Causes of Computers Often Hang and How to Solve It

Causes of Computers Often Hang and How to Solve It

Causes of Computers Often Hang and How to Solve It

Netgenz - Technology  Computer and Internet  Computers often hang have the potential for a lot of damage such as hardware damage, software damage, and other disturbances such as viruses. Computers are one proof of the rapid development of technology that is happening today. Starting from computers with standard and functional sizes and specifications to computers with thin, small sizes but with amazingly amazing performance, many are circulating today.

This is also supported by the development of network technology, which allows every computer to be connected to each other, even with smartphones. However, even though it already has high technology and has excellent performance, it turns out that the problem of hanging on a computer happens very often, even with computers with high specifications. At least,

The cause of a computer hangs can occur due to two things, namely:

  • Software crash
  • Hardware Damage

Hangs Due to Software Damage

Software malfunction is one of the most common things and most often causes the computer to hang. Usually, this is related to the specifications of the software. The following are some software defects that can cause the computer to hang:

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1. Trouble with the operating system

The most common is a malfunction of the operating system. Damage to this operating system can occur due to many things, and the most common are viruses and also health problems on the hard disk. Not only Windows software, but Mac or Linux operating systems also have the same potential to experience hangs due to interference with the operating system. Usually occurs due to user error.

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How to overcome :

The simplest and easiest way is to do data recovery online. All operating systems will be linked to the official website, which will automatically detect operating system problems online and help find the root of the problem.

However, if system recovery is not possible, then the last option is to reinstall the operating system or flash it.

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2. Too much registry cache

Registry cache is the rest of the memory that is used by software to run on the computer. Usually, there are several registry caches that are burdensome so that they can cause computer problems to hang frequently.

3. The specifications of the software are too heavy

One of the things that cause the computer to hang is the specification of software. It also has a close relationship with the hardware specifications on your computer. Usually, the specifications of the software are too high, which will make it difficult for the computer to run the program, and if forced, will cause the computer to hang. This can be likened to clothes. Someone with a large body size will definitely experience problems when they have to wear clothes with a small size. To avoid this, then use software that has specifications according to your computer, or you can upgrade your hardware.

How to Detect

On Windows operating system, you can press without quotes, “Ctrl + ALT + Del ” to see the elevated process.

4. Missing files

Missing files is one thing that rarely happens, but it can cause hangs. Missing files is a condition where one or more files in the software are missing from the directory. The loss of the file can be caused by many things, one of which is a virus.

To overcome this, then you can find what files are missing, then do a system recovery, or you can also reinstall the software that has the missing file problem.

5. Virus

Is one of the common and most common causes of computer hangs? Usually, the virus enters our hard disk without realizing it, it can be through file transfers between computers, LAN networks, or the internet, and can also enter from Email and many more. Viruses can cause the computer to be slow because it burdens the system. Some viruses can even remove certain files so that it can cause the computer to hang when running software.

To overcome this, then you must do a scan every month, using a competent antivirus, and if the virus has eaten away at your computer, you can do a virus cleaning through DOS.

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6. Problems with the driver software

Another disorder that can also cause the computer to hang is the software driver. Driver software is software that is installed simultaneously so that some hardware in the computer, such as sound, display, and so on, can work. Interference with the driver software, for example, can cause the screen to turn off and the resolution is not optimal.

To overcome and avoid this, then you can install drivers that match your computer's specifications, so you don't experience driver problems that can cause the computer to hang.

7. Browsers

Believe it or not the computer hangs can be caused by the browser, especially if you are accessing the internet. Browsers currently consume a lot of memory, if you check, Godzilla, IE, and Chrome browsers are "maniacs" for your memory consumption. Even more than 3/4 of the memory is used by the browser to cause a hang on your computer.

