Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 17 Part 2 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 17 Part 2 English Subtitles

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 17 Part 2 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 17 Part 2 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 17 Part 2 English Subtitles

Kang Joon walked back and forth in his room, he remembered Chae Yoon's request to change the name of the building until five in the afternoon. He looked at his watch, it was 8 o'clock. Chae Yoon came to his room.“What do you believe in a situation like this?” Chae Yoon asked.“I was suspended as CEO.” Kang Joon said Chae Yoon pretends not to believe, Kang Joon to solve the building problem. He decided to just divide the building in two, Chae Yoon smiled slyly telling Kang Joon to call the house in an hour. Kang Joon looks confused why he called home. Chae Yoon smiled full of plans to leave the room. Chae Yoon sat at his desk, then he called Jin Young who was in the room. Jin Young in an annoyed tone asked why Chae Yoon called.

"We couldn't leave the house after you made Kang Joon a joke." Jin Young said curtly“This is just the beginning. It would be even worse if you were already groaning. Please check your e-mail." Chae Yoon orders. Min Young who just entered the room asked what happened. Jin Young said that Bitch Chae Yoon told him to check his email. The two looked at the laptop together, Jin Young read the email from Chae Yoon."This is the black box footage from Kang Joon's car and it shows him who killed Sa Geum Ran?"The two looked at each other with confused faces, Jin Young pressed the mouse to see the video Chae Yoon sent them. There is a picture of Kang Joon's car that was deliberately turned off and the recording goes dark. Jin Young saw from in front of Kang Joon's car there was Geum Ran's car, his face panicked because Kang Joon was following him. From the next recording, Jin Young screamed hysterically because he couldn't believe that Kang Joon was the culprit.

Seen footage when Kang Joon reversed the direction of his car, then deliberately was in the same lane as Geum Ran's car, when he was approaching he turned on the car's headlights and avoided it. Jin Young and Min Young immediately covered their mouths because they were too shocked. "Then ... Kang Joon mem ..." shouted Kang Joon's mother immediately covered her mouth. He was afraid that someone would hear, his two children were already sitting together outside the family. Kang Joon's mother asked again if it was true that Kang Joon killed Geum Ran. Jin Young with a sad face can already prove it from the video, Min Young also saw when on the road his pig brother-in-law died and at that time Kang Joon deliberately drove his car quickly. Jin Young also saw that the date and time were the same. The mother still can't believe that her son could do that."So that's why someone reported Kang Joon to the police on suspicion of murder and was arrested." Jin Young said in Young is confused about what they should do, her mother is still gawking. Jin Young felt goosebumps after knowing everything.

Kang Joon's father came to ask why they were all gathered, his wife who was gawking was surprised to see her husband's arrival. The three of them immediately looked down, trying to hide something. Kang Joon's father suspects that his wife has sinned. His wife, who was still gawking, stuttered to say no, Kang Joon's father shouted what was the matter. His wife kept it covered and said it was nothing. Kang Joon came home, his mother immediately stared at Kang Joon who came home. Kang Joon's father saw his wife who was still gawking, Min Young and Jin Young were frightened by the tense atmosphere. Mom and Kang Joon are finally in the room.“Kang Joon, you bastard. Why did you do it? How can you do that?” said his mother while hitting Kang Joon with regret.“If it gets exposed, your life is over. Completely over." said his mother in a panic. Kang Joon can only stare blankly ahead without commenting, his mother is still confused about what they should do. Kang Joon says that won't happen and his mother still thinks no one believes that.

“Even if you deny it, what if the world sees this video? You're completely done. How about this? What should we do?" said her mother in tears.“Chae Yoon faked it with malicious intent. Don't say anything to dad. Tell Nuna and Min Young to delete the email." Kang Joon's orders. Kang Joon's mother continues to cry while complaining that their family will be completely finished and keeps asking what they should do now. Kang Joon remains silent, his mother continues to hold his sleeve while shaking his hand in confusion. Chae Yoon picks up the phone with a happy face asking what the plan is and then asks if Kang Joon has changed his mind. Kang Joon asks where is Chae Yoon."I'm preparing documents. If you don't want to give me the building, we don't need to meet." Chae Yoon firmlyHe felt that Kang Joon was not ready, his right hand started to move

turn on the mouse and give a checklist on the laptop.“Right now, I'm collecting emails from the board of directors. Then I will send black box videos on all the director's private emails.” explained Chae Yoon with a happy face. Kang Joon tells Chae Yoon to stop his plan right now, Chae Yoon again asks if Kang Joon is ready to transfer the building to him, his face looks even more sly and cynical. The two meet at Ji Hoon's apartment, Chae Yoon sits with his arms crossed over his chest and Kang Joon sits with a sinful look."Have you brought the documents back in his name?" ask Chae Yoon

