Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 16 Part 2 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 16 Part 2 English Subtitles

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 16 Part 2 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 16 Part 2 English Subtitles

Sa Ra finally sat down looking at Tae Hee who was asleep. He remembered Min Hyuk's words when he was in his room.“The man who hurt Tae Hee used your fake identity to threaten him. Tae Hee replaces you and gets hurt. As long as you're with him, Tae Hee could be in danger."He propped his hands on the bed with a confused face, his eyes still on Tae Hee who was asleep. After that he began to look down with a confused face thinking about what happened now.Tae Hee wakes up, he sees Sa Ra looking down and looking uncomfortable. Sa Ra lifted her face and saw Tae Hee who woke up from her sleep. Then Tae Hee opened the blanket telling Sa Ra to lie down next to him.This time Sa Ra doesn't refuse, she lies on the hospital bed and Tae Hee hugs her tightly.“After my parents died,… when I lived alone, I was so young. I think. Why should I live alone without my parents?” Tae Hee's story, Sa Ra lay listening with a sad face.“But this time I think I have to live. Because I have you. You are my reason for living.” Tae Hee said with a smiling face, but Sa Ra looked even more sad.

Tae Hee hugged him tightly and fell asleep with his face close to Sa Ra's hair. But Sa Ra can't close her eyes, she mutters that they should separate.Tomorrow morningGrandma and Chae Yoon came to visit, the doctor saw from the test results that Tae Hee was able to go out and rest at home. Grandma smiled hearing that, taking Tae Hee home to Sewondang instead.“My house is more comfortable. Grandma had to come to my house and it wasn't bad." Tae Hee said proudlyThe doctor asked the two to discuss how it was good, then he didn't forget to thank Sa Ra. Chae Yoon looks cynical, grandmother also can't get rid of her dislike for Sa Ra."As long as you're unconscious,... Han Tae Hee is saved by Sara's care." clear doctor"You heard that, Grandma?" Tae Hee said happily.Grandma can only glance at her grandson without smiling, Chae Yoon also feels unable to look at Tae Hee and chooses to turn her face away. Tae Hee smiled happily.Grandma meets Sa Ra again in the VIP room, she tells her that she will take Tae Hee to Sewondang but her grandson refuses."You can't be together after Tae Hee left. I was the one who said you could harm Tae Hee… am I the only one who thinks like that?” asked Grandma trying to resuscitate Sa RaSa Ra was just silent and bowed, Grandma was confused why Sa Ra didn't answer her question. Finally Sa Ra agrees to leave Tae Hee.

“It would be better if you leave while Tae Hee is still in the hospital and today as well.” Grandma's orders"Give me a little time." pleaded Sa Ra pleaded."What's the point of procrastinating if you two end up breaking up?" said Grandma who did not agree"I'm still not ready. If I suddenly leave, it will be hard for Tae Hee too. I wanted to do something to make sure he was okay without me. I beg you." said Sa Ra.Min Hyuk is drinking tea at his house, he smiles receiving a call from Sa Ra. and told him to just talk. Sa Ra who is standing in front of the window invites her to meet, with a blank face she decides to come to see Min Hyuk in his office.Min Hyuk entered his room, then saluted each other to Sa Ra who was waiting for him after that told Sa Ra to sit on the sofa."If I accept your model offer, can I immediately go to study abroad?" ask Sa Ra"How fast do you mean?" Reply Min HyukSa Ra asks to be as soon as possible and wants to leave as soon as possible. Min Hyuk also understands Sa Ra's request and wants to call his secretary. Previously, Sa Ra also asked Min Hyuk to keep his trip abroad a secret.

"I want to live without anyone knowing." said Sa Ra"Is there a reason?" asked Min Hyuk curiously."That way... Han Tae Hee's safety is more secure." Sa Ra explained unsuspectingly to Min Hyuk.Min Hyuk understands all of Sa Ra's requests and promises to keep his whereabouts a secret. Sa Ra looked at Min Hyuk without showing the slightest suspicion.Sa Ra walks down the hall, she calls someone to invite her to meet. He entered Kang Joon's room."Have you thought about it?" asked Kang Joon looking indifferent by looking at the file in front of him."If only I was alone, I wouldn't be scared." Sa Ra said, Kang Joon glanced at his ex-wife.“But because of the person I love I had to retreat against my own will. This feeling will not be understood by you and Gyo Chae Yoon. None of you...

