Here are 10 Tips to Make Your Computer So Cool

Here are 10 Tips to Make Your Computer So Cool

Here are 10 Tips to Make Your Computer So Cool

Netgenz - Technology  Computer and Internet As a gamer or multimedia player, of course, we want a cool and comfortable setup, but we often make it as it is and seem less pleasing to the eye. So for those of you who are still confused about your set-up concept and how to set up your productivity area, here are some tips. Hope it inspires you.

 1. Get creative

The first is to make your own set-up idea as creative as possible. Make your set-up have its own characteristics because it is your work. My suggestion is to make something unique to make it different from the others it would be great.

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2. Find an inspiration

Make your set-up have something character, for those of you who are about to start building a set-up, look for a theme for your set-up to make it more pleasing to the eye.

Look for some inspiration it can be hobbies, movies, games, or anime, toys, and others. Make according to what you like it will make you feel comfortable.

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3. Assemble your PC

After you find a theme, start assembling your PC. Make according to the theme look for the right colors and components in a matching PC. Give a little LED to make it look cooler.

Arrange the cables in the PC as well as possible so that it looks neat. Keep in mind! Adjust components for maximum PC performance.

4. Match components

There are several brands of components for a PC on the market. Then look for the one that fits your theme from the processor, motherboard, graphics card, ram, to the casing, make sure it matches the theme. Starting from the color and shape make everything looks together with the theme.

5. Gaming gear

Gaming equipment uses an RGB keyboard and even a gaming mouse or headset to make it look more frightening. There are many choices of gaming gear, my advice is to choose one brand to make it look harmonious.

Choose a brand that you really like it will make your gaming experience better.

6. Play with colors as well as atmosphere

Use several RGB LED strips to make the atmosphere even more gaming-like. A good color combination is needed so that our setup looks cool. Be careful in color combinations if you can match the theme you take.

7. Cable arrangement

Make a good wiring arrangement this will make your set-up look clean. Try not to see the cable, hide the cable in some corners so as not to disturb.

I recommend using some devices that are wireless or wireless because they can make setup easier.

But if you don't like it, you can still be creative by making a few holes in the table for your gaming device cable.

8. Tables and chairs

Choose a table that is suitable for your set-up theme according to the color you choose. Also, adjust the size to make it easy to place your gaming equipment.

For the chair itself, you can choose a chair that is specifically for gaming to make it cooler or some chairs that you really feel comfortable with.

My advice, according to your needs, there are two types of table and chair positions, namely upright and lesehan. Choose the most comfortable position you want.

9. Specify The Number of monitors

This set-up depends on your needs, there are several types of set-ups that do use multi-monitors to support performance and aesthetics.

Adjust to your liking and also the theme you choose will make you have a better playing experience.

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10. Add some accessories

To make your set-up even cooler, add some accessories that match the stacking theme in such a way that it looks neat.

Also add photos from movies, games, anime that you set as a theme in your set-up. Add some action figures and various decorations to your setup.

Those are some tips to add to your cool set-up style

The set-up is indeed made to add comfort and also a better playing experience, so the set-up you make is the result of your creativity.

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