Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 16 Part 1 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 16 Part 1 English Subtitles

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 16 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 16 Part 1 English Subtitles

Birth of Chef shooting locations PD and someone else tries to call Sa Ra, Chae Yoon watches her from afar with a worried face."What happened to Sar, he still has no answer?" asked the PD to his menThe subordinate shook his head, the PD was confused because Sara was already in the studio but now he's gone. Chae Yoo comes to see the PD with a confused face, asking what exactly happened.“We could have a plan if we had known beforehand. Sara is so irresponsible.” Chae Yoo said deliberately to confuse the atmosphere“I'm going crazy at this……Keep calling.” PD commandChae Yoon is slightly away, with a panicked face he calls Chairman Choi to ask about Tae Hee's condition. 

Scene of Tae Hee lying unconscious

Scene of Tae Hee lying unconscious

Tae Hee is already in a bandage on the head, Sa Ra panics when she sees Tae Hee who is lying unconscious, and pushes her into each other's house. Chairman Choi also accompanies Sa Ra, who is still crying seeing Tae Hee who is injured.In the treatment room, Tae Hee has been changed to a bandage and given a breather from his mouth. The doctors and nurses see Tae Hee's condition from the monitor, Sa Ra looks still worried and sad to see Tae Hee's condition as well as Chairman Choi who faithfully accompanies Tae Hee. Grandma comes with Director Kim, she panics when she sees Tae Hee who has been installed with a device.“Right now… he's unconscious. According to the CT scan, there is no problem. I believe this is due to widening of the wound in the brain. For now, we don't know when he will wake up." clear doctor [Diffuse axonal injury (DAI) - although not visible on CT, it is this brain injury that causes coma.]The doctor asked to keep checking vital signs every 10 minutes, [Vital Signs - body functions like heart rate, breathing, body temperature, and blood pressure.] Then he went outside, Grandma looked at Sa Ra who was sad.Chairman Choi and Director Kim immediately glanced at Sa Ra who was downcast after Grandma glared at her..

The three met in the VIP waiting room, in an angry tone Grandma asked who dared to do this to her granddaughter"We're still figuring it out." said chairman Choi"This is all your fault. It must be because of you. Once I found out about you, I should have kept you away from Tae Hee." cried grandma full of angerHe immediately ordered Sa Ra out of the room and asked Tae Hee to leave immediately.“Tae Hee is still unconscious. I can't leave him. Please let me stay. I beg of you, Grandma.” said Sa Ra pleaded.Grandma calls Director Kim, furiously ordering Sa Ra out and not allowing Sa Ra to approach Tae Hee's room. Sa Ra pleads with Grandma, but there's a voice in their waiting room, Grandma is confused as to what's going on.Visible infusion bottles, dripping slowly from the monitor screen the numbers move very fast."He's showing signs of Tachycardia. [Heart rate exceeds normal.]” said the DoctorHe asked the nurse to add IV and replace it with IV, Grandma came to ask Tae Hee's condition, the doctor told her that Tae Hee's condition was getting worse.Chae Yoon and Ji Hoon come to see Tae Hee and Grandma to the hospital. Chae Yoon immediately embraced Grandma and was sad, Director Kim glanced coldly at Tae Hee. Ji Hoon looks at Tae Hee's unstable heart rate monitor.Sa Ra walks down the hall of the hospital, she can't get close to Tae Hee. His face was sad and worried, his body looked weak trying to lean against the hospital wall.

