Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 14 Part 2 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 14 Part 2  English Subtitles

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 14 Part 2  English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 14 Part 2  English Subtitles

Kang Joon took his cellphone, Sa Ra who was in the room saw Kang Joon's name on her cellphone, immediately picked up and asked what was wrong with Kang Joon calling her"You take care of your grandmother with dementia, right. What's your grandmother's name?" Ask Kang JoonSa Ra asks what Kang Joon is asking for. Kang Joon reasoned that if he called the CEO of HBS and there were many requests for magazine interviews, they wanted to make promotional materials." Why is there a reason you can't answer?" asked Kang Joon, Sa Ra's face in the room stiffened a bit"No... it's not like that" said Sa Ra who looked panicked

Kang Joon asks again who Sa Ra's grandmother is and he asks to tell her now. Haltingly, Sa Ra answered her name was Kim Hee Jung. Kang Joon immediately hung up the phone. Sa Ra is silent about what Kang Joon really wants to do. After calling Sa Ra, Kang Joon calls his men back."Get Sara's family card and bring me her resume. Tomorrow morning." the order chase Yoon who just came in to hear Kang Joon's conversation immediately asked why Kang Joon wanted to know Sa Ra's resume. Kang Joon immediately stood up and looked cynically at his wife."Did you feed... nuts to Sara on purpose to make sure of something?" asked Kang Joon." Why...are you curious?" asked Chae Yoon who glared at her husband. Kang Joon seems to be guessing about Sa Ra but he tries to realize that what he thinks is not going to happen. He cursed that he was crazy and chose to go to talk to Chae Yoon later

"Finding out Sara is Sa Geum Ran is your job. I wonder what...will happen when the couple meets again." Chae Yoon muttered sarcastically staring at Kang Joon who came out of the room. At God's Restaurant, Tae Hee meets her grandmother and is looked after by Director Kim. Tae Hee asks about her grandmother's condition now. Madam Park nods, if she is healthy then she can talk about Te Hee who is the CEO of Winner Food."I'm saying this carefully. But.....why focus on Winner Food for now?" Ask Madam ParkTae Hee doesn't understand what her grandmother said, then Madam Park has heard from Chae Yoon that her granddaughter will marry Sa Ra. With a happy face, Tae Hee tells her grandmother that she has proposed and is waiting for an answer."You need consideration... when it comes to marriage. Do you know Sara well?" asked Madam Park looking worried.

"Of course. Better than anyone and he's a good man." obviously Tae Hee is proud then he suggests his grandmother meet with Sa Ra for some time. Again, Madam Park nods in agreement while drinking tea as if she doesn't want to disappoint Tae Hee for rejecting her relationship with Sa Ra. Madam Park and Director Kim descend the stairs together while asking his men to find out about Sa Ra. Tae Hee has a big job ahead of him. He has to be careful when it comes to his wife. said Madam Park, Director Kim understands and will do what he orders. Tae Hee enters his room and immediately asks if Chairman Choi has prepared his meeting."Yes, CEO....hat person will come for a magazine interview and I will polish the place to a shine," explained Chairman Choi."I can't wait for him to sit there. Now I'm trying to get a yes from him, so we have to be with him." Tae Hee said

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 14 Part 2  English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 14 Part 2  English Subtitles

Sa Ra is doing a photoshoot of some women who see Sa Ra look beautiful on camera. Tae He comes with a box of cakes, some people greet Tae Hee as CEO, Sa Ra is surprised to see Tae Hee who comes."He's here for the Winner Food meeting after this. Let's finish and continue later." said PDTae Hee doesn't think it's necessary to do that because he's the new CEO and came to the photoshoot because he has a lot of time and just wants to see the photoshoot Then shouts for Chairman Choi to come in. Chairman Choi brings a trolley with a pile of cardboard, Sa Ra gapes even more"Sara is very important to Winner Food so please pay attention…..This is a bribe." Tae Hee said jokingEveryone laughed hearing that then Tae Hee also told all the special diet drinks and low-calorie snacks for women. The PD thanked and praised Tae Hee for being so relaxed with his employees."CEO, you are sociable and popular among female employees., said PDSa Ra smiled hearing Tae Hee being praised, With her trademark laugh Tae Hee asked everyone to enjoy the food and she also gave a special cake for Sa RaTae Hee starts the meeting excitedly in front of Sa Ra and her colleagues."Now...Alone in the household, single, employees and those who are ready to work..and prospective students. All these people, the general keywords survive."

