Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 15 Part 1 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 15 Part 1 English Subtitles

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 15 Part 1  English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 15 Part 1  English Subtitles

Kang Joon looks at the genetic report letter."After comparing 2 DNA samples,...Sa Geum Ran and Sara are the same people."He went in looking for Sa Ra at the restaurant, up to the top floor he saw Tae Hee who was giving Sa Ra a kiss on the forehead proposing to him.“Sa Geum Ran. My wife... ...married another man?” he muttered sarcastically. Previously Sa Ra put a bracelet on Tae Hee's hand, with a smiling face she told about the Indian bracelet she just bought."As long as this bracelet doesn't break, we won't be separated either," said Sa Ra“You chose a bracelet that looked tight. To decide, you have to call a sumo player." Tae Hee said looking at the bracelet in her hand. He held Sa Ra's hand and smiled at each other and kept looking at each other. Sa Ra realizes that Tae Hee is in big trouble and there's no way she can escape.“Should we officially… begin the preparations? Engagement party." Tae Hee's suggestion

Sa Ra smiles, Tae Hee changes her suggestion to just get married and don't have to go through the hassle anymore. Tae Hee's cell phone rings, Sa Ra tells Tae Hee to pick it up. Tae Hee is reluctant and still wants to hold her boyfriend's hand. Sa Ra knows Tae Hee's work is very busy so she asks Tae Hee to answer the phone first. Tae Hee smiled, he revealed that he was very happy.Sa Ra smiles again, Tae Hee receives a call from Chairman Choi informing her that the grandma's trial date is out. Then he asks when so he can tell Park's attorney. After that, he asked Sa Ra to wait a while because he was going to make outgoing calls.Sa Ra looks at the ring in her hand with a smiling face as if she had already imagined that she would happily marry Tae Hee. Suddenly he was surprised by the arrival of Kang Joon who was standing nearby.“You want to marry Han Tae Hee? Unfortunately….. You can't do it without my permission!!!!” mocked Kang Joon sarcastically

With bulging eyes, Sa Ra feels that she doesn't need Kang Joon's permission to get married. Kang Joon thought he had something to tell him, his sly smile showing again. Sa Ra starts to look scared. Tae Hee comes, seeing Kang Joon already in the room. He immediately pushed Tae Kang Joon away, with a cynical glance Kang Joon told him that he just stopped by the restaurant. Then he asks Tae Hee that they will marry with a cynical look. Tae Hee isn't afraid to say it's none of her business and then tells her to get out. Kang Joon smiled slyly out of the room.“Regarding the grandmother incident,... I will take disciplinary action against Lee Kang Joon at the HBS board meeting. If the board of directors makes a decision, I'm considering suspension or switching positions." Tae Hee said holding Sa Ra's shoulder who looked teary. Tae Hee doesn't care about anything, because she will keep Sa Ra away from Kang Joon so she asks Sa Ra not to worry.

Kang Joon glanced at the mirror who saw Tae Hee and Sa Ra who was hugging, his eyes were sly, and then left the restaurant. Tae Hee's house. Tae Hee shows Sa Ra the calendar he has marked."What's Christmas?" said Sa Ra confused."Ahjumma. You're going to marry me, right?" ask Tae HeeSa Ra replies with the ring she still wears on her finger. Tae Hee smiled, looking at the ring and the proposal that Sa Ra had accepted."Then... how about getting married on Christmas?" Tae Hee suggested.Sa Ra is shocked that it's four days away. Tae Hee knows about it but she tries to make sure that if they get married on Christmas then three generations will be happy and things like that are well known. Sa Ra looks like she can't believe it."Let's find out. We'll get married and see if the 3 generations are happy." Tae Hee said trying to persuade him. Sa Ra smiled hearing that.

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 15 Part 1  English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 15 Part 1  English Subtitles

"I want you to be my wife soon and don't want to see you worried because of Lee Kang Joon." Tae Hee said with a worried face. Tae Hee doesn't need to delay anymore. Sa Ra nods in agreement, but she feels that they have a lot to prepare and it doesn't seem possible either. Tae Hee thinks it's possible for the next 4 days, they just need to prepare well.“We will make a to-do list. And do it together. What do you think?" asked Tae Hee with a smiling face."Okay. Let's do it." Sa Ra said confidently.Tae Hee smiles hearing that then he invites Sa Ra to shake hands like he is ready to arm wrestle. Sa Ra greets him and both look at each other and smile.

