Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 5 Part 2 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 5 Part 2

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Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 5 Part 2

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 5 Part 2

Synopsis Drama Hospital Playlist Episode 5 Part 2 English Subtitle

Jung Won can only stare at the menu on the table all vegetables and also quite a lot. Mrs. Jung complains of the heat by bringing a wide leaf that can be used as a fan. He was sure his son was proud that his mother was great.

“Mother planted and cared for all of this herself like she took care of you,” said Mrs. Jung.

"Mom's back hurts. Why farming? Besides, it's not good to just eat vegetables, Mom." Jung Won complains

“All of this is organic. No pesticides. Healthy food." Mrs. Jung said proudly

"Not without it, but I can't use it because my mother's waist hurts. In addition, at the age of the mother, it is better to eat a balanced diet.” Jung Won said.

"Okay. Hurry up and eat. It's going to be cold." Mrs. Jung said she didn't want her son to nag

“Protein, iron, omega three, and calcium. Anemia and dizziness are caused by nutritional deficiencies.” Jung Won said.

“Mom eats well… Worry about yourself!” said Mrs. Jung annoyed. Jung Won complains to hear that his mother is feeling well.

"I'm malnourished if you eat like this." Jung Won said. Mrs. Jung points to her medicine box and confirms that she is eating well.

"Mom can get addicted to drugs if you eat all that." Jung Won said complaining that his mother ate a lot of vitamins.

“My mother wanted to live simply and die. Shut up and eat!” said Mrs. Jung finally feeding her son.

"This is chainmail. Mother seasoned it and it was delicious,” said Mrs. Jung. Jung Won also praised that this is delicious too.

"By the way, ma'am, what I said then..." Jung Won said and Mrs. Jung immediately avoided her, rushing off to get the gochujang.

Jung Won begins to praise his mother's excellent cooking. Mrs. Jung also asked her son to try geotjeor too. Jung Won returned to find out that he had consulted and asked his brothers. and the Archdiocese of Seoul.

“He said it might be difficult in Korea because there is an age limit, but I could study to become a priest in Italy. I've sent a letter of recommendation and will get a reply soon. I'm afraid I'll regret it if it's too late." Jung Won said.

Mrs. Jung packed her food. Jung Won immediately seduced his mother. Mrs. Jung immediately put food into her son's mouth.

"No! Why study to be a priest? Just learn to be a husband in Korea! Your face is handsome, but you don't have a boyfriend? Your brothers can, but you can't! Mother will be lonely." Mrs. Jung firmly

“Jong-su and Seok-hyeong's mother arrived soon. Hurry up and eat! Oh my gosh, it's hot!” Mrs. Jung complained. Jung Won didn't say much and immediately fanned his mother with a wide leaf. Mrs. Jun asked to be even tighter.

Mr. Jeon throws away the fish head as well as the droppings. Mr. Ju also praises that Mr. Jeon is skilled too and thinks it is because of the surgeon. Mr. Jeon thinks Detail is the surgeon's key and asks Mr. Ju not to just throw his head but have to poop in the stomach.

“Oh my… How about throwing them out one by one? You know laparoscopy, right? Think of it as a laparoscopy." Said Mr. Ju yan immediately cut off the head of the anchovy at once.

"Stop. Raise your hands! Didn't I tell you the head would be used?" said Mrs. Jung finally entering the room. Mr. Ju understood immediately raised his hand.

“However, you threw away his head, not even pooping.” Mrs. Jung said. Mr. Ju admits to having thrown it away.

“Gosh… Just a few… Not even 20… Let's see!” said Mrs. Jung angry

"I'll throw them away... I can find them all." Mr. Ju said. Mrs. Jung warns to look for all fish that have not been clean.

"I'll kill you if any dirt appears while I'm making the broth." Mrs. Jung said firmly. Mr. Ju nodded in understanding.

“Sir, give me the finished one first.” Mrs. Jung said. Mr. Jeon nodded in understanding.