He remembers that the active image of a working man is seen from a strong point in appearance so that women contemplate marriage. Tae Hee gallantly takes off his jacket, Sa Ra looks surprised by Tae Hee's attitude. Chairman Choi continues on the next slide."Next. As the selling point of Winner Food's new product, combine it with the keywords of society. The feeling of home....just like a mother or girlfriend or boyfriend making it yourself. You can feel the warmth." Tae Hee explainedTae Hee excitedly explained everything and then loosened his tie a little, he knew that such an image could make women like him."Working Men with spiced seaweed soup. Satisfaction enjoying eating rice and soup together. This is the competitive advantage of our new product.""More importantly,...Sara, who came up with a new recipe will be the main model of this product. I hope the promotions and advertisements will be as effective as possible."Tae Hee explained excitedly, chairman Choi gave a round of applause after Tae Hee gave an explanation about the new product. Tae Hee who is holding his tie feels very cool because Sa Ra can see it."Just decide yes, Ahjumma. Looks like she's got that feeling. There's no man like me, right? Oh?" Tae Hee muttered with a wink of her eye. Sa Ra nervously gets a wink in her eye.

"CEO...There's a problem with the production of a new product. All the required materials were moved without authorization." said one of the employees facingTae Hee is shocked, he glances at Sa Ra confused and Sa Ra also can't believe the product launch has been stopped. Then he takes Sa Ra to the warehouse where Winner Food Products are stored and an emergency has occurred. Now he will deal with this problem intelligently and that is the natural charisma of a man. Sa Ra continued to follow him from behind. Some employees move the goods in the warehouse. Tae Hee greets everyone by introducing himself as Han Tae Hee, he has already extended his hand but the employee looks at him sarcastically without wanting to shake his hand." I heard you guys moved things without authorization," said Tae Hee who lowered his hand.

"I heard the new CEO of the parasite has arrived and now that he's appeared, we're going to sell all the stuff here." clearly the man with a cynical face" All of these things can save Winner Food. How can you sell them, then..with whose permission are you doing this?" Tae Hee asked the man tells them that they will sell to get severance pay and that they have agreed with everything with Lee Kang Joon because they have discussed it with the people at headquarters. Tae Hee looks panicked because Kang Joon interfered to thwart his plan, "You can't, I will save this company." Tae Hee shouted."Ignore him... Get the stuff out..." ordered the man to his other friends. Tae Hee tries to restrain the man from taking the product they are about to issue. Sa Ra senses that there will be a big problem and invites her to go. Tae Hee asks Sa Ra not to worry about it as she will deal with it professionally."Wait a minute...Why did you talk about it with the head office instead of the CEO of Winner Food?" Tae Hee asked who was holding the man's shirt, the man arrogantly let go of Tea Hee's hand."Don't do this and talk to me." Tae Hee persuades the man not to bring things to the warehouse.

The freight car arrives, Tae Hee and Sa Ra don't see and the car stops smashed through the pile of cardboard in front of him. Until finally, all the flour fell, Tae Hee tried to save Sa Ra all the things fell scattered and the employee who had wanted to carry the goods ran away in fear."Those people should... be reported to the police. Don't leave them alone." Chairman Choi curses angrily seeing Tae Hee's clothes full of flour. Tae Hee with a languid face defends that the incident was unintentional and asks Chairman Choi to arrange a meeting with the labor leader, Chairman Choi understands and leaves. With Tae Hee's sullen face admitting, in the end, he was the one who destroyed her, Sa Ra looks confused."I was going to get points as a charismatic working man. style is falling apart." Tae Hee said looking at her clothes which were full of flour.Sa Ra laughs hearing that, she understands that Tae Hee acts weird all day just to get points. Tae Hee denies that what he did was not strange but he just wanted to show his reliability.

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 14 Part 2  English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 14 Part 2  English Subtitles

"Aren't I a great target?" Tae Hee said Sa Ra felt that Tae Hee's attitude was too much." But...if I say that a good thing...for you?" asked Sa Ra who seemed to be speaking seriously. Tae Hee looks clueless, then Sa Ra talks about what happened today was Kang Joon's doing, so if they get married Tae Hee will be the target. She admits that she lied about her past as a married woman." I have to be careful and worried for the rest of my life. it you?" asked Sa Ra looking worried.Sa Ra thinks that she will be fine, but somehow for Tae Hee because she is not so sure. Tae Hee smiled, he didn't think that was the reason why Sa Ra couldn't answer."I thought you were arguing because I'm mediocre. So, you're worried it will have a bad effect on me? Tae Hee asked Ra nods then Tae Hee gives a kiss on the forehead, she says that's enough and she still decides to meet tomorrow at 7 as planned and she waits for the answer with the words "Yes". Sa Ra's face looks still confused and worried. Tae Hee went back into Winner's building, saw Min Hyuk and Kang Joon who were about to come out, he shouted for Min Hyuk. The two stared at each other sharply without blinking, Tae Hee cursed Min Hyuk who had ruined his style.