Kang Joon sat in his room, his eyes looking at his desk where there was a DNA Result Report.“Sa Geum Ran. You left your husband and remarried?” Kang Joon said he took out his cell phone and called someone.Sa Ra looks at her phone in fear, then picks up the phone with glaring eyes. Kang Joon invites them to meet alone tomorrow."There's no reason to meet you." said Sa Ra" I have a reason." Kang Joon said Sa Ra feels she has absolutely no reason to meet and she will hang up. Then Kang Joon tells that he himself will look for him in a threatening tone. His sly smile looks like he already has plans of revenge for Sa Ra. Meanwhile, Sa Ra, who closes her cellphone, looks scared and thinks about what Kang Joon will do to her.

Chae Yoon enters the room, he sees on the table there is a Genetic Report. His eyes glanced at Kang Joon who turned out to have done a DNA test. He pretends to be surprised that Sa Ra is Geum Ran. "We have been fooled all this time. and we have been completely fooled,” explained Kang Joon" Then how about us. Geum Ran becomes Sa Ra to take revenge on them. said Chae Yoon who looked pretended to be panicked. Kang Joon is silent, Chae Yoon asks Kang Joon to think about what he went through and Kang Joo can't just stay silent.“I found something interesting. How can I be silent? All this time I was fooled. Now it's my turn." Kang Joon said. Chae Yoon smiles slyly because Kang Joon will help him to take revenge on Sa Ra. Winner Group Building.Sa Ra has just finished a meeting and is tidying up the papers on the table. Suddenly his hand was pulled by Kang Joon who was already nearby. His eyes widened in shock at the sight."Dear. Sa Geum Ran. I haven't called your name in a long time." said Kang Joon with a cynical look."What do you mean by that?" said Sa Ra pretending not to understand.

Kang Joon tells that he has found the hair in the comb that Geum Ran likes to use and also Sa Ra's hair. Then he did a DNA test. Sa Ra is even more shocked to hear Kang Joon's confession.“Sa Geum Ran and Sara… are the same person. You're really beautiful. No wonder I can't recognize you. All this time fooling me, how much fun was that for you? Me and my family, you're all fooling are you happy?” quip Kang JoonSa Ra looks scared, Kang Joon also tells that Sa Ra has fooled the whole world and is even going to marry another man."You can't do it because you're still my wife," said Kang Joon with a sly smile. The man from the meeting came back to say that he would start a regular column to invite discussion. Kang Joon decides to leave, Sa Ra glances at Kang Joon who leaves. While the man invites Sa Ra to do the type of food that will be recommended first.

Sa Ra saw Kang Joon standing and staring at him from the window, Kang Joon gave Sa Ra a sly smile.Sa Ra sits in the make-up room, remembering Kang Joon's words that she is still his wife. Suddenly Tae Hee comes and surprises him and shows Sa Ra his wish list. He asked for Sa Ra's to be able to combine it. Sa Ra takes out her wish list for Tae Hee from her bag. Tae Hee sees Sa Ra's first sheet is to go shopping together and then take a selfie. He remembered that they had never photographed together like other couples. Sa Ra thinks that's why she wants to take a photo together."Maybe it's because from the start we've always been together, so we don't feel like we need a photo to see." Tae Hee said.

But in the end, he agrees to take a photo together, Sa Ra smiles because Tae Hee has granted her request. Tae Hee looks at the next sheet, her face looks confused because Sa Ra wants to take the wedding vows."You seem to have sensory sensitivity." Tae Hee teased smiling, then flipped through the next page." Doctor. Our wedding preparations… can we postpone it for a bit?” asked Sa Ra. Tae asks why, Sa Ra says something, and he feels they don't have enough time. Then Tae Hee felt that in this situation there was an action while raising his wish list they will do it slowly and one by one together."I will do everything. Well, next..." Tae Hee said looking at Sa Rae's wish list with a smile was so happy," muttered Sa Ra who saw Tae Hee and looked very happy.

