Causes and How to Overcome Computer Speakers Not Sound

Causes and How to Overcome Computer Speakers Not Sound

Causes and How to Overcome Computer Speakers Not Sound

Netgenz - Technology  Computer and Internet  Computer speakers or active speakers or can also be called external speakers have many types and also various technologies. In the market we can choose computer speakers that use cables or without cables. But most buyers are more concerned with sound quality than other features such as wireless, USB flash port, or radio. This is a natural thing considering the main function of the speaker is to listen to audio files from inside the computer.

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Things That Can Cause The Computer Speaker Not Being

Are you currently experiencing the problem of computer speakers not sounding? If so, don't panic right away. Because you didn't experience this yourself. There are many computer users who also experience this kind of problem. Even though speakers that don't make sound are quite annoying, you can't complain. In order to solve this problem, you should first find out what the problem is. Maybe some of the things below are the cause.

Speaker Not Ready

The first cause of computer speakers not sounding is the readiness of the speakers themselves such as the power button that has not been turned on, the audio jack that has not been connected or the speaker volume that has not been raised. Before using the speakers to play audio on a computer, we recommend that you check all the readiness of the device first.

Speaker Is Broken

When the computer speakers do not sound, perhaps the problem is with the speakers themselves that are already damaged. The indicator light that lights up when the power button is turned on cannot be used as a measure that your active speakers are fine. Because basically, external speakers have many components inside that you don't know about. If one of these components is damaged, then the speaker cannot make the sound even though the power button is on.

Broken Audio Jack

Another reason why computer speakers don't sound is that the audio jack hole is damaged. Sometimes a damaged audio jackhole is difficult to detect. Now to test whether the audio jack hole is damaged or not, you can try it by plugging in the headset or headphones you have. To be more valid, don't just have one, at least two. If all the devices don't work, it means that the audio jack is faulty.

Problem Sound Driver

Another problem that can also cause computer speakers to not sound is the sound driver on the PC itself. It could be that the sound driver that you installed on the computer doesn't match the sound card or the outdated driver because it hasn't been updated. The role of the driver is very important in controlling hardware functions, therefore the driver must always be compatible with the hardware so that it can function normally.

Sound Card Was Damage

Sound card is a piece of hardware that functions to process digital audio files from inside the computer into output in the form of sound that we can hear through speakers. If the sound card is damaged, then the audio files from inside the computer cannot be processed to output so that the computer speakers do not sound even though they are actually still normal.

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Wrong Audio Settings

Finally, the cause of the computer speakers not sounding is due to settings in the software. There may be audio-related settings on the computer that have changed such as mute on, very low volume, incorrect stereo settings, or incorrect audio driver settings. To find out, you can check them one by one.

How To Solve The computer Speaker Does Not Leave Sound

After discussing the various causes why computer speakers don't sound, it's time for us to change the discussion to how to overcome them. So don't panic when you have a problem like this. The following are some ways that the author recommends for you to try to solve the problem of computer speakers not making a sound.

Check All Speaker Functions

The first way, before you use the speakers to play audio files on the computer, you should make sure all the functions are active such as the power button must be on, the audio jack cable is plugged in and the volume setting is at a certain value. Sometimes we forget to turn on one or more of these functions so that the computer speakers don't sound.

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Make Sure The Speaker Is Still Normal

Then the second way to deal with computer speakers that do not sound is to make sure that the speakers are still functioning normally. Not only the power indicator light is on, but also the whole including the loudspeaker, internal electronic circuits, subwoofer, and also the audio jack cable. Make sure everything is still normal and functioning normally. If necessary, please check one by one.

Buy External Audio Jack 

This third method is specifically for those of you who have confirmed that the cause of the computer speakers not turning on is damage to the audio jackhole. Because it is often plugged in and removed, it is natural that the audio jack hole is at risk of being damaged. But you can overcome this by buying an external audio jack. Usually, this type of audio jack uses a USB port as a connection. You can get this device at the nearest computer store.

Install Or Update Sound Driver

If indeed the cause of the computer speakers not sounding is in an incompatible sound driver, then you should update or install a more suitable one. If the driver does not match, you can download a compatible sound driver on the internet. To make your work easier, you can use the help of third-party software such as DriverPack Solution or Driver Booster which you can search on the internet too.

To update the driver, you can enter the Device Manager by clicking "Start" and then enter the keyword "device manager" without the quotes. Then double click on the "Audio inputs and outputs" menu. Then you will see the “Speaker/Headphone” section, please right-click and select the “Update driver” menu. Select the "Search automatically for updated driver software" menu. Wait for the process to finish.

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Use USB Sound Card

This next method is specifically for those of you who have confirmed that the cause is a damaged Sound Card. Because hardware is very important, if it is damaged it can make the computer speakers not sound. The only way to solve this problem is to buy a new sound card. If buying an internal sound card is too expensive, then you can buy a cheaper USB sound card. It's easy to use, just plug it into a USB port.

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 Use Default Audio Settings

The last step to fix computer speakers not sounding if the cause is in the settings is to change them to default. Please click "Start" then type the keyword "Sound Settings" without quotes. After that, open the "Sound Control Panel" which is located at the far right of the display. Select the connected speaker, then click "Properties". After that do "Reset to default". This will serve to restore the audio driver settings to the default windows position.

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