Min Hyuk just got home, with a sly smile his mother told him that Tae Hee was in a coma. Min Hyuk nodded and smiled slyly because his plan had gone smoothly making Tae Hee unconscious. Tae Hee is still lying with the help of a device in the hospital. The doctor was already standing in front of Grandma, Director Kim, Chae Yoon and Ji Hoon."His heart rate is above normal. The situation got worse. Has Han Tae Hee ever experienced this condition before?” asked the Doctor.“Yes.... Sometimes he has low blood pressure. It's a symptom of broken heart syndrome." Ji Hoon explained"The brain injury is not serious. Han Tae Hee's unique psychological condition worsens the situation." said the Doctor.Grandma looks weak to hear it, Chae Yoon tries to push it. Ji Hoon stares sadly at Tae Hee who is lying helplessOutside the room, Sa Ra is seen sitting with her hands praying for Tae Hee.“Please save him… Please save him.” asked Sa RaInside Tae Hee there is still no change, the Doctor is still standing in front of Grandma, Director Kim, Chae Yoon and Ji Hoon.“Now we can only wait. It is very important to maintain… a state of calm to prevent any untoward events.” Doctor's message.Grandma returns a little weak to see Tae Hee, Chae Yoon tries to hold on to Grandma.Ji Hoon asks Grandma to come home and today he will take care of Tae Hee, then asks Chae Yoon to accompany Grandma back home. He also drove Grandma out of the hospital.Sa Ra is still standing outside the room while continuing to 

pray. When Ji Hoon comes back, he sees Sa Ra sitting outside praying continuously, looking sad to see Sa Ra sitting outside without being allowed to go inside. Chae Yoon brought Grandma home, Grandma looks very weak.“Grandma, are you all right?” Min Hyuk asked pretending to be worried"How is Tae Hee?" Ji Sook saidChae Yoon tells that Tae Hee is not conscious yet, Min Hyuk and Ji Sook look at each other. With a worried face, Min Hyuk asked Grandma to rest first and asked Chae Yoon to accompany Grandma into her room. Chae Yoon walked with grandma.Ji Sook glanced at Director Kim, then Director Kim glanced at Ji Sook then Min Hyuk. Then Director Kim leaves, leaving the two of them with no remorse.Ji Hoon finally sits next to Sa Ra who is still bowing down to pray."Come inside." he said.Sa Ra opened her eyes, she just realized Ji Hoon was sitting beside her."I am against you. But the person Tae Hee wants to meet the most is you.” Ji Hoon said. Sa Ra immediately thanked him for being allowed inside.He runs into the room, Ji Hoon tries to smile, it looks like he's trying to succumb to Tae Hee's health.Sa Ra goes inside to see Tae Hee who still has the device in her mouth, she sits next to Tae Hee and continues to look at her in a sad state then holds her hand and remembers before when they were going home“When we return, we will be husband and wife. Not "ahjumma." But "darling." Tae Hee said at that time.But before that happens, he finds Tae Hee lying with his head bleeding in a warehouse. His eyes kept looking at Tae Hee who lay helplessly.

Kang Joon entered the house, Chae Yoo was already standing with a worried face. He informs that Tae Hee is injured and that he suspects it has something to do with her husband. Kang Joo was a bit shocked but smiled a little when she heard Tae Hee was hurt."He's in a coma and it's very serious." explained Chae YoonKang Joon remembers meeting Min Hyuk in his room."Han Tae Hee has a weakness... Sara's identity, she steals other people's identities, Han Tae Hee is the mastermind behind her" said Kang Joon"That's good. Han Tae Hee called me for a board meeting. Then I don't have to worry. In the end, wasn't their marriage annulled?" said Kang Joon casuallyChae Yoon looks very annoyed that Kang Joon looks indifferent in this matter. Kang Joon said that he didn't do it.“Director Han Min Hyuk… was he involved?” Chae Yoon asked suspiciously.“I said stop Sara and Tae Hee oppa's marriage. Not making Tae Hee oppa like that!” shouted Cha YoonKang Joon saw that Chae Yoon's attitude was too excited with the current situation. Chae Yoon's eyes bulged sharply, Kang Joon smiled understanding that Chae Yoon wanted to be with Tae Hee but it was a pity that it was like that.“If Han Tae Hee dies, Sara has nowhere else to go. She is my wife in love and hate. I have to take care of him, right?” said Kang Joon as he took off his jacket.“Maybe not if he's Sa Geum Ran. But Sara, I can live with it. It is not like that?" said Kang Joon with a smile.Chae Yoon glared with his mouth agape, Kang Joon smiled slyly as he loosened his tie and unbuttoned his shirt.Sa Ra is still with Tae Hee staring continuously, then she holds Tae Hee's hand and puts it on her cheek. While continuing to stare at Tae Hee, her tears spilled out, as seen from Tae Hee's heart rate monitor which was gradually dropping.Sa Ra's tears flowed and continued to hold Tae Hee's hand close to her cheek. Tae Hee's heart rate drops again and looks nothing like when Sa Ra was outside.

