Business Communication Strategy in Achieving Online Marketing Strategy

Business Communication Strategy in Achieving Online Marketing Strategy

Business Communication Strategy in Achieving Online Marketing Strategy

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Netgenz - Business Tips | Shopping via online as another way is offered by communication technology, namely the internet with various benefits provided, such as the ease of time when doing tasks without having to meet face-to-face first.

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Customers shopping online can easily connect to the desired online store, see the product options, the price they want to buy, know the quality of the goods through the buyer's comments and payment steps. The convenience and advantage of shopping online is the process, customers just open an online store site via the internet and can directly do online business transactions. Online business communication tactics through the marketplace. By making it easier for sellers and consumers to connect through their live chat feature, the marketplace provides many products, starting from mobile phones, fashion, cosmetics, electronics, automotive, and others. Also, read How surveysay to make money online.

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The online business mechanism has been widely used by several multinational companies to small retail traders. The mechanism of buying and selling the business as a special commodity that uses this kind of step, wherewith this kind of marketing mechanism really makes it easier for the target market to buy, it is not necessary to visit the shop or the place of sale.

According to the Minister of Communication and Information, the value of online shopping (e-commerce) business transactions in 2013 experienced an increase, reaching a nominal value of Rp. 13 trillion. The e-commerce market in Indonesia will continue to experience an increase, based on research conducted by ICD, headquartered in London, the development is 42% from 2012 to 2015.

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A large number of internet users in Indonesia is a force for the national digital economy so that there are e-commerce, online shops, and other businesses based on communication/internet technology, namely by increasing special online shopping programs that can be downloaded and installed via mobile phones. This special program makes online shopping activities easier for anyone and anywhere, so it is hoped that it can improve marketing. The internet is an efficient and good marketing tool for online shop businesses because it reaches millions of people and can be used to hunt down target markets that are divided into one particular personal group.

In the business world that is small, medium, or large, some people who work in it (some business people) cannot be separated from communication activities. Because there are new media such as online shops, many are using it to run a business, this is a form of communication through social media. According to Purwanto (2006:4), a good communicator in addition to having good speaking power must also be able to use various types of existing communication tools or media for several business messages to other parties communicatively and effectively so that the direction of expressing several business messages can be realized.

Changes in marketing communications are not only carried out regularly. Marketers are now using new media such as the internet to replace potential customers. Social media marketing is a marketing activity that uses the internet and information technology to expand and enhance the role of traditional marketing.

Social media with all its advantages can help in the marketing process. When doing marketing communications, companies must improve tactics to achieve all the ideas that have been set. Good tactics will bring benefits to the realization of the company's direction.

This research reviews the tactics of using online shops as digital marketing communication media in this research, namely the qualitative description system. In addition, this research uses library research techniques to obtain data and recommendation materials. Based on the results of research and reviews, it was found that Instagram is expected to be used as a digital marketing communication medium.

Although marketing via the Internet occurs anywhere, not all online stores use business communication via the Internet in the same and on target. Marketing tactics through online media businesses are in fact quite difficult to penetrate the market in Indonesia. This is because there are so many customer inequalities in Indonesia, starting with shopping, appreciating one product, marketing promotions, economic conditions, cultural inequalities, and technological changes, which are separate obstacles for the Online Shop.

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Three types of media can be used in online marketing, namely: own media, joint media, and other media (advertising sites). All 3 have their own character. According to Faztrack (2008), media itself is media created by companies or brands. The contents of the text, diagrams, and all types can be arranged according to the company's wishes. (Faztrack, 2008:57) Shared media (social media) is media created by one faction for many people with certain rules. The uniqueness of this media is that it is free (without being charged for its use) and has an interactive-communicative nature. decree.

While advertising media (advertising sites) are media that prioritizes advertisements in cyberspace, generally these advertisements are paid with the proviso that marketing can fully regulate the content. Target and target market. (Faztrack, 2008) Social media is one of the interactive media where anyone can give content, either bad reviews or bad promotions that are published. Meanwhile, the following social media are called the largest market in the virtual world. Therefore the power of controlling social media is the real key to successful online marketing.

The internet is used as a part of the marketing mix with a different approach from the character of the media and customers who are the target audience. The method that is commonly used to promote on the internet is by placing banners, but the current method is less efficient because the demands of communication in marketing strategies are increasingly diverse.

Therefore, it takes tactics and creativity in marketing tactics use online media. For example, strategies through e-mail marketing, creating special sites for separate products from the corporate site, creating editorial pages, creating gaming advertisements, and online surveys. (Faztrack,2008)

Besides that, an easier advertising technique in online marketing can be done using Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Now many internet users take advantage of SEO and almost 80% of their visitors' search data with this crawler engine. In addition, by using online marketing, it is hoped that the target market of the campaign that has been carried out can be achieved with an efficient and effective approach. (Faztrack, 2008).

Some factors influence shopping through the internet according to Louis and Kurtz (2007), namely: Mixed Marketing Mode where a good marketing mechanism is a marketing communication mechanism that is divided into various integrated elements. Changes in the marketing mix have resulted in several experts giving recognition, as is the opinion was given by Louis and Kurtz (2007) namely.

