Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 17 Part 1 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 17 Part 1 English Subtitles

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 17 Part 1 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 17 Part 1 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 17 Part 1 English Subtitles

At Tae Hee's house, Ji Hoon is sitting with his arms folded, Chae Yoon serving oranges on the table.“Will Tae Hee hyung be okay? I think he got hurt at the airport." Ji Hoon said worriedly."We will see him often. There shouldn't be any problems. I think he's home." Chae Yoon said. There was the sound of someone entering, Ji Hoon thought it was Tae Hee then he walked towards the door. He also greeted Tae Hee who had just entered, Tae Hee's face looked gloomy. His eyes glanced at Chae Yoon who was in the house. Chae Yoon greets Tae Hee with a happy smile, he says he has waited and made dinner and will now prepare it. Ji Hoon thinks they shouldn't be better off eating out.“The three of us should eat well and drink a little.” take Ji Hoon" I want to be alone. so you go." Tae Hee said with a gloomy face.

Ji Hoon is confused, Chae Yoon looks a little annoyed at being ignored, Tae Hee enters the room ignoring the two. Kyung Joo drinks water and pats his chest, he can't believe that Sa Ra is Geum Ran, and admits that he was surprised that he usually hates beautiful women but when he is with Sa Ra his attitude is different.“Apparently Sa Ra is Geum Ran, but Geum Ran betrayed me. Of all the people he even made a fool of me?” said Kyung Joo with a laugh and then turned into an annoyed expression. But he was also happy that his friend was still alive. Geum Ran's mother is sadly worried because she can't contact Geum Ran, Kyung Joo feels sure Geum Ran is in shock with the marriage being canceled.“Han Tae Hee is the heir to the Winner Group. The marriage won't be easy." Kyung Joo said"Is Han Tae Hee that amazing?" asked Geum Ran's mother who didn't know anything about it.

“As the definite heir to Winner Group, the media and the Internet are going crazy. I also recently found out," said Kyung JooGeum Ran's mother calls Tae Hee, then Tae Hee tells Geum Ran who has left today, Geum Ran's mother asks if the child is going alone."I guess I'm still not well, so I'm sorry." Tae Hee said with a gloomy face and also bowed"I don't want to hear you say sorry. Geum Ran… why did he suddenly decide like that?” asked Geum Ran's mother in a worried tone. Tae Hee was silent then turned off her cellphone, she continued to look down sadly because the person she loved was gone from her life again. Seen a woman pulling a suitcase along the road. Sa Ra walks with a sad face pulling her suitcase, she remembers her mother's message on the phone "Geum Ran. Never give up no matter what. If it's heavy, you have Mother.”.Sa Ra was already in front of her mother's house, she pressed the bell, there was a voice from inside, her eyes sparkled when she saw her mother then called her mother and said that she was Geum Ran." Geum Ran..... Oh, my daughter..... I'm glad you came..." Her mother said happily,

Geum Ran's mother held her son's arm, Sa Ra gave her mother a smile. The mother gratefully thanked her and hugged her son who had returned home. Kyung Joo also came out, he shouted for his friend Geum Ran. Sa Ra also calls her best friend. With a happy face, he hugged Sa Ra releasing his longing. The three of them smiled happily at home. The three sit together at the table, and amazed Kyung Joo leans over to Sa Ra.“I pretended to go abroad. But I will go to our village To hide from people who know me. It's because I heard Mom's voicemail." Sa Ra's story." You don't need to explain anything. I won't ask anything." said his mother, Kyung Joo also agreed, he invited Sa Ra to just rest because he was too tired."I'm glad you're my friend. I would be proud to walk with you.” Kyung Joo comments happily. The three laughed together hearing Kyung Joo's comment. Sa Ra in a soft voice tells her mother is going to their hometown tomorrow. His mother agrees, he will go with her so they can go together. Sa Ra nodded with a smile.