Kang Joon threw the brown envelope just like that, Chae Yoon opened it and saw the transfer of ownership and applicant, then saw the next sheet at the bottom which was Lee Kang Joon's name stamp. His face smiled with satisfaction as he glanced at his husband, Kang Joon glanced cynically at having to give up the building that should belong to him after snatching it from Geum Ran's hands."No need to be sad. Think of it as punishment for dumping a woman.” Chae Yoon said with a triumphant smile. Kang Joon glanced at Chae Yoon with anger and resentment. Kang Joon's mother is with her husband in the room"Why can't you look me in the eye if it's no big deal?" said Kang Joon's father."Yeah yeah... lately my eyes are blurry." Kang Joon's mother answered while rubbing her eyes.

Kang Joon's father screams whether he will eat his own wife, his wife shakes her head and says it's not like that. Her husband asks what is wrong with Kang Joon and his wife and also with the building.“We agreed to return it to Besan a while ago. Why hasn't it been there yet? Bring the documents here! I will take care of it.” Kang Joon's father's orders wife understood, then went out of the room with a confused face. Kang Joon's father stares ahead as if he is contemplating that something happened to his wife and children that he doesn't know about. Kang Joon came into the room with an annoyed face and sat at his desk, his mother came into the room with a panicked face and loud voice." Kang Joon. I think your father felt something. He asked for the building documents. What did Chae Yoon say?” asked her mother panicking Joon asked his mother to calm down for fear that his father could hear, his mother said he would not be able to calm down with this situation.“What happened, Kang Joon? You lost the building?” her mother asked, looking even more panicked."I won't give it up." Kang Joon firmly

Her mother already knew that Kang Joon gave Chae Yoon the transfer document because Chae Yoon was threatening so there was no way he couldn't give it. Kang Joon insists that he still has a final solution. His mother gets even more confused and asks what Kang Joon's solution to this problem is. Kang Joon looked straight ahead with a look like he had other plans.Sa Ra sits inside the restaurant with a sad face looking at her phone. He remembered Kang Joon's threat at the hospital.“The more you insist... Han Tae Hee is in more danger. You know me well. You know what I did to Sa Geum Ran.”He also remembers that when Tae Hee was lying in the hospital, a stranger tried to find Tae Hee in the hospital. Then he recalled the last conversation in front of the stairs.“At least you gave me time to think or prepare. So urgent and suddenly… this isn't right, Ahjumma.” said Tae Hee who had just returned from the hospital.Sa Ra looks even sadder by remembering Tae Hee's words, she then calls someone but the cellphone is off, she finally leaves a message after a beep is heard.

"Kyung Joo. I wonder if Han Tae Hee is on the phone. If you get a call or see him, let me know if he's okay. He's been sick recently. And also what he eats or not." said Sa Ra leaving a message to his friend. While Kyung Joo looks confused, Tae Hee is at Geum Ran's mother's house. Tae Hee finds out that Geum Ran's mother isn't home and asks where she is."He has business in the area." Kyung Joo answered briefly."But he didn't answer my calls." Tae Hee said confusedKyung Joo argues that maybe Geum Ran's mother's cellphone has run out of battery. Tae Hee hopes that he can find out where Sa Ra is. Kyung Joo says she doesn't know where Sa Ra is."I have to go too. Can you go?" asked Kyung Joo standing in front of the table to take his jacket. Kyung Joo's cell phone rings on the table, Tae Hee sees Geum Ran's name-calling Kyung Joo. He looked and saw that it was Geum Ran's name, Kyung Joo ran and immediately closed her cellphone."You know about Sara. What number is this? Sara isn't out of the country? Is he in Korea?” Tae Hee asked looking confused. Kyung Joo can only close her eyes because her lie was exposed.

