Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows 11

Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows 11

Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows 11

Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows 11

Netgenz Technology Computer and Internet | Windows 11, which Microsoft just announced in June 2021, certainly has many advantages and disadvantages that some of you may not know. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Windows 11? For more details, you can read more about this technology article.

Here are some of the advantages of Windows 11 compared to the previous version of Windows, namely Windows 10:

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1. Windows 11 Design View

The first advantage that Windows 11 has is that it has a fresh new look, compared to the previous version, namely Windows 10.

The design is really similar to the Mac OS X and Linux operating systems, the Windows 11 Start Menu button is also by default (default) now in the middle. There are many features that are intended to make it easier for users to operate the Windows operating system.

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2. Display Settings Menu in Windows 11

In the new settings menu, Windows 11 has a more concise and elegant appearance. As you can see in the picture above, the settings menus are lined up neatly on the left and right.

Making it easier for the user or users, more quickly access the features or menus that you want to use.

3. Snap Layouts feature in Windows 11

The Snap Layouts feature that is present in Windows 11, really helps users in organizing multiple windows when they are multi-tasking or doing many jobs simultaneously.

So you don't need to manually set a lot of windows, because it's been made automatically by a team of Microsoft developers.

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4. Auto HDR Mode feature in Windows 11

The Auto HDR Mode feature in Windows 11, is great for gamers who have monitors with built-in HDR features. The appearance in the game will be more realistic and pleasing to the eye. Actually, the technology of this feature was also adopted from the Microsoft Xbox Series X console.

5. DirectStorage feature in Windows 11

The Direct Storage feature will be present in Windows 11, this technology is also adopted from the Xbox Series X console. The Direct Storage feature is useful for maximizing the speed of the NVMe SSD, to speed up game loading, and also increase the frame rate / FPS in games.

The benefits of this technology are certainly very helpful for gamers, who play PC/Laptop games.

6. Security Enhancement

As we know, the minimum specification to run Windows 11 requires one of the features that must be on your PC/Laptop, namely TPM 2.0.

With this feature requirement, it will certainly make our PC / Laptop even more secure and reduce the level of damage caused by malware or hacker attacks.

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Weaknesses of Windows 11

1. Minimum Specification is higher

There are several system requirements and features that must be met, some of which may be the PC/Laptop that you are currently using, some of which do not pass the minimum requirements for running Windows 11.

Although it is likely that in the future, Microsoft will loosen the minimum requirements, so that everyone who uses a Windows 10 PC/Laptop can upgrade smoothly to Windows 11.

That's the article about the advantages and disadvantages of the latest version of Windows 11. Hope it can help you.

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