How to Repair or Computer RAM

How to Repair and Repair Computer RAM

How to Repair and Repair Computer RAM

How to Repair and Repair Computer RAM

Netgenz - Technology Computer and Internet | Remember! there are a lot of risks with the following repair method. But the biggest risk is that your RAM will actually die completely, so you can do this method if you are among those who want to know and want to try.

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1. Check RAM Position in Slot

There is very little chance that the RAM position will not fit in the slot, but this possibility is still there considering that the key from the slot can also wear out.

2. Remove RAM from Slot

If there is no problem with the RAM placement in the slot, then just remove the RAM from the slot and start cleaning it.

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3. Clean RAM with Rubber Eraser or Soft Cloth

Check the pins of the RAM which are shiny yellow at the bottom, whether there are impurities such as fine rust or the like.

Clean the pin by wiping it using a rubber eraser lightly and gently over and over again, don't press it. Remember! the pin only, not the other part.

4. Clean all the RAM Body Parts

You can use a small DVD cleaning brush or the like to clean all parts of the RAM body, you can also use a cotton bud that is smeared with alcohol or thinner to clean all the dirt.

Do it carefully and slowly, if you have let it dry first. The function of this action is to clean if there is dirt that causes static electricity to appear.

Until here you can try the dry RAM from the cleaning process earlier. If it's still not normal, do the next step.

5. Stimulant Using a Multimeter

The last way is to provide a prompt to fix if there is a problem with the flow of electric current in the RAM.

How to use:

  • Set multimeter in Ohm scale with free size can be 10Kor 100K
  • Attach the end of the black wire to one of the copper pins of the RAM legs
  • Glue the end of the red wire to the IC kaki
  • Paste the end of the red wire one by one on each leg of the existing memory IC ( Its function is to stimulate each existing memory cell to "wake up" again.

Then try again on your computer.

6. The Last Way If RAM is Dead

The last way you can do if only the five methods above have not produced anything. This means that your RAM is most likely dead.

The trick is to soak it in detergent water and clean it with a brush to wash it slowly. If it feels clean, all you have to do is dry it until there are no water droplets attached to the RAM.

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If the 5 Ways to Repair and Repair Computer RAM do not give any results or the symptoms of damage still occur. Advice from Teknoblas is better to buy new RAM immediately.

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