Marketing Strategy to Improve Product Quality

Marketing Strategy to Improve Product Quality

Marketing Strategy to Improve Product Quality

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Netgenz - Business | Excellent service, neat store appearance, and great marketing tactics. However, if the quality of the product is not good, consumers will definitely turn to other stores. Surely you don't want to, right? If the quality of your product is okay, a good discussion from consumers will certainly arrive. What are the steps to improve the quality of your product? Read the following trick.

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Know the meaning of product quality first

Product quality can be divided into two types:

Product quality based on the basic role

When you want to release a new product to the market, ask this first: "Is this product a solution to a problem?". For example, for a cardholder made of leather, the basic qualities that need to be guaranteed are that it is strong, has a minimum of four compartments, and fits in a trouser pocket.

Products with sub-standard requirements are generally less able to compete in the market. Therefore, each producer should have standard requirements for the products they want to launch based on market research. At this stage, the question that needs to be answered is "Can this product solve the existing problem?" or "Is this product helpful or easy for customers to use?".

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Product quality based on customer satisfaction

If you only meet the basic requirements, how can your product be different from other brands? Therefore, your product must have more value or uniqueness that can provide customer satisfaction.

Ask this before you put out a product, "Does this product have an added value that makes it unique?" or "Would consumers prefer to buy this product over other products?"

Quality based on customer satisfaction can come from various factors, for example, good quality, but the price is getting cheaper. It can also have more roles than other products or it can be in terms of a cooler design.

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Guide to improve product quality

How is the trick to improve product quality?

  1. Get input from consumers to find out the shortcomings of your product
  2. Do quality control for each product you make
  3. Reviews of vendors you've invited to work with
  4. Pay attention to competitors

Get feedback from consumers and upgrade your products periodically

As a seller, you should actively ask for input about your product, not just about store services. You can ask via chat on Tokopedia or you can send Broadcast Chat too.

After getting input from consumers, arrange a time to discuss consumer complaints. Can be weekly or monthly. From that input, choose suggestions from consumers that you can apply to your product. Here's the trick for your product to be able to compete and relate to market needs.

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Do quality control for each product you make

Of course, each store has certain standards for the products that are issued. Therefore carry out strict quality control and make sure you are happy when using your product. Stay away from selling products that are deemed not up to standard.

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Do a review on your product vendor

If you still take goods from vendors or distributors, do periodic reviews. Even though the goods are from vendors, the quality still affects the branding of your store. Because consumers buy from your shop, not from your vendor. Don't hesitate to find more than one vendor and compare the two. Can be in terms of quality, price, and service.

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Pay attention to competitors

In addition to concentrating on consumers, sometimes you can glance at the tactics of competitors and compare their products. If you can't wait, at least your quality is as good as competitors and add your service to consumers.

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