Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 2 Part 1 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 2 Part 1

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Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 2 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 2 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 2 Part 1 English Subtitle


A doctor came out of the room, the head of the hospital thanked him and asked Doctor Min for his help in the Neurology Department. Doctor Min thinks he should be asking the hospital chief for help.

“It's only been a few days but I can see you have a great system and medical staff. Thank you for allowing me to join. Please help, Doctor Chae." Doctor Min said to Song Hwa

"Then let's eat together! The canteen here is delicious.” Said Doctor Min. The other two doctors agreed.

"Don't be so formal, speak casually." Doctor Min said hugging his senior.

Song Hwa is in the hospital chief's office, watching the news about Doctor Min. The head of the hospital comments that Doctor Min is more handsome in real than on TV and even appears in many TV shows, but never neglects surgery.

“I beg you to handle Gong Hyeong-u's operation. His condition is not serious, but the operation is complicated. The reporters watched. This operation should go well. This is a great opportunity for you.” Said the head of the hospital.

“Next week my surgery schedule is packed. I can not." Song Hwa said refusing. The head of the hospital could only complain.

Doctor Min discusses that Doctor Kim, who is about to have his third child born. Doctor Kim was surprised to ask how Doctor Min knew about it. Doctor Min claimed to have heard Doctor Kim discussing it.

"Hurry back home. I can handle your emergency calls. I can help two or three times a month.” Say, Doctor Min

"Thank you for your good intentions." Doctor Kim said, Doctor Min confessed. It wasn't just an intention.

“You make me sad… Thank you. By the way, how long have they been here?” said Doctor Kim looking at the camera that continued to record them.

“Gosh, being a TV director must be hard. There is no easy job. Sir, just eat first. I'm not going anywhere. I will comply with your request. So, eat." Doctor Min said talking to the two cameramen who were eating while continuing to make sure their cameras were recording it.

“Doctor Yong Seok-min, Han Seung-hook needs a lumbar drain. What have you been doing?” said the female doctor entering the house.

"Who?" asked Doctor Yong woke up from his sleep. The female doctor repeats Han Seung-hyeok, room 7104.

"He's Doctor Min Gi-jun's patient, right?" said Doctor Yong. The female doctor confirmed. Doctor Yong immediately sighed.

In a nursing room.

“This is Park Jeong-su. According to the CT angio this morning, he had a brain aneurysm and was being treated today. The operation is scheduled for next week.” Said a doctor visiting his patient.

"You look more handsome in a patient's clothes." Praise Doctor Min. The patient's mother confirmed that the operation was not difficult.

"I've done this operation many times. You don't have to worry." Doctor Min said and asked Where is the aneurysm located?

“Right paraclinoid aneurysm over the cerebral artery. However, the neck seems narrow.” Obviously Doctor. Doctor Min nodded in understanding.

"Does not matter. It's a simple operation. Then do you have a boyfriend?” said Doctor Min greeting. The patient nods but immediately turns him off.

"What? Did Mom forbid you to date?" tease Doctor Min. The mother also complained that her son made her look bad. Doctor Min just smiled and said goodbye.

Doctor Min greeted the other patients, wanting to know their condition. Meanwhile, in the room, Doctor Yong is eating instant noodles complaining that he doesn't care. The female doctor was confused and wanted to know what was going on.

Doctor Min is shocked as if he just found out and everything is caught on camera. The mother complained that the doctors only did blood tests and put in an IV, then they didn't come again. Doctor Min was silent.

“You also haven't given out the surgery date or any information. Are you just waiting for my son to die?” shouted the mother

"Apologies profusely. It seems our resident doctor forgot because he was too busy. I apologize to him. I'm really sorry." Doctor Min said holding back his emotions and glanced at the camera.

"Whose responsibility?" whispered Doctor Min whispered holding back his emotions.

Doctor Yong thinks whether he should do it himself because Han Seung-hyeok needs a lumbar drain today. The female doctor tells that Doctor Yong can't decide on his own because Doctor Min Gi-jun told him to ask questions before acting.

“You already felt the consequences last week. However, at least he had to give instructions. He did not give instructions after the patient was treated. He is friendly with patients, but doesn't care about them." Obviously, the female doctor was upset

“Seok-min, Lee Myeong-gi's surgery schedule has been moved forward. Ask for the guardian's approval." Song Hwa said entering the room. Doctor Yong immediately rushed to finish the food.