"Fast. You should also chop the scallions,” said Mrs. Jung. Mr. Ju discusses Mrs. Jung said she will make janchiguksu.<

“Did you actually call us for this? After all, how to do it just the two of you? You really don't have a conscience. Why do anchovies always have poo?” said Mr. Ju annoyed

"Just do three," said Mrs. Jung who had rushed to the kitchen.

Mr. Ju sitting next to Mr. Jeon comments that this woman who is dressed as Audrey Hepburn from head to toe is Doctor Yang Suk Hyung's biological mother. Mr. Jeon confirmed the biological mother and wife of President Yang Tae-yang from Taegeon Apparel.

“I should have helped, but I'm not feeling well. Sorry," said Mrs. Yang sitting on the chair.

"That's okay. Almost done." Mr. Ju said. Jung Won came to offer coffee whether cold or hot.

"By the way, why don't you get married too?" said Mrs. Yang. Jung Won thought Suk Hyung's mother wanted cold coffee and went straight back to the kitchen.

"You can stop," said Mrs. Jung. Mr. Ju starts to complain that his waist hurts and leaves the room because he has to take calls.

“Hello. Oh my, my grandson! Did you call because you missed Grandpa? What kind of game?" said Mr. Ju happily.

“Her son is a doctor in America and a lawyer in Korea. His father can't even eat properly." Said Mrs. Jun seeing Mr. Ju out of the room.

"I told you to wear casual clothes. They are easy-going people." Mrs. Jung said seeing Mrs. Yan dressed like a chaebol.

they eat vermicelli with fish broth.

they eat vermicelli with fish broth.

"This is my casual wear," said Mrs. Yang. The two of them could only stare.

Finally, they eat vermicelli with fish broth, Mrs. Jung asks Mr. Ju's grandson what he wants to play. Mr. Ju answered Mafia. And next weekend his grandson comes and invites you to play Mafia and doesn't know how to do it

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"Just play. Children today often play it. It was fun.” Jung Won said.

“The Godfather is interesting too, right? Would have been nice." Mrs. Yang. said

"Right. Simply put, among the four of you there is one mafia. The rest are innocent citizens. In order not to be caught by the residents, the mafia pretends to be a citizen. So, you just need to find out who the mafia is." Obviously Jung Won. Her mother thought it was easy too.

"We're just looking for a liar, right?" said Mrs. Jung. Jung Won confirmed that he would be the leader of the game.

“There are only four of you. So, if a citizen dies, the game is over and the mafia is deemed to have won. Agree? You already understand the rules, right?” said Jung Won.

“Finding out liars is my specialty. I'm sure I can," said Mrs. Yang Tuan Jeon also agreed.

“We have to bet something. Is it just playing? No gifts?” ask Mrs. Jung

"Okay. Wait a minute… This is from the hospital.” Said Jung Won took out something from his wallet. Mr. Ju knew it was a gift from him.

"Yes. The recital ticket from the hospital.” Jung Won said proudly. Mr. Jeon complains that he can't.

“Neither did I. They only gave me ten. So, I give it to the VIP team who have been working hard. Besides, you don't understand classical music, do you?” said Mr. Ju.

"Should have given it to mother. Why is it shared here?” lamented Mrs. Jung

"You just have to win this game. Besides, you don't like classical music, do you?” said Jung Won.

"Go with your girlfriend." Mrs. Jung said. Jung Won admits that he doesn't have a girlfriend.

"Why do not have? You're a handsome university hospital doctor. How come you don't have a girlfriend?" Mrs. Jung said annoyed

“He doesn't have one because he only plays in a band with his friends. Suk-Hyung doesn't have a girlfriend because he was divorced. As for you, why don't you have one? Isn't there anyone you like?" asked Mrs. Yang

Jung Won admits there is. Mrs. Jung wants to know who. Jung Won immediately answered “God.” Mrs. Jung immediately hit her son. Jung Won complains to his mother and thinks to just leave while taking refuge in his uncle.