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Marketing policies can be grouped into 4 tactics, namely:

  1. Product strategy, namely policies in marketing that include package design, company brands, trademarks, permits, collateral for goods, company collateral, product cycles, and new product improvements.
  2. Distribution strategy, namely a marketing policy that includes the distribution of goods, the marketing flow of goods, and people who experience the distribution of goods to customers.
  3. Promotional strategy Wisdom in marketing includes individual selling, advertising, and sales promotion that provides efficient communication between the company and the target market.
  4. Pricing Strategy, namely a policy in marketing that includes a pricing system that provides benefits for the company and customers with government provisions and public opinion.

Meanwhile, Stanton (2006) stated that promo limits are as follows: "Promotions are the basic ingredients used to convey or persuade the market to accept products from one company. interested to buy." Promo is actually an activity that has the aim of increasing the advantages of a company. The role of promotional communication strategies is to convey information that seduces and influences customer decision-making. (Stanton, 2006).

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The business communication tactics that have been carried out by online shops in increasing marketing are recognized if:

  1. Onlineshops have direct contact with loyal consumers and consumers and knit strong partners with several people who provide support to a large and solid list of sellers.
  2. Onlineshop has its own team to enter the field and meet their commune
  3. The online shop creates a commune, where both sellers get to know both of them so they can share information about marketing tactics and others. In addition, they regularly carry out other happy activities to make the commune more attached and solid.

Online tactics to improve marketing to achieve marketing strategies by doing:

1. Marketing tactical techniques by following trends and brand strengthening

By using some trending things for content marketing. So that it becomes easier for people to remember the brand.

2. Use the right media

Online businesses focus their efforts on mobile phone users, hereinafter recognized as pioneers of shopping activities via mobile phones. This strategy is applied based on research from e-marketers which shows that mobile phone users in Indonesia are growing fast compared to other countries in Southeast Asia. As predicted, of the 200 thousand daily orders, 90% of them come from the handphone program.

3. Sky-high-saving promotions are weapons that are loved by many customers.

By providing free shipping promotions for some users, shipping costs are given with a certain purchase limit. Even though the nominal doesn't look big to potential customers, free shipping is a certain magnet.

4. The lowest price collateral

To be able to compete with other marketplaces, therefore by using the campaign "Guarantee the cheapest price, 2x the money back". The following collateral makes users think for a moment to always do business transactions.

5. Have a clear target market

Shopee's target market is women. This is because e-commerce users in Indonesia are dominated by women, especially young women, concentrating on women's needs such as beauty and fashion products.

Business communication strategy to be implemented to improve marketing. Marketing policies can be grouped into 4 tactics, namely:

1. Product tactics (Product Strategy)

Namely marketing policies that have been carried out by making package designs so that they become more attractive in appearance, branding brands with other online stores, making trademarks, permits, making goods collateral, company collateral, and product cycles. In this case, strengthening the brand and the growing trend is a strategy that needs to be implemented, because without a strong brand and following the trend, then the direct competition will lead to one point, namely price competition. If this has happened, then you can't expect much for an increase in marketing. In addition, by making a good brand, because it can easily get out of price competition. Prices sold can be high and competition can be directed to product quality or service quality.

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2. Distribution strategy

Namely a marketing policy that includes the distribution of goods, the flow of marketing of goods, the flow of marketing of goods, and people who experience the distribution of goods to customers. The distribution tactic that has been carried out is to multiply the marketing system by making changes to customers. With this tactic, it is hoped that consumers and sellers are not limited by time and place. Business transactions that have been carried out across regions can be carried out easily, just using a cellphone.

3. Promotional strategy

Namely policies in marketing that include individual selling, advertising, and sales promotion that provide efficient communication between the company and the target market. Promos that have been carried out by online stores are efficient and on target. Efficient promotions are an important part of binding potential customers. Besides that, it will be able to make loyal consumers interested in selling products, and in the end buying them, so that the online shop will generate multiple profits. As the promotion of "Saving Results as high as the sky" and free shipping are weapons that are loved by many customers.

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4. Pricing tactics (pricing strategy)

This is a policy that has been carried out by online shops in their marketing which includes a pricing system that provides benefits for online shops and customers with government regulations in mind. Besides that, the cheapest price collateral is a factor as a customer consideration before buying.

Install the price with optimism as a magnet for online stores, so that they can compete with other complete and valid online stores. Onlineshops sell quality products, so online shops are optimistic about giving prices. The business communication tactic that has been carried out by the online shop is to provide the best service to loyal consumers by providing detailed information about prices, product quality, details, guarantees, and others with the best service.

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In addition, Free Delivery (free shipping) is a service system for loyal customers that have been carried out. This technique is good enough to be used to attract customers to buy our products. Each visitor is positioned like a king. All complaints will be resolved as well as possible, ask for customer data such as smartphone numbers so that you can always convey if there are new products or promotional discounts to loyal consumers, and always respond to loyal consumers and consumers by apologizing nicely to loyal consumers, if there is an error in the transportation of the product, the product is not as expected by the consumer and so on.

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