do that if you care about Song-hwa!" said Ik Jun annoyed.

"Okay! It's all right... Ik-jun, you care about Song-hwa. So you don't mind this. We'll start the band. You start work next week. Welcome, Doctor Yang!” said Jung Won shaking his friend's hand.

“I often hear you are called "Buddha". Suk Hyung said happily accepting his work contract.

"My religion is Catholic." Jung Won said. Suk Hyung looked embarrassed and let go of his friend's hand.

Song Hwa drank a raw egg in a glass, then seemed to loosen his throat. Ik Jun, who was ready to complain, told Song Hwa to hurry up because they could be called at any time. Song Hwa was ready in front of the mic but instead burped. Ik Jun complains that Song Hwa's breath smells fishy.

"You're unreasonable." Ik Jun complained. Song Hwa also wanted to know what song they were going to play.

“Suk-Hyung has already chosen. You'll know when you hear it." Jung Won said he was ready to sit in front of the drum.

Suk Hyung was ready with the keyboard to start playing it. Song Hwa already knew with the bass in hand and started singing. Ik Jun and Jun Wan who were beside him could only hold their ears because of Sung Hwa's discordant voice.


The same song is sung on stage, a man sings in a discordant voice. In front of them was a banner, “SEOUL NATIONAL UNIVERSITY ORIENTATION FOR NEW MEDICINE STUDENTS.” After singing, the chairman asked all of them to give applause. Jung Won and Suk Hyun sat while continuing to drink beer.

“His song gave me goosebumps, his face gave me goosebumps even more. Who wants to go next?” asked the Chairman. The friend sitting in front of Jung Won raised his hand.

"I will imitate Nam Bo-won in Nam Bo-won Show," said the man confidently. Jung Won chose to rush out slowly.

"Hey! Where are you going?" Suk Hyung whispered. Jung Won thought it was better to drop out of school than to do it. The two of them finally walked out of the room happily.

"Where are you going?" asked the senior guarding outside. Jung Won was shocked and admitted that he was going to the toilet

"He's very drunk." Jung Won said while pretending to hold Suk Hyung up. Suk Hyung pretended to be drunk.

"Why don't they come in? Irritating!" complained Jung Won hiding in front of the door to see two seniors who are still on guard.

"So cold here. Shall we just stay in the toilet?” Suk Hyung said. Jung Won said that it stinks there.

"Isn't there anywhere else?" Suk Hyung said. Jung Won tries to find a hiding place.

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Jung Won sees the locked room and tries to open it, but when he opens it he sees two other men hiding too. Jun Wan still with his foam accent asked who they were. Ik Jun thought who else.

"Like us, they pretend to go to the toilet and then run away because it's boring there." Ik Jun said

"Are they Japanese?" said Suk Hyung who heard a different accent. Jun Wan immediately complained that Suk Hyung was stupid.

"Can we come in?" Jung Won asked. Ik Jun can't believe that the Seoul dialect is cool.

“It's like listening to the radio... He says "Can I come in?" Jun Wan said. Ik Jun tells them to come in.

"Although it's a bit cramped, staying here is better than that obscure event." Ik Jun said.

The four of them sat side by side. Jung Won also introduced himself and also Suk Hyung as his theme. Ik Jun also greeted in Japanese to mock.

group of four friends.

group of four friends.

Jun-wan complains about Ik Jun's attitude, then introduces himself to his friend Ik Jun and admits that they are both from Changwon.

"We are high school friends. Are you from the same high school too?” Ik Jun asked. Jung Won admitted that they were in the same elementary and middle school and then felt that his legs were cramping. Ik Jun complains that Jung Won will not die and become a spoiled child.

“But how long are we here for? It's cramped in here." Suk Hyung said. Ik Jun thought they were lucky to be just the four of them.

At that time the door opened and Song Hwa also ran away from the event and sat beside Ik Jun who was trying not to be cramped. Jung Won also introduced four other friends he just met. Song Hwa also told his name Chae Song-hwa and asked if they were all friends. Everyone immediately answered no.

"We've only known each other for five minutes." Jung Won said. Song Hwa was surprised to see them panicking when just saying no is enough.

“This meeting was fate. How about a group photo?” Song Hwa said. Everyone immediately complained that it was impossible.

"Okay... The camera can be stored on that chair." Jung Won said. Song Hwa put it on a chair and told him that the lights were flashing before taking the picture.

"It's already started!" said Song Hwa and they took a photo together when they were in college for the first time.

They also finished practicing Ik Jun told that the next song was "Love over a Thousand Years". Song Hwa knew his friend was mocking him and finally caught up with Ik Jun before getting into the car. Suk Hyung escorted his friend to the car.

Jun Won immediately took Song Hwa's shoes and got into the car. Song Hwa complains asking to return it then asks Suk Hyung for help, but Suk Hyung chooses to go inside the house. Song Hwa asks Jung Won for help but Jung Won is already in the car.