“Doctor Ahn, have a seat… You should teach the Mafia the game before you leave. Let him eat in peace. What's wrong with him liking God? You love God too, right?” said Mr. Ju defending. Jung Won also confirmed.

"You really are selfish." Mr. Ju complained. Mrs. Jung sees something in Mr. Ju's bowl. Mr. Ju covered that it was only seaweed not fish waste and immediately finished it.

"Then let's get started... When I say, "It's getting late," I'll pick one mafia, and when I say, "It's morning," you just have to find out who the mafia is." Said Jung Won told.

"Shall we play until morning?" said Mrs. Jung in disbelief. Mrs. Yang thought. Because it's usually played by young people.

"I have an appointment this afternoon." Mr. Jeon said. Mr. Ju also told me to go first.

“We have to try at least once. The others have no appointments this afternoon, right? Jung-won, do you have an appointment?” said Mr. Ju. Jung Won can only stare at the very innocent parents.

"Well. It was night... Everyone closed their eyes and looked down. Now I'm going to pick one mafia. Now the mafia...." Jung Won said then touched his mother's shoulder.

"I! I'm the mafia." Said Mrs. Jung confessed. Jung Won could only stare.

"That's right... I feel like someone is passing in front of me," said Mrs. Yang. Mr. Ju immediately gave Congratulations. Jung Won sighed seeing the parents who did not understand the game.

Jung Won finally started again telling Hari it was morning. Now they have to find out who the mafia is. Mrs. Jung immediately admitted that she was not the one. Mr. Ju complains that they don't say anything. Mrs. Yang admits she's not a yakuza either.

"Not "yakuza", but "mafia"," said Mr. Ju. Mr. Jeon wants to know what Mr. Ju is.

"You stupid! We can't say." Mr. Ju said. Mr. Jeon insists that whatever the role is, he should admit to being a citizen.

"Oh. So? Can we say? I'm a citizen. Citizens." Admit Mr. Ju. Mr. Jeon complains that it was on purpose

"Could you be the mafia?" said Mr. Jeon. Mr. Ju denied it then thought of something.

“Since you suspect me of being the mafia, then I have to say that I'm the mafia. I'm a mafia, not a citizen." Say, Mr. Ju

“How do you manage the foundation with your brain? Hurry up and retire! Don't bankrupt the hospital." Mrs. Jung said annoyed

"What do you mean? Yulje's profits have skyrocketed since I took over. It's even been in the news lately thanks to her husband... Very successful!” said Mr. Ju proudly

“By the way, why is your face so red since earlier, sir? Are you the mafia?” Mrs. Jung said to Mr. Jeon.

"Your face is redder. You're the mafia, right? You've been talking a lot since." Mrs. Yang said starting to bow to Mrs. Jung

"No. How could I be the mafia?” said Mrs. Jung. Mr. Jeon insists that the Mafia cannot claim to be the mafia.

"Not me. Really! Jong-su, say something." Mrs. Jung said. Mr. Ju finally tells that Rosa is not a mafia.

"How do you know?" asked Mrs. Yang. Mr. Ju admits that he is the mafia.

"What's wrong with you? Jung-won touched your shoulder didn't he?" asked Mr. Jeon. Mr. Ju said no.

“Jong-su, you just keep quiet… You suspected me from a long time ago. I think you're the mafia. Shall we choose now?” said Mrs. Jung.

Mr. Jeon also invites them to immediately choose and choose Mrs. Jung, Mrs. Yang also agrees. Mrs. Jung is annoyed that she is not a mafia and asks Mr. Ju to defend her. Mr. Ju confirms that it is not Mrs. Jung who is the mafia.

"Everyone, I am the mafia." Mr. Ju said in a relaxed tone. Mrs. Jung asked to choose immediately.

“Doctor Ahn, do it! Please select. Definitely two against two." Mrs. Jung. said

"You can't come here if you belong to the mafia," Jungwon said. Mrs. Jung complains that there are so many restrictions

"This is my house. Just do it. Hit the hammer!” said Mrs. Jung. They will also choose who the mafia is.

