Avoid These 7 Bad Habits So Your Laptop Is Not Easily Damaged

Avoid These 7 Bad Habits So Your Laptop Is Not Easily Damaged

Avoid These 7 Bad Habits So Your Laptop Is Not Easily Damaged

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Netgenz - Technology Computer and Internet Tips | Netbooks and netbooks are now one of the most important and frequently used items. Starting from office employees, content creators, students, and elementary school children, many have also been connected to evaluation via netbooks. The price of an expensive netbook requires us to be disciplined in watching it

If not, we can spend a lot of our money on a repairman or worse, we can buy a new one again. Therefore, let's read the following bad habits that are important for us to stay away from so that our netbooks still last long.

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1. Close the netbook when it's on

Closing the netbook in a still glowing condition can make the netbook's performance go down and over time it can cause damage, you know. This kind of routine should be abandoned. After the netbook is shut down, we should wait a moment so that the hot air in the netbook can be channeled properly.

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2. Incorrect charging steps

When we are going to charge the netbook, try not to fill it while it is still above 30%. However, we also can not charge when the netbook battery has run out. We should charge it when there is a charging warning, which is generally when our netbook has 10% - 20% power.

As a result, because of this bad routine, the power of our netbook in saving energy will decrease. For the correct charging step, which is to attach the cable to the mains first and then connect it to the netbook, yes, because the power jump from the mains to the charger is not constant.

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3. Using a netbook on a bed, sofa, or lap

Using the netbook on a bed, sofa, or lap will block the air passages under the netbook. Netbooks will get hot easily because the circulation is closed and difficult to absorb heat, besides that dust on the mattress or sofa can enter the netbook. Therefore, use the netbook in the open to keep air circulation.

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4. Plugin and pick up external devices with a shake

Can't do this even though we're in a hurry. This kind of step can cause the plug that connects the external device to our netbook to become mushy and loose. This can result in our netbook will be difficult to read the device. If you feel the external device is too hard and difficult to pull, then pull it firmly onto the plate or press the netbook as a backrest.

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5. Rarely clean the netbook

We often find a lot of dust on the monitor and keyboard, but what is more valuable is the netbook fan. The inherent dust can disturb the performance of the netbook.

Many netbook cases are destroyed because the fan in the netbook is dirty. Therefore, before turning on the netbook, first, check whether the base used as a netbook is clean or not. Diligently clean the netbook, at least once every two weeks.

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6. Often wear sleep model

The sleep model means that the RAM is still absorbing energy, when we turn on the netbook again, all programs that we open are the same as before. Supposedly, the sleep model for netbooks is used when indeed we will use the netbook again in less than 1 hour.

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7. Can't keep netbooks carelessly

As a necessary item, netbooks often need to be brought whether it's to schools, universities, or offices. When storing a netbook in a bag, it is important to pay attention, because it is worried that some of the items in the bag with the netbook will collide and cause damage to the netbook. Supposedly, the bag is used as a separate side between the netbook and other items or to prepare a special bag for netbooks.

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