Jung Won heard the siren on his cellphone then opened the other phone with the siren sound and received the message [GOOD NIGHT, HELP ANGEL! EUN-A IS HEALTHY AND CAN GO HOME.] Her face immediately smiled with satisfaction.

[THANKS. I THOUGHT IN THE future I CAN HELP MORE PATIENTS.] Jung Won replied and the other cell phone rang.

"I have no money. I just received money for the treatment of a pediatric heart patient. I really have no money! You're a priest, but ask for wine treats every day. Live by a non-proprietary philosophy? You should be grateful to be on the same level as Bopjong. Indifferent! I have no money! You're a priest, not a sommelier!" said Jung Won annoyed.

At that time, outside the car Song, Hwa was busy asking Jun Wan to return his shoes.

Mrs. Jung meets the old man with the big box in his hand and looks confused. The man tells that Mr. Ju heard about his wife's condition and Mrs. Jung knows that Mr. Ju is willing to sacrifice for his wife. Mrs. Jung said she felt very guilty.

"Why?" asked the man. Mrs. Jung thinks Jong-su must be overwhelmed, and now has to lead the foundation.

“How do I deal with it? Jong-su's first name is Mr. Ju. We've been friends since childhood. I told you there was no need to come to the funeral because his wife was sick, but he was stubborn." Say Mrs. Jung

“It's not Mr. Ju if he doesn't come… Gosh… He's always silent and expressionless. But to be honest, I don't think I can guess his thoughts. So, I often suspect him. But after knowing..." said the old man

“He had no plans… He was like that when he was five years old. And also at the wedding. He is often so quiet that people think he is hiding something. He has no ulterior motives." Mrs. Jung. said

“Right… I just remembered. About two days before the President's death, he came to my house. He came late at night. So, I think he asked for my vote at the board of directors meeting. It's a bit annoying, but I have to admit it because your son begged me." the old man's story.

“Then what did Jong-su say?” asked Mrs. Jung. Old Man just laughed but Madam Jung knew how her friend was.

"He didn't say anything. He just looked at the flower tree in my yard for a long time, then said that his wife likes flowers, and asked for flowers from the tree." Said the old man.

"He can't say that kind of thing... Naive... Stupid." said Mrs. Jung.

“Good grief, it's past 8 pm… Come on in, madam. Looks like he's waiting for you." said the man.

"He told me to cook. The last time I made lunches was 30 years ago.” Mrs. Jung lamented finally came in.

Mrs. Jung came into the room to see Mr. Ju who was sitting asleep waiting for his friend who was lying in the hospital. Finally, Mr. Ju fell fast asleep with his friend's hand in his hand and the lunch box was placed on the table, while Mrs. Jung had already left.

A voice came from the loudspeaker “Code blue, third floor. CPR in the Intensive Care Unit. The main building is on the third floor.” The mother cried seeing her son begging to survive. The doctor continues to give Min Yeong CPR. Jung Won ran into the ICU room.

"How long?" Jung Won asked. The doctor tells them Ten minutes but Heart won't come back. Finally, Jung Won saw Min Yeong who gave CPR.

"The other day you succeeded!" said Min Yeong's mother while continuing to cry. Jung Won, holding back tears, told the patient's mother.

"Mom, you have to give up..." said the doctor. Min Yeong's mother asks to be able to do it again.

"Let me do it. We'll try again." Jung Won said. Min Yeong's mother continues to cry asking her son to survive.

“Min-Yeong must be in pain, Mom. We have to let him rest.” Jung Won said holding back tears.

“My Min-Yeong, you want to go now? But my mother didn't want to. But I think you'll be in pain if you stay here even for a moment. I still want to see you. Sorry, Min-Yeong. I'm sorry mom for making you sick. Min-Yeong.. mom loves you so much. My daughter… I love you.” Said the mother continued to cry in front of her lifeless child and then kissed her lips.

“March 26, 2019, at 2:29 p.m.... I declare Kim Min-Yeong passed away.” Jung Won said. The mother was crying hysterically.

brothers and sisters talk to each other.

brothers and sisters talk to each other.

In the room, there is a photo of Min Yeong when he was still conscious and had a birthday together, a photo with Jung Won, and a very big smile. In the hospital hallway, two doctors and two nurses gathered. The female doctor asks if he wants to meet all of them

"He'll definitely get mad again." The female doctor said. The nurse also thought so because her face changed.

"How else? Whatever he says, we have to understand." said the nurse. The male doctor said he understood.

“I understand too, but we have also tried our best. Doctor Ahn didn't even rest for three months because of Min-Yeong." The doctor said. At that time they saw Jung Won who came.

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"Thank you for your hard work so far. You can go," said Jung Won. Everyone could only stare at it.

"Let me meet him myself. You guys just go. You have a lot of work, right?” said Jung Won. All finally left.

At that time Min Yeong's mother came to call Jung Won and immediately thanked him for his help so far. Jung Won can't believe that Min Yeong's mother isn't angry anymore. Min Yeong's mother thinks that her child is in pain because she wants to keep seeing him

“But he has been happy for these three years thanks to the kind nurses and doctors. Thanks for the hard work. Thank you for loving and treating Min-Yeong. Thank you very much, Doctor." Min Yeong's mother said crying.