"If Mrs. Rosa is a member of the mafia then do you think you agree or not," said Jungwon. Everyone raised their hand.

Mrs. Jung was angry to see Mr. Ju who also raised his finger. Mr. Ju apologizes. Mrs. Jung does not accept Mr. Ju who betrayed her. Jung Won also tells the results of the election Innocent citizen, Jung Rosa has died. Mrs. Jung was angry.

“The real mafia is… Ju Jong-su!” Jung Won said. Madam Ju and the others cursed in annoyance

“Ju Jong-su has always been cunning. Your face is also cunning like a weasel. You liar! I've known since you lied about feeding cows in elementary school while drinking makgeolli on the mountain behind the school." Said Mrs. Jung mara

“It's just a game… This is how it's played. Doctor Ahn, am I right?” said Mr. Ju. Jung Won complimented that it was amazing

“Whether it's a game or a gamble, your nature is shown in it. If you have to betray, how can you betray your best friend from 65 years ago? Very heartless." lamented Mrs. Jung continued to nag.

group of female doctors eating.

group of female doctors eating.

“I'm just serious about playing! Good grief." Mr. Ju said. Mrs. Jung immediately gave a lesson by rubbing her friend's face very hard

Mrs. Yang came out of Mrs. Jung's house. Suk Hyun calls his mother. Mrs. Yang asked if the delivery was smooth. Suk Hyung admitted that he was fluent and wanted to know about his mother because he must be awkward with strangers so he invited him to a hot spring next week.

“I found a hot spring in Gangwon-do.” Suk Hyung said.

"Mom will be here again next week," he said. Yang. Suk Hyung was shocked to hear that.

"This is the first time I've laughed so hard. A lifetime of new mothers sees people as cute as they are. Thank you, my son. Please thank Jung-won too. I haven't laughed in a long time." Admittedly Mrs. Yang got into the car. Suk Hyung nodded in understanding.

Doctor Chu saw Doctor Jang walking down the hall and greeted him. Doctor Jang also saw Doctor Chu who had just arrived. Doctor Chu un saw Doctor Jang who bought a lot of bread. Doctor Jang thinks He said there is one more nurse

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"Yeah, so three people... All of this is impossible." Doctor Jang said. While in Doctor Jang's room, he eats bread non-stop.

"He ate that much, but why to stay lean?" complained Doctor Chu. Other nurses found this really annoying!

"Are you going to a musical with your boyfriend last weekend? Is that good?" asked the nurse.

"We've broken up." Admit Doctor Chu. The nurse is shocked and wants to know the reason.

“Suddenly he asked me my annual income. Then I told him because I thought he would give me some investment tips. Next, he asked about my father's occupation. I think the question is a bit childish." Doctor Chu's story.

“I was a bit annoyed and surprised by the question. I said my father runs an inn in Gangwon-do.” Admit Doctor Chu. Doctor Jang wants to know what's next.

“I'm afraid he thinks the inn is big. So, I'd say it's a small inn at the foot of Seoraksan. Suddenly his expression darkened.” Doctor Chu said annoyed.

“Do you have lodging? It's a pleasure. The view must be beautiful.” Say, Doctor Jang

“Just the view is beautiful. It seems he thinks my family is rich and respectable because I'm a doctor. What a materialistic bastard!” said Doctor Chu annoyed

"Good grief. Poor Chu Min-ha... You're in trouble. She dreams of wearing a couple's ring and her first kiss at Christmas." Nurse said.

"First kiss? Neither have I." Doctor Jang said. Doctor Chu thinks Doctor Jang has gone mad.

"I mean, the first kiss of the year." Obviously Doctor Chu. The nurse thinks Doctor Chu still has plenty of time so Hurry up and go on a blind date.

“Actually… I'm going to stop going on blind dates. I want to express my love.” Say Doctor Chu

"You like someone?" said the nurse. Doctor Chu confessed so then picked up the phone and hurried off.

