How to Repair a Short or Damaged Power Supply

How to Repair a Short or Damaged Power Supply

How to Repair a Short or Damaged Power Supply

How to Repair a Short or Damaged Power Supply

Netgenz - Technology Computer and Internet | From my experience in the field and various experiments, in repairing the power supply on computers, especially desktop computers. The power supply itself is the main source of electricity to turn on a PC or computer, if the power supply dies or a component is weak or short, it is almost certain that our computer will not turn on, aka the computer is completely dead.

But here, don't panic or be confused if your PC doesn't turn on, calm your mind, sit back, open your laptop or cellphone, the important thing is that you have an internet connection, then open Google, type and search for a solution on Google, guaranteed there will be a solution. However, if you are not familiar with disassembling a PC or computer, it's better to leave it to the experts. The computer is totally dead

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The signs of damage to the power supply on the computer, based on our experience in the field, are as follows:

  • The fan on the power supply does not turn on
  • The fan on the mainboard also doesn't turn on
  • Strong odor on the power supply component
  • There is no reaction when the computer is pressed the power button.

But at point 3 above the cause is not only the power supply, it can also be on the mainboard, memory, and many other things.

Because a computer device is interrelated between one component and another.

Continuing about the damage to the power supply above, if you are curious or have free time, here are some tips that you can put into practice in repairing your power supply.

It could also be that these tips are specifically for those of you who have a minimal budget, I'm just kidding..., but maybe like me, who was also curious at first, every time my power supply breaks, I have to buy a new one first.

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How to Repair a Broken Power Supply

So, here's how to fix a dead or damaged power supply, based on experience and various sources, including Google.

1. Open the computer's CPU case

2. Remove the power supply component from your computer or CPU.

3. Look for a wire that has a length of about 5-10 cm, then test or you can also use a straightened paper clip.

4. Hold the main cable from the other PSU, then connect the other end of the GREEN COLOR cable with the BLACK (which is important black), from one of the cables.

Remember that the starting point of logic is to connect the green end of the cable with another cable of a different color.

Actually, it's also okay between green and red, green and yellow cables, the important thing is one of them is green. How to Fix a Short or Damaged Power Supply

If in experiment number 4 the power supply fan indicator cannot rotate, it can be ascertained that the components of the power supply are damaged.

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5. Open the cover of your power supply, then look carefully at the components in the power supply, such as the example of the damage to the power supply that we are dealing with below, there are elco-elco bubbles, so remove the elco from its place, then replace it with the new elco.

6. After you replace the Elco, then try it for you to test, if it fails, there will be no problems with your CPU, but if it works, your PSU will be able to turn on again.

Remember the method above is specifically for those of you who dare to try and dare to accept the risk, because the tutorial on how to fix the power supply above, can't one hundred percent fix your power supply, because every power supply problem is not the same from one another.

So all the risks that arise are not our responsibility, but your own, so you should think carefully before trying the method above, friend.

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