Cristiano Ronaldo Didn't Think he Could Score Against 46 Countries

Cristiano Ronaldo didn't think he could score against 46 countries

Cristiano Ronaldo Sets Another Record

Cristiano Ronaldo Sets Another Record

Netgenz - Netizen buzz Sport | Cristiano Ronaldo did not expect to be able to record several records with the Portugal national team, one of which was scoring goals for 46 countries. Ronaldo made it clear that he would continue to carve out achievements with Portugal. The Manchester United superstar continues to show his magic with the Portugal national team. Most recently, Cristiano Ronaldo performed brilliantly when Portugal met Qatar in an experimental match at the Estadio Algarve, Sunday (10/10/2021) morning WIB.

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In that match, Ronaldo managed to score 1 goal in the 37th minute. Due to the help of 1 goal CR7, the Portugal national team scored a 3-0 victory over Qatar. Apart from Cristiano Ronaldo, the other 2 goals belonged to A Selecao at home to Jose Fonte in the 48th minute and Andre Silva in the 90th minute. Because of that performance, Ronaldo increasingly confirmed several records. Cristiano Ronaldo cemented his place as the greatest scorer for life at the world level with a collection of 112 goals.

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Another record

In addition, Ronaldo is the owner of the record for the most caps with the national team. The 36-year-old player successfully won 181 caps with the Portugal national team jersey. He goes through the records of the former captain of the Spanish national team, Sergio Ramos, who recorded 180 caps. The number of Ramos' performances has not increased, because Spain has not been invited to strengthen since April 2021. Cristiano Ronaldo has scored goals against 46 countries. Lithuania and Sweden are the two countries that Ronaldo has scored the most goals against, which is 7 times.

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Encouraging Notes

Cristiano Ronaldo admits that he is happy to be able to record various records with the Portugal national team, including scoring goals against 46 different countries. He also made it clear that he never stopped sculpting achievements and records with Portugal.

"Records are always amazing, but being able to play for the national team is on a special dimension. Recording 181 games in the Portugal national team jersey is 181 reasons to be proud," Ronaldo wrote on his Instagram account.

"Scoring goals against 46 different countries is something I never thought of at first. Can't stop here, let's try to get better! For Portugal!" he continued.

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