Hangs Due to Hardware Damage

The next factor that can cause hangs on the computer is the hardware damage factor on your computer. This hardware damage can usually cause the Operating System or software you are running to malfunction, and cause your computer to hang. The following are some hardware damage that can cause your computer to hang:

1. Processor work that is too heavy

The cause of the computer hanging due to interference with the first hardware damage lies in the processor. The processor is the brain of a computer, where everything that can be done by a computer must use the intelligence and speed of a processor. However, sometimes the processor often overheats, because it is too heavy to work. This will cause your computer to be easy to hang and slow. In addition, it will cause your computer to be very hot.

To work around this:

  • You can rest your computer for a while when it gets very hot
  • Provide an extra fan to optimize and also maximize cooling of the processor
  • Reducing the workload of the computer, especially when applying a processor with medium to low specifications
  • Upgrade your processor to be higher

2. RAM capacity is too small

Computer RAM capacity is also one of the vital things that can cause the computer to hang. A small RAM capacity will cause the ability to read and store memory from running software to decrease, and the effect can cause the laptop to be slow and hang.

To work around this, you can:

  • Upgrading RAM
  • Clean the files and registry that are still running on RAM
  • Remove unnecessary apps on startup
  • Using software that does not burden RAM performance.

When you want to change RAM, you have to know how to tell the difference between DDR 1 DDR 2 and DDR 3 RAM, because your computer may have different sockets.

3. Hard disk is too full

A hard drive that is too full, especially when the hard drive is integrated with the operating system is also one of the causes of the computer hangs. This happens because the storage space is very limited, thus making the operating system also unable to work optimally.

To overcome this, then you can do:

  • Hard disk cleaning of unnecessary items and files
  • Increase hard disk capacity
  • Separate drive storage for operating system with personal files and documents

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4. Bad Sector on Harddisk

Still from the hard drive, sometimes even though the hard drive is not full, it still has the potential to experience bad sectors that cause hangs on the computer. Bad sector is a condition where part of the hard disk is damaged, so it cannot store data optimally. For example, a hard drive that has a capacity of 1 TB, may only be used for 300 GB if it experiences bad sectors. Usually, bad sectors are caused by the hard disk being intentionally or inseparable from the socket when processing data, or experiencing shocks and falling, resulting in damage.

The best way to solve this is to replace your computer's hard drive.

5. Chipset malfunction

Damage to the chipset is also almost the same as damage to the CPU or processor. Damage to the chipset can cause your computer to hang and cannot be used. The best solution for this damage is to replace the chipset of your computer so that your computer can run smoothly again.

6. Damage to the VGA Card

VGA card is one of the components contained in a computer. Consists of onboard VGA as well as a separate VGA. Both have the same potential to cause the computer to hang. Damage to the VGA Card can cause the graphics on the computer to be chaotic and the computer may not be able to display anything on the LCD.

The best way to solve this is to replace the VGA hardware component of your computer.

Computer Hangs Due to Network

Computer networks are one of the unexpected causes of computer hangs, if you don't find the strangeness of software problems and hardware problems you must be aware of network problems. Here are the causes of the computer hangs because of the computer network.


DDOS is a distributed denial of service, this attack can cause the computer to hang and become inaccessible, especially if you use a Public IP.

2. Network Hardware Problem

Problematic network hardware will cause routing and connections on your computer not to run properly and sometimes cause computer problems.

3. Internet Connection

Internet connection can cause problems with your computer, loading data when you use the internet through a browser can cause the computer to hang and have problems. Especially if the web you are accessing has a large amount of data as well as malware or videos.

How to Overcome Hangs in General

If you are in a hurry, you should use this trick to find out the details of the problem.

  • Press without quotes "Ctrl + Alt + Del"
  • Then see/sort apps that are using large memory
  • End the application process that is not urgent for you.

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How to Avoid Computer Hangs Often

To prevent your computer from hanging frequently, there are a few tips you can do. The following are some tips that you can do to avoid hanging on your computer:

  • Install the software as needed
  • Do not slam computer components, especially the hard drive and CPU
  • Make sure the software is installed properly
  • Use a well-tested antivirus
  • Always use an extra fan to avoid increasing the temperature of the computer excessively.

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