Causes Of Computer Off Total

Causes Of Computer Off Total

Causes Of Computer Off Total

Causes Of Computer Off Total

Netgenz - Technology Computer and Internet | Having a computer has now become a must. Whether it's a desktop PC or a portable computer or laptop, both are indispensable to help with various jobs. But what happens when the computer suddenly shuts down? Is this a sign that you should switch to a new computer? Or is there one cause that can still be treated?

Total dead computer problem is not uncommon. Usually, this problem arises because computer devices are 'aged' and not kept clean. In addition, the temperature that is too high in the hardware inside can also be the cause of why your computer suddenly shuts down completely.

In this article, we will briefly discuss some of the causes of a completely dead computer and their solutions. It would be better if it was directly handled by a professional. But if it's not too serious, maybe you just need a mild treatment that can be done yourself at home. Check out the full explanation below.

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Your Computer Is Total Off? These 4 Common Causes


The monitor is an important part of various computer devices because it functions to display everything that is processed by the computer. The first step to check why the computer is completely dead is to examine this part of the monitor. Make sure the power cable is properly plugged into the power source you have.

If it still doesn't turn on, then check the monitor's VGA cable and try to unplug it. If the text 'No Signal Detected' appears, then the damage is not in your monitor trap. The error is in the part of the computer or tower that you have. If this happens on a laptop device, check the state of the hinge where the connecting cable is located.

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Power Supply

When the computer is completely off, try to open the CPU body and then turn it back on by pressing the power button. Look carefully at the motherboard where there is usually an indicator light. Is the light on? Is the built-in fan spinning? If so, then your power supply is not having a problem.

When these two things do not show a response when the power button is pressed, it could be that your power supply has a problem. The simplest solution is to replace the power supply you are using. Or if the budget is limited, do service in this section. If the problem lies in the power supply then this solution can be tried.


When the computer is blank or completely dead, you can try to reset the BIOS on your computer. In some cases where the computer does not want to work together, this method has proven to be effective and effective to overcome. Also make sure you do a BIOS reset with the right procedures and steps in order to solve the problem, not add to the problem.

Component Cleanliness

Temperatures that are too hot arise due to hardware activities that are working and are not accompanied by smooth air circulation inside the CPU. When this happens and is left unchecked, the computer will overheat and may suddenly turn off completely. Not smooth air circulation itself can occur because the fan is off or the inside of the CPU is dirty.

To fix this, you can disassemble every part of the CPU you have, then clean it from dust and dirt that has accumulated. Do this cleaning regularly if the CPU environment is not very clean. Don't forget to always check the processor, and make sure the existing thermal paste is still suitable for use to keep the temperature cool and controlled.

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Assemble Without Hard Drive

After cleaning, try to reassemble your device without plugging in the hard drive. This is useful to find out if there is another hardware problem. When turned on and repeatedly beeps, it indicates there is a problem with the RAM or VGA. The only way is to replace the problematic device.

If after being replaced the computer still shuts down completely, this is a pretty serious problem, your motherboard appears to have been damaged. On a certain scale, motherboard damage may be repaired by experts. However, if you need a quick solution, you can replace this device with a new one. Make sure the compatibility between the motherboard, processor and other parts so that the computer can operate optimally.

Some of the causes above are the most common causes why your computer goes blank or completely shuts down. Of course, if you're confident, you can try solving the problem yourself for the easy part. However, for difficult parts such as hardware servicing, it is highly recommended to take it to a computer shop you trust for better handling. 

Technological progress is unstoppable. It is undeniable, computer equipment and every part of it are now no longer sold with a warranty that is too long. On the bright side, you will always be able to get the best performance from computer devices that are always updated. The bad side? Of course, expenses are a little bloated if you continue to follow the latest updates. Wisely in choosing a device can be the right step to apply to this computer issue.

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