7 Hair Care Tips For Pomade Users, To Stay Healthy!

7 Hair Care Tips For Pomade Users, To Stay Healthy!

Illustration of taking care of the hair of a pomade user

Illustration of taking care of the hair of a pomade user

Netgenz - Netizen buzz Tips | Generally, guys generally use pomade to add style to their hair. Because hair is a part of the body other than the face that is witnessed for the first time by someone. However, the use of pomade has an effect on hair health, make fasyou know. For example, it causes hair loss, dandruff, and can even make your face spotty.

Therefore, it is necessary to handle the use of pomade properly so that there is no damage to the hair. Well, here are seven guidelines for maintaining hair for you pomade users.

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1. Use the right type of pomade

The selection of the type of pomade should not be arbitrary. Therefore, it can have an effect on the health of your hair. There are two types of pomade that you need to know. First, there is an oil-based pomade to give additional oil to the scalp and a water-based pomade which tends to be safer to use for those of you who already have a lot of oil on your face or hair.

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2. Use pomade washing shampoo

If you think it's enough to wash your hair with regular shampoo for hair with pomade, you're wrong. Because, if you use regular shampoo, you have the natural potential of some of the effects above. In addition, using regular shampoo will be difficult to remove some of the remaining pomade oil on the scalp.

For those of you who use oil-based pomade, it is recommended to wash your hair using a special shampoo to remove pomade in the hair. Generally there is a 'deep cleansing shampoo that is specifically for removing pomade.

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3. Use hair conditioner

For those who have dry hair types, a conditioner is really suitable to be used to increase hair moisture. For those who don't know, shampoo and conditioner are two different things even though they are used the same way as shampooing.

The shampoo is used to clean hair from dirt and maintain hair health. And conditioner is used to smooth the hair and keep the hair still moist. If you use pomade, it never hurts to use conditioner after shampooing with shampoo to keep your hair soft.

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4. Use a hair mask

Besides girls, some guys can also do hair care with a hair mask. Guys can do, what more if you use pomade every day. The use of a hair mask, or it can also be done by doing a cream bath at the salon, has the aim of holding the hair from being crushed. You can do this treatment once a month, bro.

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5. Rest your hair

You can take a break from using pomade for a moment. If you use pomade almost every day, then take it off a day/week not to use the same pomade though. As long as the hair is given a rest, you can do some hair treatments like the things above. Suppose you use olive oil or other hair care products before shampooing.

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6. Eat healthy regularly

Just eat regularly, your hair will take care of itself. But with a note that lifestyle is a concern because hair health really has an influence on the lifestyle we do. Eat lots of foods that contain Vitamins A and K, such as green vegetables, milk, and leeks. In addition to eating, you must also apply a healthy lifestyle such as adequate sleep and exercise.

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7. Clean pomade before bed

After doing activities throughout the day, the body generally wants to rest. But before taking a break, for those of you who use pomade, it is recommended to clean the pomade on the hair first. Because any type of pomade will stick to the scalp while you sleep, and will cause dandruff.

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If you use pomade, make sure you wash your hair by cleaning some of the remaining pomades on your head properly. Generally, water-based pomade is easier to clean than oil-based pomade, but it is recommended that you still use a shampoo specifically for cleaning hair , you may like Find other Fashion Hairstyle

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