Tae Hee sits pensively in the TV room, she feels sad because Sa Ra left her suddenly. He glanced at the now lit Christmas tree, saw the doll for Sa Ra that was still hanging there.“When I wake up, ahjumma must be here. It's just a dream, isn't it Ahjumma?” Tae Hee muttered as if he couldn't believe Sa Ra left him. Chae Yoon put his clothes in the closet, Ji Hoon who saw his sister's smile was surprised.“You just had a divorce press conference. Must your face be so radiant?” Ji Hoon asked surprised.“It has been a long time since I decided. All this time I was walking in the dark. Now I see the light,” said Chae Yoon with a beaming face informed himself that he would be staying at the apartment for a while and asked his brother not to worry. Ji Hoon mocks that it is indeed Chae Yoon who has nowhere else to go so he really has to go to his house now.

“I will sell the building and buy a house.” explained Chae Yoon" Has it been decided? Without your husband's help, you can't sell it." Ji Hoon said getting confused"I have an offer he can't refuse." Chae Yoon replied with a sly face. Kang Joon entered his room, the cupboard was all open and empty, only his clothes were inside“That bitch Chae Yoon already told people to move her things.” said Jin Young annoyed.“Hey, take care of that building. Chae Yoon isn't up to anything, is he?” asked Kang Joon's mother worriedly.“The building is still mine.” Kang Joon firmlyKang Joon's cell phone rings, Jin Young peeks, maybe it's Chae Yoon."You still want something?" asked Kang Joon furiously"Let's talk 4 eyes. I'm going to your office." said Chae Yoon with a sly smile hanging up the phone. Min Hyuk was wearing his suit while looking in the mirror when there was a knock on the door. he told the man to come in. The secretary comes, then Min Hyuk asks his men about Sa Ra going to Italy."Has he arrived yet?" Ask Min Hyuk“I've spoken to the employee who was supposed to pick him up at the airport. But Sara wasn't on the plane." answer the secretary"Why? What is the problem?" said Min Hyuk glanced sharply. The secretary replied that he didn't know for sure and that his cell phone was dead. Min Hyuk's eyes glanced sharply as if there was a fear that Sa Ra would return to Tae Hee.

Sa Ra and her mother sit in the terminal, the two of them holding each other and staring, as if not satisfied with letting go of last night's longing. Geum Ran's mother gave her a smile, Sa Ra also gave her mother a smile. Then the mother asked if their bus had come, looking at her son she was going to check it so asked her son to stay waiting inside. Sa Ra nodded in understanding.Sa Ra restarts her phone and sees 16 missed calls. 4 messages.“Ahjumma, I'm at the airport. Say goodbye before you leave."“Please turn on your cell phone Ahjumma, let me hear your voice.”"I'm still at the airport. Call if you haven't left yet.""Ahjumma, please. Please call me"Sa Ra's face looks down sadly reading a message from Tae Hee, her cellphone rings this time Min Hyuk calls her, Sa Ra picks it up. Min Hyuk smiled because Sa Ra reactivated her phone.“The staff at Rome airport said... weren't on the plane. I am worried." Min Hyuk said as he walked into his room.“Actually… from the start, I didn't plan on getting on the plane. Please tell the others I'm overseas. That way no one will look for me,” said Sa Ra. Min Hyuk agrees, he asks Sa Ra to tell him where Sa Ra will live. Sa Ra hangs up the phone with a sad face, her mother comes to tell her that their bus has arrived and the two of them leave the terminal.