"Director of Strategic Planning, Han Min Hyuk... works closely with HBS CEO Lee Kang Joon. And you... prove 1 thing. You can't overcome the low self-esteem related to your birth. That much fear of me?" Tae Hee taunts in Hyuk glared, Tae Hee taunted Min Hyuk to just take it easy. With a smiling face, he tells that he is still smiling even though he is a mess."A man...becomes happy when the one he loves is near." Tae Hee said with a smile. With the relaxed style he left, Min Hyuk glared even more than glanced at Tae Hee with a cynical look. Kang Joon is also cynical because Sa Ra now loves Tae Hee more than he does. Min Hyuk walks into his room with his head down and holding back his anger, he remembers the time in the ballroom Tae Hee said he wasn't afraid of losing anything and danced with Sa Ra. Kang Joon stood not far from Min Hyuk."Winner Food Han Tae Hee...I need to know the contract with Sara then arrange a meeting with Sara as an official meeting with the Director of Strategic Planning." Min Hyuk orders that Sa Ra wants to meet Tae Hee because she's a CEO. Kang Joon sees about Sa Ra's information named Kim Duk Soon.

"Kim Duk Soon is an orphan. He is from Chunsan and there is no family card registered." said his men. Then Kang Joon asks Sa Ra who takes care of her grandmother who has dementia. His men tell that none of Sa Ra's grandmothers have dementia. Chae Yoon who just got out of filming saw Kang Joon's men coming out of the building, his sly smile was seen when he saw his cellphone he smiled because Kang Joo called him. Chae Yoon is already in Kang Joon's room with his arms folded, he pretends he doesn't feel the need to lie about his grandmother." There are two reasons. One, meaningless lies. Or she indeed has a grandmother with dementia." said Chae Yoon with sharp lyrics. Kang Joon is still silent about the reason why Sa Ra lied to him, Chae Yoon deliberately makes Kang Joon even more curious that Sa Ra is Geum Ran who has had plastic surgery. But he pretended not to believe it happened.Sa Ra is preparing materials for the filming of Birth of Chef while singing trot. Kang Joon heard the song as familiar to his ears.

Kang Joon's mother with Min Young and Jin Young is playing Go-Stop. Geum Ran was cooking beef broth while singing, Kang Joon who came out of the kitchen heard his mother screaming."Don't bother me with your song!" her mother shouted. Jin Young doesn't like his mother who is noisy just with the song. Suddenly Kang Joon's father screams because it's all noisy and tells them to stop playing Go-stop. Mother and all his siblings fell silent, then Kang Joon just smiled because he was afraid of his father. Kang Joon with glaring eyes saw Sa Ra from behind who continued to sing the same song that was sung by Geum Ran.Sa Ra woke up, she felt someone approaching her, when she looked she glared in shock and fear to see Kang Joon who was approaching."That song...That song..." said Kang Joon stammering then in his heart he said that it was a song that Geum Ran could sing.Sa Ra's face is getting scared because Kang Joon can find out the true identity of the song again."Do you have a grandmother with dementia?" asked Kang Joon, Sa Ra looked confused and silent, her eyes started to turn red and teary

"Kim Duk Soon has no grandma. Peanut allergy...a grandmother with dementia...that song..and a few years...being fooled by men?" said Kang JoonHe started walking towards Sa Ra and Sa Ra walked backward in fear. Kang Joon keeps walking closer but Sa Ra walks away walking backward, a scared Sa Ra and Kang Joon look hateful.Sa Ra looks resigned as she is cornered behind a wall. Kang Joon holds Sa Ra's hair and grabs her slightly and calls her "Sa Geum Ran".There was a scream from the PD who wanted to give the show sheet and 30 minutes to shoot. Sa Ra is still cornered against the wall with Kang Joon's hand in her hair. With his strength he pushes Kang Joon and runs off to see the PD, asking permission to go to the bathroom first to wash his hands. Kang Joon stares cynically at Sa Ra and leaving, in Kang Joon's hand there are strands of Sa Ra's hair." I'll know if I check this. Are you really Sa Geum Ran or Sara." Kang Joon muttered holding Sa Ra's hair tightly like he didn't want to lose it.