 have ever loved someone wholeheartedly, "said Sa RaHe also tells that he and Tae Hee will break up, Kang Joon teases him again that they can become husband and wife again. Sa Ra smiles mockingly with those who will become husband and wife.“I will see you end. You... and Gyo Chae Yoon. The three of us are still not over.” said Sa Ra angrily.Kang Joon can only see Sa Ra who leaves intentionally making her shoes stomping on the floor. Like he felt Geum Ran was different from the one he knew before.Tae Hee comes home, he inhales the smell of his house when he enters then tells Sa Ra that the house is important when he leaves. He revealed that he missed his home very much.“Ahhh….. The lights are back on. What happened?" Tae Hee asked who saw the Christmas tree lit up again."I fixed it. So your wish can come true." Sa Ra clearly smiled, Tae Hee also smiled.Sa Ra is about to

 unpack, Tae Hee tugs at her asking to take it slow as they aren't too busy right now. Sa Ra smiled choosing to go in and open the contents of the bag from the hospital.Tae Hee looks at Sa Ra who enters her room with a surprised look, then she sees the Christmas tree that is lit up again. Sa Ra tidies Tae Hee's clothes in the closet, she also folds clothes on the bed.A few moments later Tae Hee invites Sa Ra to eat together. Sa Ra still folds without heeding Tae Hee's invitation to eat. Tae Hee said that he wanted to eat home cooking. Sa Ra remained silent and busied herself tidying clothes.“What are you doing, Ahjumma?” Tae Hee protested seeing Sa Ra busy tidying her clothes.“I want to organize it so you can find it easily.” explained Sa Ra"That is not important. Just slowly. Let's eat first." Tae Hee said pulling Sa Ra out of her room.Tae Hee eats very voraciously, Sa Ra also puts a side dish on Tae Hee's rice, Tae Hee's face is happy because Sa Ra is so good to her."Doctor. If I leave and not be here, will you continue to stay here?” ask Sa Ra

Tae Hee is confused and continues to chew her food, Sa Ra asks Tae Hee to find another house if she goes without him. He thinks that if that's the case, Tae Hee's situation will be fine."Why are you here? It was like going far away.” Tae Hee said, after finishing eating and drinking, he complimented Sa Ra's cooking was very good.

He also said thank you and would clear all the plates. Sa Ra starts to look serious saying there is something to talk about. Tae Hee immediately asked what Sa Ra coldly said.Under the table Sa Ra takes off her ring and puts it on the table, Tae Hee looks confused to see the ring and Sa Ra's face."Our. just break up...." Sa Ra said with a downcast face. The atmosphere turned silent, Tae Hee looked at Sa Ra without blinking and couldn't believe what Sa Ra said to her.“I was contracted by Winner Group. If I became their main model, they would send me to study abroad.” explains Sa Ra with her eyes looking straight at Tae Hee."I don't understand what you're talking about. My head hurts. They say my mental processing is a bit late. What are the side effects?” Tae Hee said trying to keep smiling like he felt it was all just a joke.He said that if his understanding became slower, he asked Sa Ra to say it in easier language.“I… don't want to remarry and I realized it when you were hurt. If I get married, I will be burdened with a husband. In the end I will lose myself. I want to live my life.” clearly Sa Ra lied, Tae Hee bowed to hear Sa Ra's reasoning."You just live your life. I will support you When you are sick, I will help you win the competition” Tae Hee said defending

“Everything will change if we get married. I've been married before. Sa Geum Ran... ...didn't start like that." defends Sa Ra trying to convince Tae Hee to separate.Tae Hee can't take it for granted, her face looks blank in shock. Sa Ra apologizes because it was really hard for her to say such a thing. Tae Hee tries to convince Sa Ra that she won't burden Sa Ra even though."Let me go." asked Sa Ra, Tae Hee finally gave in to let Sa Ra go. After that he realized and could not let Sa Ra to go.“Tell me what you want. I will do everything. I will do anything. Just don't say break up. We can stay like this without getting married. Why do we have to break up?” Tae Hee said he couldn't accept Sa Ra's decisionSa Ra says she can't do it and can't treat Tae Hee the same way she refused to get married and they won't be able to go back to the days before."I will try my best," said Tae Hee, reassuring Sa Ra.“I want to live a different and free life. With the beauty you gave me, I want a better life.” said Sa Ra in a high tone.Tae Hee looks increasingly panicked and confused. Sa Ra apologizes and says thank you all this time. Tae Hee doesn't like Sa Ra telling her that. He asked Sa Ra to think Again, the two of them looked at each other.