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 17 Part 2 English SubtitlesSynopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 17 Part 2 English SubtitlesSynopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 17 Part 2 English SubtitlesSynopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 17 Part 2 English SubtitlesSynopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 17 Part 2 English SubtitlesSynopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 17 Part 2 English SubtitlesSynopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 17 Part 2 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 17 Part 2 English Subtitles

Tae Hee is already in the car and concentrates on driving the car.“A friend is like a brother to Mom… opens a restaurant in the village and Geum Ran is there with mom.” Kyung Joo's story when Tae Hee was still at Geum Ran's mother's house. Remembering Kyung Joo's story, Tae Hee looks like she really hopes to meet Sa Ra directly this time. Kang Joon was already sitting in the car, he saw Min Hyuk walking towards the parking lot. He knows from Min Hyuk's secretary that the boss will go to the area and will go alone. Min Hyuk got into the car and drove his car without a driver. Kang Joon looks cynically at Min Hyuk for deliberately hiding Sa Ra from him. Min Hyuk's car came out of the parking lot, Kang Joon also came out of the parking lot. In Min Hyuk's car, it's like calling his secretary to tell him he's looking for Sa Ra and will talk about work. From behind the car, Kang Joon deliberately followed Min Hyuk to find out where Sa Ra was. Tae Hee had already arrived at the restaurant, he parked his car on the side of the road and looked towards the front then he walked. Inside the restaurant is full of customers, guests ask for radish kimchi, Sa Ra shouts that Radish Kimchi is coming. His face is smiling serving customers, even though he looks tired.

Tae Hee stands where Sa Ra lives and works now. Sa Ra is still busy serving customers who ask for extra kimchi, Tae Hee watches from the window. His eyes are sad to see Sa Ra but Sa Ra looks smiling serving customers.Sa Ra runs to another customer, she gives a smile by adding kimchi. Tae Hee can only sigh seeing Sa Ra who can still smile even though they have to separate. Geum Ran's mother comes to call Tae Hee who is standing in front of the restaurant looking at Sa Ra who is inside. Tae Hee salutes, Geum Ran's mother looks at Tae Hee with a sad look as well as Tae Hee glances at Geum Ran's mother with a sad look. The two met at another restaurant"I wonder if Sara is okay?" Tae Hee asked worried"She is fine. I'm not happy to meet you so I beg of you. Don't hurt Geum Ran a second time. I blame you now." said Mrs. Geum Ran.

Tae Hee can only look down, asking if Sa Ra is okay, her mother replies without looking at Tae Hee that now Sa Ra's condition is better.“You're the son of the owner of Winner Group, while Geum Ran lives with a different identity. You two are mismatched and fragile. You should start a new one, especially since you two broke up," said Geum Ran's mother who looked back at Tae Hee. He asks Tae Hee to be stronger and hopes Tae Hee doesn't come to where Sa Ra lives now. Tee Hee couldn't help but look down at Geum Ran's mother's request. Geum Ran's mother then left without saying goodbye. Tae Hee can only watch and seems to be getting worse because Geum Ran's mother rejects their relationship.Sa Ra is kneading dough, aunty is in the kitchen picking up kimchi, complimenting Sa Ra's noodles are very chewy and asking to teach her the secret.

“The secret… is strength. A strong hand that can crush an apple” said Sa Ra proudly showing her fist to aunt.Sa Ra's smile looks wide as if she doesn't have a problem, the aunt thinks Sa Ra is very funny, the two laugh together.“I think you can also do well on that cooking competition TV show. Try joining the show.” aunty advice Ra smiled as she continued to knead, aunty came out of the kitchen. Sa Ra remembers about the cooking competition when Tae Hee who is sick asks Sa Ra to go for her and asks her to win if she can. But Tae Hee asks him to come back to win.Sa Ra's cell phone rings, she gets a call from Kyung Joo, she asks if Tae Hee came to the house. Kyung Joo tells that Tae Hee did come to the house.“I have no choice but to tell him where you are. Looks like he went looking for you” said Kyung Joo.

Sa Ra is shocked, she puts on a jacket and immediately runs out of the restaurant looking for Tae Hee but she doesn't see Tae Hee's figure outside the restaurant. With a sad face, in his heart, he called Tae Hee. He finally walked back into the restaurant, a white car stopped in front of the restaurant, Min Hyuk got out and immediately called Sa Ra. The two of them talk in front of the restaurant. In the back of Min Hyuk's car, Kang Joo smiled at the sight of Sa Ra, whom she had found now, a satisfied smile on her face.“Sa Geum Ran. Apparently you're hiding here." said Kang Joon with a sly smile. In front of the restaurant, Sa Ra is shocked to learn that Winner Food is going bankrupt. Min Hyuk tells that after Sa Ra left, Tae Hee just ignored his job. Sa Ra looked down sadly to hear that. Min Hyuk tells there's more