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 14 Part 2  English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 14 Part 2  English Subtitles

A frightened Sa Ra walks into the bathroom with a panicked face and also panting for breath. He holds his chest which feels tight, Chae Yoon comes and Sa Ra tries to look like nothing happened while washing her hands."There are 8 requests for magazine interviews. And a proposal from Tae Hee Oppa. You are Cinderella. Congratulations" Chae Yoon quipped after mocking him and then leaving with a cynical face, Sa Ra was silent and still looked scared. Kang Joon enters his office, his secretary comes because there is a letter that requires his approval. Kang Joon refuses and he will work on it later because he has to think and tell him to get out. He still can't believe Sa Ra is Sa Geum Ran."Do a DNA analysis with the hair samples I have. One from my ex-wife and the other from Sara." Kang Joon orders who call his men.

Chae Yoon went home and saluted his father-in-law who was sitting, Kang Joon's father called him because Chae Yoon didn't want to answer about the canvas building even though he had ordered the money back several times." I'll consider a thoughtful solution to the building," replied Chae Yoon sarcastically his father immediately stood up from the chair and cursed Chae Yoon, who was joking with him. Kang Joon's mother and two siblings peeked from the kitchen.“Mother has no intention of returning the building to Sa Geum Ran. Why only father wants that, What will change with you being kind to Sa Geum Ran now?” said Chae Yoon spitefully"What??? all of you out" shouted Kang Joon's father Kang Joon's mother and the two brothers came out of the kitchen. Kang Joon's father doesn't like Chae Yoon's attitude like teaching his father-in-law." When did I say I didn't want to return the building? You didn't want to return it." cried her mother,Chae Yoon showed a spiteful face because her mother-in-law didn't want to talk to me. Kang Joon's mother is getting annoyed because she doesn't think Chae Yoon, who she thought was quiet, is actually a witch.

"You got rid of Geum Ran and took his room. So don't be greedy with that building either. You should apologize to Geum Ran." shouted Kang Joon's father"Ahh, really? If I return the daughter-in-law you miss so much, will you accept it?" said Chae Yoon sarcastically. Kang Joon's mother screams her head hurts because Chae Yoon dares to fight against her in-laws, Jin Young feels Chae Yoon's attitude is too much. Chae Yoon insists he is not wrong."The whole family is always talking about Geum Ran... and then Geum Ran. Since you guys miss him so much, I'll fulfill your request in a moment." Chae Yoon said sarcastically and went into the room. Everyone was shocked to hear Chae Yoon's very presumptuous words, Kang Joon's father took off his sandals and threw them but Chae Yoon had already entered the room. In the dark, Kang Joon goes into Sa Ra's room and walks slowly to see Sa Ra sleeping. He climbed onto the bed and was right in front of Sa Ra's face.

"Honey. Sa Geum Ran.... said Kang JoonSa Ra opens her eyes and is shocked to see Kang Joon already in front of her face."How dare you toy with me!!!!... You've been fooling me this whole time!!! What is that? Fun??? Now it's my turn." Kang Joon said. With his left hand, Kang Joon starts to choke his killer smile visible, Sa Ra screams very loudly. Tae Hee, who was sleeping in the room, heard Sa Ra's screams, immediately woke up. Tae Hee turned on the light in Sa Ra's room and then saw Sa Ra who was already sitting down, panting for breath. He ran to ask what happened."Lee Kang Joon is here." Sa Ra said scared holding his chest. Tae Hee immediately hugged Sa Ra to calm her down that it was just a dream and there was no way Kang Joon would come while he was at home. Sa Ra still looks scared, Tae Hee continues to hug her from her face looking worried.

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 14 Part 2  English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 14 Part 2  English Subtitles

Tomorrow morning"What's out of the country?" said Sa Ra surprised."If it's okay with you, .... let's get married abroad." Tae Hee asked a Ra looks worried asking about the company and Winner Group as well as her job because she knows Tae Hee has to get her place. Tae Hee feels that all of that is not important and now she knows Sa Ra's feelings."How can you answer my proposal if Lee Kang Joon is nearby? Let's get married abroad and come back when you've forgotten." Kang Joon said confidently. Kyung Joo is looking at the beautiful clothes on the table she screams hysterically because all the clothes are gifts for Sa Ra, Geum Ran's mother smiles because all the clothes will be worn for a date with Tae Hee." I bought her a pretty one in my eyes and wondered if she liked it." said Geum Ran's mother happily.

