Assembling a Quality Gaming Computer

Assembling a Quality Gaming Computer

Assembling a Quality Gaming Computer

Assembling a Quality Gaming Computer

Netgenz - Technology Computer and Internet | Gamers, who doesn't want to have their own gaming computer that is complete, cool, and has super performance? All of you will. In fact, so much pinging, that desire to carry in a dream.
Better, don't just dream. You can "build" a gaming computer slowly, as your purchasing power increases.
To "build" a cool set of gaming computers, there are several components that need to be prepared. The price of these components of course varies, of course. Want to know what it is? Let's check one by one.

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1. Central Processing Unit (CPU) and Motherboard

These two things are the main components of a computer, not just a gaming computer. The two cannot be separated. The CPU must be compatible with its motherboard circuit.

For a gaming PC, you need a CPU and motherboard with good performance. For motherboards, you can look at the MSI H110M series brand. Quite a drain on the pocket, but enough to fulfill the ambition to play the game smoothly.

The more modern the CPU, the higher its performance. Currently, the standard CPU processor for a cool gaming PC is the Intel Core i5 6600. The Intel i5 is believed to be able to compete for the next few years. To be compatible with the motherboard, plug this processor into the standard LGA socket 1151.

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2. Random Access Memory (RAM)

The ability of a cool motherboard and CPU will not be optimal if it is not supported by RAM that has high memory capabilities. For an i5-class processor with an H110M motherboard, DDR4 RAM is just right.

What is the capacity? Don't be shy, bro. Use a minimum RAM capacity of 16GB, the bigger the better. There are many brands to choose from. Ideally, you use two sticks of RAM of 8GB each.

3. CPU Cooler

Don't underestimate this device. Although only as a support, but the support fan really supports the performance of your CPU and motherboard. The motherboard and CPU work very hard, causing heat.

Without cooling, most likely these components will overheat and die instantly. That is the reason why high-end gaming laptop products, such as the ASUS ROG, include large fans to maintain computer performance. For reference, CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Evo is one of the most popular CPU Cooler options.

4. Graphics Card (VGA card)

For gaming, video editing, and graphic design, this device should not be forgotten. The graphics card is in charge of implementing graphic scripts into the computer monitor.

the more detailed, smoother, and faster the graphics resolution is displayed. In building a gaming computer, this component is the most expensive.

A high-quality graphics card can play high-resolution graphics, such as 1080p, and can be used for years to come.

One of the best graphics card brands is Nvidia. There are many types, but what is often recommended for a classy gaming PC is the GTX 1070 or GTCX 1080 type.

5. Solid State Drives (SSD)

To play the game, use the computer's internal memory which has sufficient data transfer speed. Regular hard drives are still compatible, but it's better to use an SSD with a capacity of around 500GB.

6. Power Supply

To power all the components in the computer, you certainly need a power supply in the computer.
The requirements for a good power supply are those that can channel current stably.

7. Case Box

After all the components are available, prepare a box or computer case. Use a case that has a good ventilation system.
Some gamers choose to use a case with an attractive LED light. It's optional, adjust to your taste.

8. Operating System (OS)

After all the gaming computer hardware is assembled, what you need is an operating system that can run your game programs smoothly. It is recommended that you can use Windows 7 and above. Windows 10 is often recommended. Don't forget to use the original. Don't be pirated.

9. Internet Connection

To play online games, you certainly need an internet connection. You can use a fiber-optic LAN system or use a Wifi network from a modem.

For WiFi networks, you can plug in the modem using a data cable or by using a WiFi Card.

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10. Gaming Equipment

Once everything is ready, you can start playing the game on your computer. Eats, wait a minute. How to play games without using game equipment?

Rexus gaming products fit perfectly with your cool gaming computer. Gaming mice, keyboards, and Rexus headsets can make your gaming computer "development project" even more perfect.

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