"There's no need to rush. You spend first, then rest.” Song Hwa said. Doctor Yong admitted that it was finished."You can eat it slowly." Song Hwa said. At that time Doctor Min entered the room with a face full of anger

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"Can you eat now? You bastard, can you eat? Why not do a lumbar turn on Han Seung-hyeok? Why, jerk? Do you call yourself a doctor? Damn, you claim to be a doctor?” shouted Doctor Min while gripping Doctor Yong's shirt

“Are you willing to take responsibility if the patient worsens because the hydrocephalus is getting worse?” shouted Doctor Min

"You didn't give instructions. Why to blame me?” said Doctor Yong with a downcast face.

"Are you crazy? How dare you go against the boss? Hey! Do you call yourself Chief Resident? Chief Resident what if you can't decide on such a small thing?” shouted Doctor Min.

Song Hwa saw that things were getting hotter and ordered the other doctors to close the door and stand behind the window so they wouldn't be seen. Doctor Min is still screaming in anger that it was Doctor Yong who dared to look cynically at him and they are at MEDICAL OFFICE 3 NEUROLOGY SURGERY

“Finally, complications... One percent of patients experience changes in consciousness, seizures, dyskinesia, and others. Continuation of infectious diseases, encephalitis, meningitis, and brain abscess. Any question?" Doctor Yong said quickly to his patient at half-past seven.

"Does not seem." Kat Doctor Yong saw his patient just silent. The patient was confused because he spoke so quickly.

"Look... Finally, due to lack of oxygen one percent of patients can experience organ failure, brain injury, and..." said Doctor Yong. The man panics hearing "Brain injury"

"What did you do that you didn't know mom was sick? My mother's surgery is that serious, Doctor?" said the wife panicked

“No, I'm just telling you that there's a possibility like this. During surgery, heart muscle injury can occur. If it's severe, he could die." Doctor Yong said. The wife panicked when she heard the word "died"

"He was fine just now." said her husband. Doctor Yong explains It's not that he's going to die.

"It's just a possibility." Doctor Yong explained, the wife cried thinking that she died during the operation,

"I can't live without my mother. I will miss him! I can't!.. Mom. You!" San's wife cried. Doctor Yong reassures the mother that her mother is still alive.


Doctor Yong sees the nurse who has come and thinks he's on the night shift again. The nurse admitted no. Doctor Yong thought that the nurse was going home. The nurse admitted that the shift was in the morning.

"Then why come at 19:00?" said Doctor Yong surprised. The nurse confessed because it's the morning shift.

"It's night now." Said Doctor Yong. A nurse tells that it is morning now. Doctor Yong gawked at the window and only realized that it was already light.

Jung Won ran into the emergency room wearing his suit and asked the doctor on duty about the patient's condition. The doctor wants to tell the patient that he has stomach pain and constipation, but he is fine after the enema and apologizes to Jung Won.

Doctor Min is advising Doctor Yong's clothes.

Doctor Min is advising Doctor Yong's clothes.

"Sorry, Doctor. Our intern was surprised and immediately contacted you. Forgive me." The doctor said.

"It's okay. You must be really surprised." Jung Won said. The mother could only remain silent looking still in shock.

"You were really surprised, weren't you? This often occurs in children. You don't have to worry. Many children Jeong-hu's age come to the ER because of constipation. Jeong-hu is the first child, right?” said the female doctor. The mother confirmed.

“The mother of the first child is often shocked and comes to the ER. Mothers of two, three, or four children are usually experts. They came to the ER, asked for medicine, then chatted.” Obviously Doctor. The mother understands.

"I'm really worried that something will happen to my son. I'm very inexperienced as a mother." Say the mother

“Even experienced mothers were shocked at first. Don't be too apologetic because it's natural to be surprised. Now Jeong-hu is sleeping. How about we have some coffee?” said the female doctor.

The mother seemed to have calmed down and agreed. Jung Won sees the female doctor who is calming the patient looking happy. The female doctor asked her to go to the cafe.

In the morning, Ik Jun prepared the water in the sink and made sure it was warm, then pushed the footing. U Ju finally woke up with his eyes closed. Ik Jun immediately put on the apron. U Ju also washed his own face by climbing the steps. Ik Jun was ready with the food on the table.

“Doctor Lee, after looking at the tickets, my flight home is not this week, but next week. You've already bought tickets. I feel even more guilty. How about U-ju? Who will take care of it?” asked a woman on the phone.

"U-ju? My parents are coming this afternoon. They will take care of it. You don't have to worry. Have a nice trip with your daughter. China is very broad.” Ik Jun said to the babysitter.