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 17 Part 1 English SubtitlesSynopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 17 Part 1 English SubtitlesSynopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 17 Part 1 English SubtitlesSynopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 17 Part 1 English SubtitlesSynopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 17 Part 1 English SubtitlesSynopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 17 Part 1 English SubtitlesSynopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 17 Part 1 English SubtitlesSynopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 17 Part 1 English SubtitlesSynopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 17 Part 1 English SubtitlesSynopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 17 Part 1 English SubtitlesSynopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 17 Part 1 English SubtitlesSynopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 17 Part 1 English SubtitlesSynopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 17 Part 1 English SubtitlesSynopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 17 Part 1 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 17 Part 1 English Subtitles

Tae Hee fell asleep on the sofa, he woke up hearing Sa Ra's voice singing. He immediately sat looking at the dining table, Sa Ra was preparing breakfast for him."Doctor. Here's your favorite clam soup and bean paste. I also added my special sauce.” said Sa Ra happily. Tae Hee's face immediately brightened seeing Sa Ra who returned home, Sa Ra waved her hand inviting Tae Hee to eat together. Tae Hee smiled, but at that moment her eyes started to wake up. He didn't see Sa Ra who was in the kitchen, saw more clearly that no one was there, his face was gloomy again.

“The first stage of grief is… denial. The fact that he has left me is unacceptable,” he muttered Ra and her mother sit at a restaurant, the restaurant owner's aunt looks happy to see Geum Ran's mother because they haven't seen each other for 10 years. The two of them held hands, Sa Ra who was sitting next to her mother smiled.“I was wondering when you would come. Pleased to meet you." happy aunty said“May I have a favor, Unni? We came suddenly and haven't got a place to stay." asked Geum Ran's mother. Aunt allowed them to stay with her for a while because her restaurant had many rooms and asked them to stay at home and live comfortably.“But… who is this young lady?”

 asked the aunt of the restaurant owner“This is his friend… my daughter.” replied Geum Ran's mother lied a little nervously." Ahjumma. You're looking for a cook. May I apply for this job?” asked Sa Ra showing the sheet that was on the table. The restaurant owner's aunt had no idea that a woman as beautiful as Sa Ra would want to become a cook. Sa Ra tells herself she's good at cooking and cleaning so she'll give it a try. The Aunt smiled hearing Sa Ra's story.Sa Ra mopped all the floors of the restaurant singing and smiling, her mother entered the restaurant and helped her wipe the table. Sa Ra immediately stopped him because the restaurant was wet and slippery.

 Her mother thought it was okay."Mom just rests like a princess." Sa Ra teased while taking the rag from her mother's hand. Her mother laughs at Sa Ra's expression as a daughter, she wants to take the rag back but Sa Ra refuses to ask her mother to do everything. Her mother smiles seeing Sa Ra who is excited to come back to clean up. Kang Joon looks at the file regarding the announcement of the attendance of the studio board of directors. The secretary told him that there would also be a water disciplinary meeting tomorrow. Kang Joon looks confused, Chae Yoon came finally the secretary came out of the room.“Canvas building…

 give it to me. That's the allowance for the life you and Sa Geum Ran ruined.” said Chae Yoon sarcastically"You're the one who seduces a married man." Kang Joon said“Who said it was a loveless marriage? I don't want to bring it up again. Give me the building in peace or I'll tear this down." Chae Yoon said threateningly. He showed something in his hand, that it was his car's black box memory card which contained the recording of when he killed Geum Ran. Kang Joon looks shocked and looks panicked by the object that Chae Yoon brought."Tomorrow is your disciplinary meeting. What will happen if I disassemble this? The meeting is at 10 am. Send the document behind the name at 9 am. Or I'll join the meeting." said Chae Yoon with a sly smile. Kang Joon looked at Chae Yoon who smiled slyly, then held back his anger after Chae Yoon left the room, he briefly sighed with a face full of anger. The PD receives a call talking about Sa Ra, then gets nervous that he will come to the room now.