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Chae Yoon is shocked to find out that Sa Ra is with Tae Hee. He scolded Ji Hoon who shouldn't have done that."We have to keep Sara away from Tae Hee oppa." Chae Yoon said firmly to Ji Hoon then he told him to leave now.After hanging up the phone, his face looks very panicked knowing Sa Ra is accompanying Tae Hee, not Ji Hoon.Sa Ra saw Tae Hee's condition who was still lying in the hospital bed, Chae Yoon who had just arrived immediately glared and shouted asking why Sa Ra was in Tae Hee's room."Didn't you hear what Grandma said?" Chae Yoon shouted a little threateningly.With a puffy face, Sa Ra asks Chae Yoon to calm down for Tae Hee's health. Sa Ra's eyes see Tae Hee who moves her index finger. Chae Yoon glared in surprise at Tae Hee who moved her body. The doctor came to check on him by calling Tae Hee several times."Han Tae Hee. If you can hear me, blink once.” said the doctor, Tae Hee blinked her eyes which were starting to open slightly. Sa Ra smiles happily because Tae Hee has come to her senses.

"Raise your left hand." Doctor ordered, Tae He raised his left hand. Sa Ra smiled even more.Grandma comes to see Tae Hee who has started to wake up, Chae Yoon tells Grandma that Tae Hee is awake, seeing Grandma who came Sa Ra chose to leave Tae Hee's treatment room slowly. Chae Yoon who saw Sa Ra came out smiled slyly.Grandma meets the doctor who treats Tae Hee, outside the treatment room.“In the case of Han Tae Hee, it is very important that things are calm for the sake of his condition. With the woman who took care of him last night, his condition has become more stable.” clear doctor“Wh... Who? Could it be, Sara?” asked the grandmother stammering looking at each other Chae Yoon who looked down in annoyance.“For Han Tae Hee, her psychological stability is very important in healing. The woman who takes care of him should be with him for a while.” order doctorGrandma sighs while nodding in understanding, while Chae Yoon is getting more and more cynical about Sa Ra who can make Tae Hee wake up from the coma, not her.Grandma meets Sa Ra in the VIP waiting room"Until Tae Hee gets out of the hospital, you can take care of her." said the grandmother who allowed Sa Ra to take care of Tae Hee.With a happy face Sa Ra says thank you, Grandma warns Sa Ra that she will only give permission until Tae Hee is discharged from the hospital because her health is the most important thing right now.From the front door, Chae Yoon looks in with a cynical look because Grandma must have given Sa Ra permission to take care of Tae Hee.Sa Ra returns to the room to see Tae Hee lying on the bed slightly raised. Tae Hee opened her eyes slightly to see Sa Ra's arrival.“I had a bad dream. The bracelet broke in my dream.” Tae Hee said who was still a little weak.

"It wasn't a dream. You're badly injured. I thought I would never see you again." said Sa Ra, who looked sad.Tae Hee says they have to buy a new bracelet that won't break forever. Sa Ra tries to smile, then Tae Hee insists that their marriage is just delayed. Sa Ra tries to smile then asks Tae Hee to get well soon."How is the groom walking down the aisle in this state?" joked Sa Ra"You can't carry me?" Tae Hee teased. Sa Ra smiled hearing that."I miss you. Even while sleeping." Tae Hee said with her eyes starting to close.He seemed unable to hold back his sleepiness and fell back asleep, Sa Ra could only stare at Tae Hee who was sleeping like she was holding back sadness because after Tae Hee recovered she had to immediately part with the person she loved.Min Hyuk meets Director Kim again at a private restaurant, after drinking rice wine, he knows Director Kim doesn't have a style that ends in just one act.“What if he reports a crime and gets caught? He will definitely find out once Han Tae Hee is out of the hospital.” said Min Hyuk who tried to cover his rottenness."He can't imagine who attacked him, for now he thinks it's Sara's fault." Director Kim explained with a straight face.“The whole world knows I'm fighting over inheritance with Han Tae Hee. Who do they think will do it?” said Min Hyuk who is always alertDirector Kim looked at Min Hyuk's face with a confused face. With his eyes bulging downwards, Min Hyuk expressed his intention to take the initiative under these circumstances. Director Kim looked at Min Hyuk thinking about what Min Hyuk would do.Min Hyuk holds a Press conference in front of reporters“CEO Han Tae Hee is my younger brother, I'm grateful that things are getting better. But I also feel sad. Who actually did this to him?”“For the sake of our family, the elder, I will act. Anyone who knows of CEO Han's accident, please report it. I will catch the culprit with my own hands. I beg you you guys."