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 16 Part 2 English SubtitlesSynopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 16 Part 2 English SubtitlesSynopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 16 Part 2 English SubtitlesSynopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 16 Part 2 English SubtitlesSynopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 16 Part 2 English SubtitlesSynopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 16 Part 2 English SubtitlesSynopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 16 Part 2 English SubtitlesSynopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 16 Part 2 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 16 Part 2 English Subtitles

Sa Ra chooses to leave the dining table, Tae Hee pulls her, in front of the stairs he asks Sa Ra not to be excessive like this.“You should at least give me time to think or prepare. How can you be so selfish? What did I do wrong to be like this?” Tae Hee asked confused.He reminded himself that he had just returned from the hospital and did not understand all this. Tae Hee insists she is helpless so asks Sa R to be more lenient"This looks So urgent and sudden and it's not true, Ahjumma." Tae Hee said. Sa Ra looks at Tae Hee with teary eyes."I'm sorry." Sa Ra said, Tae Hee shouted asking Sa Ra to stop apologizing.“Farewell is better short. It was difficult for both of them. Forgive me." said Sa Ra then climbed the stairs into her room.

Tae Hee tried to sigh as if trying to catch her breath because she was still in shock. Sa Ra went into her room, after closing the door she immediately started crying. It seemed as long as he was talking to Tae Hee downstairs he was holding back tears.While Tae Hee is still silent in front of the stairs, her gaze is blank. Sa Ra just kept crying in her room. You can see the ring that Sa Ra left on the table."I'm sorry..... I'm sorry..." Sa Ra said in tearsWhile under Tae Hee still looks confused because Sa Ra suddenly asked them to break up and will not continue their marriage.Sa Ra calls Madam Park who is in the reading room. Grandma asks if Sa Ra is with Tae Hee."I've decided... to part with Han Tae Hee and we've talked." Sa Ra explained with tears she was trying to hold back from flowing anymore." Where are you going?" ask grandma“I will study abroad.” replied Sa RaGrandma thinks it's really good with the plan, Sa Ra thinks she believes in Grandma and hopes someone can be with Tae Hee."We live here together. If one of them disappears,… this house will… feel lonely.” explained Sa Ra“I will take care of Tae Hee. You don't have to worry." Grandma said

After hanging up the phone, Sa Ra tries to catch her breath by sighing trying to give up everything she wants for Tae Hee's good.Tomorrow morningTae Hee climbs the stairs and stands in front of Sa Ra's room and calls out to Sa Ra asking to speak, but there's no answer. He enters and sees Sa Ra's room is empty, he tries to call but Sa Ra's cell phone is off.He eats his jacket and goes out looking for Sa Ra and calls her but he doesn't find Ahjumma.He goes to see Geum Ran and Kyung Joo's mother at her house, Geum Ran's mother asks if there's a problem, Tae Hee asks if they met Sa Ra."Why are you looking for Sara here?" asked Kyung Joo confused, Tae Hee could only sigh with a confused face."Didn't you two get married abroad? What happened, Han Tae Hee?" asked Geum Ran's mother, confused.Tae Hee still didn't answer he could only sigh and look very breathless.Madam Park's House

“Sara… study abroad?” said Chae Yoon with a smiling face.“From today he left the house. It must be hard for Tae Hee.” Grandma explained with another angle."You and Dr. Gyo… you two see Tae Hee often.” grandma askedHe knew under these circumstances, his grandson needed his family. Chae Yoon couldn't help but feel happy to be able to separate Sa Ra and understand that.Chae Yoon packed her clothes in the closet into the suitcase. His face was seen smiling happily as he closed the suitcase. Jin Young and Min Young entered the room"Why pack? You guys fighting?” Min Young asked with his arms folded across his chest"You guys split up again?" Jin Young asked innocently seeing Chae Yoon carrying a suitcase."Not this time apart." explained Chae Yoon, Jin Young was confused about the meaning of Chae Yoon's words.

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 16 Part 2 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 16 Part 2 English Subtitles

Chae Yoon sat in front of the reporters crying and then wiped her tears with a tissue.“It's not easy... to decide on a divorce. I've tried my best to protect my family. But I can't do it anymore. Sorry to disappoint everyone." explained Chae Yoon with a sob"What is the reason?" ask reporters"My husband... has another woman." Chae Yoon replied"Who is that woman, is she a celebrity?" the reporter asked again."He's a famous person. But I will not reveal his name. I don't want to go that far. And I don't want to be an idiot anymore." Chae Yoon said with tears“My husband is trying to…take my property from me. Representing the first wife anywhere, I will fight with her.” explained Chae Yoon with a face full of lies.

