Causes of Damage that often occur on the Motherboard and How to Overcome it, let's learn!

Causes of Damage that often occur on the Motherboard and How to Overcome it, let's learn!

Causes of Damage that often occur on the Motherboard and How to Overcome it, let's learn!

Netgenz - Technology  Computer and Internet|  If the processor is the mayor, the motherboard is the municipality — it's the place where the various parts of the computer connect and talk to each other. So if your motherboard has a problem, it's a bigger problem than just replacing one part. Like a city hit by a flood, of course, it will take many victims and the city's activities will die.

But usually, the motherboard is sturdy enough to cause damage just for everyday use. But there are things you can do to maintain and ensure it doesn't get damaged to protect every other component.

How to Check Motherboard Damage

A faulty motherboard is not as simple to diagnose as other parts of the computer. In general, this obviously happens when your computer experiences a hardware error, such as not booting up.

Basically, many things can cause computer motherboards and laptops to malfunction. The following are some of the things that can cause the motherboard to malfunction:

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1. CPU Component Overheat

The first cause of damage to the motherboard is due to overheating or overheating of some of your CPU components. Some CPU components that often experience overheating are usually the processor, hard drive, RAM, VGA Card, these components can cause damage to the motherboard if the overheating problem is not immediately addressed.

Overcoming Overheat

To be able to overcome the overheating problem that can damage the motherboard, there are several ways you can do to prevent overheating. Here are some ways you can do to prevent overheating:

  • Use an extra fan or an additional fan
  • Always use the application as needed, not too much
  • Customize the application you are running to the specifications of your computer
  • Always maximize the exhaust space of the computer's hot air, such as the air grille.

In this way, it can be guaranteed that your computer and laptop will not overheat, and will avoid damage to the motherboard.

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2. IC components Burn

IC is one of the controllers that can perform the functions of the CPU components. Interference with the IC has the potential to damage the motherboard, especially if the IC is shorted and eventually burns out.

Keeping IC from Burning

To keep the IC components from burning, the thing you have to do is to reduce excess heat, as explained earlier. Overheating will cause the IC to burn and experience interference, which can cause the motherboard to be damaged.

3. Unstable Electrical Connection and Supply

The next cause of damage to the motherboard occurs because of an unstable voltage and power supply. This unstable connection and power supply can cause the motherboard not to get an optimal power supply, and can't run the computer system properly. This can then cause the motherboard to malfunction and may catch fire if the supply and voltage are too high.

Why does this happen?

Two reasons cause motherboard damage due to power supply.

 The following are the two reasons that cause damage to the motherboard due to the power supply:
  • A power supply that is of poor quality, or has been damaged.
  • home electrical connection (AC) often fluctuates and is unstable.
In addition, for laptop users, laptop batteries with KW quality can also cause an unstable power supply, and damage the motherboard.

Overcoming the Electrical Connection Supply

To solve this problem, you can use a volt stabilizer, so that the electric voltage becomes stable and does not change, and uses a good quality power supply. For laptop users, you can buy original batteries, which can prevent power supply interruptions.

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4. Overclocking CPU, Processor, and Other Components

The next cause of a damaged motherboard is the overclocking factor, or the increase in the speed of CPU components, such as the processor, VGA, and RAM. Overclocking is commonly used by computer technicians to speed up the performance of their computers or laptops.

On the one hand, overclocking can increase performance instantly, but it can cause an increase in the temperature inside the laptop and also the computer so it has the potential to overheat.

Instead of using overclocking, you better use some additional features and software that are quite helpful, such as:

  • Game booster
  • Cache Cleaner
  • Or you can also upgrade your CPU components

Keeping Motherboard Components From Damage

As a good user, then you must be able to maintain the condition of your computer so that the motherboard and other devices are not damaged. Here are some things you can do to keep the motherboard from getting damaged:

  • Always keep the computer temperature so it doesn't overheat
  • Keep motherboard components away from dusty locations that can hinder the cooling process
  • Do not drop the motherboard hard
  • Always check whether each component is properly connected to the socket
  • Use a volt stabilizer to stabilize the electric power and also the voltage, so that it is not lacking or excess.

Those are tips for causing damage to the motherboard and also how to fix it, if your laptop or computer motherboard is already badly damaged, I recommend replacing it immediately or trying to consult a computer service center or an expert. Hope it is useful!

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