"What is the name of the cooking school that Sara goes to and where does she live?" Kang Joon asked the PD who came to see him." I don't really know." answer PD"I don't think it's possible that a PD doesn't know where the star is?" said Kang Joon not believing the PD's answer“Everything is arranged by Winner Group's headquarters so I can't answer questions. Forgive me." answer PDKang Joo was surprised by the PD's answer that it was all arranged by Winner Group's headquarters. Kang Joon finally came to Min Hyuk's room but the boss was not in the room.“Have you reported to Director Han about the board of directors meeting?” Kang Joon asked Secretary Min Hyuk"Still not yet. He's in the area." Min Hyuk's secretary replied. Kang Joon is confused. Min Hyuk goes out of town and asks why his secretary didn't come. The secretary told him that the boss wanted to go alone. After that, his face thought something about Min Hyuk who went alone. Min Hyuk drives his car with a smiling face. Sa Ra just finished wiping the table and took off her apron. Min Hyuk enters the restaurant and calls out to him. Sa Ra looks up looking not so surprised by Min Hyuk's arrival. The two of them sat together in the restaurant,

Tae Hee's house in Hyuk looks around the restaurant where Sa Ra lives now."Sa Ra... I'll find a place to stay for you." Min Hyuk said.“I live comfortably here. I also know the owner ahjumma. Not many people recognize me.” Sa Ra's story in Hyuk thinks people have doubts that Sa Ra is the one who was on TV yesterday, suddenly working at a restaurant. Then he feels that now he knows Sa Ra more and wants to work with Sa Ra as a co-worker.“But it seems you don't care about money or fame. Actually I still need you. Let's find another way." invite Min Hyuk.Sa Ra looked at Min Hyuk with a sharp glare, Min Hyuk looked at Sa Ra with a serious look.Sa Ra sleeps in the room, her mother comes whispering asking if Sa Ra is asleep, her face smiles seeing Sa Ra who is not sleeping well. Geum Ran's mother pulled the blanket and rubbed the child's head, she knew what her son was doing now was hard and she allowed her son to do what his son wanted.“If your body is tired, time must pass quickly. You'll forget everything." said her mother, after which her mother lay beside Sa Ra. A few moments later, Sa Ra sat down while her mother was asleep, in her hand, there was a card written on the envelope "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas".

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 17 Part 1 English SubtitlesSynopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 17 Part 1 English SubtitlesSynopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 17 Part 1 English SubtitlesSynopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 17 Part 1 English SubtitlesSynopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 17 Part 1 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 17 Part 1 English Subtitles

He remembers the time with Tae Hee decorating the Christmas tree, he saw the card stuck to the tree. Sa Ra takes it and asks what card it is, Tae Hee hastily took it because Sa Ra is not allowed to open it yet.“My wish is written here. If you hang your wish on this tree and light it, your wish will come true. All your wishes will come true." Tae Hee's story Ra is dumbfounded then opens the paper and it says Tae Hee's wish. [Ahjumma, be happy.]Sa Ra's memory returns when Tae Hee laughs in front of her for writing down all her wishes and hanging them on the Christmas tree. He approached the card that was written by Tae Hee with a sad look.

Meanwhile, Tae Hee is in the room trying to tear the picture of Sa Ra that has been on display at their house. He looked at the image of Sa Ra that had been torn in half with a hateful look."After the denial comes... then the second stage... anger.""Ahjumma, I hate you. I hate and will never forgive you." Tae Hee said while taking a picture of Sa Ra's body."Italy? You won't be happy there. You will regret it forever.” Tae Hee cursed annoyed. He just tossed the picture of Sa Ra on the floor and still looks really angry. His breath hitched after venting his anger at Sa Ra's image. His eyes glanced at the image of Sa Ra which had been divided in two. Tae Hee squats down to take pictures of the legs and body trying to reconnect, after which he looks at Sa Ra's face with a sad look. When the bell rings, Tae Hee rushes out of the room hoping that Sa Ra will come. It turns out that it wasn't Sa Ra who came but Chairman Choi, they were already sitting opposite each other in the TV room.“Tomorrow... CEO Lee Kang Joon's disciplinary meeting. You must attend." said Chairman Choi"You can take my place. You have enough material." Tae Hee orders with a sad face.