"He said Kim Jae-Yeong had premature rupture of membranes and was taken to the Delivery Room," said Doctor Chu.

"Which Kim Jae-Yeong?" the nurse asked. Doctor Chu thought it was a romantic couple.

"The husband was beaten by his wife for wanting to sing." Doctor Chu said and immediately rushed off with the nurse.

Suk Hyung started a normal delivery, asking to push harder. The husband also praised his wife. Jung Wan runs in the hallway because she calls and calls the loudspeaker for Thoracoplastic Surgery, ER. A man was unconscious with a breathing apparatus.

“There was cardiac arrest due to bradycardia, then three minutes of CPR was given. Now the heartbeat is back," said Doctor Do

“Let's see the sonography… Her heart is this bad. Why not go to the hospital earlier?” said Jun Wan

"It must be because I don't have money. His colleague said he worked at the shipping company during the day and at the fish market at night.” Nurse said

"Has the guardian arrived yet?" asked Jun Wan. The nurse claimed to have called her father and was here from the village.

"I see his father is also having chemotherapy here." Said Doctor Do. Jun Wan is confused. Why in the village if chemotherapy is here?

“He works on a construction site. They live off the daily income. His partner is already worried about the hospital fees.” Whispered Doctor Do. Jun Wan thought they could think about it later.

"You just prepare the operation first. Contact anesthesiologist. Ask for a room. Nurse Hui-su, please call me as soon as his father arrives." Said, Jun Wan. Nurse Hui understood.


Bin was pacing in front of the room, Ik Jun came, Bin sarcastically felt that Ik Jun wanted to meet him. Ik Jun complains that Bin is very confident and then greets Mrs. Bin asking if he has eaten and wants to meet his mother.

“Guardian Oh Jae-il, please come in!” said the nurse. Both of them rushed in to see Mr. Oh.

In the delivery room, Suk Hyung asked Mrs. Kim to take a deep breath and then lift her head and look at her stomach. Finally, the child came out, Suk Hyung praised that it was very sweet and congratulated him. The nurse tells the time. It's 1:51 p.m.

In the room, Song Hwa looks tired entering the room and realizes that there are flowers in the flower vase and they are still fresh. In the delivery room.

“Thank you for coming to us, son. Mother loves you," said Mrs. Kim. The husband also praised his wife.

"You've seen his fingers and toes. The baby will be brought to the nursery to maintain body temperature.” Nurse said.

“Sir, please come here to hug your baby.” Another nurse asked, suddenly the father started singing. Everyone is confused.

“Doctor. Please stop him! I ask!" asked Mrs. Kim. Her husband was still singing and Suk Hyung couldn't stop him just smiling.

Mrs. Oh saw her husband in the ICU sleeping and called out that Bin had come. Mr. Oh seemed to have just realized he looked around and then looked at his son. Bin also greets his father when his daughter comes.

"Does it hurt? My daughter... Are you in pain?” asked Mr. Oh still feeling sorry for him.

"No. I'm not in pain at all." Bin said. Mr. Oh knows how painful it is and apologizes

"Why are you apologizing? Don't feel guilty, Father." Bin said while crying.

One family was crying in the ICU room, at that time Ik Jun saw him and couldn't hold back his tears and closed his eyes with a mask.

The nurse comes to tell Jun Wan that Kim Tae-jin's father has arrived. Mr. Kim pleads for his son's help and saves his son. Jun Wan tells that his son was only given anesthesia 20 minutes ago. And have endocarditis.

“The endocardium is damaged due to bacterial growth. Because it was so severe, the endocardium couldn't be repaired. I'll put in an artificial valve." Said, Jun Wan. Mr. Kim couldn't believe it.

“The operation took about four hours. Maybe it takes more time, maybe not. I will try my best.” Obviously Jun Wan. Mr. Kim held Jun Wan's hand.

“Doctor… I beg you… install the most expensive valve in the world for my son. I beg of you to give the most expensive one to my son.” Mr. Kim said while crying.