Kang Joon is surprised that Chae Yoon is going to do a divorce interview, he is confused about what Chae Yoon is actually doing at this time.“I already told you. I want a divorce when I want it.” said Chae Yoon sarcastically“Okay, let's do it! Then what about me? What insult is this?” Kang Joon shouted angrily.“Revenge for ruining my life. How can I get involved with you and Sa Geum Ran? It's really terrible. I don't want to see you again. Even in dreams, don't meet." Chae Yoon firmlyBefore leaving he discusses the press conference, if he doesn't tell Sa Ra's name. It was because he wanted the Canvas building otherwise he would have told everyone about Kang Joon and Sa Ra.“The man who killed his wife. His wife survived and plastic surgery. Then take revenge on her husband. This country must be excited.” said Chae Yoon in a mocking tone. Kang Joon looked at him with a murderous look.“At a time like this,... isn't Sara your key to survival? So, live quietly and keep your mouth shut. I hope you make a sensible decision.” said Chae Yoon with a sly smile full of victory.

Kang Joon looks furious with Chae Yoon which makes it seem like he's awry with everything he's going to do now.Kyung Joo reads the news from her cell phone, [Announcer Gyo Chae Yoon announces the divorce in tears.]“Gyo Chae Yoon and Lee Kang Joon have finally divorced. That's great,” said Kyung Joo, Geum Ran's mother also saw the news that Kyung Joo was reading.“But Mom… they divorced because Lee Kang Joon had another affair.” said Kyung Joo looking back at the news from his cellphoneGeum Ran's mother asks who Kang Joon is having an affair with, Kyung Joon sees no name is mentioned in the news. He only saw Chae Yoon crying madly and guessed that the woman was Sa Ra.“Sara got involved with Lee Kang Joon. So, Gyo Chae Yoon's marriage ended and I think Sara and Han Tae Hee broke up too. Wow, what's with them?” said Kyung Joo looking confused."Sara ... I have to call her" said Mrs. Geum Ran

Kyung Joo tells her that she called Sa Ra before, but her cell phone is off. Geum Ran's mother gets Geum Ran's dead cell phone, but she still leaves a message to Sa Ra."Geum Ran.... It's Mother." said Mrs. Geum Ran. Kyung Joo is surprised that Geum Ran's mother calls Sa Ra by calling Geum Ran“Never give up no matter what. I believe in you. You can beat death. There's nothing you can't do, Geum Ran. You can't give up. And...... if it's heavy,... you have a mother. In any situation, mother is on your side," said Geum Ran's mother, encouraging her son.“Sara…is Geum Ran?” said Kyung Joo gawking in surprise, Geum Ran's mother closed her phone with teary eyesThe Lee family gathered in the living room. Kang Joon's father complains about all the insults Chae Yoon has done to their family."What's wrong mom? Are people insulting Kang Joon? Did you meet someone?” Jin Young asked“Even people I don't know are pointing their fingers. Everyone laughs. How do I raise my head? I can't live." complained Kang Joon's mother while screaming.Kang Joon came home to see the tense atmosphere at home, his father immediately stood up cursing his son who was a jerk.

“Do you want to… end your life and dig your grave through marriage? Why are you so stupid?” he shouted and gave his son a slap.Min Young and Jin Young try to restrain their father from committing acts of violence. Kang Joon can only be silent, his mother looks like he has a headache with their increasingly complicated family eventsKang Joon goes into his room, calls someone but his cell phone is off.“Honey….. Sa Geum Ran. Where do you go? Answer the phone." said Kang Joon slowlyBut after that he started to get annoyed and started to get very angry shouting for Sa Ra to pick up the phone. His eyes bulged at his cellphone because Sa Ra's cellphone was not active. Then he slammed his phone on the bed to vent his anger.Tae Hee ran into the Winner Group building. He entered the make-up room to meet the PD asking where Sa Ra was, the PD asked what he heard Sa Ra went abroad."I heard this was arranged with Winner Group's headquarters." clear PD"Could you have contacted him?" Tae Hee said with a slightly pleading tone. The PD said he really couldn't reach her.Tae Hee understands, he finally goes to the studio where Birth of Chef was filmed. The place was also empty, in his eyes he hoped to find Sa Ra there. His breath was still out of breath and confused looking for Sa Ra.

