Some Tips When Driving in Rainy Weather

Some Tips When Driving in Rainy Weather

some tips when driving in rainy weather

a car in the rain.

Netgenz - Netizen buzz Automotive - in the rainy season, we need to increase our caution against slippery roads. because it can make us fall or skid tires. Therefore this time I provide several articles about driving tips when it rains.

Here are some tips for driving during the rainy season to make driving safer and more comfortable:

1. Check vehicle lights

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Check all vehicle lights to see if they are working properly. So that these lights are useful to help you see in limited visibility due to rain. Keep your headlights on even when it's daytime and it's raining because it helps other drivers see your vehicle.

2. Check Tire Condition

Check the condition of the air pressure in the tires and the depth of the tire grooves regularly at least once a week, the condition of sufficient tire pressure and good tire tread will prevent your vehicle from drifting on water (aquaplaning) and slipping when it rains. Do not take the risk by using tires that are already thin.

3. Check the condition of the brakes and clutch

Check the condition of the main control components of your vehicle, namely the steering, brake pedal, gas, and clutch, whether they are in good condition and provide extra care during the rainy season to anticipate emergencies or other people's mistakes that can cause accidents.

4. Clothing Check

Use footwear that is not slippery, waterproof, and safe for driving, and also prepare a raincoat in the form of a shirt and pants, for motorcyclists, because such a raincoat is safer than a poncho.

5. Check the speed

Reduce your speed in driving a vehicle because when it rains because the road surface is slippery as a result of mixing oil with water so that your tires do not slip (skid). Driving the vehicle in low-speed conditions will make your vehicle's tire grooves more in direct contact with the asphalt and make the tire grip better.

6. Check the distance between vehicles

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Keep a safe distance between your vehicle and other drivers because when it rains a safe distance to break the vehicle requires a longer distance than in dry conditions.

7. Be careful with puddles

Don't just break through puddles because we don't know the depth. This can result in your vehicle breaking down or falling into a hole that may be in the puddle.

8. things to do during the strike

If you are caught in a flood and your vehicle breaks down due to water entering your vehicle's gas drain, do not start the engine again. Better to push it to a safe place, because it is feared that your ignition system may short circuit and may burn your vehicle.

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