The two go to a hat seller, Tae Hee chooses a Santa Claus hat and puts it on Sa Ra. Likewise, Sa Ra puts on a Santa Claus hat for Tae Hee.“Well, our Christmas and Santa concept is already running. First, let's do the first thing on the wish list." invite Tae Hee who has taken out the camera. He invites Sa Ra to take a selfie together as he wants, Sa Ra and Tae Hee smile and do several times for a group photo. Then they went to the Toppoki and fish cake shop, feeding each other odeng, Tae Hee laughed because there was an electric stamp on the odeng he was holding. After that they also went on a date by walking together and holding hands, their faces smiling happily

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together is on Sa Ra's paper. Both of them smile, Tae Hee sees her wish list is “Wedding dress and tuxedo.

together is on Sa Ra's paper. Both of them smile, Tae Hee sees her wish list is “Wedding dress and tuxedo

together is on Sa Ra's paper. Both of them smile, Tae Hee sees her wish list is “Wedding dress and tuxedo.”“How can we choose a wedding dress? We're getting married overseas." asked Sa Ra confused"I'll take care of that, so we just need to take it to the plane." Tae Hee explained.Sa Ra smiled hearing that, Tae Hee who wanted to drink tea also smiled because they did the wish list one by one. Tae Hee is looking through a magazine, the clerk tells the bride and groom are ready to be seen. Her face is facing forward and the door is open, showing Sa Ra who is already wearing a wedding dress that fits her body.Sa Ra gave a smile to Tae Hee, as well as Tae Hee who gave a smile to Sa Ra who looked beautiful. The two of them walked closer together."I've had a wish for Christmas for a long time." Tae Hee said"Is that your wish?" ask Sa Ra“I want to celebrate Christmas with my family. Now that wish has come true. I can marry a beautiful bride.” Tae Hee's story

Sa Ra understands why Tae Hee wants to get married on Christmas. Tae Hee smiled and nodded. The shop clerk informed that the groom could choose a tuxedo. Tae Hee smiles as it's her turn to try on her bridal tuxedo. The employee comes to say there is a call for her, Sa Ra sees the name Kang Joon who called her. With a frightened look he picked up the phone, Kang Joon quipped Sa Ra who was wearing a wedding dress.Sa Ra's eyes bulged because Kang Joon knew it, she saw Kang Joon was already in front of the shop door while calling looking inside with a cynical look.“My wife married another man and wore a wedding dress? I feel lost. Don't be too happy." said Kang Joon with a cynical tone.Sa Ra glares at him with a panicked face, Kang Joon threatens that the two of them will never get married then he hangs up the phone.

Kang Joon gives a cynical smile, Sa Ra looks red in her eyes and tries to calm down even though she is actually scared of what Kang Joon will do to them. Tae Hee comes in her tuxedo and smiling face, Sa Ra is still looking out because Kang Joon is still standing watching her from outside. A few moments later Kang Joon left, Tae Hee who saw the change in Sa Ra's face asked if something happened. Sa Ra's eyes keep looking outside, Tae Hee looks out that no one is there then looks at Sa Ra confusedly. Finally, Sa Ra looked down and looked worried. In the car, Sa Ra still looks silent and confused, Tae Hee who is driving looks smiling."You look tired. Go home to rest. I'll take care of... the ones on the wish list." Tae Hee said

"You came home late?" asked Sa Ra worried take smiles and say he won't be back in an hour. Sa Ra was silent, Tae Hee's face looked worried seeing Sa Ra sitting beside her without a smile.Sa Ra is standing in front of a house that has been covered in snow on the road in front of the house. His face looked worried waiting for someone, occasionally he glanced at the road. Tae Hee comes with a big box calling for Sa Ra" Ahjumma! Cold weather like this. Why are you outside?” Tae Hee asked who looked breathless."It's been over an hour." said Sa Ra worriedly. Then he sees what Tae Hee brought into the house. Tae Hee tells she brought a Christmas tree according to her wish list. With a smiling face invites Sa Ra inside because it's very cold outside.

Sa Ra opens the door and Tae Hee takes her inside the Christmas tree, when she goes inside Sa Ra looks out like Kang Joon is scared to follow her. Both use deer antlers, Tae Hee attaches some decorations to the Christmas tree. Sa Ra sees that there are many cards attached, Tae Hee immediately takes it because Sa Ra is not allowed to see the card.“My wish is written here. If you hang your wish on a tree and light it, your wish will come true. Then all my wishes will come true.” Tae Hee said happily“Is this all your wish? You're so greedy." ridicule Sa RaTae Hee feels that there is nothing that can be done and compares with the police who do nothing because they have a lot of desires.Sa Ra smiles asking if she has one, Tae Hee shows her a doll."What does this doll look like?" Tae Hee asked Sa Ra replied that it was similar to Tae Hee.