Ik Jun panicked to see his son eating kimchi soup because it must be spicy, but U Ju just kept silent with his mouth already reddened. Ik Ju tells his son to eat the soup that has been made for his son.

Song Hwa just got out of her car received a call from her mother and complained that she had to go there with Doctor Jang. He insists he can't go because he has personal matters and has broken up with Doctor Jang.

"I've broken up with Doctor Jang!" said Song Hwa. Her mother panicked and wanted to know the reason.

“Doctor Jang is cheating on me. Doctor Jang cheated on me... The bastard Doctor Jang cheated on me! Last week, after the surgery, he came to my office and said everything. He said he was dating another woman.” San Hwa said in a loud voice. His mother seemed to be worried about her son.

"Am I still 20 years old? Of course, I'm fine. It's actually good because I'm busy. I don't need a boyfriend. I can find a new one. Mother, I have to enter the operating room. See you later!" said Son Hwa hastily hung up the phone.

At that time Song Hwa was surprised by the figure in front of him. Ik Jun just arrived on a bicycle fully clothed. Song Hwa thought that Ik Jun was trying to be funny and asked him not to come near because he was embarrassed to walk with his friend.

"Is Doctor Jang cheating on me?" Ik Jun asked. Song Hwa was surprised that Ik Jun heard it.

"If I don't hear it, I have to go to the ENT. By the way... Your vocals are great! Absolute tuning!” teased Ik Jun

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"That's why I became the vocalist of the band." Song Hwa said proudly. Ik Jun complained about it.

Long queues were seen at the hospital coffee shop, Suk Hyung ordered a glass of ice-cold Americano. Jun Wan comments that the Ice Americano must be cold. Suk Hyung complains that it's the same. Jun Wan also told me to mention just one because it's the same.

“Hey… Pay for this. I go!" said Jun Wan brought the food and left. Suk Hyung could only stare sadly at his impolite friend.

"Forgive me. I ordered one iced Americano, one Jerk's chocolate milk, and one scone." Suk Hyung said.

“I went to the hospital to live, not to die! Do you know? If the patient is in pain, you should give analgesics, or look at the surgical site. Do you think it's enough to show up once or twice a day? Is that enough?” the patient screams

"Excuse me. You're disturbing other patients when you scream like that." Doctor Yong said

“I told you I was in pain! I'm in pain. You have to do something!... Doctor... You should change bandages three times a day. Twice is not sterile enough." The patient complains that Song Hwa has just arrived.

“I will ask them to be better. Do not be angry." Son Hwa said he could hold back his emotions. The patient can calm down.

“It would be nice if you guys took the initiative from the start.” Said the patient. Song Hwa also asked the grandmother patient beside her if her urination was smooth. The patient nodded.

"My urination is quite smooth." said the patient. Song Hwa nodded in understanding then left the room.

Song Hwa tells them to send the patient home. Doctor Yong is shocked and confused. Song Hwa thought that Song Hwa didn't hear his voice earlier, that his voice was very loud.

"He's recovered. Let him go home." Song Hwa said. Doctor Yong nodded in understanding.

“The patient's INR value is this high. What are you doing?" shouted Jun Wan angrily. Doctor Junior could only bow his head in apology.

“Do you think that's enough? I already asked you to give two FFP if the INR value is more than two, right? I even told you the FFP count because you can't do it yourself yet. You should have followed my directions.” shouted Jun Wan angrily. The patient in the middle was confused.

"Doctor... I came here with a heart attack, but now it feels like my heart is about to explode." Patient said. Jun Wan also apologized.

“Please do the right work!” shouted Jun Wan angrily and rushed out of the room.

The patient felt uncomfortable asking the junior doctor's condition, the doctor claimed to be fine and made sure the patient did not feel sick, the patient claimed to be fine and apologized for being scolded because of him.

"No. It's all messed up because of my fault." Say the doctor. The patient is confused.

"I'm going to eat first." Said the doctor was able to smile after being scolded by Jun Wan.

The doctor finally came into the room asking if Doctor Yong Seok-min was there. At that time there were only two people in the room, Doctor Yong came in asking what the theme was in the neurosurgery section and introduced two medical students.

“Introducing Doctor Do Jae-Hak, Chief Resident of thoracoplasty surgery.” Said Doctor Yong. They both greeted politely.

"Medical student? Yes. You sit down." Doctor Do said kindly. Doctors who tell them are medical students and this week it's their turn.