Min Hyuk tries to divert people's opinions against him so he won't be suspected.Ji Sook walks into Min Hyuk's house and tells him that he's seen his son doing an interview with thepress but his face looks a little worried." there any problem with you doing this? I'm afraid they'll suspect you." Ji Sook said“I will use it to my advantage. When I think about it,… more gains than losses.” explained Min Hyuk with a sly face.He felt that if his attitude seemed sympathetic to his step-sister's situation, Grandma would think positively about his attitude.“Han Tae Hee is downstairs and can't do anything. At a time like this,... I'm about to step on Winner Food's first breakthrough. Now I'll steal everything while he's down. Including Sarah." obviously Min Hyuk is jealous.Ji Sook looked at her son and then looked down as if she didn't know what his son's plans were. Min Hyuk returns with a cold face full of vengeance.

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Tae Hee sees Sa Ra's cell phone telling the PD of Birth of Chef to call, he asks Sa Ra to quickly talk to him. Sa Ra gives Tae Hee a cup of tea, she looks a little nervous when she picks up the call from the PD.How about… shooting the show?” ask Sa Ra"Of course we postponed it and it had to be tomorrow." obviously the PD who looks annoyedSa Ra apologizes by herself for delaying filming, the PD feels there is no need for Sa Ra's apology but he asks Sa Ra to promise to take part in the competition tomorrow. Sa Ra says Yes if he will come."The PD is really angry, I heard." Tae Hee's comment"I'll tell him if you get hurt." said Sa Ra sadlyTae Hee concludes that Sa Ra will give up, he asks Sa Ra to think about it again."I'm lying here like this. What else do I need now? An uplifting news. If you give up the competition, my sick heart syndrome might return.”He asks Sa Ra to keep going for his own good and asks Sa Ra to try to keep winning if he can but he changes his sentence Sa Ra has to win. Sa Ra looked sad after that she smiled slightly.Kang Joon entered his room, saw Chae Yoon who was already standing inside. Chae Yoon tells that Tae Hee is awake, Kang Joon is surprised because Tae Hee was able to wake up so quickly."So the board of directors meeting wasn't cancelled?" said Kang Joon surprised"Of course not cancelled. Apart from meeting matters, your wife is currently taking care of another man. He's the one who saved Tae Hee oppa's life." explained Chae Yoon sarcastically.Chae Yoon is confused about what else to do, because the two of them look inseparable.“He will enter a cooking competition. What exactly have you been doing?” Chae Yoon quipped who tried to instigate Kang Joon to do something.Kang Joon again looks cold and cynical eyes at Chae Yoon, he didn't expect the plan to avoid the board of directors meeting now can no longer.Group Winner Building“Today's Birth of a Chef's cooking theme is food that you want to make for your family.” said Chae Yoon opening the Birth of Chef event.Chae Yoon moved to the challenger's counter, asking what kind of dish Oh Kyung Hee was currently preparing. Kyung Hee tells that she has prepared the best dishes for the family with 12 types of king dishes. Then Chae Yoon moved to Sa Ra's place."What are you preparing, Sara?" ask Chae Yoon“I… made bean paste with 4 side dishes” explains Sa Ra