"Well. Don't worry... I will operate your son with the most expensive and best valve." Jun Wan said feeling sorry. Mr. Kim also said thank you.

Signboard “NAME: HONG GEON-HUI, NERVOUS SURGERY” A child cries with his head bandaged. The husband hugged his wife who was crying, both of them seemed happy to see their child was able to cry again.

Doctor Do who sees it is also proud that the operation was successful with Jun Wan.

Song Hwa is busy typing in the room, Ik Jun comes to ask if Song Wha is not home. Song Hwa admits that he has to submit this tomorrow. Ik Jun wanted to know what it was. Song Hwa answered KIHASA's Assignment. Ik Jun ordered his subordinates only.

“I wrote about improving their work environment. How could I tell them? It can be finished if you stay up late.” Song Hwa said.

"Don't be too diligent." Ik Jun's comments. Song Hwa complains not to talk. Ik Jun immediately turned off the lights. Song Hwa cursed angrily.

Doctor Ahn came to give him a decaffeinated drink because he felt that Song Hwa had drunk a lot of coffee today. Song Hwa could only stare at him. Doctor Ahn also asked permission to wait here. Song Hwa also agreed.

"Is there something you want to say?" Song Hwa asked. Doctor Ahn offers to help because he is good at small things.

"You... Do you like me?" Song Hwa asked. Doctor Ahn also confirmed. Song Hwa is shocked to hear that.

"Yes, I like you. I wanted to confess my feelings, but couldn't find the right time... Sorry... I'm sorry. However, I really like you... It's been a while..." Doctor Ahn admits

“Hey… Don't… Hey, don't do that… What's wrong with you?” said Song Hwa.

"I'll try not to be awkward." Said Doctor Ahn. Song Hwa complains and asks not to do it.

“It's not something I can control. I can't command my heart to like or stop liking you. If so, I'll excuse myself. See you later." Doctor Ahn said then left the room.

Jun Wan, Ik Jun and Ik sun are chatting together.

Jun Wan, Ik Jun and Ik sun are chatting together.

Jun Wan drives the car, Ik Jun also discusses that Jung Won is the one who stays up late again. Jun Wan confirmed and asked what Ik Jun said earlier. Ik Jun replies that Ik-sun went to Seoul because his friend got married today.

“He will stay and come home tomorrow morning. I can sleep in the living room.” Ik Jun said.

"Just me. I'm the guest…By the way, what level Ik-sun is in taekwondo?” said Jun Wan. Ik Jun answered one.

"What about judo?" asked Jun Wan. Ik Jun answered one. Jun Wan complains about whether Ik Jun is a real soldier.

Just as Ik Jun receives a call, Doctor Jang tells Yun Jeong-hui that the drainage is increasing and changing color so he suspects that there is bleeding. Ik Jun asked to check vital signs and complete blood count and then immediately went there.

Jun Wan who heard it felt that he would take her. Ik Jun thinks there's no need to ask him to pull over because he thinks taking the bus is faster.

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Ik Sun is at home cooking ramyun in the kitchen, Jun Wan sees Ik Sun wanting to surprise him. Ik Sun felt someone approaching and immediately gave a kick. Jun Wan was shocked to receive the kick and immediately fell limp.

Ik Sun is shocked and immediately approaches Jun Wan feeling guilty. Jun Wan could only standstill with his head able to open the refrigerator door.

Ik Jun presses the elevator button, Doctor Jang approaches him apologizing that the Patient seems to be getting better shortly after calling him. Ik Jun feels it doesn't matter because I'm busy at home anyway. He then tells that Jung Won now lives at his house.

"Serious? Please invite me to your house.” Said Doctor Jang excitedly.

“Yes, set a day. Today? Wait. Can't today because of my sister... Will arrange another day. Good grief." Ik Jun said

“By the way, your sister is a soldier, right? In that case, is he good at martial arts?” Doctor Jang said

“A total of 15 levels.” Ik Jun said. At home, Jun Wan's glasses were broken and Jun Won's face was put on cotton to stop the blood from flowing. He can only stay silent and Ik Sun feels guilty.