“He looks old, doesn't he? The force is older than the specialist doctors.” Doctor Yon mocked while busy looking for files.

“No… I took the CSAT four times, and the professional exam six times. You should remember! Then why don't you eat?" ask doctor Do

"Eat? What's that? I have to go to Gong Hyeong-u's surgery conference." Say, Doctor Yong

“You know Gong Hyeong-u the Hero, right? He's homeless on the metro. He's a pregnant woman's rescue hero who fell onto the rails. Why was the operation taken by Chief Min all of a sudden?” said Doctor Do

“Gong Hyeong-u is a TSA case, and Doctor Chae is the expert, then Doctor Min snatches it up.” Say, Doctor Yong

"TSA. Surgery by inserting an endoscope through the nose.” Doctor Do explained to the two freshmen.

"I've collected all the patient data. I should have done this with Doctor Chae.” Complained, Doctor Yong. Doctor Do again asks if Doctor Yong doesn't want to eat.

 “I told you there was a conference. And that's Heo Seon-bin and Ahn Chi-hong. Three years as a resident doctor.” Doctor Yong said greeting two female and male doctors entering the room.

"Come to think of it, are you two dating too?" asked Doctor Yong. Both answered no. Doctor Hae confirms that neither do they.

"Then why are you guys always together? Even though Captain Ahn is older.” Mock doctor Yong

“He graduated from the military academy. People are really interesting.” Doctor Do told me.

"We are familiar. We are one generation," said Doctor Hae. Doctor Yong mocks that they are male and female. Two freshmen complain that Doctor Yong is like their father.

“I should be the one saying that! Ah... What should I do with this operation? Seon-bin, show them around, and Chi-hong, come with me to the conference.” Doctor Yong said dividing the task. They both nodded in understanding.

Doctor Min sat in the section with CT scan images, told him that this is a large pituitary tumor. According to him, it is difficult to completely remove the tumor with TSA. So, he will remove the tumor with a personal approach.

“If so, it could result in a lot of bleeding. Wouldn't that cause a brain injury?” Another Doctor commented

“This tumor is very large and the suprasellar extension is severe. The Pterional approach is better.” Doctor Min said sure

“Still TSA is better. He has to get radiotherapy, but considering he has diabetes and the wound will take a long time to heal, a craniotomy is too much,” explained another doctor wearing glasses.

“We have to remove the tumor at once. Journalists will definitely ask about the operation process first. What will journalists write if we say the tumor is still there and radiotherapy can be added? It will damage the reputation of the hospital.” Said Doctor Min.

Doctor Yong looks frantic trying to send a message.

“Rescuing the patient and removing the tumor completely is important. But in that case, the optic nerve or the stem of the pituitary gland will be damaged.” Obviously Optometrist.

“Maybe you are worried because you don't have much experience. I've done this operation many times. Quality of life is important, but it is more important to make the patient see that the tumor is completely gone. The side effects that my patients have experienced so far are very few. Their recovery wasn't bad." Obviously, Doctor Min is sure.

“Slightly side effects are not enough. Even if the hospital's reputation is temporarily damaged, we must think about the quality of life for patients." said the head of the hospital. Doctor Min can only be silent.

Doctor Heo tells the two to sit down first because they have to go to the bank first and then calls Doctor Do with the call “Old Man to give the two advice because they live twice as long as them.

“What do you mean “Old Man”? I'm still in my 30s." Complained Doctor Do. Doctor Heo mocks that next year will be 40 years.

“First of all, what are your names?” asked Doctor Do. The man answered his name was Jang Hong-do.

“You must be good at wrestling at your school. What is your hobby? Calligraphy?" said Doctor Do sure

"No. My hobby is guitar. I play in a band at church.” Hong Do said. Doctor Doc can't believe that Hong Do doesn't play traditional musical instruments like he wants to tease him.

But the two of them didn't laugh, finally, Doctor Do could only apologize and ask who the woman's name was. He answered his name. Yun-bok. Doctor Do complains not to mock the old man. Yun Bok was confused.

Doctor Yong asks if Doctor Ahn has contacted Doctor Chae, Doctor Ahn tells that he has sent a message because his cellphone is dead. Doctor Yong knows that today is his teaching schedule so he will definitely reply soon.

"Does he teach too?" asked Doctor Ahn in surprise. Doctor Yong confirmed.