The bad thing about Winner Group is that the unions are constantly pushing and moving uncharacteristically. Sa Ra looks even sadder that Tae Hee could be in danger due to Winner Group going bankrupt and demands from the unions. Tae Hee is on the way, her face looks blank while driving. His mind was reminded of Sa Ra's wide smile while serving customers who didn't seem like they were sad.

he remembers Geum Ran's mother saying that Sa Ra is better now, then her grandmother's also saying that Sa Ra doesn't feel the same way as her and she's the only one who's sad. His eyes saw the ring he was still wearing when he proposed to Sa Ra to marry him. His memory returns when he put the ring on Sa Ra's finger and vice versa, Tae Hee also remembers Sa Ra when she was in a cooking competition.“Recently… I agreed to marry the man I love.” said Sa RaTae Hee remembers when they practiced walking as a bride, then Sa Ra also tried on a wedding dress. While in the hospital, Tae Hee feels like she feels Sa Ra holding her hand as she lies in a coma.“You are badly injured. I thought I would never see you again." said Sa Ra, who saw her for the first time in the hospital. Remembering all that, Tae Hee immediately turned the car around. Min Hyuk was already sitting in the restaurant drinking a cup of water.

Tae Hee has returned to the restaurant, this time he parked his car right in front of the restaurant. After unbuckling his seatbelt and about to get off, he saw Sa Ra who was sitting with Min Hyuk.“If it has anything to do with Winner Food, let me know.” asked Sa Ra with a smiling face."Okay. But Sara are you really okay here?” Min Hyuk asked worriedly.Sa Ra said with a smiling face. he's fine so Min Hyuk doesn't have to worry about it. Tae Hee watched from afar Sa Ra who gave Min Hyuk a smile. Min Hyuk said goodbye and promised to meet again. When Min Hyuk came out of the restaurant, Tae Hee deliberately turned his face so that he wouldn't be seen and got out of his car. He saw Min Hyuk who had left and Sa Ra who came in sitting in the restaurant. Tae Hee walks into the restaurant, he calls Sa Ra then Sa Ra looks surprised to hear Tae Hee's voice and looks at Tae Hee who is already standing with a sad look.

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"You look good, Ahjumma .." said Tae Hee who was sitting opposite Sa Ra.“Not so bad, then are you okay? Do you eat regularly?” asked Sa Ra who looks a little worried“You said you went abroad. Why are you here?” Tae Hee asked without answering Sa Ra's question.“I want to live quietly making plans and thinking things over.” replied Sa Ra with a smiling face. Tae Hee could only stare at Sa Ra with a sad look.“I heard you abandoned your job at Winner Food. You know this is an important time so how can you ignore it” said Sa Ra with a worried face. Tae says that it's all because of Sa Ra who makes himself look like an idiot and useless. Sa Ra says because they broke up then Tae Hee can't do anything it's just an excuse.“Even husband and wife can get divorced, men and women breaking up is not a big problem. I'm fine so you too go back to your place. Don't see me again." asked Sa Ra firmly.

"Ahjumma. Do you think that this situation is not difficult for you?" Tae Hee asked confused to see Sa Ra's attitude Ra was silent for a moment, then remembered Tae Hee's words at that time who judged her to be like wood and stone and also very boring. She emphasized that since becoming a housewife, she has become more realistic.“I work, eat, and feel comfortable with others.” Sa Ra .'s Story"You're different from me," said Tae Hee. Sa Ra's eyes widened slightly in surprise at Tae Hee's words. Tae Hee said he saw Sa Ra laughing and after seeing how well Sa Ra was, he honestly hated her. He agrees to let Sa Ra go and pretends not to see.

He tells that initially he was on his way back to Seoul but turned back again, with teary eyes Sa Ra asked the reason. Tae Hee admits that it's because he really misses Sa Ra. The atmosphere seemed silent for a moment, Sa Ra seemed to hold back her tears. Tae Hee kept looking straight at Sa Ra." But I do not. It's all over and I don't want to see you anymore. Now I want to be alone and want to stop depending on someone.” obviously Sa Ra covered her lie“You want to be alone, but you called Han Min Hyuk? Why should it be her?" Tae Hee asked who looked annoyed Ra reiterates that they are over so there is no reason to explain everything. Tae Hee feels that everything Sa Ra has done is too much and is getting worse. Sa Ra feels that there is no need to regret anything anymore and don't care about her anymore.“The energy I have right now… is just for work.” Sa Ra insists on trying to convince Tae Hee to stay away from him.