Chairman Choi reminds Tae Hee who vowed to attend the meeting, to teach a lesson. Tae Hee looks down sadly telling Chairman Choi to take care of everything, then he tells Chairman Choi not to come to his house. He immediately went and entered the room, Chairman Choi could only stand looking at his boss who did not normally enter the room. Three types of food were available on the table, the restaurant owner's aunt and Geum Ran's mother tasted them. Sa Ra asks if it tastes good. The restaurant owner's aunt looked confused about what Sarah put in the food because it tasted different from hers." It's a natural spice. Fermented peanuts and shiitake mushrooms are then boiled for 10 hours with fish. Makes food come alive,” explained Sa Ra, showing a bottle filled with natural spices on the table.“Ahhh… Really? Then can I use this for our restaurant cooking?” Aunt asked as she took the bottle filled with Sa Ra's natural seasoning." Of course, Ajumma. Starting today add it to all our menus.” said Sa Ra happy

Geum Ran's mother was also happy because she was sure that by doing so, customers would definitely flock to her restaurant. Restaurant Owner Aunt was amazed that all the dishes made by Sa Ra were amazing and tasted very good too."Ahjumma!" Tae Hee's voice came into the restaurant. Sa Ra looks surprised to hear Tae Hee's voice. But when he looked at wasn't Tae Hee but the customer who had come to order two hangover soups.Sa Ra's face looks sad because it's not Tae Hee, Geum Ran's mother looks at Sa Ra because she understands her son is like hoping Tae Hee comes to see him. Chae Yoon entered the winning group's office while looking at the clock, Kang Joon stopped him asking where Chae Yoon was going now. Chae Yoon recalled what he had said earlier.“To prepare the paperwork at 9 am, but you didn't call. So I'm going to the meeting." said Chae Yoon showing the memory card containing the black box of Kang Joon's car."I'm going to change the name, so go." Kang Joon ordered with a panicked face while looking around

Chae Yoon doesn't really believe it, Kang Joon glares and reiterates that he will apply for the name of the building soon. Chae Yoon smiled happily that he would wait until 5 pm. Kang Joon glared at Chae Yoon who left and managed to make him a little threatened with his current state. A banner that reads [HBS Board of Directors Emergency Meeting] has been seen. Several high-ranking officials are already sitting in the room." Today's board of directors meeting... has something to do with Mrs. Park Man Duk and the disciplinary action of HBS CEO Lee Kang Joon." said the chairman one of the higher-ups tells about Tae Hee as the applicant didn't come, so he asks if they should postpone it. Kang Joon enters the room saying that there is no need to delay anymore. Everyone inside saw Kang Joon's arrival, his secretary distributed files to all the board of directors. Written under the title [Explanation behind Park Man Duk's detention and HBS perspective.]Kang Joon explained to Kalau all that was brought was an explanatory document, then he sat beside the chairman.

“The report I made is impartial, Han Tae Hee was injured from an accident. Since we have confirmed that he does not wish to attend the meeting this matter must be dismissed." explained Kang JoonThe chairman and several of the board of directors glanced at each other, Chairman Choi walked in with a pile of files."This is a supplementary document that shows evidence of the defamation of Mrs. Park Man Duk." said chairman ChoiHe picks up the magazine he brought with him about marriage and divorce, showing the headline [Announcer Gyo Chae Yun announces divorce due to her husband, HBS CEO Lee Kang Joon's infidelity!] Kang Joo is shocked to see the magazine that Chairman Choi brought.“HBS status… he doesn't maintain his reputation. All of these materials were collected by CEO Han Tae Hee himself.” clear chairman ChoiKang Joon looked at all the board of directors, all of them looked at Kang Joon with whispering glances. The chairman also had time to glance at Kang Joon with a look like he already knew the real ugliness of Kang Joon. 

his eyes bulging with anger." The board of directors has made a decision. The entire board of directors has decided to suspend Lee Kang Joon for 3 months," said the chairman. Kang Joon smiled sarcastically, he issued a tone of complaint because the result without Tae Hee's presence was that he was still suspended as the CEO of HBS. Madam Park's HouseGrandma is sad to know Tae Hee gave up on Winner Food. Chae Yoon confirms with a sad face telling Grandma that if Tae Hee wants to be the leader of the company then he must show his achievements. He knew that there was not much time and was very worried.“Is…..It's because of Sara?” Grandma asked guessing.

