How to Fatten the Body Naturally

 How to Fatten the Body Naturally

 How to Fatten the Body Naturally

Netgenz - Health | Having a very thin body often results in reduced self-confidence. Well, there are several methods to fatten the body naturally that can be tried, especially for those of you who want to increase body weight and have the perfect body weight.

Do you understand that being underweight is as dangerous as being overweight? If you have a very thin body that is categorized as malnourished, there are several health problems that you can experience, including anemia, brittle bones, weak immune energy, to fertility problems.

Therefore, it is recommended that you increase your body weight so that your health condition is always maintained. This can be tried with various methods to fatten the body naturally.

Guide to make the right body fat

If you want to gain weight, do it comfortably and healthily. The following are some methods to fatten the body naturally that you can apply:

1. Consume food more often

If you are underweight so you look very thin, you are advised to eat more often. This aims to increase the consumption of calories and nutrients that the body needs to increase body weight.

If you can't finish your meal in large portions, try to eat smaller portions but more often. For example, by increasing the frequency of eating to 5 or 6 times a day, but in smaller rations.

2. Sort food more carefully

If you want to gain weight, you must be more careful in choosing food. Make sure the food you consume has lots of nutrients that can support weight gains, such as protein, fat, environmental carbohydrates, and various vitamins and minerals.

Large meals of protein can increase muscle mass and increase body weight. Meanwhile, carbohydrates and fats in food services increase fat tissue and meet energy needs.

You can get protein and fat by eating meat, fish, beans, eggs, and tofu, and tempeh. To meet the needs of vitamins and minerals, you can consume whole wheat bread, whole wheat or whole grain cereals, brown rice, and various fruits and vegetables.

3. Consume good fatty foods

One of the nutritional intakes that need to be packed to make the body fat is healthy fats or unsaturated fats, such as omega-3 and omega-6.

This type of fat is rich in calories and is good for maintaining a healthy body because it does not cause fat accumulation in the blood vessels or atherosclerosis. Examples of foods that have lots of healthy fats are fish, avocados, eggs, and nuts.

4. Drink more milk

Milk and its dairy products, such as cheese and yogurt, are good sources of fat, calories, and protein. Not only that, but milk also has a lot of calcium which has a significant function in maintaining the health and strength of bones and teeth.

By regularly drinking milk or consuming dairy products, your body weight can increase. To make your body fat, you can drink milk, either pure cow's milk or body fattening milk, as much as 1 or 2 glasses per day.

5. Exercise regularly

Exercising and regular physical activity also play a significant role in fattening the body. With regular exercise, especially strength training, bodyweight will increase. Not only that but exercise is also known to increase appetite so that your calorie and nutrient consumption can be more fulfilled.

6. No smoking

A study shows that people who smoke frequently are more at risk of being overweight or even underweight. This unhealthy routine is also known to increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Therefore, if you want to make fat, immediately stop smoking routine, yes.

7. Get enough rest

To increase body weight and keep it always perfect, you are advised to rest or get enough sleep every night. Adequate sleep is known to function in supporting the process of making body tissue. The perfect sleep time for people aged 7-9 hours per night.

In addition to the various methods to fatten the body naturally above, you are also advised to prevent or avoid consuming fast food. This is because these foods are unhealthy and low in nutritional content that the body needs.

It should also be remembered that the process for fattening the body is not practical. You need constant time and effort to get the bodyweight you want.

If you have practiced various methods to fatten the body naturally, but your body weight has not increased, you should consult the problem with your doctor. The doctor will carry out a physical examination and evaluate your nutritional status.

After that, the doctor can provide measures, for example by advocating a healthy diet or prescribing medications and supplements to help you gain weight.

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