Multichannel Marketing, The Right Way To Get Consumers

Multichannel Marketing, The Right Way To Get Consumers

Illustration Multichannel Marketing

Illustration Multichannel Marketing

Netgenz - Business | If you are going to buy shoes of love, for example, then you will look for information on the internet or e-commerce about shoes that are defined in terms of detail, quality, fashion, and price. related to the store's track record because it involves the originality of the product. But everyone will be different in using the marketing channels that are felt to be easy, comfortable, and most trusted. With a variety of customer attitudes, therefore companies need to take advantage of marketing flows because they have a greater opportunity to capture customers. Also, read How surveysay to make money online.

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Understanding of Multichannel Marketing

Multichannel marketing is the practice of connecting with loyal customers by using a combination of direct and indirect channels so that a product or service comes where the loyal customers are, while they are everywhere. In other words, multichannel marketing combines multiple channels of distribution and promotions into one integrated tactic to attract a large number of loyal customers.

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The flow of communication can be direct in the form of direct e-mail, direct SMS, direct WhatsApp, public relations/telemarketing, moments, circulars, social media, and indirect communication including TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, banners, billboards, web, and websites.

The more communication channels are used, the more choices loyal consumers love, the wider the communication reach to enable loyal consumers to make purchases.

Benefits of Multichannel Marketing

The presence of social media is increasingly adding to the variety of marketing flows, in terms of customers will get many choices of product or service information and from a company's, perspective open a wider market size. Here are the benefits of companies using multichannel marketing:

  1. wider reach, when a company adds new streams thereby increasing the reach of prospective loyal customers that they haven't had in the first place.
  2. Increase the linkage, with the increase in the flow of communication because it will increase the relationship between loyal customers and the organization.
  3. Reaching the same customer according to their choice, if not all customers like direct flow, therefore customers can get information through indirect communication channels.
  4. The combined flow is more efficient, through the combined flow of communication, therefore product or service messages are more influential and follow the choices of loyal consumers.

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Various Marketing Streams

Combined flows are believed to be more efficient in reaching customers who have different attitudes. There are two examples of combinations that can be used:

    1. Social Media and Tv

Nielson Media Research found that social media and television experienced a 12-point increase in brand awareness compared to companies using only one channel, this is because social media helps reinforce marketing messages and reach prospective loyal customers.

    2. Radio and Tv

Radio ads will help customers to remember the ads on TV. When these two streams are combined, brand awareness increases by 35%. Companies can do advertisements on television to strengthen brand image through attractive advertisements and short advertisements on the radio at a lower cost.

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While there are many benefits to multichannel marketing, there are many hurdles to overcome:

    1. The right marketing attributes

Organizations need to assess how far the effectiveness of the content and messages used in the marketing stream is, remember that each stream has other content and messages.

    2. Take advantage of analytic marketing

The second hurdle in implementing multichannel marketing is creating marketing campaigns and doing marketing analytics. Based on data, about 37% of marketers experience difficulties in using loyal customer data, 55% find it difficult to add loyal customer data to loyal customer profiles and it is found that 65% pay attention to data quality.

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    3. Development

The number of marketing stream bases such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok, Smart TV, YouTube, and Podcasts has resulted in some marketers being demanded to be innovative when creating efficient content and campaigns. Marketers are required to be reliable in analyzing and making the right tactics for the marketing flow.

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    4. Message target

Marketers need to take a deep approach regarding demographic, psychographic (lifestyle) factors, and buying stories of loyal consumers because each marketing stream has a different attitude. Marketers should be able to encapsulate the character of the flow and create the right message. Remember the high business competition and the various marketing channels, because all relevant departments in the organization have the same mission and vision in applying multichannel marketing.

Some marketers as a motor in making marketing tactics if they have the skills when conducting customer surveys, analyzing data, and calculating the effectiveness of each marketing flow. Furthermore, the center of multichannel marketing is to create compelling content and combine it with marketing flows so that loyal consumers have a memorable experience.

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