Chae Yoon looked down sadly, grandmother looked straight ahead and then sighed, she was annoyed that Sa Ra could make Tae Hee the way she is now. Chae Yoon glanced down at him with a satisfied smile. Tae Hee is in her room, she reconnects the image of Sa Ra that she ripped. Then he made a picture of Sa Ra standing by leaning in front of the mirror.“Ahhh, I shouldn't have ruined it. My anger also doesn't go away no matter what.” Tae Hee shouted who was still annoyed. His cell phone rings, he thinks that Sa Rayng is calling him. He hastily pulled out his cell phone from his pocket because it was when Sa Ra called him. But when he takes out his cell phone, his face is sad because chairman Choi called him. Tae Hee lifts up with a lazy face, Chairman Choi with a worried face wants to talk about Winner Food then tells the union to keep calling him"Forgive me. Now I can't do anything." Tae Hee said then hung up the phone just like that. He looked sadly at the picture of Sa Ra in front of the mirror. He heard the sound of the doorbell ringing, Tae Hee thought again that Sa Ra had come because she saw the time that someone else couldn't come at this hour. With a smiling face, he called out to Sa Ra and ran out of his room. When he came out, his face changed to that it was Grandma and Chae Yoon who came. Tae Hee looks down at her Grandma, while Chae Yoon glances at Grandma because she looks uncomfortable seeing Tae Hee. The two of them sat in front of the dining table, Tae Hee just bowed in front of her grandmother.

“You stopped at Winner Food? You... the one who will take over the Winner Group. It's an important time before the shareholders' meeting but since it's a woman… you shouldn't be doing this.” said the grandmother in an annoyed tone. Tae Hee kept her head down without commenting, Chae Yoon glanced at Tae Hee then at Grandma. Then Grandma says that only Tae Hee alone is sad while Sa Ra is not. Tae Hee asked what her grandmother's words meant. "Sara was the one who asked to leave first. In the end, he went to study abroad for his own sake. Sara doesn't feel the same way as you,” said Grandma with confidence. He asks Tae Hee to accept reality and take her place in the Winner Group again. Tae Hee glanced at her grandmother, then kept her head down with a sigh, her face still gloomy because Sa Ra left her. Kang Joon meets Min Hyuk in his room, Min Hyuk asks why Kang Joon needs to know where Sa Ra is. Kang Joon replied that it was a personal matter.“I heard you were suspended for 3 months at the board of directors meeting. I don't like you anymore." Min Hyuk commented while styling Kang Joon." The reason I was because of the report Mrs. Park.." explained Kang Joon.

“Han Tae Hee is using your private life as a problem. Why give them bait? Why handle it like that? And again…why are you looking for Sara when you've been hit with so much bad news?” Min Hyuk asked repeatedlyKang Joon said it's related to the Birth of a chef. Min Hyuk tells that Sa Ra's past is not that important to him, and he insists from now on he will decide everything for Sa Ra himself and will protect her.“I don't want... you to get further involved with Sara. So go." Min Hyuk orders. Kang Joon could only stare at Min Hyuk in annoyance. Tae Hee looks at her photo with Sa Ra when they take a photo together, she talks on her cellphone like talking to Sa Ra "You don't feel the same, is it really like that ahjumma?". His eyes continued to stare at the photo of the two of them.“Am I the one who loves you like crazy? I alone love and suffer alone.” Tae Hee said as if talking to Sa Ra. Tae Hee remembers at the hospital asking about a cooking competition, Sa Ra tells her if she's curious then Tae Hee should watch it by herself. Tae Hee blames the TV at her house. Seen pictures of food on the TV screen, the jury is tasting the food. Tae Hee watches it with a sad look.“This beef ball soup…to make the broth from the clams is very much appreciated. Seasoning ingredient...