“He teaches and performs operations. He helped write the thesis and attended seminars. Then he hikes and camps on weekends, but is never late for work at 7:00.” Doctor Yong said

"Is that possible?" said Doctor Ahn in disbelief. Doctor Yong tells him that's why his nickname is "Satan." And he made it."

"He's in the lobby with Nurse Hwang Jae-sin." Said Doctor Ahn reading the message from his cellphone.

Doctor Yong thinks what he said is true, he thinks What else is the reason if not "Satan?" then immediately invited him to enter another room. Song Hwa walked briskly down the hospital hallway. Nurse Hwang follows behind her while calling Song Hwa the nickname Satan, but your shoes are worn out. Song Hwa is confused that he is considered a demon. Nurse Hwang explains his nickname Satan.

"Why?" Song Hwa asked surprised. Nurse Hwang explains that Song Hwa is not human.

"How is Kim Ju-chan's condition after the surgery?" Song Hwa asked not caring about his nickname.

"The wound is clean. Looks like we can lift the stitches. Next week is your birthday, right? Let me buy you some shoes." Nurse Hwang said.

doctor's meeting.

doctor's meeting.

"It's still possible for another ten years." Song Hwa said. Nurse Hwang tells The shoe is almost ten years old.

"You've been wearing it since you were a resident doctor. So throw it away immediately." Nurse Hwang said

"Then who made it? My nickname." Song Hwa asked. Nurse Hwang answered Yong Seok-min. Song Hwa nodded in understanding.

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Doctor Do gives ramyun to two new students, then comments Maybe it's a long time for them, but according to him when he becomes a resident it's better to choose GS. Both are confused about what "GS" is. Doctor Do thinks they'll think “GS department store”

"Don't say home shopping either." Doctor Do said. Yun Bok also criticized the meaning of General Surgery, namely general surgery.

“That's right... There aren't many other surgical resident doctors, but there are very few general surgeons in Korea. However… this can create a new dynamic.” Obviously, Doctor Do

“So Listen, Jang-hwa and Hong-Hyeon.” Said Doctor Do. Yun Bok says his names are Hong-do and Yun-bok.

“Okay, Hong-do and Yun-bok… Listen carefully. There are 13 general surgeons in our hospital alone. However, there is only one resident doctor.” Said Doctor Do.

In a room, the Doctor wants to sit alone. A Doctor calls Doctor Jang Gyeo-ul, what are you doing. Doctor Jang looks at his senior who is trying to be cute.

“This is the same as the only daughter who has 13 fathers. If so, who is in charge? General surgery? It can also be an option."

“Doctor Jang, why did you come so early? You can rest today." Said the Doctor greeting Doctor Jang.

“He has been preparing for a colorectal surgery meeting since this morning. He's busy. Don't be disturbed, and... scram... Go." said Ik Jun, already in the room first telling the doctor's colleagues to leave.

"Good grief. Doctor Jang, have you eaten?” asked Ik Jun to greet him. Doctor Jang admitted that he had eaten the sudden noodle earlier.

"Sudden noodles? Is it just instant noodles? Let's Go Come on! I'll treat you. If you faint, General Surgery will also pass out. Come on!" said Ik Ju excitedly.

"No need." Doctor Jang said. Ik Jun didn't force it and sat back down asking if he was looking at Lee Yong-chan's medical record

“This patient has a liver transplant tomorrow. I'm the transplant's lead surgeon. Would you like to join my operations team? "Ik Jun said sweetly.

"Is he a liver cancer patient?" asks Doctor Jang again looking at his computer screen.

At that time another doctor came and said he wanted to control the patient so he asked to come with him. Ik Jun immediately pushes out if Ik Jun can't do it. Ik Jun then sat back down to make sure that Doctor Jan could help him.

“My neck still hurts from the operation alone yesterday.” Ik Jun said. Doctor Jang says he can help in the morning. Ik Jun was happy to hear that.

“Doctor Jang, are you here? Can you help me with breast cancer surgery tomorrow morning?” said the senior doctor came. Doctor Jang looks at Ik Jun and finally agrees.

“You... Doctor Lee Ik-jun, right? How can you dance like that? This is the first time I've seen someone good at dancing, singing, and having fun like you." Said the senior doctor.

"You're exaggerating." Said Ik Jun holding back his anger. The Senior Doctor was impatient and would meet at the next banquet and then leave the room.

"Doctor Jang, does that mean you won't be with me tomorrow morning?" said Ik Jun with disappointment. Doctor Jang can only apologize.