Tae Hee sits in the car, she cries alone because her grandmother's words are true that Sa Ra is not like her who is sad but smiles and even accepts Min Hyuk's visit with a smile.Sa Ra herself also cries in the restaurant alone, she must let go of her loved ones so that her situation is not in danger. Tae Hee's tears flowed down her cheeks, as well as Sa Ra who kept crying because she had to part with Tae Hee. Geum Ran's mother enters the restaurant and says she will go to the restaurant owner's aunt's house to get a blanket. With her face down and grabbing her jacket, Sa Ra told her mother that she would go to the supermarket to buy ingredients at the restaurant that had run out. His mother sighed as she saw Sa Ra who left with her face down sadly. Tae Hee entered the house with her head down sadly. He sat in the living room staring at the ring on his ring finger, "The final stage of grief is... acceptance. Accepting reality." he said. He removed the ring around his ring finger and placed it on the table.

Sa Ra walks with her groceries, her face still downcast sadly at having to part with Tae Hee. When he lifted his face, his eyes widened in shock to see Kang Joon was already standing in front of him. Kang Joon looks at Sa Ra who looks shocked, he walks over with a cold-blooded killer smile. Sa Ra was still glaring. Kang Joon walked over with a smiling face. Kang Joon sits arrogantly in the restaurant, Sa Ra immediately tells Kang Joon to get out of the house. Kang Joon said that this is a restaurant and he came to eat."What do you want now?" asked Sa Ra bluntly“Chae Yoon threatened me and took the building. On the day of the car accident, Chae Yoon had a video of his black box, in the video, it shows me pushing you down a cliff." Kang Joon's story he wants Sa Ra to save him by revealing that he is Geum Ran. Kang Joon says that the building belongs to Geum Ran and asks to take it back after revealing yourself." One more thing, testify that I didn't kill you." you asking Joon"Why should I do it?" ask Sa Ra“If not then every day I will come. I was suspended as CEO and divorced. Now the building is taken. What else do I have? I have no choice but to drag you along.” Kang Joon said now Kang Joon feels that he has no other choice to drag Sa Ra into this matter. According to him, he feels that fighting in marriage is like chopping water with a knife.

Geum Ran's mother came with a bag filled with blankets, seeing Kang Joon who came to the restaurant immediately cursed why the jerk could be in the restaurant and knew where his son was. Kang Joon looks down in annoyance, Geum Ran's mother asks how her son is. Sa Ra nodded that she was fine.“Get out before I call the police. Get out soon!!!” shouted Geum Ran's mother, Kang Joo finally stood up from her seat."Now you know who I am. Honey..... You're a good daughter. Protect this happiness." said Kang Joon warned. Geum Ran's mother immediately pushed Kang Joon out of the restaurant and told him to stay away from his son. Kang Joon asks Sa Ra to think about what she said earlier. After that he walked out of the restaurant, Sa Ra looked at him with teary eyes.“That disgusting bastard. How dare he follow you all the way here? Let's move." take her mother"He can still find me." said Sa Ra, glancing cynically.

Min Hyuk is at the restaurant with director Kim. He feels that they are in the same doubt so he asks Director Kim to keep helping him. Director Kim's attitude looks indifferent as he folds his arms across his chest.“If I become the leader of Winner Group, it won't be bad for you either. This is our chance when Han Tae Hee is weak. I will forge documents and sue Han Tae Hee. I will take care of it.” said Min Hyuk while pouring tea in his glass. Director Kim seemed to just listen without even looking at Min Hyuk. Min Hyuk asks his grandmother's trial to be expedited for sentencing because he wants to put his grandmother in prison. Director Kim just glanced at Min Hyuk.“I leave this task to you, Director Kim.” Min Hyuk said. A piece of paper that says [Funding Loan Contract] The union leader asks what Min Hyuk gave them.

Min Hyuk tells that to delay bankruptcy, Tae Hee made a deal with a loan shark on behalf of the company intending to save the company.“But the method is wrong. He used illegal funds. I got the contract to show the union. If bankruptcy is tried, the sentence is 5 years in prison. Since the union agreed, it's the same crime." explained Min Hyuk in a threatening tone. The union is shocked to hear about the prison threat they will get, so he asks where Tae Hee is. Min Hyuk asks if Tae Hee will come after doing like this. “He left Winner Food a while ago,” said Min Hyuk trying to continue to incite. The two labor representatives are even more confused because they think Tae Hee just left and also borrowed money from moneylenders.