Moments later, the Chairman will announce the results of the meeting of the board of directors. Kang Joon was seen sitting tensed and the taste blends well,” said the judge. Oh, Kyung Hee's table was luxurious and full. Chae Yoon thinks that Oh Kyung Hee's table is luxurious and full of it. Any family will be 100% satisfied with the presentation, so he invites them to see Sa Ra's cooking. Tae Hee watches with a sad face as the judges taste Sa Ra's cooking. The jury found the bean paste and tuna stew made by Sa Ra was amazing then he asked why Sa Ra used tuna.“Recently… I agreed to marry the man I love. If it's the food I want to make for my family, I think of that person. Now that person is sick so I prepared good food for his heart.” Sa Ra's story, Tae Hee looks at the TV with a serious face.“I make tuna bone broth to lower cholesterol. And use tuna as an ingredient. Brown rice with oats. Anchovies and walnuts. Onion salad. And I made duck bulgogi” explained Sa RaThe jury saw that the four dishes that Sa Ra iu made had the same taste. Chae Yoon stares suspiciously, Sa Ra takes out a bottle from her apron pocket. With a smile on his face, he said he added his own natural spices to all of his dishes.

 “Tasters have to taste it for themselves. How's the seasoning Sara? I… can only say this is for the best.” praise the jury.Sa Ra smiled hearing that, Chae Yoon looked back sarcastically. Tae Hee watches to see Sa Ra's smile but she's still gloomy.“In today's competition,... 7 points for materials. 4 points for authenticity. 5 points for nutrition. 10 points for taste.” said Chae Yoon discussing the results of Birth of a Chef. With a slightly jealous face, Chae Yoon tried to smile. He announces that Sa Ra is the winner for the third round, Sa Ra smiles, and thanks to him. Tae Hee sees Sa Ra's eyes staring at the camera, he is sure that Sa Ra's eyes can't lie. He calls Chairman Choi to ask where Min Hyuk is. Tae Hee entered the Winner Group building. Min Hyuk was just about to walk into the lobby, seeing Tae Hee who came over with a sly face. He walked over to Tae Hee and the two met in the middle."I heard you were looking for me. You came alone. What is it?" Ask Min Hyuk"Tell me where you sent Sara." Tae Hee firmly

"You think I can choose to hide Sara?" said Min Hyuk with a mocking face in Hyuk tells that it was Sa Ra who chose to leave and quips Tae He who said he would never feel any loss. Tae Hee feels that Min Hyuk is approaching Sa Ra to show off to her.“The reason is not important. What matters is the end result. Han Tae Hee... in the end, you can't protect your woman. Just like your father who died 20 years ago.” Min Hyuk said in a sarcastic tone. Tae Hee looks to be holding back her anger by squeezing her hands, her face is red and then Min Hyuk's secretary comes to tell her that the car is ready. Min Hyuk left with a sly smile, Tae Hee could only sigh with a sad look. Min Hyuk is already in his room, taking off his jacket, his mother is with him. Ji Sook talks about Tae Hee who quit Winner Food and loves Sa Ra very much. Min Hyuk smiled slyly. Ji Sook sees Tae Hee now about to lose all reason."It's getting easier. If Han Tae Hee can't save Winner Food, I'm the only candidate at the board meeting. I would have easily passed the shareholders' meeting." Min Hyuk said looking at his mother. Ji Sook looks back at her son with a smile, Min Hyuk looks ahead and says he will be the leader of Winner Group as well as Sa Ra, so that way he can get everything. His mother smiled slyly.

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