“Tomorrow I will sterilize everything, open and close the patient alone. However, next time, please..." said Ik Jun about to give chocolate and dance "Pick Me" to the Produce 101 song.

After dancing, Doctor Jang receives a call and says he will be leaving soon. Ik Jun asked where he was going. Doctor Jang answers an emergency call. Ik Jun offers to call Ahn Jeong-won because he's not busy. Doctor Jang confesses the call was for him.

Ik Jun receives a call from his mother, looks shocked, and says he'll be there soon so don't worry and tell him to leave. Doctor Heo told the two students to know about the hospital, walked together explaining the order of the Phlebotomy Room, CT Scan Room, X-Ray Room, and MRI Room, and then went straight there was the PET Scan Room. He thought that if they knew PET, both of them looked confused.

“Positron Emission Tomography?” Yun Bok said. Doctor Heo asks What's the use of it. Yun Bok replied that he still didn't know that.

"We're still students." Hong Do said smiling happily. Doctor Heo taunts the two are really soulmates.

Hong Do agrees but Yun Bok doesn't seem to like it. Doctor Heo scoffs at the thought. Yun Bok didn't like it, then asked if they went into the operating room too. Doctor Heo answered that one time.

In front of the emergency room, the nurse is eating with the doctor on duty in front of the receptionist's desk. Doctor whining Yesterday saw a nurse on Instagram eating a souffle pancake and wanted to know if it was good. The nurse answered very well!

“I went to the cafe at 15:00 after work and didn't stand in line. You should go there too.” Nurse says

“I can go if I have time. Let's go together, shall we? You've helped the interns. Let me treat." Say, Doctor

"You've been treating a lot. Next time let me treat. Hey… Doctor, eat this cake.” Said the nurse looking at Doctor Jang who was standing alone.

"No. I don't like sweet food,” said Doctor Jang. The nurse understands and Doctor Jang asks the Patient how old is

“He was seven years old, in a traffic accident. Stupor condition. That's why I called general surgery." Obviously a nurse. Doctor Jang nodded in understanding.

The nurse received the call and informed me that the patient would come in 20 minutes. Doctor Jang thinks I'll eat first.

Doctor Heo goes to the cafeteria to buy a coupon from the machine and tells him it's not free but it's deducted from his salary. Yun Bok was confused because they had eaten the noodles earlier, but in the end, Hong Do could only say Thank you. Suk Hyung also looks happy taking food stamps.

"Sir, give me a lot of sausages." Said Doctor Heo was ready with his tray.

"Are you the resident doctor?" asked the uncle. Doctor Heo confirmed that the uncle only gave three sausages.

“He said don't give more than two, but I understand because you're a resident. Carry on!" said Ik Jun who was guarding the canteen.

“What is an intern?” Ik Jun asked looking at Yun Bok and Hong Do. Both answered Medical student.

"Good grief! Then I'll give you five." Said Ik Jun to give more to prospective doctors.

“Hey... What are you doing here? "Suk Hyung said surprised. Ik Jun sees Suk Hyung as a specialist so only gives him one sausage.

“That way, I can adjust the number of sausages. I gave them lots of sausages. So, the higher the rank, the less sausage... Hey.. Don't stand up. Go." Said Ik Jun seeing his friend just silent.

“I'm friends with the cafeteria chef here. His son was suddenly called to the police station. I wear gloves and a mask. Why?" said Ik Jun annoyed. But Suk Hyun turned out to be asking for another sausage. Ik Jun doesn't care about telling his friend to leave immediately.

At that time the senior doctor came, Ik Jun gave only one sausage. The doctor looked at him. Ik Jun also added it but only vegetables while explaining. This way, supply, and demand are the same because they have given them a lot of sausages.

“So you have to sacrifice a little, sir… Next.” Ik Jun said. The senior doctor was speechless.

Doctor Jang is queuing for his food, Ik Jun greets with a smile giving a lot of sausages feeling that Doctor Jang must understand his feelings. Doctor Jang also said thank you.

Doctor Heo sat down with two of his students explaining that in the canteen, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and lunch were available during surgery. Hong Do can't believe that Provision is also available. Doctor Heo explained.

"They wrapped it up like lunch because we couldn't go down to eat." Said Doctor Heo.

“After eating, shall we go to the Operating Room?” Yun Bok asked curiously. Doctor Heo said he didn't know.

At that time Doctor Jang's cell phone who was sitting next to them rang, Doctor Jang immediately rushed to leave without finishing his food.

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