" That's right. It's a worry doll that worries you. The Indians put these on the pillows of their anxious, sleepless children." Tae Hee's story chose the doll.“At the wedding dress shop yesterday, I saw you looking sad. Usually, women who are about to get married are always worried. But from now on, leave all your worries on this doll. Calm Tae Hee sits down together, marking the wish list that they have done, the last one being a date NS." Tae Hee explained Ra smiles because Tae Hee always pays attention to her, then she hangs the doll on the Christmas tree and turns off the room lights. He asked Sa Ra to turn on the light. With her left hand, Sa Ra turned on the Christmas tree lights. His face smiled when he saw the Christmas tree in front of him was brightly lit. Tae Hee also smiled seeing Sa Ra who smiled, the two of them looked at each other with the bright light from the Christmas tree.

Sa Ra paced around the room with a worried face. He remembers Kang Joon's words that he knew he was going to marry Tae Hee. He remembers the first time they met at a restaurant when Tae Hee proposed to him for marriage. Then the second time Kang Joon pulls his hand and admits that he already knows that Sa Ra is Geum Ran. And finally when Kang Joon followed her and saw her trying on a wedding dress. "Don't be too happy. You two… can never get married.” Kang Joon threatened him.Sa Ra wonders why things like this have to happen now, then her eyes stare into the mirror in front of her.

He remembered the first time reporters found out he was at God's restaurant. Then he entered a birth of chef competition and ate tuna with peanut sauce even though he knew he was allergic to peanuts. After that, he did a photo shoot for a magazine.“I am not a helpless victim, Sa Geum Ran. I won't be... a victim again!!! Never." muttered Sa Ra with a look in the mirror.Sa Ra looks at her phone, calls Kang Joo with wide eyes. Kang Joon asks what's wrong because Sa Ra called him even though it was getting late. Sa Ra asks Kang Joon to stop stalking her." If you want to talk,... ...let's meet." said Sa Ra"Your tone has changed. You miss me?" sneered Kang Joon who was in his office."I'll tell you the time and location, tomorrow .." Sa Ra replied as if she didn't want to respond to Kang Joon's words. Kang Joon insists that the time and place they meet will be his own and he taunts Sa Ra to just go along with her decisions while shaking in fear.

“Why should I tremble with fear?” asked Sa Ra feeling not afraid to face Kang Joon.“You fooled the whole world. You're a swindler." Kang Joon said, "You're a killer." Sa Ra . replied"It wasn't murder. Because you're still alive. I'm not guilty." Kang Joon firmlySa Ra sees Kang Joon as very confident and doesn't care if it doesn't get exposed. With a brave face, he seemed to agree with Kang Joon's words. After hanging up the phone, Sa Ra looked at him with a cynical look at Kang Joon's family home. Kang Joon's mother calls her son to hurry home because they have guests. Kang Joon is confused, whose guest is coming at night. Kang Joon's mother looks at the side of him and tells him that Sa Ra came to their house." He had something to say when you got home." said his mother Kang Joon just throws his cell phone on the table, his face is confused because Sa Ra is now at his house and he rushes out of his room.“Kang Joon was arrested on suspicion of… murdering Sa Geum Ran,” said Sa Ra

Jin Young is shocked to learn that Kang Joon has been arrested. Sa Ra feels the family should know that. He knew it was presumptuous of her to tell him. Kang Joon's father was silent as he closed his eyes.“Kang Joon… killed Geum Ran?” said Kang Joon's mother in disbelief" Who said that? Geez, what kind of news is this?” Jin Young shouted, disapproving of Sa Ra's words in Young feels nauseous knowing Kang Joon because she is shocked that Kang Joo's mother doesn't believe it and thinks Sa Ra's accusation is serious. Kang Joon's father was silent, Kang Joon's mother whined at her husband to say something. Kang Joon's father just sighed without speaking. His wife thought her husband already knew everything. Sa Ra smiles because her words make Kang Joon look bad in the eyes of his family.

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Kang Joon finally came home, his eyes looked very angry to see Sa Ra who was already sitting in his family room.