“You make rice balls when the theme is something extraordinary. Are you going to put on a surprising show to win points?” Chae Yoon asked in a envious tone.Sa Ra insists that this is not a surprising show, then explains that for a moment she found out about family, then the dish popped into her mind so she wanted to show her love for the food she was about to make."As long as I imagine my family is happy after eating my food, I will do my best" Sa Ra explained with eyes like imagining the person who cooked it.Chae Yoon looked at Sa Ra with a glaring and cynical look, he returned to the middle of the Counter."Then the cooking for your family begins!" Chae Yoon said signaling the competition was starting.When 1 hour started, Sa Ra started taking cucumbers, onions and mushrooms and thinly sliced ​​them."Doctor. Wait and see. To me, you are already family.” Sa Ra muttered while remembering the first time preparing food at Ji Hoon's apartmentThen he also remembers the first time Tae Hee brought her mother to the studio and also when Tae Hee told about her family and they wore couple clothes.

When they buy groceries for the competition."Whether we have a happy ending, I don't know. But the fact that we're together now makes me happy."Memories come back to when they tried food at the supermarket, walking to the market to see pig heads and practicing walking the wedding altar and Tae Hee kissing his forehead at that time."I will cook for you. I will do the best."Sa Ra starts to make bean paste confidently, Chae Yoon looks at the cooking Sa Ra with a cynical glance.Min Hyuk came to see the shoot, he told the PD that he asked to meet with Sa Ra after filming was over. The PD understands and will pass the message on to Sa Ra. Chae Yoon seemed to hear Min Hyuk's words and then looked back at Sa Ra with a look full of revenge.

“Overseas school?” said Sa Ra surprised when she was in Min Hyuk's room.“I will pay for your study abroad. That's a requirement to be the main model of Winner Group." Min Hyuk clear“You mentioned being the main model that time. But why do you have to study abroad?” asked Sa Ra confusedMin Hyuk reveals that he is looking for the suspect who hurt Tae Hee, then he tells that in the process he found out that Sa Ra was having a fake identity. Sa Ra is shocked to hear Min Hyuk's confession and can only bow his head in silence. “The man who hurt Tae Hee used your fake identity to threaten and Tae Hee replaced you and got hurt. I worry as a member of his family. As long as you're with him, Tae Hee could be in danger." Min Hyuk explained.Feeling tense, Sa Ra looked at Min Hyuk with a shocked glare. Min Hyuk looked at Sa Ra with a slight smile.Kang Joon entered the set but didn't see Sa Ra, he ran to see Chae Yoon then pulled him and asked where Sa Ra was. Chae Yoon asks the reason for looking for Sa Ra is just because Sa Ra is his wife.“Where is he, quickly tell me now!!!!” said Kang Joon with wide eyes.“He went to the hospital. To take care of Tae Hee oppa. To Sara, you . . . mean nothing at all." replied Chae Yoon sarcasticallyKang Joon glanced sarcastically at Chae Yoon who left his wife.“The person who called Han Tae Hee is Kim Duk Soon's oppa?” ask Sa RaChairman Choi looks like he can only close his lips and stare at Sa Ra uncomfortably. Sa Ra pleads with Chairman Choi to answer his question earlier.“The man who called… knew you had a fake identity. The CEO said he would sort it out and didn't tell you.” explained Chairman Choi slowly"Don't tell him if I know. For now his recovery is more important." said Sa Ra who looked more and more worried.Sa Ra sits in silence, her face getting sadder knowing the truth, Tae Hee could be hurt. He recalled the time Grandma spoke to him in the make-up room.“Regarding your identity, will it really be a problem for Tae Hee?” Grandma said"I don't care what happens to you. Tae Hee oppa will get hurt because of you.” Chae Yoon said with a cynical face.He remembered seeing Tae Hee's body covered in a sack with his face covered in blood. Sa Ra felt that all of this was her fault. Someone entered the VIP waiting room.Sa Ra looked at the person who came, her eyes were shocked to see Kang Joon coming to the hospital. Kang Joon also looks at Sa Ra with a cynical and vengeful look.Kang Joon carried Sa Ra to the emergency stairs and pushed her until Sa Ra couldn't move because she was leaning against the wall.