 Level six in Muay Thai and the national team. Level four in hapkido, level three in kendo, level one in taekwondo and judo. Lately, he's also learning yuyitsu." Ik Jun said. Doctor Jan thinks Ik Sun is indeed extraordinary.

“Ik-sun's main skill is kicking. The kick is so cool! This is really amazing. Guess how many times he can kick in one second. Let me exaggerate. A thousand times! I'm serious." Said Ik Jun proudly.

Jun Wan tries to eat ramyun with a sore mouth and then discusses Ik Sun's leg, that is, his right leg is really deadly. Ik Sun admits that he thinks he's a robber. Jun Wan complains that a robber is coming in with the password number

“A new kind of robber? Would you like some more kimchi?” said Ik Sun trying to apologize while serving Jun Wan.

Ik Jun laughed seeing Jun Wan's face which was hit by his sister's kick. Jun Wan wants to curse the ointment but Ik Sun teases him by lowering his hand. An annoyed Jung Wan ends up picking up the mirror herself. Ik Jun also discussed Ik Jun who came home tomorrow morning

“Yes, take the first bus. I have to be at base by 8:00. But have you ever had a blind date with a celebrity?” asked Ik Sun.

"Why suddenly ask?" asked Ik Jun surprised. Ik Sun tells that her friend's husband who got married today is actually an artist management director.

“There is only one actress there. He came to the wedding and asked if I was Lee Ik-jun's sister. He came to the wedding and asked if I was Lee Ik-jun's sister." Ik Sun said

Jun Wan shows the photo confirming the woman. Ik Sun confirmed and commented that Asli is very beautiful. Ik Jun admits he's good too. Ik Sun can't believe that his brother actually had a blind date with an artist.

"What do you want me to tell you?" Jun Wan said. Ik Jun admits that he's his ex-girlfriend.

"Extraordinary! Aren't you lying?" said Ik Sun in disbelief. Jun waon thought that when Ik Jun was still a general practitioner.

“When the fourth-year resident. After seeing me on Good Doctors< for five seconds he contacted me first." Ik Jun said. His sister couldn't believe it. "I used to be crazy about women." Admit Ik Jun. Ik Sun also wants to know the reason why his brother broke up.

“If you marry him, you will be happy. There's no need to meet your ex." Ik Sun said

"Then U-ju isn't around." Ik Jun said. Ik Sun complains about hearing his sister.

“However, why did you two break up then? He even visited you in Changwon when he was a general practitioner.” Jun Wan asked curiously too.

"He doesn't eat." Ik Jun said They don't understand what it means.

“He rarely eats whenever we meet. And I think he takes sleeping pills every day. When I wake up in the morning and go to work, then he will go to bed. He's like a different world from me. Even though in the end he decided on me." Ik Jun said

"What? Are you guys really dating?" said Ik Sun still in disbelief. Ik Jun confirmed.

"You never believe what I say. Even though it was obvious.” Ik Jun complained

"To instill a sense of trust in your sister. Then where did I sleep today? Give me your room." Ik Sun said. Ik Jun immediately rejected it.

"Sleep in Jun-wan's room," said Ik Jun. Ik Sun can't believe that they will sleep with him

"Are you crazy? Jun-wan sleeps on the sofa.” Ik Jun said. Ik Sun can't believe it makes her touched.

"Sometimes you are two-faced." Ik Jun said sarcastically. Jun Wan thought that Ik Jun just knew.

In the morning, Jun Wan fell asleep on the sofa and woke up to the sound of the phone ringing. He saw that his cell phone was not ringing, then found the phone on the table and asked each other who it was. Ik Sun also knows that Jun Wan picked it up. Jun Wan just found out that it was Ik Sun's cellphone.

“I left my phone at home? I think in the taxi. Thank God," said Ik Sun. Jun Wan asks where is Ik Sun now.