"What? CEO using a loan from a loan shark? That's not possible." said Chairman ChoiTwo workers come to Tae Hee's workplace, with a sheet of paper in hand he throws it at Chairman Choi's face.“To save the company, he used loans from moneylenders. Is that how you save the company?” shouted the Chief of Labor. He emphasized that they could not accept this situation. Chairman Choi can only look down and look very confused. Chairman Choi goes to Tae Hee's house and immediately presses the bell to call Tae Hee from the front of the house. But there was no answer or door opened for him. He started banging on the door.“CEO, big deal! You can't just sit still! Please answer your cell phone, CEO!” shouted Chairman Choi in panic.

Chairman Choi takes out his cell phone, Sa Ra who is at the restaurant is shocked to know Tae Hee will be sued, Chairman Choi calls Sa Ra to tell her that he can't contact Tae Hee right now."This is a big problem if we just let it go," said Chairman Choi.Sa Ra hangs up her phone with a sad face knowing Tae Hee will be sued by the union. Ji Sook meets her son in the room, he asks about the union that will sue Tae Hee, with a sly smile now that he knows that everything is going according to their plan.“This time prosecution is not our goal….. It's Sara.” said Min Hyuk glanced at his mother. Sa Ra sits with a sad face in the restaurant, finally calls Min Hyuk and asks if they can meet then Min Hyuk says that he will come to see him. After hanging up the phone, Min Hyuk took a deep breath as if his plan had worked, then smiled slightly in satisfaction. Min Hyuk meets Sa Ra

restaurant at night.“Han Tae Hee, I heard the union reported him for prosecution.” said Sa Ra"Yeah, that's right... But Tae Hee didn't do anything." Minhyuk said.Sa Ra feels that all this is her fault for making Tae Hee who she is now, so she asks Min Hyuk for help to overcome this obstacle. He knew Tae Hee would take care of all the trouble once he felt better because Tae Hee was that kind of person. But he pleads to help Tae Hee now." Then how about we help each other? I told you, I'm a businessman and it's the right time. I will do anything to save Tae Hee. In exchange, you accept my offer.” said Min Hyuk, looking at Sa Ra who was glaring sharply full of confusion. Tae Hee's house chairman Choi is finally able to meet Tae Hee in the house, Tae Hee is surprised to find out that he will report her for prosecution. Chairman Choi worries that the matter is too late to resolve.“Now where is the union leader?” asks Tae Hee" They're having a meeting at the head office." Chairman Choi said, then Tae Hee walked out

Min Hyuk is already wearing formal clothes while signing the file. Ji Sook comes in the style of a Chaebol woman with feathers. Then he asked if his son was ready. Min Hyuk smiled at his mother's arrival.“Forum preparations are going well.” Min Hyuk said“Today the star of the business dinner is you. The Commissioner of the Hansang Group made an announcement for you which means he considers you the heir to Winner Group." obviously his mother was proud. His mother invites Min Hyuk to go with them, Min Hyuk asks permission for someone to join them. His mother smiled, she already knew how much effort her son had to get this all. They both smiled happily.

Min Hyuk and his mother came out of the Winner Group building, their car was ready in front of the building. Women's shoes got off the car in front of them. Sa Ra gets out of the car in a long dress and jacket that makes her elegant. From a distance, you can see a car that is going to the Winner Group building. Min Hyuk greets Sa Ra with a big smile and so does Ji Sook. Sa Ra also shows a smile even though it looks stiff. Min Hyuk glanced, he saw Tae Hee who got off the car that had just arrived. When Tae Hee was about to walk in, he looked at Min Hyuk with a cynical look and vice versa. Tae Hee glanced and then Sa Ra looked up, only to realize that Tae He had come. Tae Hee's eyes look back at Min Hyuk, Ji Sook looks satisfied because she managed to make Tae Hee lose to her son. Tae Hee looked back at Sa Ra, but Sa Ra chose to lower her head. Tae Hee still looked at Sa Ra with a little sigh.

comment to be honest, well... the story begins to be a Korean drama, really. Must be separated even though they love each other. hihihi. The excitement is gone like the beginning of the episode, but it's still waiting to see how they can come back and expose all the rottenness of Min Hyuk, Kang Joon, and Chae Yoon. One more thing Director Kim also has to admit is that he intervened with the fire that killed Tae Hee's father. Looks like it's going to add up to one episode to 21. ^

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