How to Restore the Ip Address of a Laptop Computer to Original

How to Restore the Ip Address

How to Restore the Ip Address

Netgenz - Technology Computer and Internet | IP Address is a very important thing when associated with a computer network or laptop network because a device can only be recognized by other devices from an IP address, or in other words, every computer or laptop media that wants to be connected must use an address.

One of the most important things in building a network is an IP address, where the IP address is a mandatory requirement that must be installed on each computer so that computers can be connected from one computer to another.

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And the problem that often occurs in the installation of computer networks is that the computer cannot be connected just because we are not careful in checking the IP Address on each computer so that we do not know that there is the same computer IP Address in a computer network which in turn causes problems in the computer network. computer network.

The most effective way to solve this problem is by changing or changing the IP Address of the computer that has a problem with an IP Address that has not been used at all or you can also temporarily return the IP Address to its initial settings so that the computer can connect to one computer with the computer. other.

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In addition to being used to solve problems about computer networks, changing the computer's IP address to the initial settings is also sometimes necessary when we want to see the modem's IP address, this is done so that not too many IP addresses appear, so we will find it easier to determine the modem's IP address.

In addition, the method in the image above can also be used to restore DNS computers and laptops to Default Settings.

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Here's How To Change The IP Address Of Computers And Laptops To Default

1. First you open the start menu, then click the "Control panel" menu.

2. After that, a display like the following will appear. Then you click the "Network and Internet Connections" menu.

3. The next step you click the "Network Connections Menu.

4. Then you right-click on the Local Area Connection, click Properties.

5. Then select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), After that select Properties.

Important Note

don't forget to show a checkmark on the Menu Show Icon in the notification area when connected and also notify me when the connection has limited or no connectivity to make it easier for you to know the status of network connections and internet connections.

6. After that select Obtain an Ip Address Automatically, then click OK.

7. Done, until here the IP address of the computer and laptop has returned to its initial settings.

That's what Mimin can say about How to change the Ip Address of a Laptop Computer to the default settings or the settings.

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