“You still haven't given up on Han Tae Hee? You can't separate even after this incident? Did he have to die before you could wake up?” said Kang Joon threateningly.“Han Tae Hee got hurt… was it you who did it?” said Sa Ra with wide eyes.Kang Joon removed his hand from Sa Ra's arm. With bulging eyes, Sa Ra knows that only Kang Joon is the only person who knows about her identity, Even now Kang Joon is threatening her and she is sure it is Kang Joon. With bulging eyes, Kang Joon challenges if he is really involved, why?"If he gets hurt because of you,... I won't let him." Sa Ra said that she wasn't afraid to fight Kang Joo“Even if Han Tae Hee rises from the dead, you are my wife. You can't go with the others. The more you're obsessed with Han Tae Hee... the more I won't let go. Understand?" said Kang Joon threateningly."What do you want?" ask Sa RaKang Joon sees Sa Ra's face and says that Sa Ra looks beautiful and different from Geum Ran. He also saw that his wife's personality had also changed and he felt sure everything was new.That way he feels he can live happily with Sa Ra so he tempts Sa Ra to live with him. Sa Ra can't help but be angry with Kang Joon's temptation by giving Kang Joon a hard slap.“The more you insist…Han Tae Hee is in more danger. You know me well. What did I do to Sa Geum Ran.” threaten Kang JoonSa Ra glared at Kang Joon's threat, while Kang Joon smiled slyly because he managed to make Sa Ra look worried. Sa Ra glared at her, swallowing her saliva, as if trying to shake off her fear.Sa Ra returns to meet Tae Hee in her room, her face lowered and a little sad. Tae Hee asks with her cooking competition. Sa Ra asks if Tae Hee is curious. Tae Hee answered that of course."Win or lose?" Tae Hee asked curiously."If you're curious,... watch the show." said Sa Ra enigmatically with a smiling face.Tae Hee saw Sa Ra was promoting with the program she was participating in, Sa Ra smiled, seeing Tae Hee's condition, she felt like Tae Hee was able to get out of the hospital

Tae Hee looks unsure, Sa Ra wants to go out to see the Doctor on duty.“Are you ready to leave as soon as you got here? I've been waiting for you all day." Tae Hee complains who is annoyed to see Sa Ra who is leaving.Tae Hee suddenly complains on her hand, Sa Ra asks if Tae Hee is really sick. Tae Hee complains that her hand hurts. The panicked Sa Ra will call the nurse. Tae Hee refuses Sa Ra to call the nurse."The best treatment is... ...the warm hands of the one I love. If you touch me, the endorphins will be released And my pain will subside." Tae Hee clearly admits shyly.Sa Ra smiled, she sat beside Tae Hee and held her hand. Tae Hee smiled happily at Sa Ra's touch, then she felt her forehead hurt and the pain moved, now her cheeks hurt too. Sa Ra smiled hearing that. "Where does it hurt more? Forehead or cheeks? You just choose and take care of me” Tae Hee said trying to tease Sa Ra shyly.Sa Ra smiles hearing Tae Hee try to tease her, Tae Hee also smiles because Sa Ra knows that he is teasing her.In the car Director Kim calls his messenger."Make sure Han Tae Hee doesn't say anything unimportant." his orders. His men understood Director Kim's orders.He was already in the hospital with a cold-blooded killer stare as well as Director Kim who looked very cold with the murder he had done.Sa Ra paced in the hallway of Tae Hee's treatment, the man ordered by Director Kim also walked down the hall of the hospital. Tae Hee is still fast asleep in her room. Sa Ra walks in the hallway seeing a suspicious man walking in the hallway too.He remembered Kang Joon's threat when he spoke on the emergency stairs.“The more you insist… Han Tae Hee is in more danger.”The man continues to walk looking at the room through the glass, like he's looking for Tae Hee. Sa Ra is getting scared, Tae Hee is still lying in her room. Not far from where he was standing, he hastily called for a nurse.His eyes had glanced at the man who did not check the room where he was standing now. With a frightened face he saw the man who joined also glanced at Sa Ra. Then the man is seen leaving the hospital hallway

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