Kang Joon finally came home, his eyes looked very angry to see Sa Ra who was already sitting in his family room

Kang Joon finally came home, his eyes looked very angry to see Sa Ra who was already sitting in his family room.“Kang Joon, what did he say, you killed Geum Ran, is that true?” shouted his mother asking directly her son. Jin Young remembers that Kang Joon said that Geum Ran might still be alive. Min Young also remembers that Sa Ra is still smiling with satisfaction for making Kang Joon's family not believe it." Then... ...if the pig-in-law is still alive, what does it mean to be killed?" asked Min Young confused."Geez. What actually happened? Geum Ran is alive or dead? Didn't he kill himself? What's this really about?" shouted Kang Joon's mother who was confused while holding her head.“Someone accused me of malicious intent. It's a trap. You don't have to worry." Kang Joon firmly in Young and Jin Young's faces looked worried, Kang Joon's father was still silent by closing his eyes without commenting. Sa Ra smiles because she managed to make the Lee family panic. Kang Joon stares furiously at Sa Ra who manages to make his family panic to find out about being detained for the charge of killing Sa Ra. Then he invited Sa Ra to talk for a while. Sa Ra glanced cynically without looking scared. Kang Joon pulled Sa Ra upstairs, then pushed her to sit on the sofa." What are you doing now?" said Kang Joon with wide eyes.

"This is just the beginning. You can't dump your 8-year-old first wife, so you're trying to kill her. Why should I be afraid of such a person? I can't do that to happen, "said Sa Ra as she continued to stare at Kang Joon. Kang Joon asks what Sa Ra will do now. Sa Ra also knows that Kang Joon wrote his will and stole the building.“The family should know what you are doing. You are the joy and pride of the family. What would father say if he found out?” quip Sa RaSa Ra says that Kang Joon first wanted to destroy himself by wanting to reveal his identity and he wouldn't just sit back and watch.“This house……and the building, are both mines. You and your family will be on your way there. Think about it. You and I, which of us is more devastated?” said Sa Ra in a threatening tone.“Sa Geum Ran... You're not the Sa Geum Ran I know. It's not just your face that's changed." Kang Joon's comment"Your first wife you knew is gone. So be careful. I won't be a victim a second time." said Sa RaThen he got up from the sofa and left when he was about to get off he accidentally met Chae Yoon who had just come home. The two looked at each other cynically without speaking, then Sa Ra chose to go down the stairs.

Chae Yoon saw Kang Joon who was silent in front of their bedroom door." What did Sara tell your family?" asked Chae Yoon who looked panicked. div>Kang Joon is just silent with his cynical eyes, he can't believe Sa Ra dares to fight him like now. Tae Hee comes out of the room in her nightgown, screaming for Sa Ra if she is asleep. But there was no answer, he finally climbed the stairs into the room, there was no Sa Ra inside."This is weird. It's almost 11 pm. Where is he going?" Tae Hee said confused heard Sa Ra calling him from below. Tae Hee runs down the stairs, scolding Sa Ra for leaving without telling her and worrying her. Sa Ra was seen smiling happily in front of him. Suddenly Sa Ra hugs her and reveals herself now feeling better and feeling very relieved. Tae Hee is confused but tries to smile because she gets a hug from Sa Ra. He asks where Sa Ra went, then he guesses Sa Ra went to the bathroom. Sa Ra felt that she would think so that's why she felt relieved now.

“Ahjumma…..I like this sudden expression.” Tae Hee said smiling happily. They embraced in front of the bright Christmas tree lights in front of the dining table. Tae Hee shows his cellphone, with the words D-2. Sa Ra knows that means minus two days for their wedding. Tae Hee smiles saying that the day after tomorrow they will become husband and wife and it feels like a dream." It feels like a dream and I'm nervous." said Sa Ra smiling happily.“Why do you look worried? Afraid of something happening?” ask Tae HeeSa Ra nodded, she still felt whether it would be okay if they got married was what she had been thinking. Tae Hee asks why Sa Ra feels that way." I'm a fake. Everyone thinks I'm incredibly beautiful. But, I am the result of plastic surgery. My identity is fake too. Can I live like that forever?” said Sa Ra who looked worried. “ If I have a child,... how much... I tell the child? That thought is always in my head.” Sa Ra's story.

