How to Track Your Partner's Position via WhatsApp, So Curious!

How to Track Your Partner's Position via WhatsApp, So Curious!

Find out the partner's position via WhatsApp

Find out the partner's position via WhatsApp

Netgenz - Technology Tips | The WhatsApp messaging program has a feature that can find the location of a partner. The feature is called Live Location. With this feature, users and other users can share their location in real-time. This location share feature can be carried out throughout a certain period and can be carried out individually or in groups. When using the Live Location feature, later users will get a static map image display to see the location points of other users sharing their location.

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WhatsApp guarantees the security of this Live Location feature because it is end-to-end encrypted. So it's impossible if someone other than you and the user who shared the location can see the shared location. In addition to finding the location point of the partner, this feature can be useful for maintaining the safety of family or families traveling to locations that are considered foreign, such as using public transportation such as conservative taxis or online delivery services.

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Here are the steps to share location via WhatsApp on Mobile

  1. Open the WhatsApp program.
  2. Search and decide who you will share your location with.
  3. Next, in the note-down message column, tap the paper clip icon or paper clip.
  4. Then select the Location option.
  5. Then select the option Share Latest Location or Sharing Live Location.
  6. Specify the duration for the location share.
  7. After that, tap Send to start sharing the location.

Live Location will be served using Google Maps. If you share in a group, then everyone in the group can see the location. On the other hand, if a person in a contact shares their location, you can find out that person's location on WhatsApp.

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Steps to know someone's location through Command Prompt

In addition, through the Live Location feature of Whatsapp, how to know someone's location can also be done using the Command Prompt feature from a computer or netbook without the need to download a program.

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However, this step is said to only be successful if it is carried out with WhatsApp Site. Here's the way to take We The Geek.

  1. Open the WhatsApp Site and search for the user you want to find their IP address for.
  2. Close all running programs, except the browser you are using. This is done to prevent problems from occurring while the process is running.
  3. Then press Ctrl + Alt + Delete together to open the Task Manager.
  4. After pressing Win + R on the keyboard to run the Run function on the keyboard.
  5. After the Run role exists, write Cmd and then press Enter.
  6. A Command Prompt window will appear. Then write netstat and press enter on the C: Documents and SettingAdministrator option at the top of the window
  7. There will be an IP address, write or copy the address before closing the prompt.
  8. Then open the tab on chrome and open Then enter the IP address that you wrote down initially to find out the location of a person.

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