Advantages of Windows 11 With Advanced Features

Advantages of Windows 11 With Advanced Features

Advantages of Windows 11 With Advanced Features


Netgenz - Technology  Computer and Internet In the middle of this year, Microsoft has officially released its flagship OS, named Windows 11. This OS brings a simple interface but the performance and experience in multitasking is improved. Windows 11 also includes an updated menu and Start button. The start menu on this new OS is no longer at the far left of the screen, but Microsoft has remodeled it and moved it to the center.

Even this latest operating system is not found Live Tile which has become a characteristic of previous operating systems since Windows 8 was presented. But now it has been replaced with an application that the user needs. The theme has also been updated, there are two choices of themes, namely Light mode and Dark Mode, both of which carry a transparent background. On the left side, Microsoft places a widget panel that is powered by AI and can display a variety of information that can be personalized.

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1. Can Run Android Apps

In its release, Microsoft gave a surprise to Windows 11. This new windows operating system can run Android applications without the need for special modifications. This is certainly the first time Microsoft has invested in this capability. Android applications can be found on the Microsoft Store and can also be downloaded via the Amazon App Store. Once downloaded, the android application can be pinned or pinned to the taskbar or paired with other Windows applications.

Microsoft has also been working with Intel to be able to use Intel Bridge technology, and this technology can make Android applications run on x86 systems. Android applications on Windows 11 not only work on Intel CPU-based computers, but can also run on AMD and ARM processors.

This is a step taken by Microsoft to be able to keep up with Apple with its M11 chip. The M11 chip is the chip that Apple uses to allow iOS applications to run on the Mac operating system. Meanwhile, Microsoft prefers to cooperate with Apple's main competitor, which is none other than Android.

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2. Improvements to Game Play

To support the needs of gamers, Windows 11 has been planted with the Auto HDR feature, this makes the image sharper and more detailed. Microsoft also brought DirectStorage on Windows 11 to speed up game loading.

The good news again, Xbox Game Pass has also been integrated into Windows 11. Because xCloud is included, users can stream games directly through this operating system.

In addition, this latest windows has been accompanied by Xbox Game Pass. It serves as a user grant to access to a large number of games on PC as well as games on Xbox Cloud. This feature is integrated directly into the platform and makes access easier. Users can also use cross play and cross save capabilities to be able to switch between consoles or PCs, and can buy games directly from the Xbox application.

3. Improved Multitasking And Performance

In Windows 11, Microsoft presents a feature called Snap Layouts. This one feature can allow users to enter applications into various modes that are supported by Windows 11 very quickly.

In addition to that, there is also a "Group Snap" feature, which can make it easier for users when they want to multitask by opening and saving several windows or application windows simultaneously.

With these features, Windows 11 is very suitable for use for users who often open applications with more than one monitor, that's because this feature will ensure that applications always open on the correct screen.

Performance on this os is also a big focus. Anyway, Windows 11 has 40% smaller performance and is more efficient and can also work in the background, so it won't interfere in the middle of the user's work.

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4. More Friendly To Tablets And Touch Screen Devices

Windows 11 has been designed to work on a wide variety of devices, including tablets or notebooks with touchscreens. Because of this, many features have been updated to keep Windows 11 comfortable when used on various devices. Although the tablet mode feature on this OS is removed, Microsoft has replaced it with a more sophisticated one, namely Windows 11 can intelligently change modes or adapt when installed on certain devices.

One example of a smart adaptation of Windows 11 is when the detachable keyboard is removed from the tablet PC, the icons and menus will automatically change slightly. With this, users will find it easier to operate with their fingers or a stylus without having to set it to the tablet mode position.

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5. Upgrade To Windows 11 Free

Now the good news for users who want to upgrade to this latest OS, Microsoft gives it for free or free. For those of you who are currently using Microsoft's older operating system, you can migrate to Windows 11 by updating Windows Update in the settings or you can also download the file and then install it.

The requirement to get Windows 11 for free is that the user must use the original Windows before. So, if the windows you are using now are pirated windows, then you will not be able to upgrade from this provided by Microsoft.

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