Tae Hee insists that Sa Ra is not fake even though her appearance changes but she still has Geum Ran in her heart. He also understood the real Geum Ran and he married because of his sincerity.Sa Ra looks at Tae Hee with emotion, Tae Hee feels that Sa Ra is in the right condition and is a genuine person so it is enough for him to know about it. Sa Ra smiled, Tae Hee also gave a smile.Sa Ra looks at the sheet of paper to shoot with the PD and asks about tomorrow being the last shoot of the year. The PD confirmed that they will have Christmas and New Year's holidays. Then he asked if Sa Ra wanted to travel with a happy face." I want to go abroad." replied Sa Ra with a shy smile.“Looks like something good is coming… Ahhh your ring!” shouted the PD who saw a ring wrapped around Sa Ra's ring finger. Chae Yoon arrives, the PD feels that Sa Ra is engaged, he asks what Chae Yoon's plans for Christmas are and tells that Sa Ra is going abroad something the best thing will happen.

"Abroad? What is it?" Chae Yoon asked curiously and tried to look friendly."That's a private matter." Sa Ra replied without looking at Chae Yoon.“You can tell from one look. He has a ring. Engagement trip or maybe, marriage. For the privacy of a celebrity, going abroad isn't bad." PD story Ra hastily covered the ring on her ring finger with her right hand, Chae Yoon glanced sharply because she had already seen the ring on her ring finger. Chae Yoon's eyes flashed cynically and Sa Ra looked down because her plan was caught by Chae Yoon. Chae Yoon was already in Kang Joon's room with his arms crossed over his chest. Kang Joon can't believe Sa Ra will go abroad to celebrate Christmas.“For a woman with a false identity,... that's a bold move. Honey do you know something?" ask Chae Yoon"I saw her wearing a wedding dress." Kang Joon's story. Chae Yoon is shocked to find out that Sa Ra is trying on a wedding dress.

Chae Yoon hurriedly calls Ji Hoon to ask for help in finding out Tae Hee's vacation schedule. Jin Hoon who was in the practice room told him that he had talked to Tae Hee.“I asked him to celebrate Christmas together but he wanted to leave the country. Looks like he'll be staying there for a while." Ji Hoon said Chae Yoon stares in surprise knowing Tae Hee will be going abroad for Christmas. He was sure the two would marry overseas. Kang Joon smiles mockingly because of their plans to get married overseas.“Sa Geum Ran. My life is ruined because of you. Do you want to be happy after taking Tae Hee Oppa? You think that's possible?” Chae Yoon muttered vengefully Ra and Tae Hee meet with an employee at Winner Food's warehouse. Tae Hee tells about Winner Food's new product business plan. Sa Ra also told the ingredients for the rice balls made during the Birth of Chef.

Some people saw the plan for a new product that will be released by Winner Food, Sa Ra explained that it was a product that would be released by Winner Food later.“If the union stops striking and returns to work, we can immediately proceed to production. Please believe in us.” Tae Hee said trying to unionize them. The workers who saw Tae Hee's plan seemed to nod in understanding, Sa Ra also promised to do her best so she begged to help them produce a new product for Winner Food.Sa Ra and Tae Hee enter the room, Chairman Choi with a smiling face shows Tae Hee and Sa Ra a piece of paper, then he gives it to Tae Hee. He told me it was their plane ticket.

“All you need to do the day after tomorrow is leave,” explains Chairman Choi then exits the room. Tae Hee gives one ticket to Sa Ra with a smiling face. Sa Ra looks at the plane ticket, she feels that after they are getting married they are too busy going here and there.“Everything is going so fast. Can we… get on this plane?” asked Sa Ra, still looking worried."Do not worry. The day after tomorrow…we have a happy ending.” Tae Hee said with a smile and full of confidence.Sa Ra smiles, she remembers it was time for them to go to the bridal shop. He asks if Tae Hee will come with him. Tae Hee thinks that he must come because this is the last time he will see Sa Ra in her wedding dress.

The PD came asking for permission to borrow Sa Ra for an hour because it was related to the Birth of Chef contract. Sa Ra and Tae Hee glanced at each other, then Tae Hee nodded and reiterated that the PD only borrowed it for an hour. Tae Hee tells he will go first and tells Sa Ra to go slowly after him. Sa Ra nodded with a smile.Sa Ra is shocked to learn that she will be summoned by the Strategic Planning Department."You're working with Winner Food and it's a breach of contract with HBS and Winner Group." clear PDSa Ra is confused about the breach of contract and that means she can't work with Winner Food. The PD whispered asking Sa Ra to listen first from HBS.“The person you want to meet now

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