Phone Performance Is Slow, This Is The Solution

Smartphone Feels Slow

phone performance is slow, this is the solution

the capacity of a cell phone storage

Netgenz - Technology Tips is your smartphone starting to slow down? if yes you can follow some steps I did on my phone because my phone also slows down due to some things.

From the full storage or the number of applications you use on your phone, I also do that because I often use it to play games or download large files, of course, it can slow down the phone, so read the following articles to solve it.

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1. Clear Storage

Running low on storage is guaranteed to have your phone crawling — Android requires a bit of headroom to perform everyday tasks, and having to repeatedly load and reference thousands of files scattered across drives takes time and resources. Random files, apps, updates, and media can add up quickly, so occasionally use a phone cleaner to free up space and keep things under control.

You can identify what is taking up your device's storage by opening the "Settings" menu and tapping "Storage". Here you will see the following details:

  • Cached data
  • Pictures & Videos
  • audio
  • Apps & app data

If your phone has a large cache of applications, I recommend deleting it because the more cache there is, the less storage is available, and clean it regularly so you can use your phone normally.

If photos and other media take up too much space, you can use Google Drive as your second storage, which I suggest is ok not a requirement, because of the high level of security, you may lose your files due to forgetting your password or being hacked.

if you haven't used the application on your cellphone for a long time, I suggest just deleting it along with the data so it doesn't become trash. This also applies to applications that are useful for only 2 weeks or more. you can delete and download again when the application is useful again.

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2. Disable Animation

By default, Android uses animated transitions when opening and switching between different apps. This transition takes a few precious seconds which can add up over time and slow you down. Reducing or disabling it completely is one of the quickest and easiest things you can do to make your phone feel faster — heavy emphasis on the word feel here, as this trick doesn't actually speed up your device in the traditional sense, but only saves you seconds. -seconds are gone. It doesn't sound like much, but the difference really is day and night.

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To change animation settings, you need to enable Developer Options, then go back to select "Developer Options" from the settings menu and scroll until you find the following settings:

  • Window animation scale
  • Transition animation scale
  • Animator duration scale

Set them to "Animation off" or "Animation scale .5x" respectively if you prefer to have faster animations than no animations.

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3. Install Lite Version App

When your favorite apps are updated, features have often been added that increase their storage footprint and cause them to run slower than before. Some of these updates may even make the app incompatible with low-end hardware. As a result, many popular apps now come with light versions, which strip them all down to include all but the most important features.

Other popular lite apps include the following — try to add a little performance boost:

  • Twitter Lite
  • LinkedIn Lite
  • Skype Lite
  • YouTube Go
  • Google Go
  • Gmail Go
  • Google Maps Go

    That's just the article I gave you. If your phone is still slowing down, it's probably not a storage issue or something above. but the cause could be a virus that entered your cellphone caused by advertisements or dangerous websites. That is all from me. Don't forget to read some of our articles on our website.

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