Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 9 Part 2 English Subtitles

Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 9 part 2

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Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 9 part 2

Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 9 part 2

Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 9 Part 2 English Subtitles

The beauty of the Shadows video is shown. The content of this video talks about the editor's hard work in creating a beautiful and unique magazine. The video appealed to everyone, but the editorial staff was really worried that Sung Joon wouldn't show up. They got bigger after the video was released, another show was the conversation. With no other choice, Joo Young asks Shin Hyuk to go there to give his speech. But before Shin Hyuk appeared, Madam Kim was already standing on the film speaking her mind.

Ms. Kim answered in the best possible English. However, he only uses these English words because he doesn't speak English very well. Ms. Kim listened to it in Korean and asked a translator to translate it and show it in the mirror. Unexpectedly, the editorial staff's plight about Mrs. Kim will interfere with this event against your interests, because Mrs. Kim knows how to make her words better, words come from within The effect can affect the whole world. What Hye Jin feared really happened. Sung Joon could drive his car in the rain, now he's chatting in the car. Hye Jin also receives a message from Joo Young telling her to go back to the dinner table because the show is coming to an end. In fact, Hye Jin returned to the auditorium where Ms. Kim is still talking.

In the middle of the conversation, Sung Joon just arrived and immediately left when he saw Mrs. Kim continue to take her place. Sung Joon's face was pale. Hye Jin herself is relieved to see Sung Joon is okay. Sung Joon purposely waited for Mrs. Kim and met her after she spoke. The only thing that comes out of Sung Joon's mouth is regret, he didn't take what really happened to him. Hye Jin herself could see Sung Joon from a distance. She sits next to Sung Joon and sees him talking. The next day, all the editorial team started talking about Sung Joon's lateness. The person who is most annoyed by Sung Joon is Ah Reum because Sung Joon has annoyed him for coming to work. The only people who didn't mention Sung Joon's name were Joo Young, Shin Hyuk, and Hye Jin.

Hye Jin, who was silent and didn't listen, finally couldn't hear anyone talking about Sung Joon the same way. Hye Jin got up from her chair while kicking her chair so that the chair moved on its own, falling onto Shin Hyuk's chair."For it's stupid to say such a thing when you know nothing about it?" Hye Jin says that they asked Hye Jin to get to know Sung Joon who they don't know. Hye Jin wanted to tell the truth but at that moment, Sung Joon appeared and caught her. Sung Joon also orders Hye Jin to meet him. Sung Joon asks why Hye Jin defends him like this. Hye Jin replied because their accusations were not true and they were angry at the time. Seeing and hearing Hye Jin angry for standing up made Sung Joon smile. Seeing Sung Joon smile made Hye Jin wonder why?

“Ah… not bad. "


"How long, but it's good to have someone to replace me." Sung Joon thinks Hye Jin doesn't understand him. Sung Joon explains that it's because he's late, so they all have every right to say the same to him. After all, business is not a place to listen to their own words, so if they make a mistake because of their own problem, they have to take responsibility. Sung Joon greets him and discusses the ID card he gave Hye Jin. He was happy that Hye Jin used it.

Shin Hyuk rode his motorcycle. They both enjoyed the gust of wind due to the speed of the engine. Hye Jin looks at the puzzle picture posted in the parking lot, unconsciously, and Sung Joon stands next to her and looks at the photo. Sung Joon hasn't come home yet because tonight he's going to work early and have coffee with him. Sung Joon then asked if Hye Jin was interested in "Renoir". I don't want to know it's Hye Jin, Sung Joon's best friend. Hye Jin says no and admits she doesn't know much about this photo. Yes, Hye Jin lied because she already knew a lot about Sung Joon when they were little.

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Joo Young calls Hye Jin his clothes. He suggested that Hye Jin write a story. Feeling strange and unsure of herself, Hye Jin turned down the offer. Did Hyuk and Sung Joon hear this gift? In contrast to Sung Joon who is content to remain silent, Shin Hyuk immediately tries to get Hye Jin to praise him, but to no avail. Hye Jin still won't accept it.

Shin Hyuk has just left the convenience store and just as he is about to head out on his motorbike, he finds Ha Ri. They then asked Shin Hyuk to pick him up in the car. Because Ha Ri said it was the first time riding a motorbike, Shin Hyuk shot him until Ha Ri protested because the motorbike was slow. At their request,

Sung Joon also said that Renoir is his favorite pastime. He also reminded Hye Jin of Hye Jin's riddle photo.“Renoir is limited to describing happy times. He said because there are so many unpleasant things in this world, he wanted to capture happy moments through paintings. That's why you should be happy when you see something. Little Sung Joon said explaining that actually, Hye Jin's image made Hye Jin laugh inside herself when she thought Sung Joon would leave. In fact, seeing Hye Jin laughing, Sung Joon asked why and Hye Jin said she was fine. He then told Sung Joon to come to his office and wait for the car.

Sung Joon left the place but suddenly he came back and sat next to Hye Jin. Sung Joon says he wants to follow Hye Jin until the bus arrives because he wants to get some fresh air before he can enter the office. Sung Joon then asked if Hye Jin had ever heard of “God of Space/Caerus” and Hye Jin replied that she didn't.

Sung Joon then showed the photo and said that he had hair on his head so it was easy to pull. But if it is removed, it will be difficult to remove it."This is why it is impossible to recover the lost space." Apparently, Sung Joon confessed that he was talking nonsense, hehe.. even though he wanted to tell Hye Jin not to waste the opportunity that Joo Young gave him. Sung Joon then said that Hye Jin's bus was coming, so he left immediately. On the bus, Hye Jin wonders how Sung Joon knew it was the bus going to her house. Not knowing the answer, Hye Jin didn't want to think about it.