“Terminal… I'm early, afraid of traffic jams. Even arrived too early. Jun-wan, I'm sorry. Can you send my phone to headquarters? Using a courier only takes a day.” Ik Sun said.

"Let me bring it. Just wait." Said, Jun Wan. Ik Sun tells me that near the exit, the Toast Place. Jun Wan understood and immediately rushed off.

Ik Sun eats bread voraciously. Jun Wan came surprised to see Ik Sun who ate that much and then brought the cellphone to his younger brother Ik Jun. Ik Sun also said thank you then claimed to have a gift for him and gave a bird with his hand.

“I'm kidding… I really have a present. I heard you like chocolate… This, right? Come on your hand." Said Ik Sun wanted to give him chocolate.

But the chocolate is too much. Ik Sun took it back and wanted to put it back. Jun Wan opens his arms and Ik Sun again pours in a lot of work and thinks it's too much. Jun Wan couldn't help but smile.

“You are this one and the rest is mine.” Said Ik Sun gave some chocolates. Jun Wan took it from Ik Sun's hand then immediately grabbed his hand.

"Did I say I like you? Be my lover." Jun Wan said with a serious face. Ik Sun gapes at that.

A man sat in the room looking very happy with his very comfortable bed. Ik Jun came to greet Mr. Go Yeong-min and asked how he was doing. Mr. Go said he was good and thought money could buy happiness.

“I relaxed in the VIP room thanks to my daughter.” Mr. Go said proudly. Ik Jun looks confused asking the nurse Who is his daughter

"Don't you know?" complained the nurse. Ik Jun admitted that he did not examine the patient's family.

At that time a woman entered the room, Ik Jun was silent when he saw a beautiful woman who came. The nurse thinks she can ask the nurse for help and tells her that she is her daughter, Miss Go Ara. Ik Ju looked at his ex in disbelief.

Ah, Ra also greeted Ik Jun who had not seen him for a long time. Ik Jun couldn't believe it.

In the room, Suk Hyung received a call and immediately asked Ready. A woman claimed to be the person who lived with President Yang Tae-yang, namely the prostitute. Suk Hyung just kept quiet. The woman thought People were hiding it. The Whore.

"Why did you call?" asked Suk Hyung. The woman admitted that there was something she wanted to talk to her about.

“I know you feel uncomfortable, but can we talk for a second? I see there is a nice garden behind the hospital. We'll meet there." The woman said.

Suk Hyung comes out of the room, Doctor Chu is on the phone and sees Suk Hyung rushing out to buy coffee with his eyes looking at Suk Hyung who is heading towards the park.

"That's for sure... I know what your mother was thinking, "Feel that! I don't want to see you guys happy!" I understand her feelings. However, he should not refuse a divorce. May I ask you to persuade your mother? He must have obeyed his son's words." Said the prostitute.

Doctor Chu brought two cups of coffee as if he wanted to be closer to Suk Hyung. But he saw Suk Hyung sitting with a woman and thought it was his girlfriend. He immediately threw the coffee and walked away.

"I do not want to." Suk Hyung said. The woman claimed to be pregnant and had three months.

"Don't choose the path that makes it difficult for everyone. I know he really hates me. But how long has he been like this? Don't be stubborn. I heard your mother is sick. Why does he keep hating someone like me?” said the whore.

“Like adults, accept what you have to receive and give what you have to give, then solve this problem. The rest of our lives are long. I believe you will persuade your mother because you are smart,” said the woman. Suk Hyung just kept quiet.

Song Hwa meets the doctor, the doctor tells him that if he didn't feel a lump before and suddenly felt a big lump, that's usually a bad sign. Song Hwa just kept quiet.

"In addition, when touched the lump feels hard. When you see the shape is a bit prominent and elongated, and a bit dark in the back. The shape is not good. In cases like this, it is better if the biopsy test. We're going to have a test today, okay?" the doctor said

"There's something I have to do. How long will it take?” said Song Hwa.

“About 20 minutes.” Doctor said. Song Hwa also agreed to do it now. Finally, Song Hwa lay down with a blank stare

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