Here are 5 Tips to Find out the Damage to your Mouse

here are 5 tips to find out the damage to your mouse

here are 5 tips to find out the damage to your mouse

 Netgenz - Technology  Computer and Internet The mouse is one of the computer hardware components that are often used by users. For some people, of course, they already know the objects that are often used to move the cursor on a laptop or computer. Even though the laptop already has a touchpad, the mouse is still needed today.

However, as with other electronic items, the mouse also has problems if it is damaged. However, sometimes we are confused about whether the mouse is really broken or not. To find out more, here's a review.

1. The cursor does not move even when the mouse is connected

The first characteristic is that the cursor does not move at all even though you have connected the mouse to the computer or laptop. As is well known that the mouse currently has two types, namely the wired version and also the wireless version. For the cable version, in general, it is quite often problematic because of the hassle of managing cables when used or not used.

Even though the wireless version is practically easier, it still doesn't guarantee that such a mouse will last. It's just that the wireless version has two conditions when the cursor does not move even though the mouse is connected. First, it could be that the battery is weak, so the wireless signal on the mouse is weak. The second condition is that the mouse is really damaged.

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2. The light is on but the cursor is not running

Well, the second point is not much different from the first point. It's just that the condition that occurs is that the mouse is on as usual, but the cursor doesn't move at all. This can happen to both wired and wireless-type mice.

If such a situation persists, you should not panic just yet. This incident could be due to two things. The first can be from the laptop or computer itself or it can be from a problematic mouse. To anticipate this, you should try to connect a computer or laptop with another mouse. if on another mouse it runs smoothly, then the main problem is on the mouse.

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3. Button doesn't work when clicked

Signs of mouse damage can also be felt when we press the button either on the left, right and middle or on the scroll. Even in some cases, the mouse does not make a "click" sound when pressed. If you don't make a "click" sound, it will be difficult for you to adjust the cursor on your computer or laptop. sometimes the cursor will press any application or program that is not to our liking. If it's like that, what we can do is replace the old mouse with a new mouse. However, if you have expertise in mouse repair, you can learn how to repair a mouse easily.

4. LED light does not turn on

This part contradicts the second point, namely the LED light on the mouse does not turn on. In this type of optical mouse or optical mouse type, there is an LED light that generally emits red light. Usually, the light will turn on when the cable or USB jack has been connected to a computer or laptop. if the LED light does not light up, it can be ascertained that there is damage to the LED light. However, the certainty of the damage can be seen when the mouse is disassembled.

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5. Muse and cursor are out of sync

Maybe you have experienced this part. When you move the mouse up, the cursor does not move or moves in the opposite direction. Generally, people will pull the mouse cable and try again if the type of mouse used is a wired mouse type.

But that does not mean the type of wireless mouse it does not happen. Sometimes on a wireless mouse, an out-of-sync between the mouse and the cursor on a computer or laptop can occur. However, this is the same as the previous points. there could be two factors that occur. The first is the battery on the mouse starts to run low, or the second factor is damage to the USB jack, and the third factor is damage to the mouse itself.

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To find out more easily, you can try it by replacing the wireless mouse with an old mouse that is still good. If there is no problem with the cursor, then there could be a problem with the wireless mouse.

That's the characteristics of the damage that appears on the Mouse easily visible. The function of the mouse on a computer is indeed very vital because the mouse is included in an important computer component. Therefore, even though the price of this mouse includes components that are quite cheap, however, we still have to keep it in use as long as possible. Hopefully this article can provide benefits.

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