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 16 Part 2 English SubtitlesSynopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 16 Part 2 English SubtitlesSynopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 16 Part 2 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 16 Part 2 English Subtitles

Finally he returns to his room, Chairman Choi looks worried to see Tae Hee's arrival.“Get the departure notes. Find out if Sara is still in Korea or has already left. If she still hasn't left, when is she leaving? Find out everything " Tae Hee ordersChairman Choi understands leaving the room, Tae Hee leans back in his chair and holds his chest then seems to fall asleep on his bench.Ji Hoon has checked the condition of Tae Hee who has fallen asleep in his room, Chae Yoon asks Tae Hee's condition with concern."He's asleep now and will get better with rest." It's clear Ji Hoon is sorry to see Tae Hee lying weakly on his bed.Sa Ra sits in a restaurant with a sad face, she turns on her cellphone to see that there are 25 miss calls and 18 times from Tae Hee. He just looked at Tae Hee's name who called him then he read a message from Min Hyuk."Sarah. This is Han Min Hyuk. Our flight schedule can be adjusted accordingly.”After reading the message from Min Hyuk, he contacted Min Hyuk after reading the message.Tae Hee has woken up from his sleep, he looks at the ring that Sa Ra left. His face was lethargic and not excited to see the ring that Sa Ra returned. Then he gripped the ring tightly and the tears flowed freely.

Ji Hoon is confused to see Chairman Choi coming to the house, Chairman Choi tells that Tae Hee did something."What happened? Have you confirmed the departure date?” Tae Hee asked curiously"Yes, CEO. The departure was supposed to be tomorrow but it was changed to today.” explained Chairman ChoiTae Hee immediately went out of the house, Ji Hoon was confused to call Tae Hee who came out without saying where he wanted to go. Then sighed.Sa Ra has entered the airport with Min Hyuk and his men, Sa Ra's face is saddened by the departure of a country family.Tae Hee drives his car, in his heart he doesn't want Sa Ra to just leave."I can't let you go like this." Tae Hee muttered then he drove his car even faster.Sa Ra waits with her face down, while Min Hyuk gives Sa Ra tickets to his men so they can check in. Tae Hee finally arrived at the airport. His eyes searched for Sa Ra and called out to her even though she was still out of breath from running.

While Sa Ra leaned against the wall waiting for departure with a sad face. Memories with Tae Hee recalled the first time they chased each other on the beach because he had too many drugs which made him fantasize a lot.Then Tae Hee, who made seaweed soup for her birthday, made bread together for Grandma. When Tae Hee first admits that he can't be separated from her and admits in front of people that he is the grandson of Madam Park.And the last time Tae Hee could see him as Geum Ran and wanted to wipe the flour on his forehead. His face is sad remembering all the memories of Tae Hee with him. He also remembers when Tae Hee gave a kiss on his birthday.He also gave Tae Hee a kiss on the forehead as a sign that he also loves Tae Hee as much as Tae Hee loves him. Tae Hee's smile that made all the wish lists and Christmas trees, the way Tae Hee teased her to get a kiss on the cheek. For the first time he also danced with Tae Hee who turned out to be the CEO of Winner Group.

Her eyes filled with tears remembering all those memories and she seemed to hold back her tears because she had to be separated for Tae Hee's safety.Meanwhile Tae Hee continues to run to find Sa Ra. Meanwhile, Sa Ra glanced back as if hoping Tae Hee would come. Tae Hee descends the stairs of the escalator in a hurry and overtakes. He ran to the information section. “I'm looking for passengers on flight TJ 301. Please announce via intercom. This is important." Tae Hee asked"Flight TJ 301 has departed." said the information officer looking at the data from the computer.Tae Hee was still gasping for breath. He walked with a blank look in his eyes as if he saw a plane that had gone far away. Everyone was passing by but Tae Hee seemed to be unconscious and just stood there with a blank stare.

Comment:It really fits, Min Hyuk and Chae Yoon are sly. Sorry to see Tae Hee and Sa Ra. But it seems like this has entered like a Korean drama conflict as usual, having to separate even though it's love. I wish there was no more sadness. hihihihi...Hope Madam Park realizes that Chae Yoon is lying as well as Director Kim. Everyone should just go to jail, Min Hyuk, Kang Joon, Ji Sook, Chae Yoon and Director Kim. All bad....There are still 4 more episodes, hopefully Tae Hee's meeting with Sa Ra won't be at the end of the episode, so the happy episode won't just be for a while. ^_^

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