Jung Won ends up alone in the hallway crying like he's been holding it in for a long time.

Jung Won went to church and went straight to the confessional to tell the priest that today a child went to heaven and they celebrate 100 days and his birthday every year so we have a lot of memories together.

“Only three years… Min-Yeong went to heaven… after three years. I'm His child... but disappointed in Him. I hated Him and was disappointed in Him. Every day is exhausting, Pastor. What should I do?" said Jung Won while crying.

At that time a paper was given by the priest. Jung Won reads it [TO FRIED CHICKEN RESTAURANT NEAR POLICE POINT Alley]

Inside the restaurant, Jung Won complains that you said you don't want to be a doctor and want to be a priest too. The first brother was busy eating noodles while continuing to listen to his sister's chatter. Jun Won is annoyed with all his brothers.

“But you said, 'You can be a priest any time, but not with a doctor.' I've been a doctor for a long time because of you! Now I will do whatever I want. Understand? Do you understand?" said Jun Won angry and looked drunk.

“I... don't deserve to be a doctor. I... can't control this feeling. I empathize easily. People say... I'll get used to it after time passes. But I... I love all the patients too much. I'm crazy because of them." Jung Won screams

"I didn't cry when my father died. Not long ago my father died, Pastor. But... today Min-Yeong's mother thanked me for helping me all this time, and... Gosh! The patient's mother comforted me! I'm the doctor!" Jung Won said

“But… at that time… I felt… a feeling I had never felt in this world. I feel grateful, but I feel guilty at the same time. Anyway, I don't deserve to be a doctor. I'm tired. I can not. I will stop being a doctor!” Jung Won said

“I was planning to quit this year. I also intend to hand over the job to a friend of mine. All is over. I will immediately resign tomorrow!” shouted Jung Won annoyed.

“Andrea, if you really can't do it, I'll tell you to stop later. Therefore, just endure another year.” Said Jung Won's brother who finally stopped eating and gave advice after a long confide in his sister.



Jung Wan sits alone with her face down in tears, but finally approaches her sister and tells her that Min-u wrote her a letter. She cries telling him that Min U is still not good at writing but wrote a letter to him before he died.

“I... don't deserve to be a doctor! I have no talent and nothing. I'm going to stop being a doctor. Tomorrow I will immediately resign!” said Jung Won crying.

"Andrea... Just hold on for another year." Said Jung Won's brother who had been eating and then returned to eating.


Jung Won told that Min Ji was a patient with his brother, then the patient woke up today and could even breathe spontaneously and winked at him.

Min-Ji winked at me. Let's have a toast. This is the happiest day of my life! A toast!” shouted Jung Won happily.


Jung Won shouts that he will stop and is not a doctor but a fake doctor. He cursed himself that he would rather die. His brother immediately gave advice to Andrea so that he could survive another year.

Song Hwa makes coffee with a manual grinder. Jung Wan comes to ask what breakfast menu is good at this hospital. Song Hwa couldn't believe that Jung Wan had come so early. Jung Wan admitted that he had not come home and came home after breakfast.

“Can you drive after staying up all night?” Song Hwa asked. Jung Wan admits that he can take a taxi and then leave.

“You're at the symposium this weekend, right? Hotel J?” Song Hwa said. Jung Wan is surprised that Song Hwa knows.

“Ah… Doctor Jang? I'll give him your regards. I said goodbye." Jung Wan said then said goodbye.

Jung Wan exits the hospital and sees her boyfriend picking her up. As soon as he entered, he immediately got off and told his girlfriend to get out of the car. The boyfriend complains when he is conscious and continues to convince. Jung Wan is angry to hear that.

"Are you kidding? I smell alcohol every time you talk,” said Jung Won. The boyfriend evades that he's been drinking for a long time and it smells of alcohol.
“You were drinking too when we talked on the phone this morning. That was five hours ago and you were very drunk. This is against the law.” Jung Wan said
“I'm fine now… Never mind. Let's go. No one knows! What's wrong with you?" Complained the girlfriend

“You saw that sauna, right? Sleep there." Jung Wan said. The boyfriend complains asking Jung Wan to stop arguing about it.
"Why are you angry over small things?" complained the girlfriend. Jung Wan finally took the car keys
"I'll take the car to your house. We will talk again later. At that time… we broke up.” Said Jun Won finally driving his girlfriend's car.

Jung Won finally came to the J INTERNATIONAL HOTEL in front of the banner "THRACOPLASTIC SYMPOSIUM" He walked into the parking lot and saw a familiar car and waited in front of the elevator.
When the elevator door opened, Jung Wan was silent when he saw the figure of a man kissing the cheek of a woman beside him. Doctor Jang is shocked to see Jung Wan in front of him. Jung Wan looked cynically when he saw that his friend's girlfriend was having an affair.

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