Ha, Ri feels satisfied and relieved after riding with Shin Hyuk

Ha, Ri feels satisfied and relieved after riding with Shin Hyuk

Ha, Ri feels satisfied and relieved after riding with Shin Hyuk. He was so happy that he vowed to buy his own motorbike. Shin Hyuk then invites Ha Ri to drink together but Ha Ri refuses because Ha Ri has to come back, meaning back here, Ha Ri is ready to go back to her place, he plans to tell Sung Joon the truth. Ha, Ri thanks Shin Hyuk for saying that he can free all the burdens on his chest. Just before Ha Ri came back, Shin Hyuk said one request to Ha Ri, he wanted Ha Ri not to describe himself to Hye Jin. Shin Hyuk doesn't want Hye Jin to know that he's staying at a hotel. As a good hotel manager, Ha Ri also promises to keep things related to his clients secret.

In her room, Ha Ri writes a message for Sung Joon. The message contained his confession. Hye Jin herself has been showing off on her bed. He kept remembering Sung Joon's words about the god of opportunity. Hye Jin after that reopened the items where the contents were the certificates that she used to have. The next day, Hye Jin goes to Joo Young and says that she accepted Hye Jin's offer yesterday. He said he wanted to write about children's fairy tales. Sung Joon looked at Hye Jin taking the opportunity. Joo Young handed out envelopes containing things that could help Hye Jin write the initial post.

When she returned to her seat, Hye Jin looked at Sung Joon again looking at her. Hye Jin also immediately took a little attention and held it tightly. The kind of person who is holding the magic pinnacle of the God of Opportunity. Sung Joon also seems to be doing the same thing, hehehe... he doesn't hold his own hand right away, because it has been carefully combed back. Hye Jin is carrying a cardboard box containing many novels. Shin Hyuk suddenly arrived and helped him. He also said that he was very ready if Hye Jin needed his help. Before he finished talking about his boast, he stumbled and all the novels he was carrying. Watching Shin Hyuk drop his entire book made Hye Jin pretend." On purpose. Because if it looks so perfect it can make me kind of an asshole." Shin Hyuk said to give an alibi.

"But the funny thing is, a lot of people are actually jerks and imperfections." Hye Jin replied and it made Shin Hyuk wince because the current Hye Jin isn't the Hye Jin she used to be anymore. Hye Jin started looking for materials that could be written in her article. He was so busy he refused Shin Hyuk's invitation to eat ddeokbokki. Even though he whined because Hye Jin was not as cool as Hye Jin before, Shin Hyuk always flattered that Hye Jin was very cool in his eyes.

Hye Jin did all the work until the night until she fell asleep. When he woke up he saw that there was a drink on his table. No matter who gave it, Hye Jin also immediately drank it. In fact, the person who gave it was Sung Joon. The next day Hye Jin tells Joo Young that she doesn't want to find posting material by directly interviewing popular writers who review children's fairy tales. To interview the writer, Hye Jin had to go to her house directly in Paju, Yadong-dong city.

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In the parking lot, Hye Jin meets Sung Joon. Hye Jin turns to Joo Young to rent her a car so she can reach Paju Yadong quickly. Since this is Hye Jin's first interview, Sung Joon greets her and asks her to clap. Of course, Hye Jin happily thanked him. As Hye Jin gets into Joo Young's car, Sung Joon receives a call from Ha Ri asking her to meet him tonight. Ri calls the meeting to give him a letter. In the car, Hye Jin remembers her interview.

At the office, Ah Reum is looking for her car keys. Shin Hyuk then insists that AH Reum will forget to comply. Ah, Reum replies that he has been driving his car for 3 days and he just left it in the office parking lot. Joo Young joins them when she is surprised to find that her car keys are still in good condition. Joo Young is quick to suggest that it must be Hye Jin who took the wrong car keys. Everyone is scared because Hye Jin is using Ah Reum's car, and they try to call Hye Jin but Hye Jin doesn't. Hye Jin didn't hear the call because she memorized the interview questions. Due to the focus in her head, Hye Jin didn't realize the car she was driving was emitting black smoke from behind. Concerned about Hye Jin, Shin Hyuk immediately attacks Hye Jin.

Shin Hyuk was already at the restaurant waiting for them to eat. Wanting to check everything, Sung Joon calls Joo Young. Sung Joon's phone call scares Han Sul from thinking about Hye Jin. After hearing this, Sung Joon asks what happened. After hearing everything from Joo Young, Sung Joon also looks at the accident report in his tab. = Latest News = Car Accident In Paju, Yadong dong. A 20-year-old woman was injured. If Hye Jin goes to Paju Yadong dong, Sung Joon is immediately seen and immediately leaves the restaurant. He was very worried that Sung Joon didn't see Ha Ri who came and called him. They are sad that Ri is still going to tell Sung Joon the truth today. Sung Joon was driving fast, while Shin Hyuk was riding his motorbike. The two of them went to Hye Jin's house. It's raining but Sung Joon can still concentrate on driving his car. The only thing in his head was Hye Jin. She supports Hye Jin by saying that Sung Joon will be the one to write the letter if she goes on vacation alone. Sung Joon also spends time with Hye Jin as well as when Shin Hyuk asks if Sung Joon likes Hye Jin.

It's raining, but Shin Hyuk and Sung Joon continue to drive their car. Sung Joon arrived first and immediately looked for Hye Jin. He gets angry at the traffic police for not answering questions about Hye Jin's whereabouts.“Next editor? Hye Jin called and Sung Joon immediately approached her. Without saying a word, Sung Joon immediately hugged Hye Jin. Not far from where Shin Hyuk was, he also saw Sung Joon hugging Hye Jin. Continued

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