"Sara sure looks pretty with anything." Kyung Joo commented who was also happy. Geum Ran's mother smiled because she already knew Geum Ran was Sa Ra.Sa Ra walks alone in front of a row of shops, she remembers Tae Hee's words "Tomorrow we still meet7pm as planned. And also..give your answer."Her steps stopped in front of a shop that wore an important dress, while looking at the wedding dress she wondered if she might once again become a wife. He wasn't sure he could do it.Sa Ra walks back and meets an accessories seller, she sees a bracelet with blue beads and takes it." The bracelet is Indian style. It means a lifelong relationship. Until the bracelet breaks on its own, you will not be separated." clear the seller's aunt. There was a cell phone ringing in her bag, Sa Ra picked it up and it turned out to be a call from her mother.Sa Ra meets her mother at a restaurant, her mother admits she wants to treat her to a meal because it's the 200th day after her daughter's funeral, Sa Ra smiles and says thank you and takes a bite."I feel happy, Seeing you so happy...Han Tae Hee...there is sincerity in her eyes." Geum Ran's mother's comment made Sa Ra speechless. Geum Ran's mother asks if the two are serious about a relationship, Sa Ra tells that a few days ago Tae Hee asked to marry her but she hasn't answered until now.

"I never told my daughter I love her. Because I'm older generation can't do it. Just when I thought there was no tomorrow,...I just found out, you have to take advantage of the day after losing my daughter." Geum Ran's mother's story made Sa Ra teary hearing it."I should have told my daughter I love her. To you too, I wanted to say don't lose your love." mother's messages Ra is getting teary and then smiling, her mother also gives a smile to her child. In the car with snow falling from outside, Sa Ra stares at the bracelet she bought and orders from the bracelet that if the bracelet doesn't break by itself then their relationship will not be separated.Sa Ra calls Tae Hee from her car, Tae Hee looks nervous at the office and asks what Sa Ra's answer is."My answer......yes," said Sa Ra with confidence take Hee seems to be breathing a sigh of relief because that's the answer she expected, she was sure that Sa Ra would answer it. Sa Ra can't believe Tae Hee guessed it, Tae Hee insists she already knows everything and she is a genius. He says see you later at the restaurant and asks Sa Ra not to be late. Sa Ra smiled at Tae Hee's excited voice. Kang Joon reads the genetic report brought by his men."This is the result of Sa Geum Ran and Sara's DNA analysis." said his men."After comparing 2 DNA samples,...Sa Geum Ran and Sara...are the same person." Kang Joon read the results of the test he did then his eyes bulged sharply,

Kang Joon goes to the make-up room asking where Sa Ra is, the PD again asks what business Kang Joon is looking for, Kang Joon's eyes look around the room looking for Sa Ra.Sa Ra is already at the restaurant with Tae Hee. The two looked at each other then smiled, Tae Hee took the ring box and put the ring on Sa Ra's ring finger on her left hand. Sa Ra looks at the Ring on her finger and smiles as does Tae Hee who smiles. Now it's Sa Ra's turn to do the same with Tae Hee, placing a ring on the ring finger of her left hand. Tae Hee looks at her ring with a happy smile. Sa Ra takes out the bracelet she bought and puts it in her left hand, Tae Hee is confused why Sa Ra put the bracelet on."If you wear this,...we will never be separated." said Sa RaTae Hee smiled seeing the bracelet she was wearing, Sa Ra also gave Tae Hee a smile. While Kang Joon comes to God's restaurant, looking for Sa Ra downstairs but he can't find her, his eyes dart upstairs.

Kang Joon climbs the stairs to the top floor but doesn't see Sa Ra there, he walked and saw a window and then approached the window. Inside Tae Hee is giving Sa Ra a kiss on the forehead as a sign that they love each other."Sa Geum Ran...My wife...married another man?" Kang Joon muttered looking at the two full of anger continued to Episode 15CommentFinally..... Kang Joon knows that Sa Ra is Geum Ran and Geum Ran's mother also knows her son. Curious, Si Kang Joon wants revenge on Sa Ra, or does he still want to go back to Sa Ra because now she is beautiful. Chae Yoon is really a magician, badmouthing Sa Ra in front of Madam Park and Ji Hoon. Sa Ra is also too innocent to not know that Min Hyuk is Tae Hee's half-brother and sworn enemy. In six more episodes, Tae Hee and Sa Ra want to get married quickly and live with Geum Ran's grandmother and mother, the bad guys just get out. hihihi...

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